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September 13, 2012 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 2012-09-13

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6A - Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

Ruling Dutch party claims
victory in national elections

A supporter of opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles hurls stones at supporters of Venezuela's President
Hugo Chavez, who were hurling stones backafter an opposition campaign event ended in Venezuela on Wednesday.
Venezula campaign event
interrup tvolence

Chavez supporters
clash at opposition
ezuela (AP) - Violence erupted
at an opposition campaign event
in Venezuela on Wednesday as
supporters of President Hugo
Chavez blocked a road and a
campaign truck was torched.
Both sides hurled rocks, and
police said at least 14 people
were hurt.
A large crowd of Chavez sup-
porters in red shirts blocked a
main road near the airport in the
coastal town of Puerto Cabel-
lo before a visit by opposition
candidate Henrique Capriles.
A truck used'by Capriles cam-
paign was set ablaze, and a
motorcycle was also torched.
Capriles had been scheduled
to visit an area that has tradi-
tionally leaned pro-Chavez,
and opposition supporters were
seen running to take cover dur-
ing the violence.
At least 14 people suffered
cuts and other minor injuries,
police in Carabobo state said.
After the violence, Capriles
spoke at an outdoor rally in
the town, blaming Chavez and
small "radical groups."
"Those actions aren't sponta-
neous. There's someone respon-
sible for those actions," Capriles

told the crowd. Addressing
Chavez without mentioning the
president's name, Capriles said:
"It's you who wants that sce-
nario. It's you who wants to sow
"We know that he who turns
to violence, it's that he's afraid
of the other's ideas," Capriles
added. "We're tired of violence."
His supporters chanted, "We
aren't afraid!" Capriles had
been on his way to the event
when the clashes erupted, and
to bypass the blocked road he
traveled by helicopter to a spot
where fishermen took him by a
motorboat to the area.
Chavez has recently said his
rival has a hidden agenda to
impose right-wing measures
"that would lead Venezuela to
a civil war." But Chavez has
denied intending that as a threat
or trying to promote violence in
any way.
Duringthe melee, some ofthe
red-shirted government sup-
porters went into the airport
compound and carried away
speakers and a generator.
A station wagon filled with
Capriles' campaign fliers also
was trashed as people broke
the windows, ripped out the
headlights and began to pull out
parts from under the hood. The
campaign fliers were left scat-
tered on the ground.
Carabobo state Gov. Hen-
rique Salas Feo, a Chavez oppo-

*nent, condemned the violence
on television saying, "The coun-
try needs peace."
National Guard troops
arrived at the airport after-
Tensions have sporadically
unleashed violent clashes and
scuffles between supporters
of the two candidates ahead of
the Oct. 7 presidential vote, in
which Chavez is seeking anoth-
er six-year term.
National Electoral Council
president Tibisay Lucena con-
demned the violence, saying it
appeared to have been provoked
by a group of people. She didn't
lay blame on either political
Jorge Rodriguez,Chavez's
campaign manager, blamed
government opponents and said
the Carabobo police, which are
under Salas' command,attacked
Chavez's partisans.
Rodriguez said government
supporters "have a right to pro-
test and demonstrate freely"
against Capriles< visit.
"The police arrived and sav-
agely attacked the people,"
Rodriguez said on television,
adding that Chavez<s campaign
has photos of Carabobo police
officers in civilian clothing par-
ticipating in the violence.
Kelvis Olleda, a 15-year-old
Chavez supporter, blamed the
opposition for provoking the

Mark Rutte mances in televised debates, was
secures victory for He told supporters in Amster-
dam that Labor was willing
conservative party to help form a government "as
long as the result from tonight is
THE HAGUE, Netherlands translated into the plans of a new
(AP) - Dutch Prime Minister Cabinet."
Mark Rutte claimed victory early But Rutte also called the vote
Thursday for his conservative an endorsement of his previ-
VVD party in national elections ous government's right-wing
widely seen as a referendum on policies and austerity platform,
the Netherlands' commitment to while Samsom ran on a platform
Europe. of change.
With 92 percent of municipal- "This is a strong boost for the
ities reporting, the VVD was set agenda that we have laid out for
to take 41 seats in the 150-mem- the Netherlands, to go on with
ber Dutch Parliament, two more our policy in this splendid coun-
than its largest rival, the cen- try," Rutte said.
ter-left Labor party. Rutte said The election was cast as a vir-
Labor leader Diederik Samsom tual referendum on Europe amid
had called him to concede. the continent's crippling debt
"Tonight let's enjoy it, and crisis, but the result was a stark
tomorrow we have get to work rejection of the most radical crit-
to make shre a stable Cabinet ic of the EU, anti-Islam firebrand
is formed as soon as possible," Geert Wilders, whose Freedom
Rutte told cheeringsupporters at Party was forecast to lose 8 seats,
a beachside hotel in The Hague. dropping to 16.
"Then I'm going to get to work Wilders' calls to ditch the
with you to help the Netherlands euro may have been too radical
emerge from this crisis," he said, for voters, or he may have lost
referring to Europe's debt crisis, support for walking out of talks
which has left the Dutch econo- with Rutte in April to hammer
my in the doldrums. out an austerity package to rein
The result sets the stage for . in the Dutch budget deficit.
the VVD and Labor - both pro- "The voter has spoken," an
Europe parties - to forge a two- emotional Wilders told support-
party ruling coalition with Rutte ers in a Hague cafe. The Socialist
returning for a second term as Party, which briefly led in polls
prime minister. on its anti-austerity platform,
Formal coalition talks can't wound up unchanged at 15 seats.
start until official results are Swedish Foreign Minister
verified on Monday and the new Carl Bildt welcomed the result.
parliament is seated, next week "Looks as if populist anti-
at the earliest. Rutte said he Europeans are losing big time in
wouldn't comment on possible Dutch election. Distinctly good
coalitions for the time being. news," Bildt tweeted.
Both top parties booked gains The VVD's campaign man-
far greater than polls before ager, lawmaker Stef Blok, did not
Wednesday's election had pre- want to speculate about coalition
dicted, as voters strayed from talks, but said the result "shows
smaller parties to support the the VVD has an unbelievable
two front runners. amount of support."
Labor leader Samsom, who Ronald Plasterk of Labor said
shot to prominence in the past voters responded to his party's
month due to strong perfor- more compassionate social poli-

"It's an honest platform," he
said. "On the one hand we're for
a strong euro, for solid govern-
ment finances, but also for a real
social policy and welfare net."
The result was a victory for
pro-European forces in the
Netherlands, a founding member
of the EU whose export-driven
economy has benefited from the
bloc's open market.
Whatever form the new gov-
ernment takes, it is not likely to
derail the current Franco-Ger-
man compromise approach to
solving Europe's sovereign debt
Both the VVD and Labor
endorse cost-cutting for most
governments to keep them
within European budget defi-
cit rules. But they also support
exceptions or even bailouts for
fiscally stressed countries such
as Greece, Spain and Italy - as
long as they adhere to externally
mandated cost-cutting targets
and labor market reforms.
While critical of a strict aus-
terity-only solution to the debt
crisis, the parties can work
together. Labor backed Rutte at
crucial moments in the past year
to approve bailout funds and
endorse European-level solu-
tions to prevent the debt crisis
from spinning out of control.
Rutte is closer to German
Chancellor Angela Merkel in his
outlook, and Samsom closer to
French President Francois Hol-
lande, but in a coalition those
differences would likely balance
By not flocking to Wilders
or the euro-skeptical Socialist
Party, Dutch voters signaled, at
least an acceptance of the impor-
tance of a healthy Europe: in
national polls, voters said that
no election issue was nearly as
important as the state of the
Dutch economy and the effect
Europe's sovereign debt crisis is
having on it.

Federal district judge in New
York strikes down anti-terror law

Ruling says law
would meddle with
Call:#734-418-4115F- n
Email: dailydisplay@gmail.com First Amendment

RELEASE DATE- Thursday, September 13, 2012
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Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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familir yp 71 Actor Mike 37Tic-tac-toe loser Moorehead
a Smarten api 41DiOey 57 The enemy's
11 Dataproc. DOWN 44Two-baggers: 58 Separates by
equipment t Kings shootithem Abbr. type
14 Amer.economic 2nremarkablem 'Bbrds do it 61 'Three Sisters"
assistance 3 Firehouse mascot 49 Eau - sister
15 Dematologist's 4Jeans brand 51 'Proect: ad Pt's boss
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Chameleon" band Soreline recess ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE:
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maybe 12 Spring bloomers M C E S C cH E R P C W R E N
22 Behold, to Livy 13 Awfully S I X T H B R A E N U N S
23ilts expensive C o0 aS aE ta
25$pace traveler 18Notback down S H E R Y J C P v N N E Y
27Corridacelebrity fromasa T A S E N C A A i G I v E
29 lobal positioning challenge R R S C C R I D E R C I A
fig. 22 Founctecd:Abbr.
30 _ alai 24 Outwitson the A DOR N A L E X S K A T
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NEW YORK (AP) - An anti-
terrorism law was struck down
Wednesday by a federal judge
who said she saw legitimate fears
in claims by journalists, scholars
and political activists that they
could face indefinite detention
for exercising First Amendment
U.S. District Judge Kather-
ine Forrest in Manhattan said
the government has softened its
position toward those who filed
suit challenging the law, but she
said the "shifting view" could
not erase the threat of indefinite
military detention. She urged
Congress to make the law more
specific or consider whether it is
needed at all.
"First Amendment rights are
guaranteed by the Constitution
and cannot be legislated away,"
Forrest wrote. "This Court
rejects the Government's sugges-
tion that American citizens can
be placed in military detention
indefinitely, for acts they could
not predict might subject them to
In May, the judge temporarily
struck down the law subjecting
to indefinite detegtion anyone
who "substantially" or "directly"
provides "support" to forces such
as al-Qaida or the Taliban. She
heard additional arguments last
month before issuing the final
ruling, likely tobe appealed to the
2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
While calling the law "uncon-
stitutionally overbroad," For-
rest said the government can use
another law to indefinitely detain
people connected to the Sept. 11,
2001, terrorist attacks or others
picked up on the field of battle.
She said the government at some
point without additional congres-
sional authorization began inter-
preting its detention authority
more broadly.

"In short, the Court can find
no authority in domestic law or
the law of war, nor can the gov-
ernment point to any, to justify
the concept of 'support' as a valid
ground for detention," Forrest
The judge said the govern-
ment struggled to explain what
the statute means and what and
whose activities it was written to
"That is no small question ban-
died about amongst lawyers and a
judge steeped in arcane questions
of constitutional law; it is a ques-
tion of defining an individual's
core liberties," she said.
She questioned in her 112-page
opinion whether a news article
perceived as favorable to the Tal-
iban and garnering support for
the Taliban could be considered
to have "substantially supported"
the Taliban?
"How about a YouTube video?
Where is the line between what
the government would consider
"journalistic reporting" and
"propaganda?" she asked. "Who
will make such determinations?
Will there be an office estab-
lished to read articles, watch
videos, and evaluate speeches in
order to make judgments along a
spectrum of where the support is
'modest' or 'substantial?"'
Ellen Davis, a U.S. Attorney's
office spokeswoman, said the
government had no comment.
Plaintiffs' lawyer Bruce Afran
called the ruling "very historic"
and said it was rare in the last
half century that a judge would
declare a federal statute uncon-
stitutional for directly intruding
on speech.
"But it was a very extraor-
dinary attempt by the govern-
ment to provide punishment for
speech," he said.
Among plaintiffs who testi-
fied at a March hearing was
Pulitzer Prize-winning journal-
ist Christopher Hedges, who has
interviewed al-Qaida members,
conversed with members of the
Taliban during speaking engage-
ments overseas and reported on
17 groups named on a list pre-

pared by the State Department
of known terrorist organizations.
He testified the lawhas led himto
consider altering speeches where
members of al-Qaida or the Tali-
ban might be present.
The judge said that she was
"mindful of the extraordinary
importance of the government's
efforts to safeguard the coun-
try from terrorism" and that the
high stakes of those efforts and
the executive branch's expertise
mean the courts owe the political
branches "a great deal of defer-
ence in the area of national secu-
But she said the Constitution
places limits on the president's
power to act and requires courts
to safeguard core Constitutional
rights. She noted that scattered
cases during World War II when
the Supreme Court sanctioned
undue deference to the executive
and legislative branches resulted
in actions that "are generally now
considered an embarrassment,"
such as the internment of Japa-
nese Americans based on war-
time security concerns.
Forrest called the govern-
ment's suggestion that the court's
role be limited to a post-detention
habeas review "without merit
and, indeed, dangerous" because
cases would take years to be
resolved and are reviewed under
a lesser legal standard.
She said if habeas petitions
that allow prisoners to challenge
their detention are the only way
for those detained under the
law to gain freedom - even U.S.
citizens on U.S. soil - then "core
Constitutional rights available in
criminal matters would simply be
She added: "No court can
accept this proposition and
adhere truthfully to its oath."
Kuntz said he told his mother
that he was gay at the same time
he told her he was kicked off the
"I'm struggling with it," said
Rita Kuntz, choking back tears. "I
love Jamie and I'm proud of him,
but I know what the school did
was wrong."


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