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October 12, 2009 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 2009-10-12

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The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com

Monday, October 12, 2009 -5A

The Michigan Daily - michigandaily.com Monday, October 12,2009 -5A

Hit it and quit it

When you devote your-
self to television
fandom, you open up
a vulnerable spot in your heart.
You give a little
piece of your
emotional well-
being to a TV
series, and you
expect that it
will be nur-
tured and kept
safe. Like with JAM IE
any relation- BLOCK
ship, the more your
televised partner supports you,
the closer a bond you will form.
But also like with any relation-
ship, when trust is betrayed for too
long, there comes a time to call the
whole thing off.
I recently sat down for coffee
with "Heroes" to discuss just that.
I was worried it wouldn't return
my calls since it has been neglect-
ing viewer feedback for so long,
but eventually the show called me
back and we agreed to meet. And
as we took our seats that fateful
day, I could tell from the tears in
its eyes that the show knew what
was happening: We were finally
breaking up.
Back in season one, everything
in our relationship had seemed
so great. The "Heroes" plot was
just developing, the characters
had depth and the show held me
close, captivating me with twists
and turns. It was puppy love at its
televised best. But as I reminisced
about the good times, bracing
"Heroes" for the final blow, people
started to stare. Then again, it's not
surprising. "Heroes" has really let
itself go.
Season two was a rough patch,
but I thought it was something we
would get past. "Heroes" acknowl-
edged it was losing its flair and
becoming bloated with unneces-
sary sideplots, but it said it was
going to work to get back on track.
So while I went on to apologize
for my flaws in the relationship -
watching it online instead of when
it aired - I could see "Heroes"
wasn't buying my remorse, and
rightly so. "Heroes" knew it was,
fully at fault. It promised no more
time travel! It promised!
Butthis is when "Heroes," like
anyone who sees it's about nolose
something dear to it, got aggres-
sive. It started to berate me, citing
its many changes for the better,
quoting all the times its creators

fully to
make it
the bull
I had ou
ever sin
it, and i
gone wk
fee shot
but witl
my ches
look bac
For e
which t
to watc
I can't s
shows I
ter. Eve
But the
when e:
sonal ch
it's imp(
when I;
toire." I
you've a
that hav
rode it a
walk aw
and the
is capab
to gives
know it
topic, lei
once ho
fox and
from a c
sordid s
beens. N
sons. Bu
seen hal

ito improve, trying force- a several-year hiatus, came back
convince me we could still - without the celebrities.
work. ButI saw through I watched the first episode of
shit. Sure, "Heroes" and the new season, and I was disap-
ir honeymoon period, but pointed all around - the new host
ce I'd just felt burdened by sucked, the new challenges sucked,
ts promises to change have the production sucked, the con-
holly unkept. testants sucked. Not to mention I
so I walked out of that cof- predicted the outcome of the series
p short one television show, from the commercials, before the
h a great burden lifted off first episode even aired. Despite
st. And I'm never going to the fact that watching the new sea-
ck. son wasn't really enjoyable, I still
very show, there is a sat through the whole thing, think-
g point - a time after ing that maybe - just maybe - it
here is no use continuing could return to its former glory. It
h. I used to think this was didn't.
ous and that fandom was So the question that matters at
But I've come to realize the end of this story is this: DoI
it around wishing all the wish I had just given up? And, at
watch would justget bet- least with "The Mole," the answer
ntually, you have to let go. is "no." Part of me feels some sense
tricky part is determining of personal accomplishment hav-
xactly that time has come. ing coped with the pain, but really,
e are plenty of potential it's amatter of faith (something
to give up on a show: that I really only have when it
ius new characters, unin- comes to TV, anyway). I'm a fan
g or over-the-top plot of "The Mole," and I damnwell
ments, the addition of showed it.
celebrities or just a per- "But wait, Jamie," you say
iange of interests. Now, urgently in a peeved voice, "I
ortant to keep in mind that thought you said giving up was
say "give up" I don't mean OK." And my response is best illus-
not to add to your reper- trated by the following hypotheti-
'm talking about shows cal: If "The Mole" gets another
season (which it won't), then Iwill
watch it. But if that one sucks too,
afessions of a it's not getting a third chance.
My recommendation to those
V Playboy. of you facing TV disillusionment,
then, should be no surprise. Hold
out for a while. Every show has
lready invested yourself in its bad season or two (I'm looking
'e since jumped the shark, at you here, "Lost" season two),
round the tank and gotten but that doesn't mean it's a bad
devoured by it. show (I'm now adoringly staring
that's why it's so hard to at you, "Lost"). But if you wait
vay. There's a trust there, a few seasons and things don't
knowledge that the show turn around, then maybe it just
le of being good. It's hard wasn't meant tobe. Sure, every
up on something when you relationship goes through its ups
's capable of doing such and downs, but when the downs
ings. are so low as to use a lesbian kiss
ke a reality twist on the to pander for ratings (as "Heroes"
t's look at "The Mole." . is allegedly doing this week), it's
sted by the amazing probably time to call the whole
on Cooper, now notable as thing off.
allant golden boy, silver Until next time, if any of you
probably several other see "Heroes" crying in the corner
id nouns, the series drifted sipping a latte all alone, tell it I'm
ompelling look at its con- sorry. But then also tell itnto clean
' minds to a display for a itself up and get a fucking compre-
election of celebrity has- hensible plot.

"Yes, I shave my pubes."

Aboring C(
Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau went to Bora
Bora and all we got was this lousy movie.
By Sheri Jankelovitz I Daily Arts Writer

"Couples Retreat" proves that
even if it appears like all the ingre-
dients are in the
right place -
great cast, solid
writers, promis- Couples
ing concept - a
film might still
fail. The movie At Showcase
is an exercise and Quality
in mediocrity U
that, when it all Unisersal
actually comes
together, manages to be somewhat
funny. Unfortunately, more often
than not, too much of the film
relies on blandness and cheap sight
The story revolves around four
couples: Dave and Ronnie (Vince
Vaughn, "Wedding Crashers" and
Malin Akerman, "Watchmen"),
Jason and Cynthia (Jason Bate-
man, "Hancock" and Kristen Bell,

"Forgetting Sarah Marshall"),
Joey and Lucy (Jon Favreau, "I
Love You Man" and Kristin Davis,
"Sex and the City") and Shane and
Trudy (Faizon Love, "Who's Your
Caddy" and relative newcomer
Kali Hawk). Each couple has its
own unique set of problems, and
when Jason and Cynthia declare
themselves headed for a divorce,
all four couples travel to Eden
Resort for much-needed vacations
- and, unbeknownst to them, cou-
ples therapy.
Naturally, by the end of the film
there are startling revelations, the
rekindling of old flames and the
inevitable reconciliations in which
all past problems are forgotten.
But until then, the couples will
participate in bizarre trust-build-
ing activities, including swim-
ming with sharks and discussing
feelings while wearing matching

There are some fairly funny
moments during the therapy,
including an uncomfortable yoga
experience with an incredibly
touchy trainer, as well as great
cameos from Ken Jeong ("The
Hangover") and John Michael
Higgins ("Yes Man") as therapists.
Unfortunately, these high points
are paired with several scenes that
are brutally unfunny and drag on
for far too long - in particular, all.
scenes featuring Jean Reno ('The
Da Vinci Code") as the bizarre,
French owner of the resort.
The rest of the film works in
much the same way: There is a
strong build-up in each scene,
and jokes seem to be on the hori-
zon, but many times they simply
never arrive. There are several
funny moments and one-liners,
but as a whole, the movie feels
unfinished. Several scenes feel as
if they're merely outtakes, with
the actors attempting to search
for funnier lines.
All of these actors are funny;

. . . . ... ,.... . .,.,. .., . r.. , E _ , v , .
, . . , , :: r ,. .. ,r

Veedless to say, I stopped
g during the celebrity sea-
it then, something unfore-
ppened. "The Mole," after

If you are ready to dump Block's
column, write him a Dear John
letter at jamblock e umich.edu.

4 Discovery's 'Ghost Lab' is a bust
By BRIGID KILCOIN hauler equipped with the latest ly into ghosts. The episode begin
DailyArts Writer detection' equipment - thermal with a reverentially told story o
imaging cameras, photo analysis their induction into the paranor


Halloween is fast approaching
and Discovery has responded by
er program to its
stable of boring *
reality shows -
this one focused GhOSt b
onghosts. "Ghost Wednesdays
Lab" follows a at 10 p.m.
pair of brothers,
Brad and Barry icer
Klinge, in their
attempts to discover paranormal
activity across the United States.
The bros and their team travel in
a "ghost lab," or an oversized car
Send an e-mail to
battlebots@umich.edu for
an application.

stations - so they can hunt for mal world: During a I990 vaca
ghosts on the go. The group trav- tion at Gettysburg, they witnesse
els to locations where spirits are a group of Union soldiers on th

rumored to dwell and attempts to
scientifically record any unusual
Brad and Barry Klinge are real-
10 Point -Avg Score Increase
12 Point -Top Quarter Increas
33 -Top 25% Avg MCAT score
105 hours live instruction
5 expert instructors
12.8 Point - Avg Score Increes

battlefield. They walked closer to
investigate and realized that ... no
soldiers were there! This landmark
See GHOST LAB, Page 7A

.. -, h r u z
There's smethn you oan do,



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