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November 21, 2012 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 2012-11-21

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1 09.

Wensdy Noeme S, 02 /ThSSaemn
E37B '

2B Wednesday, November 21 2012 The Statement

Why I love ads

from last week: allowance & food
How much money do you generally spend a week?
0 to 10 dollars

random student interview
by kaitlin williams / illustrations by megan mulholland

Welcome to the Random Stu-
dent Interview, where we ... ugh,
is it Thanksgiving break yet?
So what's the interview about?

over 100 dollars
17% ,

10 to 25 dollars I don't
19% know. Let's
talk about
ing, because
that's like,

50 to 100

25 to 50 dollars
37% -

What's your favorite late-night drunk food?

Jimmy John's
15% .d


Ugh, never mind. That's boring.
What's being in Kinesiology
I like it. Some people think it's
easy because it's sports-based.
I'd never think that.
But I only think it's easy for me
because it's interesting stuff. I'm
interested in sports, so it's easy to
learn about them.
What's your favorite sport?
Because I've always played it.
How would you sell me on liking
Play it.
I can't play it, so that's probably
why I don't like it.
Do you get crap for that Yan-
kees shirt?
Yeah. I
went to the
against the
Tigers and
people were pretty pissed off.

Where are you from?
Oh, that makes sense of it.
My uncle does some stuff for the
Oh! Do you think you have an in
there for after you graduate?
I hope so.
Just show up with your degree,
like "Hey, uncle! Who's your
favorite nephew?"
So are you excited for the foot-
ball game (against Iowa) tomor-
row? Do you have tickets?
It's my last home game.
It's Denard's last one too.
It's really sad!
Yeah. He said he's playing though.
Do you think it's socially accept-
able to cry about it?

OK. Like at the end or during
the whole game?
The end.
OK. I'll try to hold it together. I
kind of have a cold so I'm trying
to be as lazy as possible to feel
great by tomorrow. I'd rather
be sick for Thanksgiving break.
I guess we can talk about that
now. Snore. Are you excited to go
home? You are going home, right?
Yeah. That's the plan. We're trying
to get a cheap ticket.
Isn't it a bit late? You might
have to hitchhike to Connecti-
It's a bit far.
When do you want to go home?
Tuesday night.
You had your Wednesday class-
es cancelled too?
I don't even know why they
bother. I guess if break started
on Wednesday then they'd just
cancel Tuesday classes and it
has to end somewhere. Yeah,
this is boring. We should stop.
Have a good day.
-Eric is a Kinesiology freshman.

Yip 4w 4


Mexican Food
Online comments
You will rarely be as succesful in achieving your goal standard of living as
you will be during college. Enjoy.
-Scott'82, regarding "The snacker generation"

The day after Thanksgiving is one
of my favorite days of the year. Not
because of Black Friday, but because
of the commercials. My cousins and broth-
er and I eat leftovers all day, lounge on the
orange shag carpet in my Grandma's base-
ment and watch the first Christmas movie
of the season.
If we're lucky, it's "Home Alone." If ABC
decides to show a different family holiday
flick, we have back up and pull out our own
collector's edition of the Macaulay Culkin
But it's way better to watch on TV.
Because the commercials on Black Friday
are just as good as the movie. It's the first
day of the season, and advertisers are in
fine form. They can finally use all of the
great Santa-and-his-elves material they've
been working on all year.
There's that one animated commercial
where a poor little elf is sitting in his cabin
on top of a snowy mountain. He has a ter-
rible cold and can't help Santa build toys.
His nose is so raw it looks like Rudolph's.
Remember that one? The voiceover rhymes
in couplets about how sad the elf is to stay

in bed - until someone brings him Puffs
Plus with Lotion! The elf uses one of the
tissues, the redness goes away and he is
instantly happier.
I won't be offended if you don't remem-
ber it.
Advertisers love me. Slogans and jingles
by celebrities meant to sell me something
usually succeed. They convince me' that
there's a 100-percent chance my life will
get better if I buy whatever they're trying
to sell.
Once there was this ad for toothpaste that
was so cool and minty fresh that your mouth
would feel as icy and clean as the snow of an
avalanche rushing down the side of a moun-
tain. It had these little breath strips in it that
exploded to reveal a girl with radiant white
teeth skiing down the mountain, narrowly
escaping the wall of snow crashing down
behind her.
I buy that toothpaste.
I also buy shampoo that claims it will
make my hair smoother and shinier. You
know those commercials where they zoom
in on animated hair follicles and show how
each and every rough strand of hair is silky

after using whatever kind of hair condition-
er they're selling? I think I'm doing that to
my hair almost every time I shower. Some-
times I disgust myself.
As you can imagine, terror strikes at
Starbucks. Those seasonal beverages get
me every time. Pumpkin spice lattes dictate
when fall begins, and the arrival of pepper-
mint mochas mark the beginning of my holi-
day festivities.
I'm painfully aware of how susceptible
I am to corporate persuasion. One of my
majors is communications.
Once, my professor showed us two dif-
ferent commercials for bleach. One of the
commercials featured a black family, and
the other a white family. Then she asked us
which one made us want to buy the bleach.
I raised my hand and said the one with the
black family. The professor then informed
us that the majority of those who watched
that version of the ad shared my opinion.
According to the studies we later looked at,
white clothing looks cleaner and brighter on
darker skin, so the company chose to use the
ad featuring the African American family.
'Time after-time, class after class, I con-

tinued to find myself falling in line with the
what "the majority of Americans are influ-
enced by."
Even though I'm learning about all the
different ways advertisers try to appeal ,W
consumers, I still fall for it. I know drink-
ing Diet Coke won't make everything in my
hectic life fall into place, but I still buy one
when I'm stressed out. If I have a cold and
my nose is red, I rush to CVS and buy a box
of Puffs Plus with Lotion and immediately
believe the redness will dissipate. I know
what these marketing schemes are trying to
do, and I let them have their way with me
I may be an exaggerated case study, but
everybody is influencedby advertising some-
how. It just depends on how much you give
in to them. It takes a strong person to pass
by a Starbucks while warm cinnamon swirls
and pumpkin leaves adorn the windows.
All I'm saying is that you should give in
sometimes. Buy a Diet Coke and watch as
your life gets better.
Lucy Perkins is an LSA senior and an arts
writer for The Michigan Daily.

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