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January 12, 2006 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 2006-01-12

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3B The Daily Dish
Richard Murphy discusses
the growing blog scene
and Ann Arbor.
4B Willow Run
Automotive plants fight
to stay alive against
foreign powerhouses.
5B In My Own Words
Kevin Porter talks about his
experience as captain of
the USA World Junior Char-
pionships hockey tearn.
5B Point/Counterpoint
The Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtles and G..
Joes argue about who's
the superior squadron.
6B Renting Troubles
Alan Levy confronts prob-
lems in the Ann Arbor
housing situation.
8B Room Raiders
Dale Winling presents solu-
tions for the University's
growing housing problem.

From The Editor


loB Media Column
Kristin MacDonald confronts
the changing image of "sexy."
10B Campus Life Column
Mark Gianotto attempts
to solve the University's
book buying problems.

As the second semester
of The Statement begins,
there are many exciting
new developments to look
forward to.

Randoms like dill
By Doug t

First of all,

we have

11B Random Student Interview
Laura and Kaitlin chat
about cooties and being
afraid of the dark.a
11B The List
A guide to the happenings,
concerts and shows around
town this weekend.

elected new editors to
replace me (and have a
ridiculous picture in the
magazine each week).
Sports writer James Dowd
will be the new manag-
ing editor of the maga-
zine and Arts writer Chris
Gaerig will be his associ-
ate editor. The two of them have done the majority of
the work for this week's issue and they'll take over
officially in February.
Another new feature for this semester is a piece
called "What it feels like to ... " where a campus figure
writes about their day-to-day experiences. This week,
hockey player and World Junior USA captain Kevin Por-
ter is featured.
We also have new columnists this semester, so be
on the lookout for new writings on fashion, food, cam-
pus life and media subtext. To all those who weren't
selected or want a column in the future, feel free to
apply next semester.
Our cover story this week is a housing symposium,
where local figures discuss the problems with off-campus
housing and offer suggestions on how to fix them. We did
a similar idea on Detroit and we decided to bring it back
to let more local voices be heard and also to offer a more
intellectual look at the topic.
Thanks for reading.

Michigan Daily: Hi, is Laura there?
%Ra dom: This is she.
u TMD: Hi, I'm calling from The Michigan
wily and you've been selected to do this week's
Random Student Interview. Are you up for it?
.. kSure, why not?
TMD: Really?
R: Sure.
TMD: Wonderful. So how it's going?
R: Pretty good.
TMD: Did you get any good gifts during
the holiday season?
R: I got an iPod so that was nice.
TMD: Yeah, that is pretty good. What
was the best present you got when you were
a little kid?
R: Oh, wow. Um ... my trampoline.
TMD: You got a trampoline? Do you still
have it?
R: Yes, I do.
TMD: And it's still as bouncy as ever?
R: Oh yeah, haha.
TMD: So did you ask for the trampoline
or was it a surprise.
R: No, I asked for it.
TMD: Why did you want a trampoline?
R: I was a cheerleader/tumbler/gymnast so
I wanted to be able to do stuff on it.
TMD: But couldn't you do that without the
R: Well, not really. I could, but it's more
fun with the trampoline.
TMD: Do you ever just jump up and down
for fun?
R: Yeah, I do that too.
TMD: Give me your best "Your mama's so
old" joke.
R: Oh my god. Can I ask my roommate?
TMD: Yeah, sure.
R: OK ... OK, we have a "Your mama's so
fat" one. Is that OK?
TMD: Yeah, that's fine.
R: Your mama's so fat, she used 1-75 as a
slip and slide.
TMD: Oh! Oh! The roommate came up
with that?
R: Yeah.
TMD: Wow, your roommate's pretty cool.
Maybe we should get her on the line, too.
R: Do you want to?
TMD: It doesn't matter to me.
R: Hold on, hold on ... Hello?

TMD: Yeah, who's this?
R: Kaitlin.
TMD: Hi Kaitlin. You know you're now doing
the Random Student Interview for The Michigan
R: OK, sweet.
TMD: So you're the one that came up with that
your mama joke, huh?
R: I did.
TMD: That was a pretty good one. Where did
you get that one from?
R: I think in elementary school.
TMD: Really? Never happened at my school.
What else happened in your elementary school?
R: What else did I do? I kicked boys?
TMD: Why did you kick boys?
R: Because boys have cooties, hahaha.
TMD: Oh, do we still?
R: No that went away.
TMD: When did that go away?
R: I think they went away at age 12 or 13.
TMD: Because then boys became hot?
R: Yeah, pretty much.
TMD: Well, not me. I wasn't hot until like 19 or
20. What's the last movie you saw?
R: "The Family Stone."
TMD: I've never heard of that. What's it about?
R: It's about a family and one takes his girlfriend
home for Christmas to meet the family and it's kind
of disastrous. It's funny, it's tear-jerking. I give it two
thumbs up.
TMD: Wow. I think I saw that movie. I think it
was called "Meet the Fockers."
R: No no no.
TMD: Now do you want to keep going or do you
want to put ... Laura, is that her name? ... back on.
R: I'll put Laura back on ... Hi.
TMD: Hi, Kaitlin was really nice! Do you two
get along quite well?
R: We do. Very well.
TMD: Did you know her when you moved in?
R: No, we went in blind, so it's a success story.
TMD: So what made you become close? Was
there like a defining moment?
R: Not really. We're just kind of one and the
same. We have a lot in common.
TMD: People say that all the time and I
don't really think that's true. People will be
like "I like movies" and someone will be like
"Oh, I like movies too!" That's not really
having something in common.
R: But we have weird things in common,

Download a podcast of this
column at wwwmichigandaily.com.

TMD: Like what?
R: We like the same foods that people usu-
ally don't like.
TMD: Like what?
R: Like dill pickle chips.
TMD: Dill pickle chips?
R: Yeah. See?
TMD: Well, there you go.
TMD: So Laura ... I'm talking to Laura,
R: Yeah.
TMD: What's your favorite comic strip?
R: Calvin and Hobbes.
TMD: What about the Lockhorns?
R: They are pretty funny. I'm not gonna
TMD: Do you want to be like them when
you get married?
R: No, they hate each other!
TMD: Yeah, but they're still married.
R: I know, but they hate each others' guts.
TMD: Well that's not so bad! It's not like
he's cheating on her or anything.
R: OK, well no. I don't want to be like
TMD: OK. So how are classes so far?
R: They're good.
TMD: Did you do any icebreakers or anything in
any of your classes?
R: Well, we just sat around the room and gave
our names and a hobby or something.
TMD: Now, let's say you had to choose an adjec-
tive to describe you that starts with the same letter
as your name. That's a common icebreaker. What
would you say?
R: Um ... loopy.
TMD: Loopy?
R: I can't think of anything that starts with an L!
TMD: What about Leaping Laura?
R: Yeah, that'll work.
TMD: What do you think Kaitlin would
R: Kinky Kaitlin. She said kinky.
TMD: Oooh. Oh boy. Maybe you should
put her back on the line.
R: Do you want her back on the line?

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R: I i
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R: Be
done an
R: M
picture c
R: C
style. A
Is there
R: N
this. Lc

Magazine Editor: Doug Wernert
Cover Art: Caitlin Kleiboer
Photo Editor: Ali Olsen
Designers: William Couch
Editor in Chief: Jason Z. Pesick
Managing Editor: Alison Go

Doug Wernert, Magazine Editor

show your fa pites ome love.
Best of fnn fr bor
vote at www.michigandaily.com/aabest
polls open January 5t" / polls close January 271h

University of Michigan
A Time to Break Silence

The Weekend l ist





Emmett Till: The Untold Story
Presented by Keith A. Beauchamp
Documentary F Immaker
January 16, 2006
Michigan Union Ballroom
Sponsored By:
University Library
Co-Sponsored By:
Bentley Historical Library, Information Technology Central Services, Law Library,
Kresge Business Administration Library, School of Information, University Housing

Bollywood Satirized
The Institute for Research on Women and
Gender presents a critical exhibition of the
filmmaking capital of Asia. The exhibit,
featuring photos by Annu Palakunnathu
Matthew, will begin at 8 a.m. at Lane Hall.
Admission is free.
LGBT Parenthood
The Office of Lesbian Gay Bisexual and
Transgender Affairs presents a discussion
of LGBT parenting experiences. The brown
bag lunch begins at noon at the Michigan
Union. Admission is free.

Keynote Lecture and
Video Discussion
The University Musical Society presents Carla
Maxwell's discussion of Jos6 Lim6n's Dance
Company. Former company members, Peter
Sparling and Gay Delanghe will join her. The
presentation is at 6 p.m. in the Hussey Room of
the Michigan League. Admission is free.
The Hard Lessons
at the Halfway Inn
The East Quad Music Co-Op presents
The Hard Lessons, who will be perform-
ing alongside The Avatars and Tyvek. The
show begins at 9:30 p.m. at the Halfway
Inn. The show is all ages and tickets are $5
at the door.

Ballroom Dance Lessons
The University Ballroom Dance team offers a
chance for beginners to learn Latin and Standard
dance steps. The course begins at 4:30 p.m. at the
CCRB dance room. A partner is not necessary.
The first three lessons are free and there is a $40
fee for the rest of the term.
Green Eyes
Brian Mazzaferri, Eli Zoller and choreogra-
pher Lizzie Leopold present "Green Eyes," a per-
formance incorporating film, music and dance.
The two shows begin at 7:30 and 10 p.m. at the
Duderstadt Center in the Media Union Video Stu-
dio. Admission is free.

U-M Lfe
The U-M
a concert of
the conducti
begins at 4 X
sion is free.
Rachael C
native Racha
Ark. Doors a
at 7:30. Tick<
at the door.

2B - The Michigan Daily - Thursday, January 12, 2006

11B -The Michigar

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