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September 04, 2013 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 2013-09-04

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6A - Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

A playlist of advice
for freshmen

Lyrics to hit songs
can tell you how to
live life at the 'U'
OnlineArts Editor
You've arrived at Michigan.
You've enjoyed your first win
at the Big House, cheering rau-
cously as. you and thousands
of your neon Maize-clad peers
form a cowbell-and-lanyard-
fueled euphoria. You've stub-
bornly worn your freshman
lanyard to every single orienta-
tion event. You've decided to
frame your lanyard for the good
luck it brought you at UMix triv-
ia. You love your lanyard. You
look at your lanyard and think,
Oh, lanyard, can college possibly
get any better than this?
Now, I'm not here to answer
that admittedly difficult ques-
tion. And I am absolutely not
here to patronize you. I wore
my lanyard once, too. I'm merely
here to offer you some totally
unwarranted, probably unde-
sired and yet, perhaps, mar-
ginally helpful guidance on
approaching your college expe-
Since I usually write about
music, and since I lack author-
ity to speak on the matter on
any grounds other than the I've-
been-here-F O R E V E R-so-let-
me-tell-you-how-to-do-it angle,
I thought I'd invoke a muse, or
four, and try to spell out some
lessons I've learned - or wish I
had learned sooner - during my
three-plus years at Michigan.
Make of them what you will.
Animal Collective -
Relevant lyric: "You don't have
to go to college."

The question appears in
many forms, usually first in high
school. "Where are you going to
school?" Eventually, once you've
settled: "What school do you
go to?" When you near the fin-
ish line, it alters slightly: "What
kind of job are you looking
for?" The fundamental prem-
ise underlying these questions,
though, suggests there is a path
we must follow, a structure we
must fit in to, a game we have to
play. Today, the question is not,
"Do you want to go to college?"
It's "What college are you going
to?" There's an implied sense of
obligation, of having no viable
I was asked the other day if I
went to school. It was refreshing
to hear, not least of all because
I'm tired of all the questions
about what my post-graduation
plans are. It was asked without
pretext, and it reminded me of
that Animal Collective lyric. You
don't have to go to college to be
successful, find your passion or
eat a lot of pizza (though it might
help for that last one).
Sometimes it feels like college
is somethingwe have to do. When
it does, it becomes alot less enjoy-
able. Don't go to college because
you think you have to. You don't.
Go to college because it offers you
the best resources for learning -
about yourself, about growing up,
about the world.
Robyn - "Call Your Girlfriend"
Relevant lyric: "Call your girl-
friend/It's time you had the talk/
Give your reasons/Say it's not her
fault / But you just met somebody
'Your brother is telling you to.
Your parents are telling you to.
Your friends are telling you to.
Even you're kinda telling you to.
And now I'm telling you to. Trust
me onthis one.

The National - "Slow Show"
Relevant lyric: "You know I've
dreamed aboutyou/For29 years/
Don't wait 29 years like Matt
Berninger - go out and meet
people! Introduce yourself to that
cute boy or girl you always sit
next to in Statistics. Maybe you'll
get married on the spot. Join that
club you're interested in but over-
whelmed by. Be overwhelmed.
It's normal. Michigan is a huge
school. Make it smaller.
All orientation speak aside,
don't refuse a potentially great
thing by defeating yourself. If
someone's a jerk to you, they
aren't worth it anyway. Don't let a
jerk dictate your life. Nobodylikes
jerks anyway.
Pink Floyd - "Shine On You
Crazy Diamond"
Relevant lyric: "Shine on you
crazy diamond / Come on you
raver, you seer ofvisions/ Come on
A lot of things are going to
happen to you in college. Some
of them will be really good, and
some will be truly awful. You're
going to make a lot of mistakes.
People (like me) will try to tell
you how to avoid making those
mistakes, but at the end of the day,
you're on the hook. Don't worry so
much about doingit right or doing
it wrong that you wind up doing
nothing at all. You'll end up learn-
ing a lot more about yourself if you
don't let other people's experienc-
es direct your own.
Do your thing. Don't take
yourself too seriously. Enjoy your
time at Michigan and shine on
like only a crazy diamond could.
Because you know what they
say: #YOLO - You Only Lanyard


An intimate game of Pacman.
Ponsoldt paints
'Spectacular' love story

Daily Arts Writer
Amid all the superficialities of
high school, there's something
real and foretelling about those

four years:
the bullshit
classes, the
hard .classes;
the odd gym
teacher, the
cool one; the
druggies, the
the sex, the
non-sex. It's
merely life in

At State

V t


microcosmic form, where a line
of chalk distinguishes elite from
average, yet everyone's equally
flawed. For most, the epiphany
monsoons in around late junior
year, when it hits them - this
"future" shit sort of matters. In
the poignant "The Spectacular
Now," two unlikely sweethearts

cross b
son tha
had a
self as
and dis
ular." H
dy as a
in a ba
also to
their m
does th
"to care
and un
to shov
him fo
only clt
is thatl
the pr
he con
the abr
be s

ut ignore the integral les- a belligerent mother. Unlike
t each offers the other. Sutter, she hasn't undergone a
his third feature-length recent hardship like breakups
filmmaker James Pon- because, frankly, her life's pret-
("Smashed") might've ty simple with few moving parts
drinking problem him- so emotional collision is rare for
we see booze integrate Aimee. They make the happiest,
integrate his leads from saddest, afflicted and entirely
ed" to his new "Spectac- unaware couple. And it's good.
3e uses scotch and bran- Film whiners love to bitch
link to connect people about believability in casting
isement-party sense but choices, but . for just reason.
peel back the layers of Some directors like to idealize
asks, to zoom in on their while others seem to strip off
terated sentiments. He the glitter so severely that we're
is particularly well as he left with skin and bones and a
vulnerability all over his quivering lip. Ponsoldt manages
e is to surrender" leading a happy medium where Sutter's
uth. cool, but not enviably so, and
r Keely (Miles Teller, Aimee's beautiful, but not in a
ose") is the man, the describable way. This allows us
the dude, the coolest. His to engross in the story, a story
nce in his car, naturally that can be told without second-
hair, blonde girlfriend guessing Aimee's chiseled facial
deserved job at a men's features or Sutter's alluring,
r balance his outward scratchy voice. You never have
nce. When push comes' to grimace in this coming-of-
'e, his girlfriend dumps ager. You're in the good hands of
r the jocky, otherwise- Ponsoldt.
class president. Sutter's Teen flicks usually tell viewers
ue to his recent dumping how to feel through sappy scores
he needs to look beyond or original soundtracks. You've
esent, a clear problem screened too many "American
siders his biggest asset. Pie"-like pics if the 6ldplay-
unately, that asset entails backed final scenes extract tears.
ing grimmer and in "Spectacular" skips the piano
e as an 80-proof stress and emo lyrics and instead deliv-
. Kid's got a problem, and ers slow, heartfelt moments.
upt trauma leaves him in During their drive back from
visiting Sutter's estranged father
for the first time, a loaded Sut-
ter swerves horribly into the left
1k e lane almost silencing Aimee and
himself. A voice-cracking Sutter
teenage demands Aimee getout of the car
because she can't see that he "is
)holics could bad for her." No song or church
organ would enhance this scene;
>o endearing? the longer the raw silence, the


i iCall: #734-418-4115
Email: dailydisplay@gmail.com
RELEASE DATE- Wednesday, September 4, 2013
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS 6 Former U.N. chief 37 "In space noone 48 County on the
1 Sapoint 7 Hasomelirt can heary 4o RivetShannon HOUSE CLEANING FOR Retired CARLSONPROPERTIES.COM
6Etchingfluid 8Lie-tabaretlink sream"tfilm 49 Ponrd plants prfso.$Spehu.Flxbeor.73-260.
10Touches 9 Place to relax 38 Not, quaintly 50 Zero, to Nero Professor. 15 perhoar. Flexible boors 734-332-8000
affectionately 10Where to see 39 On the saferside 53 Prefix with waror Cara plus. 668-8850
14 Prenatal exam, floats 43 Bypasses hero
for short 11 Self-evident truth 44 Chickenpox 54 Forest floor RESPONSIBLE INDIVIDUAL
15 Body part that 12Flsht nk 4ympt lisgsh m NEEDED to assist faculty family for
a melia simmet B5Expetive 55 High shooi math /3-:0p suevioof1chl
16 Jump in a skater s 13 Like many replacements classP3 ses o co A
short program characters in 46 Sicily neighbor 57 Feathery layer aged boy, driving needed. groshL@ya-
17 Legend with an Shakespeare's 47 Epicthatends 58 Club for GIs hoo.com
ax dramas with Hector's 59 "... but are C R S S W O RD
19 Actress Hayworth 18 Catering hall funeral chosen" THESIS EDITING. LANGUAGE,
20 Dinner pair? dispensers organization, format. All Disciplines.
21 Like cough syrup 22 Dashing ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE: 734/996-0566 or writeon@iserv.neti
22 IndigenousNew inventor? nDOFF SMELT U T A H
Zealander 231885 Motrwagen - PAG
23Legendwitha maker A G E E C I D E R S E EWANTED
clarinet 24Reducetosmall CRAZY O N Y O U O X E N
29No at all well- 25 I unagration Day A S SA E 5 A F T E R
dane p1edge
30'LetsGet"- 26Customary H O R S E B L A N K E T
MarvinGayebhit observance S A F E S B O A R A R E
31 Udder parts '27 Reference list E L A S o U X I N 0 N LOOKING FOR EXPERIENCED
33Jamaican genre abbr. servers and bartenders, eves. and
36 Legend with a 28 Bulletin board a A N R I 0 A C 0 A t T wknds. Apply within at Village Pub.
vine material S I T T I N G T I G H T 3452 Washentaw, Ann Arbor 48104.
40Animalon 31lIcon on apole A R T S Y T R E A S O N
Michigan's state 32rImmature newt E N S UE P A A R E W E STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM
flag. 33Goad V T
41 Coffee shop 34"Felicity"star V A T S B U L L F I 0 I L E Paid survey takers need in A2.
cupful Russell E D I T I N U I T A G E D 100% FREE to join. Click on Surveys.
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46 Legend with abat approx. 4 times/week to local activities
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chip close to the campus. Great job for
52 Ht-borne 17 1ssomeone looking for extra money with-
parasites 2 out a big time commitment. Car req
53 Toward the Call Steve or Nancy at 761-7752.
rudder224 25
56Charlatan, e.g.
57L a itha a a a CHILDCA
60 Sour 3a 3a,32a3as34 so
61 Acor Morales
62 Dutch pianist at 37 at as
Egon ataught4
VitnrBnrge a a,:
63 Lime beverages
64 Holiday song 44 44 45 FAMILY ASSISTANT / homework
65 Important word aide needed. A UM-based family with
for 17-, 23-, 36-, n47 at 49 5 two daughters, 17 and 13, is looking
4 -Andoss57-
Arno o5 sa ona o4s for a super-reliable, fun, smart, dedi-
cated family asst. for after-school
DOWN 06 o7 s5 no homework help and chauffeuring. Flex.-
1 Packer's need hrs, afternoon to early evening. Min.
2 Arab League 5o 61 62 $12/hr + gas & mileage. Must have
member 10own car. Residence is near campus in
3 Burden Ann Arbor Hills. Please e-mail with in- WE SAY
4 Up to, briefly 1eyvictoreBros terest and refs to tareid@umich.edu.
5 Bindlecarriers 09/04/13 Thanks!
_ (c2013Triue ontnt Agency,LLt 90/3 hns

Sometimes a small town can
spin a yarn better than Gotham.
Aimee Finecky (Shailene And that's preciselywhat "Spec-
Woodley, "The Descendants") tacular" sets out to do: use all
is the supreme foil of Sutter: She the core ingredients of a high-
has one friend, likes sci-fi books, school stew devoid of any super-
doesn't go to parties and is a vir- fluous salt, trans fat or sugar
gin. To boot,'her dad died and cubes. And Woodley provides
she lives in a one-story flat with the best bite.



All mass meetings start at 7:30.
See you there!


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