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February 14, 2012 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 2012-02-14

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6 - Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

Mysterious 'River'

ABC's new fantasy
drama delivers in
the wake of 'Lost'
For the Daily
When "Lost" debuted in 2004,
it was hailed for its revolution-
ary plotline and its crossover of
mystery and
sci-fi genres: TV
had never seen
anything like it. The River
Now two years
after the end Pilot
of "Lost," "The Tuesdaysat9 p.m.
River" picks up
the pieces it left ABC
behind, com-
plete with a mysterious island in
the Amazon and a shifty monster
driving the main cast to misery.
Though the plotline bears an
uncanny resemblance to that
of "Lost," "The River" can be
deemed a worthy successor and
not just a carbon copy. The new
venture from Oren Peli, cre-
ator of "Paranormal Activity,"
relies on "found footage," quick
cuts and documentary-style
format. "The River" is undeni-
ably a hybrid between "Lost"
and "Paranormal Activity," yet
somehow, it works.
Dr. Emmet Cole (Bruce Green-
wood, "Star Trek"), a legendary
nature explorer who is beloved by
much of the world for his famed
television show, goes missing in
the Amazon. After six months of
searching, he is declared dead ...
that is, until his emergency bea-
con goes off.
His wife Tess (Leslie Hope,
"24") and his reluctant son Lin-
coln (Joe Anderson, "Across the
Universe") travel to the Amazon
in search of the lost man with a
camera crew and Lincoln's child-
hood friend Lena (newcomer
Eloise Mumford) in tow. They
encounter unseen supernatu-
ral forces native to the island of

"I think we're lost."
La Boinna, barely managing to
escape alive.
The complicated dynamic
between Lincoln and his parents
begins to play out in the two-
hour premiere. Emmet is loved by
masses of people, but to Lincoln
he is just an absent father. Lin-
coln is noticeably hesitant in con-
tinuing the search and correctly
identifies Tess's motivation as
guilt about an affair. Flashbacks
to Lincoln's childhood show that
Emmet cared deeply for his son,
but the call of nature's magic and
mystery were too great for him to
The supporting cast mem-
bers are also compelling. Jahel
Valenzuela (Paulina Gaitan,
"Sin Nombre") is a young girl
capable of communicating with
the mysteries of the island.
She is able to channel Emmet's
spirit in a creepy sleepwalking
sequence reminiscent of "Para-
normal Activity." Clark Quietly
(Paul Blackthorne, Bollywood's
"Lagaan"), the producer of
Emmet Cole's show, is known to
butt heads with Cole. Their rela-
tionship is reminiscent of Jack
and Locke - one's a skeptic and
the other's a believer.
But as "Lost" fans watched
the island with a mind of its own
develop into a character in itself,
"The River" doesn't offer a par-
allel universe. The island of La

Boinna doesn't bring much in
terms of complexity and mystery
beyond the unknown monster.
Where there were polar bears
and hatches, there are now simply
leaves and soil, leaving audiences
intrigued about the search for
Emmet Cole but less so about the
island and its secrets.
As a two-hour installment,
the premiere was exciting and
gripping. Mystery drove the
plot, intriguing the audience
with secrets left unexplained.
There were complex characters
with complex relationships and
a promise of answers in subse-
quent episodes. Though a two-
episode debut for a show that
was promised only eight epi-
sodes is risky, ABC has shown
belief in and commitment to
the midseason replacement for
"Dancing with the Stars."
At its core, "The River" is based
on magic and mystical happen-
ings: Skeptics and non-believers
should stay clear. Though the
style and theme seem to be adapt-
ed from its predecessors, "The
River" is able to meshthe two into
a refreshing and exciting show.
As Emmet Cole would say,
"There's magic out there." And
he's right. "The River" is proving
itself to be a major contender in
the sci-fi arena, fitting nicely into
the "Lost"-shaped hole in all of
our hearts.

Who to listen to? The hipster angel or the hipster devil?
Tennis sets sail or
moresol i e s'un

DailyArts Writer
There's a pretty standard
repertoire of post-graduation
options: Grad school.- Gap year.
Job. Move
home. Sell your *
sail for eight Tennis
months and
make an album Young & Old
inspired by the
trip. Husband Fat Possum
and wife Pat-
rick Riley and Alaina Moore of
the band Tennis went with the
last option and ended up sort of
famous. Beats med school!
Last time Moore and Riley
were on the radar, they were
known as the couple that makes
short, sunny tunes about their
seafaring vacation. While their
2011 album Cape Dory was a
direct response to their voyage,
consisting entirely of tracks like
"Seafarer" and "Waterbirds,"
their newest LP, Young & Old,
offers a more diverse, land-locked
mix. Cape Dory was created as

more '
ized its
All Fee
ant, a
a coup
get the
a comi
Cape D
picks u

of a souvenir from their of frustration you won't get when
- a way to remember strolling a beach.
s reefs and bays. With their Subsequent tracks continue to
acquired and unexpected surprise. "Origins," the album's
rity, however, Tennis real- first single, is an infectious track
next album couldn't be as with pounding pianos and jazzy
dulgent. brass. While Tennis is seeming-
ly incapable of losing its sugary
sound, the band has drawnfrom a
ung & d' is greater pool of influences for this
album. "My Better Self" includes
ided, but not a slightly hip-hop-sounding beat,
and "Petition" sounds likea sped-
Consistent. up disco hit straight from the
'70s. Unlike the cheery hollow-
ness of Cape Dory, Young & Old
has a fleshed-out sound thanks
ng & Old opens with "it to the talents of producer Patrick
els the Same," a track that Carney (of the Black Keys). The
by sounding like a con- LP seems like less ofaside project
sequel to the band's first and more like an actual piece of
It's easygoing and pleas- music with purpose and passion.
nd Moore's honeysweet, Unfortunately, Young & Old is
girlish vocals haven't pretty front-loaded. While some
ed abit. The chorus appears bands may be able to get away
le minutes in, and listeners with this, Tennis's 33-minute LP
first hint that this won't be doesn't have any time to waste.
plete repeat of what made About halfway through, the track
)ory successful. The tempo "Robin" starts off sounding typi-
up and the guitars become cally Tennis - bopping and cute.
y grungy -there's a feeling Moore's vocals are attractive, but
after a while they're sort of like
looking at pictures of sunsets
on beaches - nice, but the same
every time, and leaving mguch to
be desired. "Robin" is saved by
Sus: 734) 661439 the stimulation of an oscillating
guitar backing the chorus, but
that seems to be the last thread
OOM HOUSE Available fall. of hope.
okwood. Washer Dryer. 4 prk The rest of Young& Oldconsists
>2300 + utils. 734-996-1991 of cutesy bell noises, twee garage
tTH CAMPUS 1-2 Bdrm.!? rock and choruses composed
front/Heat/Water/Parking. ! principally of Moore's "ooh"-ing,
v.HRPAA.com 996-4992! which we've been hearing the
entire album. It's as if Tennis is
patting itself on the back for ajob
well done and reminiscing about
past successes without realizing
there's still half an album left. But
L ET S the most frustrating part is when
Moore begins complaining. In
ASING 1 RM in a 2 bdrm apt "High Road," she belts out "para-
ral Campus: Seeking male roo dise is all around but happiness is
ncludes private bed & bath, never found." So, you vacationed
urn., flat screen HDTV, for eight months at sea with the
ycr, fitness ceter, 24/7 onainte gtmnh tsawt h
lonthly cast TBD but includes man you love and then returned
and wkly cleaning. For more home to become well-received
tact meyerd33@4gmail.com. musicians that play shows like
Lollapalooza, and now you're
sad? Sorry, no sympathy.
The album concludes with
"Never to Part," an OK song that's *
.P WANTED pretty boring, except for some
random electronic additions. And
TENDINGe* $300/DAY PO then Young& Old is abruptly over.
A L. No exp. nec., training Tennis was wrong with its first
GE 18+ 800-965-6520x125 track's title - it doesn't all feel
the same as Cape Dory. There are
CARE/HOME HEL plenty of similarities between
D: Mornings before school. the two LPs, but as a professional
ive. tassavat@comcast.net
-9484 band, Tennis is certainly improv-

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Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
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1 Place for family 1 Bespectacled expansion 46 Signed a pact, say
game night dwarf 35 Plains tribesmen 47 Circusperformers
4 Book of poems 2 Role for Patti 39 Powerfully built 51 Slays, mob-style
partly by King LuPone or 40 Tipon a table 53 "Carefor __?":
David Madonna 41 City bond, after-dinneroffer
10 Farm grazer 3 Layered pastry informally 54 Numbskull
3 Egg onlls 4'"Hogwasb!" 42 Dynasty during 7 See 28-Aeros
14 Cmmunicating 5 S4issorscuts Confuius'time 50 Hodgepodge
regularly 6 Periodicitable 43 Juiiet'stfamily 59 Mouse
16 FatrTireproduct figs. 4 yme manyulator
7 Ballplayer's hat 7Acces with a 44American territory 63 Nightof
8 Buns, minstrel- passord in the Pacific anticipation
style 8 'Faster,
19 N.J. neighbor huskiesl" ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE:
20 Dismiss an occult 9 John Candy skit A
dull-making ow THUMBS G O R P R O N
yractice? 10 Golf bag carrier O LALA A V E O A L E
23 Hanukkah money 11 World Cupchant G R A N U L A T E D S U G A R
24 Govt.-issued ID 12 Runner-up's AN E U L E R S T U F F
25 Donahue and newsS
Collins 15 Earring style
26 Double Stuf 21tTexter's "From a P U M P K I N P I E S P I C E
cookies different aspect A R A B Y ALAS S A W
28 With 57-DOwn, ... BINS G I R L S B IB I
wealthy people 22 "Say it isn't so!" S A T P E N S S A T I N
31 Hairremoval 23Lamajap N T H A T S E V E R Y T H I N G
brand desnuda painter EASE AEOI
32 "What'sthat 27 Second-year S A S S A E 0 N
chocolate student ORGAN SAT A N T A P
beverage you're 29 High, in W O U L D N T I T B E N I C E
drinking,'Yogi?" Hamburg I L L Q U ID 1 R O N E R
answer? 3oypanishdoer E L F S I N E G S H A R P
36 Raggedydll 33 T M Olympie
'3 nhaa rp arai n ndidxordeditor@aot.ciom o2a14/12

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avail. At
Must dri


37 Depate siae
38 PC component
39 Studio whose
films get off to a
roaring stat
42 Modeltrain
4 Speedof-sound
48 Wee, like bairns
49 Sarandon of "Bull
50 Snw-block
52 Hippie's home
55 When Romeo
meets Juliet
56 Frilly Hawaiian
60 Small amount
6t Tempo
62 Fib, e.g.
64 Dark time for a
65 Kind oftfiction
66 Recreational
tansport briefly
67 Driller's deg.
68 More seny
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eas, inmagn

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By Marti iuguay-Carpenter
c)2012 Tribune Media Services, Inc.




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