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September 13, 2013 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 2013-09-13

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6A - Friday, September 13, 2013

The snozzberries taste like snozzberries.
Mik e iLL makes
bouncy, boring'23'

"I'm an adult.'
Is she just

Cyrus, Juicy J and
Khalifa unite
to disappoint
Earlier this week, Mike WiLL
Made It - the in-demand produc-
er behind hits like Kanye West's
"Mercy" and Miley Cyrus's "We
Can't Stop" - premiered "23," the
lead single off of his debut album.
The club-ready hip-hop track
sees the producer team back up
with Cyrus, and also features Wiz
Khalifa and Juicy J.
A tribute to Michael Jordan,
his iconic jrsey humber and sig-
nature Nikes, "'23" kicks off with
quite the hook from Cyrus, who
sings, "I'm
in the club First seen on
high off
purp with --the filter

some shades on / Tatted up, mini-
skirt with my J's on." Some would
call it singing, some would call it
her version of rapping, but either
way it remains in line with the
image she has been projecting as
of late: naughty, shameless and,
well, baffling.
Cyrus goes on to sing (actually
singing this time and much more
pleasantly to the ear), "Put on
my J's and dance the whole night
away / I'm naughty by nature
like I'm hip-hop hooray." She's
more than proven her point and,
although it's a catchy one, it feels
slightly out of place on "23."
Khalifa's verse proves just as
unimaginative, though: "Pro ath-
lete I'm not no wannabe / Wait-
ress asked how many bottles? I
said 23." I realize it's supposed to
be a poppin' bottles-worthy trib-
ute to the legend that is Michael
Jordan, but could Khalifa really
not think of something more cre-
ative than this? These lyrics don't

do Number 23 justice.
Juicy J keeps the momentum
going with lines like "I'm so
fly, I'm gettin' head like a blow
dryer" in the third verse which
is followed by more of the Miley
madness. The track feels like a
disappointment because, really,
shouldn't such a huge collabo-
ration yield something stronger
than this?
Mike WILL Made It has
been killin' the game recently
and Wiz, Juicy J and Miley are
all hot right now in their own
rights. Don't get me wrong -
"23" is clever at times and could
undoubtedly get a party going
with its bouncy beat. But is it
memorable? Not in the slightest.
It looks like that other little song
they did, "We Can't Stop," will
still have to do - for now.
- The original version of this
article was published on The Fil-
ter, the Daily Arts blog, on Sept.

Senior Arts Editor
Everyone gets it: Miley Cyrus is
an Adult. She's an Adult and sexy
and an Adult. She single-handed-
ly inspired a revolution of rebel-
lious, burgeoning girls and guys
to get up and shake their asses at
anyone, anywhere. Remember,
only God can judge ya.
I was never a "Hannah Mon-
tana" super-fan. It was a cute TV
show with a cute girl - she sang
songs, she wore the wig, she had
a classic Mileyeye-roll, and every-
one was like "this girl is so cute,
my daughter should look up to
this wholesome Disney-fabricated
character." And then, after a four-
season whirlwind, "Hannah Mon-
tana" was done. What was left
was an 18-year-old trying to get
away from a mostly hollow image,
someone trying to transition from
childhood to young adulthood.
Three years later, she's still

It made
her firs
to mak(
her, you
She was
a big de-
like, "M
ing you
she ma.
down fr
Cyrus is
it ha
sibly br
She fee
ever. D
She feel
ing Ban
her mus
loose a:
"We Ca
this is ju

The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com
being Miley?
ed that we're not con- Being a woman, especially
she's all grown up. It all a 20-year-old is difficult. I get
with "Can't be Tamed." it. I understand feeling young
sense back then: It was and exciting; I know why Cyrus
t, non-Hannah Montana- parties and why she likes to
d single, and she wanted get naked and grind on Robin
e sure people really got Thicke. It's rebellious, and she
know, like, as a person. feels like she's showing that
in a bird cage, and it was being a puppet of The Machine
al, and she just couldn't be isn't cool. You want to have a
But then, everyone was penis cake for your birthday? Do
iley, stop it, you're ruin- it! Fuck those that tell you oth-
r image." And then, as if erwise.
de a pact to never back In reality, being a sexually
som challenges, Cyrus got comfortable woman has very lit-
tle to do with showing everyone
:her it's her admission to your naked ass on a demolition
ropping drugs, her classy ball. If Cyrus was actually try-
erformance, her "don't- ing to show everyone how com-
hit" attitude or twerking, fortable she is in her body, she
nonstop. wouldn't be screaming about
s been a long year for how comfortable she IT in her
She cut her hair. She pos- body. Frankly, no one really
oke up with her possible cares. The point of being relaxed
She feels great, though. in your own skin is that it's your
Is more like herself than own; it's a quiet confidence that
oes everyone hear that? allows you to be happy with who
s great, Liam. She's releas- you are - it's not about project-
gerz and getting back to ing that sexuality on others,
scal roots. She likes to let makingsomeone uncomfortable.
nd she likes to get wild. "But she just likes beingnaked
n't Stop" is based on real and sexy! She's just being her-
she's been to. You guys, self," someone says in Cyrus's
ast real life for Smilerz. defense right now. Yeah, exactly,
so let's call it what it is: That's
not about inner confidence and
ly o ca sexual sureness. Whether it's of
ca her own volition or with prod-
.dge M iley. ding from her PR agents and
record company, that's just a
woman wanting someone to tell
her she looks great in her Calvin
ke "We Can't Stop" the Klein bikini.
ay I like some songs on I watched the video again.
io without having them I watched it a few more times,

te my own music library. actually, fighting my embar-
ugh for me to hear it once rassment for her and trying to
ut I can appreciate it for find some kind of saving grace.
is. The song's fun and, for Because the thing is, her music
time in a while, I feel like is stronger than it ever has been.
as a style. I can hear the I want to like her, and I want to
ie put into her vocals and champion for her, butI can't help
and, yeah, the lyrics are but see her as a whiny child. I'm
nteresting than her last tired of watching her twerk and
. Her music feels right - I'm sick of hearing her talk about
't come off as forced and how free she feels - what's the
't try too hard. point if no one takes you seri-
cking Ball" is the first ously?
ve sincerely enjoyed of And that is the real problem:
. It's delicate and honest Her music, which deserves all
y that many of her songs the attention it's getting, can't be
It's still a pop song, it's taken seriously if it's accompa-
try, but it's different from nied by a video of her making out
us we're used to - this is with a hammer.
wanted from her. I want- It isn't poignant, it isn't smart -
ee a different side to her it's showy and attention-grabbing
I thought, there's no way in all the wrong ways, like a child
make this music video yelling for candy in a grocery
werking. store.
probably isn't the last In the end, I'm torn. I'm really
will be wrong about a feeling the music, but I'm really
t's a trap because, at first, weary of Cyrus. I'm really bored
crying. It's a close-up of of the persona she's adopted. I see
e, red lipstick bright, and her as a one-trick pony, someone
rying. Then, the chorus to call up for a good time if I want
and she becomes a sexy, to do some Molly and make a skull
ammer-licking, wreck- out of fries. Would I ever call her
all-riding, lying-in-her- if I'm upset? If I have a nice din-
ear-on-the-wreckage ner party to go to? If I need a ride
to work? Probably not. She's the
t? What's the point of party friend, the one you never
eo? Seriously, what is it? take too seriously because they're
e the way I see it, this is probably high as fuck. She's just *
or Miley to keep on her being Miley, though, right? The
sexuality is amazing, thing is, she's not an adult; she's
m sexual" kick, trying to annoying, and I'm pretty sure
o everyone that she has there are other singers out there
to prove. with more to offer.

Email: dallydisplay@gmail.com

RELEASE DATE- Friday, September 13, 2013
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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10 Have chills, MLBteam common in break result
perhaps 6 Martini's partner Mississippi 51 Outstrip
13 Vidalrs 7 Used fordinner 46 Reagns role in exapecttions
Breckinridge 8 Cosmetics "Knate Rackne, 55 Butflol's lake
14 Oh so very counter array All American" 56 Sicilian tourist
1S Messenger. rnFlaens 47 "Save Me the attraction
16 Legs 10 Tart lane signal Weld' athor 5H By meansatf
18 Strap 11 Fatuous Witz"ead r 59BRe n
19 Provide with 12 Yuengling Fitzgerald 55 Rev
necessities offering 'B 3-D graph line 60 Filming site
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Canals 17 Kitchen protector
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Creamerybuy 23Kraftcoffee A S I A SIP I C E S I S R
22 Legs - brand B R B C R A T C H I T S A
25iFluffy toy 24 Gasp KENO0 DE M EAIN
8uTrkicflatbread 25 AL West player, E NA A W A Y R a I
291vory poacher's informally M A N O F NUMB S O L I
ptize 26 Shaded
30 Nemeon2008 27Vacationsite U N A W E D S C I A SS T
and 2012 31 Here, in Le Havre R I 0 T A C T
campaignposters 32 Regards I N S P A P R S I F T E D
33 Thurman of 33 Hardlyfair? N O 1 Z E I T N O R T E
"Gattaca" 34RiseintheWest A NAG DARKIREE N
36 Legs 35SWise-owl link M I T T E N UI I E S
40 "_ ona Grecian 37[Youstepped on ERA T O S S E D S A L A D
Urn" my paw!] S E N A T S T U D L A M A
41 St of a child's 381864 Geneva S E S CHEAP 0 E X A M
rhyme Convention S S C E P A
42 The"kid" in creation xwordedltor@aol.com 09/11313
"Here's looking at 1 2 3 4 e s e 7 9 10 11 12
yau, kid"
43 Doneo t"death 13 14 a1
Moonlight' actress1
S2 Frontier lawman
53 Strikewith force 22 23 24
54 Expensive
outing, probably 2 as 27 2
57 CCCV -V 293 31 32 3334 35
S8 Legs
61 Veggiesgo-with, s 37 as 39
62 Rodeos, e.g. 40 a1 42
63 "Worksfor me' 45 46
64 Biblical mount
65 Vail alternative e as 45 so s1
66 Dairyfarmer's
DOWN 57 58 59 60
1 Canyon or Sierra 71- 6s6
2 Harprelative
3 Wherethe Tigris sa en 5 6
meets the
Euphrates ByPattivarol 09/13/13
(c)2013 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

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a day, b
what it:
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what I'
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video. I
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this vid
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and I a:
prove t





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