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September 11, 2013 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 2013-09-11

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T c D hg yWednesday, September 11, 2013 - 5A

& The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

Mark to showcase
work in 'U' series

* photographer exhibits
cultural snapshots
Daily Arts Writer
As a part of its regular speak-
er series, the Penny W. Stamps
School of Art & Design is host-
ing a lecture
this week by ftnyW.
one of the most
respected and ""'
influential Di SAd
phers, Mary SeriS Mary
Ellen Mark. OMA
Through her
artwork, books Thursday
and edito- at5p.m.
rial magazine
ra mgzne Michigan Theater
work, Markhas
gained world- Free
wide visibility.
For the past four decades,
Mark has traveled extensively
around the world to capture
moments that portray a high
degree of humanism. Her snap-
shots of human and cultural

diversity are considered exem-
plars in the field of documentary
"She has an incredibly long
and successful career," said
Chrisstina Hamilton, the direc-
tor of the lecture series. "The
work that she has been doing
lately - she was commissioned
by the pharmaceutical company
Novartis - is very interesting.
She was commissioned by the
company to go to the seven sites
in the world that have the worst
incidents of malaria and to doc-
ument the situation."
A few of Mark's awards
include the Cornell Capa Award,
the Infinity Award for Journal-
ism and the Photographer of the
Year Award from the Friends of
Photography. Her work, includ-
ing photo essays and portraits,
has been published in magazines
such as the "New York Time
Magazine," "LIFE," "Vanity
Fair" and "Rolling Stone." Addi-
tionally, Mark has also executed
photographed advertising cam-
paigns for Barnes and Noble,
Keds, Eileen Fisher, as well as
British Levis.
Some of Mark's most notable
works include her portrayals of

Mother Teresa, Indian circuses
and brothels in Bombay. One
of the most common aspects of
Mark's photography is her inter-
est in people, especially those
who occupy the fringes of society
and whose stories might other-
wise never be told if not through
the lens of a camera. A few piv-
otal themes seen consistently in
Mark's collection include such
societal concerns as homeless-
ness, drug addiction, mental ill-
ness and teenage pregnancy.
Mark's images convince their
audience of their depth because,
instead of observing from the out-
side, Mark attempts to perceive
her subjects' environment from
within. By becoming an integrat-
ing part of their world, Mark is
able to grasp the inner realms of
her subjects' life.
As a photographer for over 40
years, Mark has perfected her
craft. She's traveled all over the
world, including India, Turkey
and Africa, to capture the most
miniature and simple aspects of
peoples' lives. As part of her lec-
ture, Mark will provide her audi-
ence with an overview of her
work and also discuss her project
with Novartis.

"Yeah, we're thinking of naming it North East"
Poor writing terrifies in

of an
and V
ence tI
own er
able a
you sit
a tirad

MAYANK MATHUR silly the movie is by nitpicking
DailyArts Writer every little detail and ripping it
to shreds? Whatever perspective
I1 Baby" tells the story you choose to look through, the
expectant couple, Jack path ahead is clearly forked and
ranessa, played by Rob you can look forward to either
ry ("Hot being whole-heartedly repulsed
Time or entertained.
ne") However, the most difficult
Leslie Hell Baby thing about viewing this par-
("Zoo ticular movie is that it's neither
r"), who At State here nor there. It provides the
into aMe lowest brand of lowbrow com-
d fixer- Milermim edy in a shameless fashion while
in New remaining mundane. Simply put,
s to set up their new the movie never commits to its
Shockingly, the couple is ridiculousness. The jokes are
nted by a demonic pres- stale, the thrills are cheap and
hat seeks to use them to its the plot drags on and on, mak-
nd. ing you question the purpose of
a horror-comedy that's neither
funny nor scary.
oes Netflix The writer-director duo of
Robert Ben Garrat and Thomas
ve a category Lennon (creators of "Reno 911")
are to blame for the film's failure
tled 'M ovies as any form of entertainment.
The writing is downright lazy -
D One Sees'? it's not as if there is an attempt
at comedy or horror that for
some reason doesn't come off -
there's just no attempt whatso-
ever. Characters are forced into
movie challenges the extremely predictable scenarios
ce's notion of how accept- that loop throughout the film.
bad movie can be. Do It's almost as if the writers hope
back, relax and give the that a scene which didn't work
credit where it's due by the first time will magically
ing its idiotic brand of force the audience to erupt into
? Or do you launch into laughter if they repeat it again
le about how ridiculously and again. However, what's most

disturbing about the writing is
the fact female nudity is need-
lessly injected in a bid to spice
things up and used with such
liberation that it sickens. It's the
ultimate sign of a movie which
doesn't know where to go and
will use just about anything to
elicit any response fromits audi-
The performances-are strik-
ing in a unique way, since they're
not as bad as the writing, the
plot or any other aspect of the
movie. Garrat and Lennon grace
the screen and provide welcome
comedic relief as Vatican priests
who are sent to cure the house
and its occupants of the demon's
presence. Keegan Michael Kel-
ley (TV's "MADty") stands out
as the couple's neighbor, popping
up unexpectedly throughout in
inconvenient situations, there-
by providing the few genuine
moments of laughter.
There's not much more to be
said about "Hell Baby"; the film is
brazen in its stupidity and revels
in its disgusting brand of com-
edy while never lending to the
horrific brand of its genre. Films
are often judged on their ability
to deliver on their promise. This
film promises to be at least mildly
entertaining while providing a
few jumpy moments. However, it
turns out to be a dud. The mind-
less drivel of the script drown out
the film's few - and far between
- moments of genuine comedy.

"This cricket will help me get lucky."
Revis of ulan' reveals.
real-1fe lessons

Senior Arts Editor
There were so many options
to choose from: thrillers, sci-
fi classics, new arrivals, a few
TV shows ... so, I went for the
obvious choice and clicked
"animated movies" on my Air
France-provided touch-screen
TV. Moving right past "The
Croods," "Epic" and "Monsters
University," I wildly clicked on
"Mulan," giving the woman in
front of me a swift concussion.
Disney is great. Nothing
brings on the nostalgia more
than old-school Disney fairytale
movies. They got some things
wrong, but what they managed
to do was create a world where
"a dream that you wish will come
true." I could not be stopped.
A greater force willed me to
watch this movie, in my near-
delirious state of sleep depri-
vation. I wanted to believe in a
world where a simple Chinese
girl could become the greatest
warrior in China. I wanted to
believe in a world where ances-
tors and spirits helped their liv-
ing descendants. I also wanted
to sing along to "Reflection."
There's no excuse for not
watching "Mulan," but if it's
been a while, the premise is
this: Mulan's father is called to
war against the Huns (they've
simply scaled the Great Wall of
China and are on a killing spree),

the gi
of hos
the Hi
or and
or bo
the sw
the H
any ot
to mal
and 1
love t
to be f
after t
that m
and gi

t his knee is weak and he can. But after revisiting the Dis-
possibly survive, so Mulan, ney classic for the first time in
rA who will never make a a few years, I realized "Mulan"
t bride according to her was incredibly smart for some-
maker, dons her father's thing else: Respect.
and rides off to take his From the first time Mulan
encounters Li Shang (her even-
:h a few bumps along the tual love interest and command-
(she was revealed to be ing officer), their relationship
e and almost dies because is established on the grounds
w disgraceful it is), Mulan of respect and trust. No other
t single-handedly stops Disney princess romance starts
uns and saves the Emper- this way: Snow White is kissed
I all of China. The Emper- by a prince she hardly knows,
ws to her. He gives her and it's instant true love. Prince
cord of Shan Yu, leader of Eric finds a half-naked Ariel,
lun invasion. A personal and is what, seduced by her wit?
lion, from the Emperor's She doesn't even speak.
is handed to her. If not for Mulan and Li Shang take the
her reason, this is enough entire movie to get to know each
ke Mulan the coolest chick other, to build admiration and
bravest Disney princess reliance in each other, and only
at the end is a romantic motive
even hinted at. They don't even
11kiss! But it feels more believ-
able. Not each courtship needs
nances start to last as long as war, and not
each romance needs to begin so
bromances slowly your love interest thinks
of you as a dude. But something
right? a little longer than a first glance
would be great.
"Mulan" shows the reality
of worrying about social pres-
sures, family expectations,
re are plenty of reasons to gender inequality and the dif-
he movie: It teaches kids ficulties of climbing a 50-foot
fierce, to love selflessly, go pole. She has the guts, the glory
their dreams - to believe and she doesn't even do any-
nen and women are equal, thing crazy for "true love" or
irls can do whatever boys the "guy of her dreams."


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US Coach of the Taekwondo Union,
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Former Executive
Teacher of two US Council,
Olympic Medallists The World
US Team Federation
Manager, 1988 *
Olympic Games Lecturer, Div. of
Learn self-defense, forms and Olympic-style fightinc
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