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December 01, 2005 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 2005-12-01

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From The Editor


Random sometimes just wants i
By Doug

Next week will be
last magazine of


3B The Daily Dish
Bob Winfield offers his
thoughts on improving the
University Health Service.
4B Architecture Column
Austin Dingwall on how the
Carnegie Library is ruining the
North Quad developments.
4B The List
A guide to the happen-
ings, concerts an shows
around town this weekend.
5B Game On
Video games and aca-
demia are closer than ever
in today's tech world.

10B Tech Column
Forest Casey explains how
innovation can trump graph-
ics in video games.
11B Random Student Interview
The random discusses
Rudolph and what men need
to know about women.
11B Point/Counterpoint
The superheroes debate
the best way to take final
exams at the University.
12B Beer Bash
One grandmother's tale of her
attermpt at the three-story
beer bong at State Street.

semester. We're hoping
to go out with a bang.
As you might already
know, the Daily now has t.
podcasts on its website.
This week, The State-
ment debuts its new
content for the pod-
casts. Starting today,
you can download the
Random Student Inter-
view and actually listen
to the interview instead
of reading it. It's a lot
funnier, and you'll also be able to hear the
out of the print version because of space
On this week's podcast, for example, our

stuff we cut
random dis-

cusses her ideal marriage proposal and why old peo-
ple dance at weddings. We'll be adding other content
- such as the rejected Random Student Interviews
that we don't use - in the weeks to come.
Our cover study is on University admissions and
how the University's policy has changed since the
2003 U.S. Supreme Court rulings. This year's under-
graduate class is unique as it's one of the few remain-
ing student bodies that was admitted under both the
new and the old policies. The story takes you back
to the day the decision was handed down and also
explains how things are done now. It's well worth
checking out.
Our secondary story is on video games and how
higher education, including the University, studies
them. With the release of XBox 360, gaming looks to
be headed to a whole new level, with scholars keep-
ing their eyes peeled on its development.
Finally, our superheroes debate about the merits of a
final paper vs. a Blue Book exam. Good luck on finals.
Thanks for reading.

The Michigan Daily: Hi, I'm calling from
The Michigan Daily and you've been selected
o do this week's Random Student Interview.
re you up for it?
random: Yeah.
TMD: Wonderful. Do you even know what
this is?
R: No.
TMD: It's a little feature that appears in The
Statement magazine every Thursday - where
we call somebody, ask them a whole bunch of
question and it shows up in the paper.
R: OK.
TMD: First question is: How was your
R: My Thanksgiving was great.
TMD: What did you do?
R: I have a place on Torch Lake, Michigan
and I went up there with my family.
TMD: What was your favorite part of the
Thanksgiving meal?
R: I love Thanksgiving meal, but my favor-
ite part was probably the stuffing.
TMD: What do you put in the stuffing that
makes it good?
R: I don't even know. It's just so good. (To
roommate) Why do I like stuffing? It's deli-
TMD: Wait wait wait. Why did you have to
ask someone why you like stuffing?
R: Haha, because - I don't know.
TMD: Haha, well apparently it's delicious.
Are you a fan of the Christmas music?
R: A little bit, but I'm not the kind of person
who listens to it the day after Thanksgiving.
TMD: OK, that's fair enough. Now we all
know that Rudolph was the biggest loser out
of the reindeer. But when you compare him
with The Little Engine That Could, who was
the bigger loser?
R: Rudolph.

TMD: Why is that?
R: Because all of a sudden when they need-
ed him, he just like jumped in there and was
like "yeah, I'll do it." The Little Engine That
Could - he always had - you know. What's
the word I'm looking for?
TMD: Tenacity? Perseverance?
R: Yeah, perseverance.
TMD: Stick-to-itiveness?
R: Yeah.
TMD: Yeah, he did have stick-to-itiveness.
Rudolph was just like a loafer.
R: He was a poser.
TMD: He was a poser. Damn Rudolph!
OK, let's get serious. What's the biggest thing
that men don't understand about women?
R: Um - I don't know. (To roommate)
What's the biggest thing that men don't under-
stand about women? I don't know. That's a
good question. Can I pass on that question.
TMD: All right. I guess I'll never find out
R: Can we come back to it?
TMD: Sure, we'll come back. Here's a
question: Is it true that all women want to
cuddle and snuggle?
R: Cuddling and snuggling is nice, but
that's not all we want.
TMD: So what do you want?
R: Well, sometimes cuddling and snug-
gling is what we're going for, but sometimes,
we have needs.
TMD: Like what? What are your needs?
R: Sometimes you just need to make out

R: Sounds good.
TMD: Are you going to go down the hall?
R: I'll go to the first floor and make out
with someone.
TMD: Why the first floor? Is there a boy
R: Yeah, the first floor is amazing.
TMD: What's the first floor like?
R: It's just a bunch of really cool guys that
we get along with really well.
TMD: What don't you understand about
R: (To roommate) What don't I understand
about men.
TMD: Kate is like your personal advisor.
R: Well, the hard questions. She's my
roommate. I don't know. All these questions
about the opposite sex I'm not doing well
TMD: We can just skip that and go on to a
more important question. How can a guy woo
R: Buy me flowers and sing to me.
TMD: What song would he have to sing?
R: "The Way You Look Tonight" by Frank
TMD: That's actually a pretty good song.
And that's it? Anybody can do this?
R: Anybody.
TMD: Even like a third-floor guy? Not
even a first-floor guy.
R: No, it has to be first-floor guy.
TMD: Well, that's not anybody is it?
R: The guys on the other floors are a little
TMD: So if one of them did it, what would
you do? Just be like "oh, thanks" and then

Download a podcast of this
article at www.michigandaily.com.

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6B Entry Levels
A look t the new Univer-
sity admissions policies
being put into action.
10B Sex Column
Brooke Snyder is look-
ing for a cuddle buddy
for the winter season.

with someone.
TMD: That is true. That is very true.
R: Yeah!
TMD: Yeah, exactly. Go make ou
somebody right now!
R: OK!
TMD: Well, finish the interview first

t with


Magazine Editor: Doug Wernert
Cover Art: Shubra Ohri & Ali Olsen
Photo Editor: Ali Olsen
Designer: Ashley Dinges
Editor in Chief: Jason Z. Pesick
Managing Editor: Alison Go


The final countdow
With Batman and Superm;

Doug Wernert, Magazine Editor
HUrG.Y?.E..TA E.E...
® ( . , Wat canbe any easier? Y oulnvr need apaper menuoephnagi!
2G~cub cm WITEFOR US. 9
W from. Earn frebs fon d.No more language barriero or iaccurare orders. No
more busy signals or being put en hold. Restaurant menus ore pot on the site
- simply click to order! JOIN TODAYII a,

By Batman
Besides the fact that it looks so good
stuffed into my utility belt, the Blue Book
is the preferred tool for executing the
f,._ lest villain in our fair city: finals.
What matters isn't what you've got to
say during your exams, it's the manner in
which you present them. You can either
have a loose, sloppy amalgamation of your
ideas slapped together on poorly ruled
slices of paper or you can compose your-
self, carry out the form of your thoughts
and present yourself with some valor.
Put it in a Blue Book, play by the

By Superman

Superman will tell you to be indepen-
dent, to express yourself in the way that
mirrors the wild personal nature of your
thoughts. He'll tell you to put it down
anyway you want it. I'm here to tell you
that you're right to doubt him. Blue Books
are the only way a teacher will take your
work seriously. Writing inside the lines
(both literally and metaphorically) keeps
you honest, productive and professional.
This is finals, there's no time to be an
Now get out of the Bat Cave.

Bruce, Bruce, Bruce. I mean, I know
hm No. 1 in the hearts of America and the
nmber one superhero, but you make it too
easy. You don't want to be the best. You're
happy being "numero two" (as in the words
of good friend and anchorman Brian- Fan-
tana). You're openly admitting to slacking
off on something that isn't hard.
Having a paper instead of a blue book
is great. One, you can finish it early and
leave for Christmas break sooner. Yeah,
that means more holiday parties and more
embarrassing hookups, booyah. Two, GSIs
will look at one of your drafts and thereby


2B -The Michigan Daily -Thursday, December 1, 2005

A i N .

The Michigan Daily -

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