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February 22, 2006 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 2006-02-22

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4 - The Michigan Daily - Wednesday, February 22, 2006


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There were
certainly moments
when I could have
challenged more
wisely and more
- Harvard University President Lawrence
Summers, reflecting on his controversial
tenure after announcing his resignation, as
reported yesterday by washingtonpost.com.




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1) tf= E P, G N C C I

Is America ready for a female president?
F rom my seat at it is an important value to have - or at least to Democrats.
Sunday's pro- project - as an electable leader. Even more dangerous, I like the guy. He's char-
duction of "The Last Monday, The Washington Post reported, ismatic. He's the only Republican I've seen go on
Vagina Monologues;" I "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's likely Republi- the Daily Show with ultra-liberal Jon Stewart and
could see an auditorium can Senate race challenger charged Monday that come across as personable - even laughing at
packed with people of all the New York Democrat's criticism of the Bush some of Stewart's jabs. I also respect that he's a
different races and eth- administration 'aids and abets our enemies in the veteran and that he seems to make decisions based
nicities. The cast, as the battle against terrorism.' "After accusing her hus- on character instead of partisanship. Setting aside
directors and producers band of being soft on terrorists, the Republican some of his specific political views, I think he
intended, was colorful challenger, John Spencer, said: "We must remove would make a great leader.
and so was the audience. this woman." Which is my point. Excepting Washington
Another change I noticed from last year was an These attacks have been a popular refrain for insiders and those married to concrete moral
increase in the number of men in the audience. Republicans, but they take on a new connotation issues, many people vote for the candidate who
This observation made me wonder if worn- when directed toward "this woman." projects an image of leadership that has been
en's rights were gaining a broader audience Spencer seems to reduce the former First Lady ingrained in them, perhaps by societal and sub-
nationally. On Monday, Presidents Day, I and current Senator to her gender. Had he said the conscious factors. Right now, this image has a lot
thought about whether America was ready for a same thing about a man, the effect would have to do with the concept of security - who is going
female president. been entirely different. In the context of security to protect Americans - but also a notion of who
According to recent polls, Sen. Hillary Clin- - such as fighting - being "a man" carries a far voters get a good feeling about. This was a huge
ton (D-N Y) and Secretary of State Condoleezza more positive connotation than being "a woman." factor in the 2000 and 2004 elections: Voters got a
Rice are both viable contenders in 2008 should In politics and playground rivalries alike, acting good feeling about Bush; they could relate to him;
they run for office. The polls varied greatly or fighting "like a girl" does not win esteem and they could imagine having a beer with him.
depending on the question asked, but most of respect from one's peers. If this paradigm prevails in 2008, I don't
them showed Clinton as the frontrunner for the The politically savvy Clinton, however, knows think a female candidate has much of a chance.
Democratic nomination. . what she must do to secure her Senate reelection Although Clinton leads the preliminary polls, I
As much as I'd like to see a female president, I and have a chance in 2008. A few days before dn't think most people get a good feeling about
don't know if we are going to see one in 2008. The Spencer's comments, Clinton said, "I take a back her. They probably can't see themselves drink-
Republicans have successfully framed the presi- seat to nobody when it comes to fighting terrorism ing a beer with her.
dency in terms of security - a major problem for and standing up for national homeland security' But then again, maybe Americans are tired
women, who are still, unfortunately, stereotyped Clinton may be able to use this line against Spen- of the male-dominated view of leadership and
as weaker than men. Although analysts said that cer, but in the 2008 election, she will undoubtedly patriarchal ideas of security. Maybe Americans
"moral values" determined the 2004 election, take a back seat to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) on are ready for a new paradigm defined by a female
I think "security" probably did. In the debates issues of national security. McCain, who famously presidential contender. Whether or not this is true,
between Bush and Kerry, nearly every question served in Vietnam, will pose a challenge for any we are going to hear more from women candidates
focused on some type of security, from homeland Democrat - man or woman. Furthermore, his leading up to 2008 than we ever have before.
security to economic security to Social Security to maverick reputation, exemplified by his opposi-
the security of marriage and the family. The con- tion to President Bush over anti-torture legisla- Cravens can be reached
cept unified most topics of debate, implying that tion, will appeal to independents and right-leaning atjjcrave@umich.edu
In our prayers
BY ABDULRAHMAN ELSAYED brothers and sisters in the Ann Arbor community Finally, the perpetrators of this kidnapping -
and beyond in praying that the Carroll family be twisters of an elegant faith and criminals against
The kidnapping of Ann Arbor native and jour- reunited and that they find peace, solace and deliv- humanity - are undoubtedly enraged to the point
nalist Jill Carroll in Iraq is an utter abomination. It erance. of false judgment and unjust action by some fac-
is a heartless and inhumane act to kidnap an inno- However, in the light of justice, after having tor. To identify this factor, we must consider their
cent individual, regardless of the circumstances. condemned these actions, it is important that I also own demands: the release of all Iraqi women
Those who have perpetrated this act do so under consider the events that have precipitated this awful held in military penitentiaries. While their means
the guise of Islam, claiming that their crime is situation. Although shame ought be on those who remain unjustified, their ends I do not question. Do
righteous in that it will lead to the "freedom" of committed the crime of kidnapping and who use a not these innocent women, like Carroll, deserve
other Muslims in Iraq. However, as a Muslim, I pure belief system to justify their crimes, I cannot release? Is it not in the scope of an illegal war that
wholeheartedly disagree. turn a blind eye to the circumstances in Iraq today. they have been plucked from their families? Is it
Islam is about consistency and justice. In Islam, As you read this article, innocent men, women and not utterly insulting, that after witnessing the rape
we are commanded by our creator to seek justice: children die. Citizens of the global community are of their homeland, the deaths of their fathers, hus-
"O ye who believe! Stand out firmly for God, as losing their lives to a war that to this day has no bands and sons, that they be humiliated through
witnesses to fair dealing, and let not the hatred empirical justification save the greed and mali- detention by foreign, unknown men?
of others to you make you swerve to wrong and cious desires of those to whom God has chosen to The kidnapping of Jill Carroll is an abomina-
depart from justice. Be just: that is next to piety" give power. While it is right to blame the individu- tion, one that must be righted. Her captors cannot
(Quar'an 5:8). Furthermore, we are a people who als who, with their own hands, have kidnapped be vindicated in falsely citing, and thereby dese-
"enjoin in the good, and forbid evil" (22:41). The Carroll, should I leave those who have enabled her crating, a beautiful and just religion. However, we
Machiavellian view of those who loot, kidnap and capture through their greed and irresponsibility cannot consider'this awful act as a singular entity;
murder in the name of God, claiming that their morally unscathed? it is an ugly vestige of what is actually an uglier
actions are somehow holy and that God has com- The war in Iraq - an implicit enabler to the beast. The war in Iraq is a wound on the body of
manded them to do so, shows a perversion of our capture of Carroll - is also an abomination, one humanity; it lays the basis for crimes such as this,
great religion for selfish purposes, a disregard for that as a Muslim, and equally as a human, I stand and until the wound itself is healed, the inevitable
common human morality (on which we do not against. And after my prayers for the Carroll fam- bacteria of loot, kidnap and murder will continue
believe Islam holds the monopoly) and a funda- ily, I also pray for the countless innocents who to fester therein.
mental ineptitude for understanding the global have lost their lives, humans like you and I, who
results of one's actions or rhetoric. In this light, as conspicuously remain nameless, faceless and sto- Elsayed is an LSA junior and a member of the
a Muslim but also as a human, I join my Muslim ryless courtesy of our current administration. Muslim Students' Association.
LE Send all letters to the editor to
LET T ERS T O T HE EDIT OR tothedaily~rmichigandaily. corn.

Sex offender registry
misleading, even dangerous
I want to thank the editorial board for Mon-
day's editorial about the Michigan Sex Offender
Registry and the infringed rights of sex offenders
(Offender alert,02/20/2006). I've experienced the
injustice and negative affects of the sex offender
registry firsthand; my boyfriend and my brother
are both listed on the registry.
The term "sex offender" is a gross misrepre-
sentation given the circumstances that place most
people on the registry. My brother and boyfriend
were both minors at the time of their incidents,
which occurred consensually and with girls their
own age. My boyfriend was never even con-
victed, and yet he is still forced to be named and

for anyone to see, including paranoid fanatics
who may want to take extreme action against
those they are led to believe are "rapists," when
really they were misunderstood minors whose
girlfriends' parents freaked out. This fear is not
unfounded given that some abortion clinics have
been bombed by righteous pro-lifers who some-.
how think they are justified.
I really appreciate the editorial for shedding
light on the subject and pointing out how Michi-
gan's legislation on this subject feeds off the blind
paranoia and ignorance of the general public.
Christy Connelly
LSA sophomore
Campus organizations reach
out to students needing help
Tnh1T' UbAT.

like Texas Hold 'Em poker have become very
popular and that online gambling, as described in
the article, is the current trend on campus. How-
ever, compulsive gambling is an addiction that
begins with seemingly innocuous activities. Some
young people are especially prone to the excite-
ment of winning. However, the spiral of decline
caused by gambling addiction is a thoroughly
studied phenomenon leading to burgeoning debts,
lies, theft and in the most serious cases, murder or
suicide. I would hate to see more young people's
lives destroyed due to gambling addiction.
I also applaud the University for any new poli-
cies that seek to curtail the dangerous binge drink-
ing that is so prevalent on campus. If this course of
action prevents tragic deaths, like that of Courtney
Cantor, then it is unquestionably necessary. As a
member of the executive board of the Association
of Religious Counselors, I know we will continue
to wonrk w~ith Vice President for Stuident Affairs

Editorial Board Members: Amy Anspach, Andrew Bielak, Kevin Bunkley, Gabrielle D'Angelo,
Whitney Dibo, Milly Dick, Sara Eber, Jesse Forester, Mara Gay, Jared Goldberg, Ashwin Jagan-

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