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October 12, 2010 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 2010-10-12

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2A - Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Michigan Daily - michigandailycom"


In Other Ivory Towers ignMts Professor Profiles
Walk ing to work

Campus Clubs Photos of the Week

420 Maynard St.
Ann Arbor, MI 4a109-1327
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Many campus tours
include a legend chat Uni-
versity President Mary Sue
Coleman walks to work.
While some tour guides
stop there, others contin-
ue the campus lore, say-
ing that Coleman's on-foot
commute occurs in a secret
underground tunnel.
Simply put, only one of
the tour guides is actually
telling the truth.
Coleman does walk from
the President's House on
South University Avenue
to work, but her commute
isn't some mysterious sub-
terranean journey, instead,
it takes place on the same
sidewalks that thousands
of students use each day
on their way to and from
Asked about the myth

last month, Coleman
laughed at the suggestion
that she might walk to work
"I've heard this one myth
that there's a secret tun-
nel and that I walk to work
in it," Coleman said. "And
t've thought 'Where is this
mythical tunnel?"'
However, it is true that
most students probably
don't see Coleman when
she walks to work in the
morning. Her walk usually
takes place before eight in
the morning, when many
students are hitting their
snooze buttons for the first
time or are still fast asleep.
"I walk every day to
work, above ground," Cole-
man said.
And while the myth
about Coleman's daily walk

to work in the depths of
the earth can't be traced
back to a single person or
an exact moment in time,X
there is a likely source of
the lore..
Coleman said she thinks
the fact that there is amlxste ofudr
ground utility tunnels on
campus lends itself to cre-
ating a myth the she uses
them to walk to her office
in the Pleming Administra-
tion Building..
However, these utilityy1 _
tunnels aren't very user-
friendly to walk through
- at least not in Coleman's
"There's all these utility
tunnels, but I don't think
anyone would want to walk
in them," Coleman said. University President Mary Sue Coleman walks to the Fletcher AdministrationB
- KYLE SWANSON from the Uninersity President's House in 20tt5.

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Extinguisher MSU fans run A gleeful Meeting reps
discharged rampant in halls get-together for Diag Day

WHERE: Ross School of
WHEN: Sunday at about 9:30
WHAT: A fire extinguisher
was discharged outside the
men's room on the ground
floor, University Police report-
ed. There was no damage, but
the area required cleaning.

WHERE: North Quad
WHEN: Saturday at about 4
WHAT: A group of Michigan
State fans ran through the
halls of North Quad disturbing
residents, University Police
reported. They exited on their
own and it is unknown how
they entered the building.

WHAT: A glee-watching
party will be held, featur-
ing a competition for the
best McKinley High cheer.
Winners will be crowned
as the biggest "gleeks."
WHO: University Unions
Arts & Programs
WHEN: Tonight at 7 p.m.
WHERE: Pierpont Commots

WHAT: LSA Student Gov-
ertnment representatives will
be out on the Diag talking
to students about the many
issues facing the University.
WHO: LSA Student
WHEN: Today from

1A book was thrown at
President Barack Obama
by an unknown spectator
yesterday at a political rally in
Philadelphia, The Daily News
reported. The president was
not hit by the book, which
instead sailed past him. Later
on during the rally, o man found
streaking was arrested.

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The Minhigan DailyttISN05-96)tisin published ModayhroghFriiayduringthefall ani
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Backpack nabbed Saturday night Cusln
WHERE: Hatcher Graduate in the Arb
Librarysessions offered

t0 a.m. to 2 p.m. 2 Michigan Attorney Gen-
WHERE: Diag eral Mike Cox and D9
other attorneys general
Choi con ert have filed lawsuits challeng-
ing new federal health care
WHAT: The chamber choir reforms.
will perform a concert of >PORMORIESEE OPINION, PAGE 4A

WHEN: Sunday at about 11:15
WHAT: A backpack was sto-
len from a subject studying in
the library, University Police
reported. The contents of the
backpack included a TI-83 cal-
culator and a sweatshirt.

WHERE: Nichsols Arboretum
WHEN: Sunday at 245 am.
WHAT: Subjects were found
in the Arboretum's Peony Gar-
dens after hours, University
police reported. They were
informed of the hours and
escorted out of the Arb.

WHAT: Sessions will be
offered to students who
need advice or help with
any concerns. Problem-
solving strategies and
handouts will be offered.
WHO: Counseling and
Psychological Services
WHEN: Today at 4:t5 p.m.
WHERE: The Michigan
Union, room 3100

early 19th centuries.
WHO: The Chamber Choir
WHEN: Tonight at a p.m.
WHERE: Walgreen Drama
Center, Stamps Auditorium
" Please report any
error in the Daily to

3New ultrasound technol-
ogies have led to photos
of babies appearing to be
smiling in the womb, Sky News
reported. Experts believe the
expressions are indicative of
a wider range of emotions in
fetal development than were
previously believed to exist.

Lone Crime Notes Get moresonline at micigandaily.com/blogs/The Wire '

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