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February 08, 2011 - Image 6

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The Michigan Daily, 2011-02-08

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6 - Tuesday, February 8, 2011

From Page 5
tors, and this intensity and strat-
egy does wonders to enhance the
Isaac has a new and improved
telekinetic attachment to his
suit, which greatly increases the
potential for launching sharp
poles or the severed blade-like
appendages of felled Necro-
morphs as weapons. When ammo
is low, it's great to be able to rip off
a dead Necromorph's arm to fire it
at a living one. This improved fea-
ture, which was essentially use-
less in the original "Dead Space,"
is invaluable in the sequel, mak-
ing combat strategic and dynamic
while still maintaining a very
exciting pace. In this respect,
Visceral Games has achieved
quite an accomplishment - even
though the combat has a lot of
similarities to the first game, the
nuance and tactical variation of
each fight is something totally
new to the sequel and makes each
melde extremely rewarding.
There are a lot of ways in which

the gameplay has been expand-
ed, but there are also instances
where new features fall flat. For
instance, the zero-gravity sys-
tem has been changed, but not
for the better. The first "Dead
Space" used gravity boots and
allowed Isaac to jump from wall
to wall, inverting the world with
each leap. In the sequel, Isaac
has jet-powered boots and slowly
scoots around in the zero gravity
environments. There isn't much
combat in this mode - rightly so
because it's so awkward - but as
a result, this slows down the pace
of the game and all the tasks in
this floaty setting become pretty
Unfortunately, the storyline
is not nearly as exciting as the
gameplay because "Dead Space 2"
reduces itself to every single sci-
fi and horror stereotype imagin-
able. Radio messages and Isaac's
hallucinations get old fast, and
they become a distraction from
the visceral gameplay. The villain
is hardly fleshed out - in fact, the
term "villain" might not even be
worth using, because there are
multiple antagonists who hardly
have any screen time. These "ene-

mies" basically serve as devices to
extend gameplay by forcing Isaac
to "reroute the power" that was
just shut off, or something equally
tedious. The final moments of the
game are an attempted plot twist
and apoor boss fight, which leave
an unfortunate aftertaste for a
game that generally pleases.
The mutiplayer is more enjoy-
able than not, but as exciting as
being a Necromorph slicing up
humans might seem, it doesn't
feel like the mechanics were fully
figured out. Whether it is from lag
or a poor graphical portrayal, the
Necromorphs seem to die for no
reason and the physical interac-
tion between the two teams looks
Despite this, the sound and
graphics in "Dead Space 2" are
even better than in the first game
and do everything to embellish
the persistent feeling of terror
throughout the story. And though
the plot is a little weak, the excit-
ing gameplay more than makes up
for the rough areas.,But it's easy
to ignore the hiccups, because it's
undeniable that Visceral Games
has delivered a thrilling chapter
in the "Dead Space" series.

From Page 5
the arrangement is heavily - and
unexpectedly - reminiscent of the
Beach Boys. Even the background
vocals are saturated with the '60s
band's style, providing harmony
with "yeah!" and other monosyl-
labic words. The track's shift away
from'80s electro-pop might come
as a curveball, but it's certainly not
an unpleasant one. Like the rest
of Zonoscope, "Where I'm Going"
is quick, fun and fully compatible
with a Frisbee and sunblock.
Alive with its peppy dance
beats, but chill with its fluid
strings and singing, Cut Copy's
Zonoscope has entered the music
world as the picture of Aus-
sie awesomeness. It's an album
appropriate for everyone's favor-
ite island activities, from surf-
ing with the locals to partying
on yachts with Mary-Kate and
Ashley. With this seamless union
of beats and bass, the band has
given the world one more reason
to envy Australia - as if we didn't
already have enough.

From Page 5
traditionalists have feared
the deterioration of theatrical
film-going, and in some ways,
digital distribution may make
those traditionalists fear even
more. With sites like Hulu
successfully attracting TV
viewers away from the televi-
sion itself, what's to stop film
from undergoing a similar
The answer is that the the-
ater isn't static. The room may
be the same, but behind the
scenes, theaters are advanc-
ing quickly in their own right.
They are undergoing a digital
remodeling, shifting from
expensive film-reel projec-
tion to less bulky, ultimately
cheaper digital distribution.
Though home video is mak-
ing strides toward matching
theater technology, theaters
are running away from them
by establishing even greater
capital-intensive projection
technology that consumers

can't yet hope to duplicate.
Digital distribution may,
however, threaten our sense
of ownership over films. My
old DVD collection will be a
thing of the past, replaced by
a collection of digital titles
stored in a cloud; pulling a box
off the shelf will be replaced
with a click onto a thumbnail
of a movie poster. To "own"
a film wouldn't be a physical
state at all, but rather the sign
of a digital contract.
The technological trend
towards new distribution -
channels will be largely influ-
enced by the tendency of the
Internet as a whole, and is
only predictable to a point.
Technology will evolve every
day. But the only sure thing in
the future pf home video dis-
tribution is this: The studios
will do what they need to do
to make the most money pos-
sible. Even when faced with
a threat, they'll find a way to
make it their own.
Sohoni will see five films next
Snowpocalypse. For now, e-mail
him at sohoni@umich.edu.


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wu m Hose -5ecrh anCar
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RELEASE DATE- Tuesday, February 8, 2011
Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle
Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Nichols Lewis
ACROSS 2 Bluesman 36 Moralesof 52 Ham it up
1 Unconscius Redding "NYPD Blue" 53 Vagabonds
state 3 Newspapers' 37 Arrive, in a way 54 Supporter's
5 Big Apple line staff lists 39 Spare fire site? political sign
8 Buster who 4 Nonbeliever 40OAbout to arrive word
played Flash 5Athletes for Hope 43 Light hit 58 Super Bowl
Gordon co-founder 45Grinds, as teeth XXXIVMVP
14 Rat-_ Hamm 47 Chihuahua, e.g. Warner
15 Texter's "I 6 Chum in 49 Fair-hiring org. 59 Gig gear
think ..." Chihuahua 50 Round of 61 "_ Blu Dipinto Di
16 Cosmetics giant 7 What drives a gunfire Bi6": 1958 hit
founded in 1932 baby buggy? 51 Attach, as to a 63 Eur -North
t7ide-to-side skid 8 Cookie jar hitching post America divider
19 Tap-pniadity morsels ASE OPEIU UZE
20 Cosweticsgiant 9 Transplanted ANSWER TO PREVIOUS PUZZLE:
Lauder successfully J O B S T I G H T D E F T
21 Doodad 10 Batting no. E GAD A RJR O W O N.E A
23 In the past 11 Lamb's greeting F R E S H P A I R O F E Y E S
24 Have no placeto 1Sisadnrum
gobut up 13Bug sci. F EZ OPENS LSA T S
27 Odman's 18 Head, to Henri E P A M O IN
domain, in a 22 Cookoutholder N O S K I N O F F M Y N O S E
Hemingway work 25 Maker of Mama's A S H E N W I R E P A xS
29 ~w.... ii Garden A C A 0 o N E 3 5 L E 5 I
30 With perfection 26 Invoice add-on CARfC UP U U E PE ER T
31Bitelikearat 27Sportscaroption P 0 I t K U P T 0 U E A 0 5
3dlGetoillA's 28 Chihaahau L 0 5 P I K
38 From thepast greeting A G N U S SEERS SO T
39 Pistol handle, and 32 Big bomb blasts F R O MH A N T O M O U T H
what17-, 24-, 50- 33 Courtroom VIP R I O S M A G N A P I T A
and 62-Across 35 Photographer's O P R Y S P EAR S T O W
each have tote xeoaol.nom nanII
41 Gentle-Iamb
connector 1 2 3 a s 7 aa 10 11 12 13
42 Wallpapergoo
44 To be, in 1 to1
Bordeax 1 ,1
45 pal guy
46 Mtn. stats 2o 21 22 23
48 Virgi epic
50 Bus driver's 24 2 26
5 Pint, as a pistol 29
56 Disinfectant 30 3i32 33 02 35235 3
57 Port nearKobe o 38 3 '41
60 Ex-Soviet leader
Brezhnev 42 43 o as
62 dier atthe shore
64dNansupparters 4 t 47 4 49
political sign o 51 52 53 54
65 U.N. Day mo. ss 58 5 58 5
66 Wild West's
Wyatt 60 61 52 s
67 Monopod feature
68 Mo. town 64 to t0
69 Some NCOs et t5et 8 t
DOWN By John Lampkin
1 Hrd Rack- u (c)2011 Tribune Media Services,Inc. 0218/11

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