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February 02, 2012 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 2012-02-02

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Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 3B

Rave makes film friendly
to those with disabilities

Eulogy for Seal
and Heidi

Sensory Sensitive
1 Cinema eases
Daily Fine Arts Editor
Lining up for premieres, load-
ing up on popcorn and squeezing
into the last seat of sold-out films
0defines movie-going for many,
but it's easy to take for granted
the ability to jump in a car and
zip over to the movie theater. For
those who are affected by disabili-
ties or are classified on the autism
spectrum, sitting politely and
quietly during a movie can be dif-
ficult. Especially for families with
autistic or disabled children, mov-
ie-going may turn into a stressful
excursion that can frustrate par-
ents, children and perhaps even
other people in the theater.
Dr. Catherine Lord - former
director of the Autism & Com-
munication Disorders Center at
tthe 'U' and present director of the
new institute for Brain Develop-
ment at New York-Presbyterian
Hospital, Weill-Cornell Medical
College - is at the forefront of
autism research and treatment.
According to Lord, individu-
als with autism may have dif-
ficulty sitting through regular
movie screenings due to repeti-
tive motor gesticulations and an
inability to connect with the film
material, which can stem from
symptoms of their disorders.
To help families with special
needs, Rave Motion Pictures's
Sensory Sensitive Cinema pro-
vides a new way to experience the
delight of seeing a film on the big
"Sensory Sensitive Cinema is
the normal feature with a couple
exceptions," said Kelly Mervyn,
general manager of Rave Motion
Pictures. "The lights are going
to be up, the sound's going to
be lower' and the folks seeing it
will be mainly families with dis-
abilities, such as autism or Down

Sensory Sensitive Cinema shows features with lights on and the sound lowered.

syndrome, who want to go see a
movie but don't want to have the
problem of a child being loud or
By altering certain aspects of
the movie-going experience, Rave
Cinemas provides film-lovers
with disabilities the chance to see
their favorite movies in an envi-
ronment more accommodative to
their needs.
Every fourth Saturday of each
month, families can travel to Rave
in order to experience Sensory
Sensitive Cinema. Each person
who buys a ticket for a movie is
told of the viewing's special fea-
Sensory Sensitive Cinema
sprung from collaborative meet-
ings that set out to widen the
population of Rave Cinemas visi-
"We were trying to come up
with ways to get more folks to
come," Mervyn said. "Most of
these ideas come from that direc-
tion, and (Sensory Sensitive
Cinema) in particular is highly
important to us."
Sensory Sensitive Cinema is

suitable for people of all ages, as
the atmosphere is more relaxed
and calming for anyone affected
by disabilities.
"Our next movie, 'Journey 2:
The Mysterious Island,' is not
only for children," Mervyn said.
"We try to gear it towards as
many people as we can. Of course
it's going to be more family-
oriented, but if you're a fan of a
movie, your age won't matter."
Though experiences such as
Sensory Sensitive Cinema cater to
the needs of individuals with dis-
abilities, there is still a shroud of
obscurity surrounding disorders
like autism, according to Lord.
"About 1 percent (of people in
the U.S. are affected by autism),
which covers the whole range -
from kids and adults that have
very severe intellectual disabili-
ties, to those that are very bright
and articulate but still have the
social difficulties or sensory
issues you associate with autism,"
Lord said.
This range, according to Lord,
is the mystery behind autism. Peo-
ole may see Hollywood oortravals

of the disorder or know friends
and neighbors with autism, and
thus picture the disorder based
on a single individual. But autism
affects people differently, and the
key to understanding the mystery
behind the disorder is to see it as
a range, rather than a concrete
"The reason why we keep talk-
ing about the spectrum rather
than ahundred different disorders
is because there are core features
that are present in all of them,"
Lord said. "It's about understand-
ing the different aspects of social
behavior, but there is also the
need to understand the core fea-
tures that are usually present."
These core features of autism
include repetition and social diffi-
culties, where individuals express
repetitive behavior and an inabil-
ity to connect with the subject at
"You may have one child with
autism who is very significantly
delayed and have another thathas
mild problems and is very bright
intellectually," Mervyn said.
Just as most people enjoy the
entertainment that films provide,
those with autism and other dis-
abilities also want to experience
the excitement of movie-going.
"It's a great experience,"
Lord said of Sensory Sensitive
Cinema. "I think children and
adults (with autism) really enjoy
videos, enjoy stories and anima-
tion. They enjoy visual input and
music, but the general atmo-
sphere of a movie may be over-
whelming. This program allows
them to become accustomed
with movie-going rather than
feel lost in it."
Rave's Sensory Sensitive Cin-
ema is set up in such a way that
allows for any individual, no mat-
ter where they are on the autism
spectrum, to enjoy a movie.
"I think this example is a'really
good one, where you have a facili-
ty that, by making minor changes,
allows for a wider public," Lord
said. "They'll make movie-goers
of children that usually wouldn't
have that opportunity."

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ell, it seems that he is still wearing it because he
every three weeks, is "still married to this incred-
this column is ible woman" and that it stands
ng yet another celebrity for respect, loyalty, memories
divorce. Following the and "the four little miracles and
of Heidi, making five, that have
erry come into my life these past
ssell eight years." For a couple about
calling to get divorced, Seal's remarks
right are quite different from the
the usual bitterness between celeb
ear, exes. Even more saddening was
eb- his answer to Morgan's ques-
'orce HALEY tion asking if they'll reconcile, to
r con- GOLBERG which Seal answered solemnly,
this "Whether we get back together
reak- or not, it may happen. I can't
'oc on a celebrity couple speak for her."
usly thought invincible: While a celebrity divorce
Klum and Seal. isn't out of the ordinary, the dif-
"Kiss from a Rose" singer ference with Kum and Seal's
e Victoria's Secret model, separation is the amount of
May 2005, released a honesty Seal brings to the talk
atement confirming their show table. Kim Kardashian
tion on Jan. 22 to People, and Kris Humphries were only
: "While we have enjoyed married for a few months, and
ery loving, loyal and the backlash of words they
years of marriage, after shared after decidingto go their
oul-searching we have separate ways hardly left anyone
d to separate." The state- sympathetic. But Seal's disbelief
ame after a weekend of and utter confusion asuto what
s suggesting that their went wrong sets their relation-
tion was impending. ship apart from the rest of Hol-
le it sounds like the typi- lywood.
of a Hollywood couple, Unlike many celebrity divorc-
iakes this divorce so dif- es, Klum and Seal didn't have
is the genuine love and a public cheating scandal or a
t Seal and Klum always fabricated reality show break-
ed to have for each other. up. Maybe the couple kept their
brood of four children problems behind closed doors,
hat Seal adopted from but Seal looked just as confused
previous relationship as the rest of us when talking to
ouple was often spotted Piers Morgan. Seal and Klum's
i trip in Aspen or lav- divorce isn't a scandal and it
ostumed for their annual isn't a tabloid headline: It's
reen party. Their most something that unfortunately
tradition: renewing happens to couples every day.
ows every year in front of They both seemed to really
and family, often with a love each other, but something
All they ever shared were along the way changed the
'ords about each other foundation and strength of their
eir relationship, making relationship. Seal and Kum
vorce seem even more can be commended for having
ing. a relationship as a celebrity
couple that was real and true,
but unfortunately this comes
more kisses with the real consequences of
an ending that hurts.
)m this rose. And this isn't to demean
other celebrity relationships
that have ended, because I'm
sure those hurt as well. But the
ugh Heidi has remained nature of how Seal and Klum
bout the separation (TMZ interacted and talked about
d she's interviewing each other to the public showed
lawyers in L.A.), Seal more than any other couple how
unfortunate (or timely?) truly in love they were. This
being featured on the talk makes the separation they are
ircuit as he promotes his goingthrough even more pain-
album, Soul2. Of course, ful to watch. We learned how
cussions have turned to much they loved each other
ing their divorce, and these past eight years. Now, we
ppearance on Piers Mor- can only hope these two who
night did just that. once seemed so invincible can
may speculate that Seal is work out their differences and
to play up his divorce to reconcile. Seal still wears his
'omote his new album (I ring, and Klum has yet to offi-
did). But watching Seal cially file for divorce. Maybe
and attempt to explain the supermodel and singer can
sons behind the separa- again embody a genuine, last-
images of the couple in ing celebrity relationship rather
r days faded dramatically than another Hollywood heart-
screen behind him makes break.

nation seem very real,
ing different from most
ty divorces. Still sporting
dding ring, Seal explained

Goldberg is wearing all
black in mourning. To join her,
e-mail hsgold@umich.edu.

The films picked for Sensory Sensitive Cinema are geared for children and adults alike.

*Waxing on the merits of
Shakespeare's 'Caesar'

rivals "Julius Caesar." Perhaps
Like in the salons of 17th the most telling character of
the play is its protagonist Bru-
and 18th century France, tus. The entire work centers on
this weekly installment his ethical conundrum of killing
will feature two Daily Arts Caesar for the greater good, and
he is depicted as the only sympa-
writers discussing the finer thetic and moral character. Yet
points of arts mediums in true Shakespearean fashion,
his naivety is exploited by the
prom at least 10 years ago. infinitely more cunning Cassius
and the manipulative Antony,
making it his defining weakness
"Julius Caesar" is probably and the cause of his undoing.
considered the least of Shake- Cassius himself is a fascinat-
speare's great plays. Critics ing study. When drawing Casca
rarely give it the praise that into his scheme, he uses the
"Macbeth" or "Hamlet" receive, portentous tidings of the time
and students find it lacks the to his advantage, convincing
athos to make it compelling. Casca that the Romans are incit-
But I would argue that in terms ing the displeasure of the gods
of depicting human complexity with the current rule. He blames
and a larger message, no play fame, in a way, for his subservi-

ence to Caesar. Cassius exploits
these superstitious tendencies
of men, yet Shakespeare, the
genius wordsmith, puts the very
words that define the play in the
chief killer's mouth; Cassius tells
Brutus, "The fault, dear Brutus,
is not in our stars, / But in our-
selves, that we are underlings."
Shakespeare also uses the play
to convey his belief in human
culpability for actions. He seeks
to emphasize the characters'
tendencies to lay their responsi-
bility on the divine, but Antony
conveys his true beliefs when he
describes "the evil that men do."
And therein lies the brilliance of
"Julius Caesar": Shakespeare is
able to draw his own attention
away from needless character-
building and develop a story
about morality and humans'

Throughout the play, Shake-
speare captures the complex-
ity of the human condition.
There are stock protagonists
and antagonists in the play, with
each character showing both
positive and negative qualities.
Ultimately, he creates a well-
written play with no true moral
Whether or not "Julius Cae-
sar" is unrivaled among the
Bard's canon is a tricky ques-
tion - one stemming from a
particular fascination among
Shakespeare enthusiasts: Which
is the paramount Shakespeare
See CAESAR, Page 4B

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