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November 30, 2006 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 2006-11-30

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it's cold
DailyArts Editors
Despite the unnaturally warm
weather, everyone knows winter
is coming. That means one thing:
gone are the easy-access miniskirts
and tube tops of old. Welcome to
the world of down coats, gloves and
hook-up enemy No.1- layers.
Daily Arts is here to help.
The shelf bra
Unplanned hook-ups have grown
increasingly complicated since the When
advent of the shelf bra. Sometime 2. S
in the past five years, someone partn
thought it'd be an ingenious idea to with a
make tank tops and other sleeveless 3. F
clothing with built-in bras, an extra yet un
layer of fabric with a band of elastic But
around the bust. Brilliant! hook I
Not really. unlike
Obviously they didn't account the ne
for the lack of support and that flick.
sometimes you can see everything don't I
you (probably) don't want shown. to fee
Thus, it's often necessary to wear pre-re
another bra underneath for push-
up and/or push-together effect. But Bo
the real problem is the built-in bra's Be
unnecessarily awkward, over-the- lot of
head removal factor. Add the lay- since
ers you're bound to be wearing and wet) h
you've got a predicament to puzzle unfast
Einstein. Pull off the sweater, take that sa
off the turtleneck, tug the tank when
top - and in spectacular style, it's one do
caught around your ribs with noth- you're
ing but the frouffy lace trim cover- were g
ing your ladies. the eup
Options: But
1. Pull hard. Hopefully it'll come tially
off in one fell swoop. garme

the b-side&

Thursdav. November 30 ,2006 -3BR

I IINI J- Y, . -I I IV4. JV+ LW,-,U li L.l


ManagingArts Editor
It's a tradition that jumps from
genre to genre, decade to decade
and age to age. William Shake-
speare. Bob Dylan. Allen Ginsberg.
LeRoi Jones (and later Amiri Bara-
ka). Phil Ochs. The Last Poets. Hip
Since antiquity poetry and
music have shared a harmoni-
ous relationship. Song lyrics, in
essence, are poetry in a simpler
form, relying on basic rhyme and
rhythm structure as a central
idiom. But there are those who
seek to take their lyrics to a higher
plateau, and the aforementioned
musicians are by no means alone
in their fusing of "higher poetry"
into their music.
Uh oh. "Higher poetry"? In
This is not in any way meant
to debase musicians who stick to
more traditional methods of lyric
writing. It's a ham-fisted separa-
tion of poetic intent and execution
within the genre of music. And
of course, it's as subjective as any
music-based debate can and will
But ask anyone who's spun Van
Morrison's Astral Weeks (the easi-
est cliche in this theory, but damn
if it isn't still and won't always be
relevant) more than a few times
and you'll understand the essence
of this awkward argument. The
man's iconic album and its lyrical
genius cannot be overstated - it's
poetry. Great poetry.
Leonard Cohen and Nick Drake
come to mind. Even Ani Difranco.
And of course, perhaps the most
relevant example is the genre of
spoken word and slam poetry as
the foundation for hip hop. Lyri-
cism, from word play to double
and triple metaphors to social
critique, combined with the indel-
ible performance aspect, is what
makes great hip hop great (olid
beats come in handy, too).
What I'm getting at is if we can
relate to any of these artists (or
any of the innumerable others I
haven't listed), then the natural

lhe beat goes on

things heat up, it doesn't matter what the weather's like.

lip one hand (yours or your
er's) under the elastic and lift
neat twist and tug.
eel through the top. Efficient,
what if there's a double-
bra underneath the tank? It's
ely you'll be able to maneuver
at, one-handed, two-fingered
No worries - try again and
be ashamed to use both hands
l around and gather a little
moval reconnaissance.
prepared. Boots can cause a
trouble for girls, especially
you have to tug up the (oft-
em of your jeans to unbutton,
en or unlace them. The plus is
atisfactory thump they make
they hit the floor. Now every-
'wnstairs knows exactly what
getting - and wishes they
getting it, too. Consider again
phemism "knockingboots."
then comes another poten-
awkward, moment-ruining
nt: the dreaded pantyhose.

There are a few danger spots
here, and one good strategy:
1. If your nails are ragged or long,
you will definitely catch a thread and
cause a run. This willhappen and all
you can do is apologize. Making it
up to her will also help.
2. Pulling pantyhose off using the
foot is also a no-no. Not only will it
take forever and stretch the hose
beyond future use, you'll also more
than likely take the girl alongfor the
ride. If you're on the edge of a bed,
that's not good, either.
3. The best way to remove panty-
hose? Start from the top down. Slip
your hands inside the waistband
and simply pull gently, rollingas you
go. You'll be surprised how smooth-
ly they come off - and how smooth
you'll look doing it.
So no worries, would-be lovers.
Just because it's cold outside doesn't
mean your prospects have chilled
off. Because face it: Sweaters are
sexy. Hoodies are hot. And winter,
friends, is for keeping each other

in its wr
to war a
Pablo N
tity ther
you're l
art form
poets an
upon an
ry in mu

sion should lead to poetry open-ended is its endless room for
itten form. When it comes debate. "I Want You," off of the
nd oppression, just look to Beatles'AbbyRoad, consists of just
eruda. For Hispanic iden- three lyrics: "I want you," "I want
-e's Martin Espada. And if you so bad it's driving me mad,
ooking for the blues as an it's driving me mad" and "She's so
you have Tyhimbe Jess (a heavy." That's poetry, consciously
porary poet) and Langston or subconsciously, to so many, and
will continue to be as long as music
native poetry can and exists.
Jeff Tweedy of Wilco writes lyr-
ics that swing back and forth from
Poetry and traditional rock (Being There) to:a
higher base of expression (Yankee
ic? Together? Hotel Fqxtrot). Sam Cooke's voice
to many is poetry manifest. "A
Absurd. Change is Going to Come," "Touch
the Hem of His Garment" - few
vocalists produce such cathartic
go hand-in hand-with our So should you read more poetry
ing rock scene, as both regardless of your musical inter-
td musicians look to build ests? of course. But make sure that
d deviate from established you recognize that the same quali-
of expression. At the risk of ties found in the lyrics of your
sappy and idealistic, poet- favorite musicians can be mined
asic is indicative of poetry from poetry, both past and pres-

in the everyday, the transform-
ing of the mundane into relevant
And what makes this notion so

As for me, I'm still on the look-
out for a bumper sticker that says
"Support Your Local Poet."

The myth of the devout Hollywood deity

"The Nativity Story" was never
going to be easy. The new movie,
which opens tomorrow, is the work
of a relatively untested director
(Catherine Hardwicke) who has
made only two films, the first, "Thir-
teen," a brutally unsparing tale of
adolescent girls in Los Angeles, and
the second, "Lords of Dogtown," a
middling fiction version ofthe famed
skateboarding documentary "Dog-
town and the Z-Boys." And in these
post-"Passion of the Christ," Fox
Faith days of Hollywood, the evan-
gelical crowd is hotter property than
ever, and so making movies directly
about Christianity (much less about
its most iconic story) would seem a
massive forum for potential back-
lash. Better to slip in the cloying alle-
gory than go for the jugular.
And yet the movie persevered,
enjoying a one-year screenplay-to-
film turnaround and a convenient
pre-Christmaslaunchpoised to cash
in on every last group-sale Sunday
school ticket it can.
But last month, at first quietly,
later with more force, reports sur-
faced that could turn the film into
a cautionary tale for any studio that
banks on such anaudience. The film's
young, naturally beautiful Virgin

Count of Monte Cristo" and "Fre-
quency," became James Caviezel,
devout Catholic deity among Hol-
lywood leading men. Soon after the
break-out success of "The Passion,"
the actor announced he was "resist-
ing the temptation" to take part in
commercial deals stemming from
his role: "I think if I had given way
on just one scheme, I would have
been tempted to do more," he said at
the time. Soon we read of Caveizel's
private meeting with then-Pope
John Paul II, Vatican officials heap-
ing praise on the movie and seizing
on the opportunity to attend special
screenings for religious leaders.
Never mind that Jim, or James,
The politics
of faith-based
had spent the past decade making
movies that somehow slipped under
the Vatican's radar. His first role in a
feature film was in "My Own Private
Idaho," directed by the famously gay
filmmaker Gus Van Sant and piv-
otingaround two drifters (Keanu
Eeeves and River Phoenix) who
hustle their way through the Pacif-

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Courtesy of New Line
Keisha Castle-Hughes as Mary in "The Nativity Story."

it Northwest. And what of "High
Crimes," the Ashley Judd thriller in
which he plays her Marine husband
who turns out to be a vicious mur-
derer of women and children? If you
hit the theater in the near future,
surely I need not tell you to look for
him opposite Denzel Washington in
"Ddji Vu" as a ferry-exploding, fin-
A performer's artistic choices
would seem more rationally appli-
cable to his legacy as an actor than
his personal convictions, a fact that
seems to have escaped the talk sur-
rounding "The Nativity Story." The
film may not as hyped as "The Pas-

sion," and it may not even be espe-
cially good (early reviews paint it
as a pedantic historical rehash).
The fact is no one is dismissing it
for those reasons. Castle-Hughes
didn't attend the film's Vatican pre-
miere, her absence brushed off as
effortlessly as the Pope's (her reps
say she's busy on her next project).
Whatever the case, she feels no need
to hide her pregnancy, and there's no
reason she should have to (certainly
not because of this movie). If "The
Nativity Story" turns out to be a
follysohbe ith ut its nonperformance
shouldbe forthe filmfailings, notfor
self-righteous scorn of its star.


lvi ary, neisna t-asrie-rxugnes, wno at

13 became the youngest
nominee in history for
a quiet revolutionary
Rider," was pregnant at
views, it appeared the
with her 19-year-old b
three years, was noti
New Line, the American
of "The Nativity Story,"
in a commercial tailspin
Fast-forward to rep
film being the first to pre
Vatican, and Pope Ben
announcement that he
viously given approval:
A Vatican spokesman q
down speculation that1
was because of the star's
saying a trip to Turke
with the premiere.But th
ideology here, one that w
influence the reception o
many religious circles, i
observable phenomenon
markedly removed from
A large portion of t
ogy surrounding "The
the Christ," the undis
ing of these discussions,
its star, the suddenly mt
who few had noticed 1
And just like that, Jim C
sub-radar star of movie

best actress

her turn as
in "Whale
16. In inter-
:oyfriend of
a distributor
found itself
orts of the
miere at the
edict XVI' Sample Roundtrip Airfares From Detroit to:
would be
rchhadpre- New York 151i Paris $389
to the film).
quickly shut
his absence Philadelphia $151 Madrid $398
y conflicted
eprevailing Seattle $272 Lisbon $486
ill no doubt
f the film in
is part of an
that seems
he mythol-
Passion of
puted foot- ersilW sr ebaseduorn round o,:,ad elandminc: deastudemrn csersesa:, eflne tttom estoiare,: dea ssUStrnopotatinta,
focused on O aesn d ee a ry e*oig oneneray anda re" n ,*ti latm a alblitoy acaneo utnt stfighd tas
ajestic actor Wedwih a ay a 'ur e/Aasvaforde auesb enNovdDec14"in a res ado rares o' h
Dec 9, Australia fares valid for depatures between t1and Dec 8 4 day min stay required and max stay is 90 days. Blackout dates and other
beforehand. r'sricions mappy

aviezel, the
s like "The

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