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February 10, 2009 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 2009-02-10

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4 - Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Beyond the spectrum
Tolerant campus community essential for LGBT students
Coming out in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgen-
der community can be a difficult undertaking, but stu-
dents now have a new tool to help navigate through the
process. The University's Spectrum Center, which handles LGBT
affairs, recently announced the creation of a new student pro-
gram called Guidance, Perspective and Support. The GPS pro-
gram was launched a couple weeks ago and will provide students
with a more flexible support network for dealing with all the
issues that can arise when coming out. This new addition to'the
Spectrum Center's services sends a strong message of encour-
agement to individuals who might otherwise not have enough
support to come out. The Spectrum Center's efforts should be
complemented by a student community that shows support and
respect for students who come out.

Politics can't be any dirtier of a job
than the one I am already in."
- Stormy Daniels, adult film star, commenting on her plans to challenge
Sen. David Vitter (R - La.) for his U.S. Senate seat, as reported yesterday by CNN.




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An ordinary day forMSA

Through the GPS program, LGBT stu-
dents can now receive mentorship ina more
flexible environment. GPS pairs up stu-
dents with other students who have already
come out - these mentors understand the
complex situations faced when it comes to
sexual identity. The program's coordina-
tors in the program match these mentors
with students who have similar back-
grounds and identities, helping to create a
supportive environment for those looking
to join the LGBT community. Unlike other
support programs that typically meet on a
weekly basis, this new program allows stu-
dents to plan meetings anytime during the
school year. The GPS program also allows
students to meet with mentors at locations
outside of the Spectrum Center so they can
more easily maintain their privacy.
And the Spectrum Center is the best
equipped campus organization to fill this
need. As an organization that serves the
LGBT community by providing compan-
ionship, comfort and advocating social
justice, the Spectrum Center is most able
to help students dealing with these issues
of their sexuality and gender identity. The
Center offers a multitude of services and

support resources in addition to the GPS
program, like the popular National Coming
Out Week. And it also ensures that weekly
support services are available to students
who wish to take part in them.
The GPS program was created to supple-
ment the existing mentorship programs on
campus, and it fills an important need. It's
important for individuals struggling with
their sexual or gender identity to be wel-
comed in the campus community. And it is
equally important that individuals know
that they will be supported as they come
out to their friends and family.
But the success of such efforts still rests
upon the entire campus population. Stu-
dents must work to make the University
atmosphere one of acceptance and toler-
ance for LGBT individuals. This includes
putting an endto discrimination,homopho-
bia and other backward attitudes that can
make being part of the LGBT community a
difficult experience.
It's up to everyone to ensure that campus
is a welcoming environment for individu-
als of all sexual and gender identities - and
that when these individuals come out, they
are greeted with approval and acceptance.

M eeting Minutes of the Michi- PRESIDENT: Ugh, cheesesteaks.
gan Student Assembly for DARRYL: Excuse me?
Feb.10, 2009: VICE PRESIDENT: Hi, Darryl. So
I. Call to Order. how is this relevant to other students?
7:42 p.m. Why should we care about this?
II. Roll Call. DARRYL: Well, I was getting to
8:16 p.m. (Four that. Plenty of students have cele-
members absent; " brated Groundhog Day all their lives.
one chair missing). It's a memorable and fun experience
Ill. Approval of which traces back to the 18th centu-
Agenda. ry, possibly even before that. So why
9:34 p.m. should the custom receive such little
PRESIDENT: I WILL publicity at the University?
move that we draft WANDA (Provost): Okay, but what
an agenda and GRUNDLER do you propose to do? And what does
then, after doing "provost" mean?
so, approve it. PRESIDENT: I believe when you
VICE PRESIDENT: Objection. I "provost" a person, you essentially
motion we use the agenda we pre- anger them. So it's an adjective.
viously drafted (motions to piece of DARRYL: I'm glad you brought
paper onfloor). that up. I was thinking the Univer-
PRESIDENT: Oh, there it is. (Bends sity could hold a Groundhog Day cel-
down) Does everyone approve it? All ebration every Feb. 2, perhaps on the
right, let's move on. Diag. Mary Sue Coleman would bring
IV. Approval of Previous Minutes. the groundhog out of a cage and see
RECORDER: Last week's meeting if he goes back in or not, and there
lasted 8 hours and 23 minutes. would be fundraising and games and
PRESIDENT: Everyone cool with all sorts of things.
that? Okay. Hey - two for two! RICK (Alum/football fan, Audi-
V. Guest Speaker. ence member): There won't be any
DARRYL* (Guest Speaker): Let me GROUNDHOGS on a WOLVERINE
start by thanking all of you at MSA campus! Go Blue!!
for your interest in what I have to say PRESIDENT: Hey! You over there!
tonight. I'll get right to the point: Last When I say, "Go," you say -
Monday, as most of you know, was DARRYL: Come on, cut it out! I'm
Groundhog Day. serious.
PRESIDENT: Um, what? JACKSON (Security Advisor):
DARRYL: It was last Monday. Look, son, I sympathize with you, I
PRESIDENT: Harold, did he say really do. But we're not going to allow
Groundhog Day? a groundhog anywhere NEAR Mary
VICE PRESIDENT: Let me check. Sue. It's just not safe: Not to mention,
Elaine, can you confirm that? * how could she demonstrate "diver-
RECORDER: Yes he did. It sity" if she was holding an oversized
occurred last Monday. rodent?
PRESIDENT: I see. Harold, why is PRESIDENT: Can't argue with
this on the agenda? that.Say,shouldn't this stufffallunder
VICE PRESIDENT: Darryl was a new Roman numeral? Elaine?
the only guest speaker applicant this RECORDER: Yes.
week. VI. Concerns.
PRESIDENT: Ah. Well, did he see GERTRUDE (PETA Activist/Vege-
his shadow? . table violator): Has anyone considered
VICE PRESIDENT: Who? Darryl? the trauma inflicted on these poor
DARRYL: Er - well, if I could con- creatures? They're taken from their
tinue with my proposal. As I was say- homes and forced to be part of a sick
ing, last Mondaywas GroundhogDay, ritual they cannot understand. And
but it didn't really feel like it on cam- for what? This is Michigan. There's
pus. I mean, there were no posters, always six more weeks of winter.
no one handing out flyers, no celebra- VICE PRESIDENT: I'm going to
tions, no nothing. Now, I come from have to disagree with most of the con-
Pennsylvania and - cerns expressed thus far. As many of

you know, the groundhog is related to
the squirrel in terms of evolutionary
history. Now, as a proud member of
the Squirrel Club, I think it would be
an excellent idea if we showcased -
PRESIDENT: You're a member of
the Squirrel Club?
The assembly that
won't recognize
Groundhog Day.
Anyway, I think -
PRESIDENT: I motion the Vice
President resigns.
DARRYL: Stop it! All of you! What
are you going to do about my idea?
PRESIDENT:. Chill, Punxsutaw-
ney Phill Clearly myself aid Bushy
Tail over here -
more word -
As I was saying, there seem to be ide-
ological differences between the Vice
President and myself and they should
be resolved before we continue.
VICE PRESIDENT:.Why don't we
form two different parties?
DARRYL: If things will start to
change around here, I'm all for it.
PRESIDENT: Sounds fine to me.
Everyone approve? Hey, great! But
whatshould the other party be called?
Well, we'll get to it later. Anyway. Ho-
hum .... Hey, why don't we just show
a film that promotes GroundhogDay?
That way, everyone's happy, right?
VICE PRESIDENT: Oh, how about
Groundhog Day, the one with Bill
Murray! Darryl, is that okay?
DARRYL: I'm leaving.
PRESIDENT: Well, I guess that's
that. Time?
RECORDER: The time is 3:30 a.m.
PRESIDENT: All right! Faster than
last week.
VII. Adjourn.
*All names have been changed for
- Will Grundler can be reached
at sailgull@umich.edu.

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Paving for internships

._5 After the Internship Fair rolled through the
University a few weeks ago, it seems that every
student is in "job search frenzy" mode, pursu-
ing that perfect internship for the upcoming
summer. But with keen competition and strict
requirements to obtain these increasingly elite
positions, it's becoming almost impossible
for many students to get them: Of course, you
could turn your luck around by following the
new internship trend: buying them.
According to "Do You Want an Internship?
It'll Cost You?" a Jan. 28 article published in
The Wall Street Journal, more and more par-
1ents are.paying for guaranteed internships for
their kids. One internship company, Univer-
sity of Dreams, will charge a family between
$5,000 to $9,500 for placement in an eight-
week internship in fields like sports marketing
and public relations. Other organizations, like
Brill Street & Co., will place a student in a paid
internship position in return for a percentage
of the student's paycheck. If that isn't shock-
ing enough, another company, Charitybuzz.
com, allows parents and students to bid online
on internships. Wonder how much they go for?
Well, they auctioned off a one-week internship
at a music production company for $12,000.
These examples are just a handful of programs
now available to students.
What is most troubling about this new prac-
tice is the possibility that it will widen the
separation between socioeconomic classes. As
stated in The Wall Street Journal article, this
I method may increase "the divide between the
haves and have-nots by giving students from
more affluent families an advantage." It may be
that only a small portion of the student popula-
tion participates in these programs. Neverthe-
less, students who come from better economic
backgrounds should not have the upperhand

when they go out into the job market just
because their families were willing and able to
pay a large sum for an internship.
With the economy in a slump and unemploy-
ment rates increasing on a daily basis, it is clear
that most families cannot afford this expense.
When families are tightening up on expendi-
tures, shelling out a large amount of money for
a guaranteed internship would most likely be
the first luxury to go. If this practice continues,
employers will lose students who are extreme-
ly qualified but cannot afford the payment.
Internships should be based on outstanding
credentials and academic success, not whether
or not you are economically fortunate.
Furthermore, if this method of employment
becomes popular and successful for one compa-
ny, this could increase the odds that other com-
panies will adopt a similar hiring procedure.
This would mean that additional students would
be ignored because they cannot afford the pro-
gram. Besides increasing the gap between socio-
economic classes, this practice could harmthese
companies because they become dependent
upon internship companies to do their work for
them. This could reduce the pool of talented
individuals working at these firms, because the
most capable and deserving candidates won't
necessarily be able to apply anymore.
Since when do companies insist on being
paid for hiring interns? Shouldn't it be the
other way around? Economic times are tough,
but that shouldn't result in having to pay third-
party companies for a job. Instead, expecting
interns to work without pay should be enough.
Clearly, there are many benefits to an intern-
ship, but parents shouldn't have to pay a price
for the lessons learned.
Laura Veith is an LSA sophomore.


Spending necessary to stimulate week that said alu
Hale Bar prior to
e in recession that the bar was 1
staying. We heard
soon be coming do
TO THE DAILY: About a hundr
In Sam van Kleef's Letter to the Editor (Federalstimulus give the team the
plan will only worsen the economy, 02/04/2009), he claims coaches came out
that the laissez-faire capitalism practiced in the Reagan and more friendly
Era prevented the 1981-1982 recession from worsening. the trip and show
While Reagan did slash funding for social programs, he way down to thei
increased spending on defense-industries so much that he and began shakini
ran up one of the largest deficits of any president that pre- Beilein came dow
ceded him. This led to the economic rise of the Sun Belt fusely thanking ev
and also pulled America out of the recession. supporter, I can't
Though Reagan claimed to hate government spending was for everybody
and deficits, his practices and those of his successor (Bush would write at th
Sr.), increased the national debt from $845 billion to $3.6 you go, Go Blue!"'
trillion between 1980 and 1992. While I don't agree with
how Reagan spent money throughout the 1980s, the bot- Michael Patton
tom line is that during hard economic times, spending Alum
stimulates the economy.
Eric Kumbier Stimulus
School ofEducation senior unnecessa
Basketball team's appreciation TO THE DAILY:
for traveling fans admirable Some items th
forgot to mention i

umni would try to gather at the Nathan
he start of the game. Little did we know
ocated in the hotel where the team was
rumors that the players and staff would
wnstairs to board the bus for the game.
ed of us decided to form two lines and
eir own "Victor's Walk." The assistant
first, and they could not have been nicer
. They repeatedly thanked us for making
'ing support. As the players made their
lobby, all had big smiles on their faces
g everyone's hand. Michigan coach John
n and slapped everyone five while pro-
veryone for coming. As an alum, fan and
tell you what an awesome feeling this
y there. I recall what my college adviser
e end of each of his e-mails: "Wherever
That certainly was the case here.
proposal consists of*
ry expenditures
t Valerie Bieberich and Choonboon Tan
n their support ofthe stimulus bill (A look
02/06/2009): $850 million for the never-
$600 million to buy cars for government
on for FBI salaries and an $87.7 billion no-
ailout to states. I suggest a more accurate
the Generational Theft Act of 2009.

Nina Amilineni, Emad Ansar, Emily Barton, Elise Baun, Harun Buljina, Ben Caleca,
Satyajeet Deshmukh, Brian Flaherty, Emmarie Huetteman, Emma Jeszke,
Sutha Kanagasingam, Shannon Kellman, Edward McPhee, Matthew Shutler,
Neil Tambe, Radhika Upadhyaya, Rachel Van Gilder

I've decided to share something really exceptional that
occurred in Storrs, Conn. on late Saturday afternoon. And
no, it didn't even happen at the game. Because we live in
New York City, my brother and I thought we would take a
trip to Connecticut and show our support for the Michigan
men's basketball team. We received an e-mail earlier in the

at the stimulus bill,
profitable Amtrak,
workers, $75 millic
strings-attached b
name for H.R.1-,

Jonathan Slemrod
LSA junior

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