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February 09, 2011 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 2011-02-09

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creens around the globe have tuned into Al
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Astelevis ionan te recedented anti-gcomm punity P
azeera or several members of the University
Et the last few weeksand conduct-
enceytherevolutionf rs tatff and alumni were studyingthe U.S. State Depart
Un er ty eorting ar eatdy aff it embers of the Unierstyc uto
from Ann Arbor, the protests hep s n c
d and his roommate firstheard
rotese CairoteUniesp inr s so a f.ilibtes
pWard, who graduate rmPrnrP r Aai t td niversity's Arabic Language Flag sti sdprmnsuyA ul
participatingve w d through the Near Eastprn t i espant tasummer oruai
th seyg am , a m n i ss e s at t e a r . U i yo r d u a et n t yas s n
int inclainAe siadbeenlivingi a ame home to havevChr etgs t back toth
it hfe y wed o bare su e ak d uan g tre e d tn
taaoet. we nahen niersty um athewisr dhiskd.m"e fitheard
cmthraartafenty dAeci a d a log etepoetwt teplc n oie
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teiverIa OOAmenhocyo rutentys pendlsumerad orllc a
the poram, dminstisaforwthre years U t thofrexntda wil teachingthclasseseand
aademiche y we ta kidata t wng s tthge niversi ow l t re u n n
Wardiha evenlivingeaid wenhen teonleti city PEgysid nce Juiueand
jotrnng inAlxadri, he hom t hve hrst as etaca-
said.it5fe tliehoHe D rs Tnshok addin heds upih i fml
heeprine reerie nia cam reive ihn h btt h
comfort ndsfty"Al adIa)s Eabyteiafestott hresrheens in,'aserd eh s bakipn
Aror-ya a st eek, colywlkarudga nad otve ttl
Ths e prote tsw r id er n oepoie an-didt a dti st y potill
the r epa ' o an waln~l ansi atrcandsad u o eters were ri
"W rrnowatistersc ta , dwweecnf t.nngThe p ie a
whlieeweweredtnn stngends S ealtrtdr
and ithey sartd s i thew ig to a ntso b d t a i
inanai rdy~~pI-Aiang inui tsituto ol unvoet

University alum Eim Michalik, also a Flagship Program participant, arrived at
Cairo International Airport at about 3 am after g three-hour bus ride traveling
south from Alexandria.
Michalik had just finished her final exams at the UniverityofAlexandria and
was headed home to Husron, Texas to visit her fiaonce Her trip to the airport that
Friday morning,she said was nothing out of the ordinary.
"Everythingwas veycal at that point," Michalik said. "On the trip there
waant anything differenr from any other trip I took to the airport. There weren't
manypeople out because it as the middle of the night. The airportwas notvery
crowded. The onlydifferent was that there was no Internet this time."
- Though H'Mihlk didn't know it at the time, the Internet wasn't working
bease the governmentrhad shut offlnernet acess throughour the countrymian
ill-fated attempt to preventthe protests from coninuing.
The attempt failed, as thousands of protesera again took to rhe streets, but
Miyhalik was unaware of any of this until she landed backin the United States.
"My flight made it out, and I didn't hear anything until I saw my fiancde at the
airport, and he was telling me that there were alot of flights that were cancelled
so everyone was worried about me," she said. "That's when I heard about all the
protests breaking out."
Now at home in Houston, Michalik acknowledges how lucky she was to make
it outofthe tounry, but she said she feels abitguiltyknowingher friends and the
host family she was staying with are still potentially in danger.
Michalik said she's been calling her host family daily to heck on them. They're
sfe, she said, but every night the boys and men patrol the streets to protect the
neighborhood from looters and criminals.
"The first day I called was very traumati- ecause they were telling me that
therewere criminals who were released from prison, andtheyweregoinginto the
houses and stealing from them and killing people," Michalik said. "So, was very
worried about everyone I knew there."
While Michalik had returned to the U.S., Ward and his friends in Alexandria
weresoping with the protsts that had gripped te city. The miliar had been
deployed, butrthe protesters cont'nued to demonstrate.
Ward decided to stay hoe and not participate becuse he was worrled aout
v olence, but he said some of his friends ventured toth western end of the r4r

On Jan 2, Dziadosz was in Suez, a workingclass city on the
banks of the Suez Canal. In an article published by Reuters on
that day, Dziadosz and YuaniMohamed portrayed scenes of lawless-
ness and destruction.
The article desribes Egyptians fed up with the country's crippling ee
ofPoverty. Accord eartebrd-c.eWebouts40hpercente
l ieddaeys"thn $ 2arday,,, ofEgypt's 79 million people
"Imake400Egta eamnau h d r
anonymous said i rtyti " Pouns ($7 tar-old mechanic w o wisedoemain
d the article. "Ipay 300 pounds for rent, 20 Pounds for electricity, I ap nd
fraeIpay Spound for gas. There is nteog leftfrffoo adrikWheeih
W here ilathe transport?" notenoughuods
yaanndatoo, an drn, hees emeine?
According to the article, by mid-aft
control o the tre n Prtiuaernoon,p olite and security forces hadlowt as
s onro of, the esnrpestscaletthe article describes hn st i
burningpo station on a leather thairetr.eTmiddgerroadamne
As he sathereethearticlestatesaope of hous gres pto wir
said, "this will go onksdceb'ute whatbdoorhi ncud ing chasedrout (of the
Dzsiadoezd WroteIpctueo hth hscllpoean
nzaozwoeinne-mail that the sources he's talked t h hl r r
P u b lic iz e d d e a th o f Kh a lid S a id - a n E g y p i ne n n t e s o y s i h
publeiieparliamentary eeaindnumber yptheian eatentodeath by police laolelaterpvryanh
ona Democratic Party.
Tuneah ofK aiS ad a crushing NDP victory in parliamentaryelcin re th alg d bear-
Pbianeovrtealgdexample of The sa ursngPse Egyptians us to takert the streets in numbers uprcedete
durcing idMu hak p's e, iaonaz wotie. "any point to the fact that the first prts wa pl ne
Da'as an indication of the protesters' aorst. aspane
By Saturday, the day after the protests becaeWrdadh ne ewsrayt
"I wasn't afraid or anything, but I saw how quickly every thing was deeirtng yadsi
"People were setting u illegal checkpoints beaiing epe aigpol' tf;am dmlta
started forming I just sawtit deteriorating so' quickly and I ft it ike torin o rain , W tosad
le a v e w a s w a n in g , s o Iw a n e d d t irto n g g le a v e ."i g e o l e s otu f ;o Pa r tu nm it a
Ward said he didn't vnueott h rtss fl ieorwno fopruiyt
saidh frtngh ep rtcp td.I sed he was "glued to te news" following the protests.
After the events of the previous day, Ward and oheratudenta from theFasi
andria stayed at the paret of the rogrmdrco.Ta ih lx
"measnt balcony a oa men fended off looter. h lgsi rogam in " a nabloy n hr eel opeo n ace rmtexprt
ndetherbWereoocoo"pi Of ti sawhere people were being chased our (of the
nihoho) he said. "There were neighborho o watches and people were cry
ing pipes and sticks and just patrolling th neighborhiood There wer a ccoupl
of times where people were looting, and they had to chase them our and
down the street and our of the neighborhoo."weea oul
See EGYPT, Page 813
ti __ 1

ely on a group of three un - who were stunysos
se from s the niversity's lint tampus-
"t~~jy s3it program with AmericanoUniverswin aroy h
AuC hadn't started its new semeterhbtshdpaPOf o
ar fcasson Jan. 28. Coupled t polity of notoffrn
art of ctrite withaState Department travel
'udy abroad pro asn to cancel its program at AUC this
yarning, the University decddtcaelisa
eemester. udri h U rogram elected to atY
Ultimately, one stuetithAUpg
S with her grandparents who live the ean r leenlef
classes directly atAC. The other two tudents, enhllf
:sEgypt onrcharterflight to Athenson Jan.31about the Flagship
Godfrey said the University first learned at29.
program students inAeadi nStrday, Jan. veyqucl
"We learned everything about t eir prog rStudeOn
because Italled the administrts rin us all the information
theweekend" -Godfreysaid. They ga those students were on
versity graduate student aod his wf h eebt tdigi
adl group of graduatstudenacultyadtaff on an
laocaslas pr gypt- about 30 miles south of Cairo. rts
logh thei U arc wre't directly involved in the protta
Tho UP t t arcae1lgj5 cfot~w~dgsite - theyde
10pmies south fromt idgh distributi
strations were in Luxor, m le Godfreywer
"Food was becoming less availablet"odsfre said. "Thedto hu
werbresking ow.Commuicton 10jialy theywincTedtyh
try wer e hones, for instane t
thneawosth Ne srk and NYU decidedroleae anda
aawithr(Newsporkull out."wtotss
egdt ta Thb ivshfi munityDin.Egyptwastryitg
Bu smost of the Uiloluhmd ulformer MithigsDal ogl
the country, Universityslma
Daszwaheadedrtoward the mayhem. dos sbt
iadosz washencylteuteris,
As a reporter with the newsgsneOtbe 09 zs~
2007 and working with Reu-ters ic coe 09
Etgypt toThe MiianDaily.

c - the nearest demo-
tided i ws best to leave.
o networks in ationa-
tot able to get additional
nker down, but it's ajoint
hat point the co-directors
adethe protestsa sndleave
g photo Editor Alexander
a living in Cairo since Sept.
,wrote in an e-mail from


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