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April 14, 2010 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 2010-04-14

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4 0he Statement Wednesda Apr 14, 2010

Aprl W dnsda, 010 ThStemn - .

Compiled by Daily Staff

- Get in trouble with the
Department of Public Safety
Sure, no one actually enjoys that ominous knock on the door
of your dorm room when you're doing something illegal on the
other side, but it sure makes for a great story a few years later
when your probationary period is officially over and you've for-
given DPS. And, if you're really lucky, you might even make it
into a Crime Note.

r__ Visit the Kerrytown Farmer's Market

Sunflower sprouts are a mainstay in my salads. Ever had them?
If you peruse the aisles of the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, you'll
find sunflower sprouts, alfalfa sprouts and every other kind of
sprout you've probably never eaten.
Every Saturday-morning Ann Arborites stroll up and down
Fourth and Fifth Avenues, arms overflowing with leeks, lettuce
and fresh-squeezed lemonade.
The farmer's market is the destination for local produce in,
Ann Arbor and I dare any University student to not find some-
thing appealing about going local.
The market stays open year-round - vendors arrive at sunrise
from all over Michigan, driving in seasonal items by the bucket-

ful. A large number of vendors are local, farming in Ann Arbor, Even if you're not there to shop, walking through the crowded
Chelsea or Milan. aisles is an adventure in itself. Not only are there.free samples,
The produce available at the market varies by season, but qual- but the diverse crowd is perfect for people watching. All ages
ity is always ensured.'During the spring and summer, tomatoes, and sizes eat local.
leafy greens, peppers and rootvegetables explode over dozens of On more than one occasion, you'll find makeshift bands belt-
stalls; in the fall, squash, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and apples ing out tunes with a guitar and a tuba on the corner of Detroit
of all varieties flood the area. Later in the fall, meat vendors sell Street and Catherine Street.
multiple cuts of local meats. If you've never wandered to the Kerrytown side of Ann Arbor,
Aside from produce, the market offers baked goods and crafts. wake up on a Saturday and head north - a few armfuls of veggies
There are artisan and sandwich breads as well as donuts and later, you'll be thrilled you did.
other desserts. Crafters sell handbags, jewelry and clothing
along with gifts and collectibles. - KATHERINE MITCHELL

Attend a small-sport
Football. Basketball. Hockey. Yeah, they're the most popular
but not necessarily the most fun. The University has dozens
of nationally ranked athletic programs. And hey, you won't be
nearly as disappointed if they lose.
_ _ ; Main Street bar crawl,
grown-up style
Step outside of your watering hole comfort zone and venture
downtown to the classier establishments in Ann Arbor. Treat
yourself and spring for a fancy drink - a dirty martini in an
actual glass with a stem, perhaps.You've been drinking $2 beers
all year, go ahead and live a little.

Graffiti your inner
angst on a bathroom stall
Because who doesn't carry around a permanent marker with
them all the time for the sole purpose of writing on a stall wall
while you do your business in a University building? Oh wait,
you don't? This is awkward. Please disregard the writing on the
wall in the third stall on the left in the first-floor Angell Hall

Spend a decent amount
of time on North Campus
Taking classes up there doesn't count. Get your ass on the
Northbound commuter bus and explore Ann Arbor's very own
version of the Upper Peninsula. Frolic in the Wave Field, design
a building, engineer a rocket. The 'U' is so desperate for North
Campus visitors, they've dedicated an entire website to it -
"explore North Campus." Help them out, please.
Drunkenly forget your
football ticket and go home,
only to pass out instead
We've all seen it happen - the game ends, you're walking home
and you stumble across some schmuck sprawled on his lawn in
game gear. Don't think of it as missing the game, but more as
starting your pre-Skeeps nap early.

:.Hippie Hash at Fleetwood Diner.

Drink a Sharkbowl at
Rick's by yourself
But make sure you have at least one very good friend who is
willing to hold your hair back as you vomit blue-green bile
everywhere and take you home in a cab - long before "Sweet
Caroline" comes on - as you drunkenly swear you'll never
drink again.
Jump up and down with
the Maize Rage
Your feet will ache. And you will most definitely have trouble
getting up in the morning. But nothing beats jumping up and
down with hundreds of other maize-cladstudents, praying any-
one you know watchingthe game on television won't recognize

Fleetwood Diner is one of those spots that is unique and
endearing enough to be a definitive part of the Ann Arbor expe-
Unfortunately, it falls outside a lot of students' radars because
many believe Ann Arbor is contained between South University
and State Street. ButI promise, a Fleetwood experience is worth
the trek past Main Street.
First, Fleetwood is the only 24-hour restaurant in town. And
if that doesn't immediately interest you, then maybe Fleetwood
just isn't your kind of place.
"Normal" people don'tgo to Fleetwood when it's light out - at
least, I never have. Being the only place open at ridiculous hours
makes Fleetwood a kind of late-night Mecca.
Food wise, expect classic greasy Americana diner fare -
burgers, Reubens, omelettes, apot of coffee always on. But real-
ly, the best part about Fleetwood is its specialties.
Namely Hippie Hash: greasy hash browns topped with broc-
coli, tomatoes, feta cheese and whatever else you want. It's sort
of like if Bob Evans moved to Kerrytown and started getting
down with his bad, green self. I can promise it's the tastiest
thing you will ever eat at a diner.
But really, the thing you'll never forget about Fleetwood is the
environment. The walls are covered in stickers, postcards and
graffiti, and I can't imagine any of the furnishing or equipment
inside has changed much in the last couple decades. There's
even an old boombox the staff keeps going with everything from
Daft Punk to Metallica.
There's usually someone chain smoking and reading at the
Spend way too much on
a meal at Zingerman's and
enjoy every bite
This is the easiest task on the list. You really just need to eat at
Zingermann's and you'll be able to check it off. Sandwich, chips
and a drink will set you back at least $20. Just throw in a dessert
and you're there.

counter, a guy you are vaguely concerned might start talking
to you at any moment and some grad students who have been
doing whatever it is they do all night refueling over plates of
Sometimes things get weird - I've seen people get thrown
out for stealing bread from the kitchen - and sometimes there
is a guy that just sits and talks to himself. But it's all part of the
My most memorable experience at Fleetwood happened with
a friend at 4 a.m. after we had finished some homework. A scrag-
gly looking kid approached us and asked if we had any change
for the bus - he had to get back to East Lansing for classsin a
few hours.
We were bored, so we gave him a ride instead of change.
During the 45-minute drive, we talked about everything from
differing religious views on reincarnation to how Facebook is
fundamentally changing the way our generation interacts with
one another.
If I had to guess, this is pretty tame as far as Fleetwood
encounters go, though.
Fleetwood is not just another restaurant. You'll see and eat
things there you just won't find at other places. Yes, it's dirty,
and yes, the first word a lot of people use to describe it is "gross."
But there's a reason I keep going back and why I never want
it to change. Think of it as an experience that happens to come
with delicious food, not as a restaurant.
Check out one of the
obscure performances at
Hill Auditorium
We've all heard it since orientation: "Hill Auditorium has per-
fect acoustics." So why not enjoy one of the many national acts
that come through every year? Even the cheap seats are good

Get ridiculed for not
knowing how to order at
Blimpy Burger
Single.Wait, no, I'll take a double patty. I wanted this to go. Oh, I
needed to grab my own tray for that? Do you have any napkins?
Insert grill man sneering at you from across the counter here.

-7Finally learn how to do - iGet down and dirty in
your own laundry the Stacks

Separate light and dark fabrics. Choose one pile and load into
washing machine. Add detergent. Press 'start.' Wait. Transfer
to dryer. Repeat. Please don't make your mom do your laundry
when she visits for the first time. You got into Michigan; you're
smart enough to figure this out on your own.

And we don't mean in the middle of the night when no one else
is around. Preferably around 7 p.m., during final exams. Thekey
here is making sure you don't make too much noise. Unless you
don't care if the person two doors down can hear your intimate
love making.

Throw a toga party a la
"Animal House"
You know this is exactly what you expected college to be like.
But then you got here and realized Saturday nights freshman
year were actually spent sneaking 3O-racks into the dorms. You
deserve this one lasthurrah for your college career.
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