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February 09, 2012 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 2012-02-09

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6A -- Tuesday, January 17, 2012 The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com
s PU.S., Japan agree to move troops.

Thousands of forces
will move to Guam,
10,000 will stay in
TOKYO (AP ) - Japan and the
United States agreed yesterday
to proceed with plans to trans-
fer thousands of U.S. troops out
of the southern Japanese island
of Okinawa, leaving behind the
stalled discussion about closinga
major U.S. Marine base there.
The transfer, a key to U.S. troop
restructuring in the Pacific, has
been in limbo for years because
it was linked to the closure and
replacement of the strategically
important base that Okinawans
fiercely oppose.
The announcement Wednes-
day follows high-level talks to
rework a 2006 agreement for
8,000 Marines to transfer to the
U.S. territory of Guam by 2014 ifsa
replacement for Marine Corps Air
Station Futenma could be built
elsewhere on Okinawa.
That agreement has been effec-
tively scuttled by opposition on
Okinawa, where many residents
believe the base should simply

be closed and moved overseas or
elsewhere in Japan. More than
half of the 50,000 U.S. troops in
Japan, including 18,000 Marines,
are stationed on Okinawa, taking
up around 10 percent of the island
with nearly 40 bases and facilities.
The two governments said in
a joint statement that the trans-
fer of thousands of U.S. Marines
to Guam would not require the
prior closure of Futenma, as the
original pact required. Details of
the realignment will be discussed
further, but about 10,000 troops
will remain on Okinawa, as in the
original agreement.
Foreign Minister Koichiro
Gemba told a news conference
that he hoped the progress on the
realignment plan would help the
two countries step up deterrence
in the Asia-Pacific region. He
also said Tokyo and Washington
would continue efforts to eventu-
ally close Futenma.
Progress on the issue is impor-
tant to the United States, which
is revising its military and diplo-
matic posture in Asia - in what
is being called the "Pacific Pivot"
- to reflect the rising power of
China and increasing tensions
over territorial disputes through-
out the region.
Washington is also under

pressure to make the most of its
resources as budget cuts loom in
Congress with combat operations
are ending in Iraq and Afghani-
Wednesday's statement was
vague on specifics of what lies
ahead. But senior Japanese offi-
cials have said 4,700 Marines
will be transferred to Guam. The
remaining 3,300 would reported-
ly rotate among Australia, Hawaii
and the Philippines.
Pentagon press secretary
George Little said from Washing-
ton that talks would continue with
both sides working on mitigating
the impact on Okinawa, develop-
ing Guam as a strategic hub and
maintaining an effective U.S. mili-
tary presence in the region. He
also said discussing troop num-
bers and locations was premature
as the bilateral talks continue.
Tokyo is hoping the reduction
of troops on Okinawa will ease
opposition and demonstrate its
desire to stand by promises to
reduce the island's share of the
troop-hosting burden. Officials
say they remain committed to
closing Futenma, which the U.S.
and Japan agreed to do after the
1995 rape of.a schoolgirl by three
American servicemen led to mass

Pastor Craig Houston, of Bremerton, Wash., holds up his hands as he leads a prayer in the Capitol rotunda for conserva-
tive Christians yesterday in Olympia, Wash. while lawmakers voted on a law that woul d legalize gay marriage.
Washington state legislators
vote to legalize gay marralge

to s
the sta
in the
a feder
and les
the bill
ers in t
ies stoo
the Dei
floor hu
now g
to signi
after tl
a long
to end
sen, a g
who h
bills it
ship lav
years, a
on the

ernor expected Tuesday's ruling by the San
Francisco-based 9th U.S. Circuit
ign bill into law Court of Appeals, citing a section
that stated "marriage is the name
next week that society gives to the relation-
ship that matters most between
two adults."
MPIA, Wash. (AP) - Several Republicans argued
ngton state lawmakers against the bill, saying that it
to approve gay marriage goes against the tradition of
lay, setting the stage for marriage. Rep. Jay Rodne said
te to become the seventh the measure "severs the cul-
nation to allow same-sex tural, historical and legal under-
s to wed. pinnings of the institution of
action comes a day after marriage."
al appeals court declared Despite the action, gaycouples
nia's ban on gay marriage can't begin walking down the
titutional, saying it was a aisle just yet.
onofthe civil rights of gay The proposal would take
bian couples effect 90 days after the session
Washington House passed ends next month but opponents
on a 55-43 vote. Support- have promised to fight gay mar-
he public viewing galler- riage with a ballot measure that
d and cheered as many on would allow voters to overturn
mocratic side of the House the legislative approval.
igged after the vote. If opponents gather enough
state ate approved the signatures to take their fight to
re last week, and the bill the ballot box, the law would be
oes to Democratic Gov. put on hold pending the outcome
Gregoire, who is expected of a November election. Oppo-
it into law next week. nents must turn in more than
loire issued a statement 120,000 signatures by June 6 if
he vote, saying it was "a they want to challenge the pro-
step toward completing posed law. Otherwise gay cou-
and important journey pIes could wed starting in June.
discrimination based on . Two Republicans crossed the
orientation." aisle and voted in favor of the bill.
ocratic Rep. Jamie Peder- Three Democrats voted against
ay lawmaker from Seattle it. Democrats hold a 56-42
as sponsored gay rights majority in the House.
the House for several Washington state, has had
saying domestic partner- domestic partnership laws since
ws as the state has had for 2007, and more than a dozen
ire "a pale and inadequate other states have provisions,
ute for marriage." ranging from civil unions to gay,
rsen, during his remarks marriage, supporting same-sex
House floor, read from couples.

Gay marriage is legal in New
York, Connecticut, Iowa, Massa-
chusetts, New Hampshire, Ver-
mont and Washington D.C.
Lawmakers in New Jersey are
expected to vote ongay marriage
next week, and Maine could see
a gay marriage proposal on the
November ballot.
Proposed amendments to ban
gay marriage will be on the bal-
lots in North Carolina in May
and in Minnesota in November.
A three-judge panel of the 9th
Circuit ruled Tuesday against
California's voter-approved
same-sex marriage ban, known
as Proposition 8.
The panel gave gay marriage
opponents time to appeal the 2-1
decision before ordering the state
to allow same-sex weddings to
resume. The judges also said the
decision only applies to California,
even though the court has juris-
diction in nine western states.
Lawyers for the coalition of
conservative religious groups
that sponsored Proposition 8
said they have not decided if they
will seek a new 9th Circuit hear-
ing or file an appeal directly to
the U.S. Supreme Court.
Washington state's momen-
tum for same-sex marriage has
been building and the debate
has changed significantly since
1998, when lawmakers passed
Washington's Defense of Mar-
riage Act banning gay marriage.
The constitutionality of that law
ultimately was upheld by the
state Supreme Court in 2006. But
earlier that year, a gay civil rights
measure passed after nearly
30 years of failure, signaling a
change in the Legislature.

NYPD boss' son not charged with rape

the pro
of rapin
host of
TV talk
tion saic
Day Ne
tions si
The sto
day he
they ha(
Kelly w
then th:
to getti
say whe
that Ke
out for d
her wh
iar wit
She tol,
had an
law enf
the per

ellyto rturn was authorized to speak publicly,
and they spoke to The Associated
TV anchor job Press on the condition of anonym-
TV ancor job ity.
tomorrowThe New York Police Depart-
ment turned the matter over to
the district attorney's office when
sYORK (AP) - The poce the woman walked into a police
ssioner's son, cleared of station Jan. 24, citing the poten-
spect of criminal charges tial conflict of interest in investi-
ig a woman he met for a gating a son of the commissioner,
will return to his job as Raymond Kelly.
a popular local morning Prosecutors interviewed
show this week, his sta- "numerous relevant fact and
d. expert witnesses," analyzed
Kelly took a leave of receipts, security logs, text
from his job at "Good messages and telephone records
w York" after the allega- and interviewed the woman
urfaced late last month. and Kelly, the chief of the Man-
ation, local Fox affiliate hattan district attorney's office
V-TV, confirmed Wednes- sex crimes unit, Martha Bash-
would return Friday. ford, wrote in a letter Tuesday
ecutors said Tuesday that to Kelly's lawyer, Andrew M.
dn't found cause to charge Lankler.
with a crime. Kelly said "After reviewing all of the evi-
at he was looking forward dence, we have determined that
ng back to work but didn't the facts established during our
n. . investigation do not fit the defi-
woman told authorities nitions of sexual assault crimes
1ly raped her in her lower under New York criminal law,"
ttan office after they went Bashford wrote. "Therefore, no
drinks on Oct. 8, assaulting criminal charges are appropri-
ile she wasn't capable of ate."
ing to sex, a person famil- Kelly had vehemently denied.
b the investigation said. doing anything wrong, and he
d authorities she became portrayed the prosecutors' con-
nt from the encounter and clusions as vindication.
abortion, according to a "I am thankful that the inves-'
orcement official. Neither tigation established what I've
'son nor the law official known all along, that I am inno-

cent of the allegations that were
waged against me," Kelly, 43,
said in his statement.
The woman, who works at a
downtown Manhattan law firm,
told police she met Kelly on the
street; they then arranged to
meet for drinks three days later
at a bar at the nearby South
Street Seaport, a second person
familiar with the investigation
has said, speaking on condition
of anonymity to discuss details
not made public. The woman
and Kelly stayed in contact after-
ward, the first person said.
The woman's boyfriend
learned the story and became
enraged, that person said.
Before the woman went to
police, her boyfriend confronted
the commissioner in person at a
public event, saying Greg Kelly
had ruined his girlfriend's life
but declining to elaborate on the
spot when asked what he meant,
police .spokesman Paul Browne
said. The commissioner suggest-
ed the boyfriend send him a letter,
but the man apparently never did,
Browne said.
Prosecutors do not plan to
charge Kelly's accuser with any
crime, DA's office spokeswoman
Joan Vollero said.
The AP does not name peo-
ple who report being sexually
assaulted unless they agree to be
identified or come forward pub-

RELEASE DATE- Thursday, February 9, 2012
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS DOWN 36 Cabinet design 49 Net sales?
1 Honda insight, 1 Dallas closing? feature 51 Belgian avant-
e.g. 2Trophy, often 37.__ of the realm: garde painter
7 Like some mus. 3 "Dear Yoko" noblemen James
keys dedicatee 39 Lucy of "Ally 53 Facility
10 Salewiler 4 Home perm McBeal" 55 Mercuryor
13 2000s New features Ho Ps Saturn, e.g.
Hampshire 5One opposed 42 Stewed 58 GPS oering
senator John 6 Word with the 57- 43 Work on film 59 One oftthe small
14 Be up against Across in 17- 45 Aquafresh rival fry
16 Roth of Across 46 Locker room 60 Bent piece
lourious rated hrother supply 61 Juan Carlos, to
17 Where pros play 9 Gin flavoring 8 Alfata's sweetie his suhjects
19 Vital statistic 10 Like most ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE:
20 Actress Kudrow valentines
21 Word with the57- 11 Aquariumgunk P E A T A L M S T O T A L
Across in 10- 12 Right-of-way sign A L M A N E S T I OW A S
Down 15Puton ice T O P B A N A N A M 0 I R A
23Woolencaps . 18Org.promotedby H A L O S B L 0 8 N E T
26 'This American Bety White ON OCLOCKJUMP
Life" host Glass 22 Relishes, as
28 Like some gossip HEM O K E E F E
silverware 23 Talking point M I S S A I R T R A L A
29 Prefixwith meter 24tHersey's bell D R O P I N T H E B U C K E T
3ssofth2pAiors town C O M I C O R R I S A S
32 Man of the cloth 20 Ammo for a INBRED IAN
34 Mean mutt simple cannon
35 She, at sea 27 Buddhist monk, S O M E L I K E I T H O T
38 En routetothe e.g. R A H A F A R P H 0 T O
mechanic 30 Steinbeck's O R E C K REARS E A TS
39 Permit "Cannery...' M EL EE AN DY F RE E
40 Twangy guitarist 31 Marching syllable P A L E R M E D E T .Y R A
Eddy 33 it shines on the
41 Wordawith the 57- Seine xordeditraol.com 1 02/0912
Acrsin 25- 1 2 34 5s8s e8a9s 1a 11 12
42 in greatshape 13 14 1 16
43 Spoton a horse
44 Signed up 19
47 Hearhere 20 21 2
48 Wish
50 Cieveland pro, 32445 465 2 in 42
for short
51 Dreyer's brand, u za 31
east oftthe
Rockiea 32 3 34 35 36 3
52 Olympics
par4cipant a3839 44
64 Fartfrom ftty 4 2
56 Actress Charlotte 41 44 43
57 Night sky feature, 44 4 4a 47
and hintito afour-
letter sequence 42 49 54 551
hidden in 17-
rossand10- 52 43 54 5s
and 25-Down
62Short, fornrt f s 38 54 64 s1
63 Dryrun
64 Peter oft"My 62
Favorite Year" 685 7 6
65 100%
66 Dallan openingn ByeDonhGagliardoandC.C.Burnikel 2//12
67 Stout (c)2012 Tribune Media Services, c,.

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