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November 17, 2005 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 2005-11-17

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3B The Daily Dish
Rodo fo Altamirano on
how international students
adjust to the University.
4B Book Excerpt
"Writing Ann Arbor," edited
by Laurence Goldstein.
5B Going aut
Local bar serves the
gay community.
6B Heart of the City
Local experts tell about
Detroit's shortcomings
and hopes for the future.
10B Style Column
Aymar Jean on not judging
the poorly dressed people.

From The Editor

Random thinks Kinesiology students w(
By Niar

We're back.

Well, for

10B Campus Life Column
Joe Kilduff on the litera-
ture fans in Ann Arbor.
11B Random Student Interview
Jeff talks about his
brush with fame.
11B Point/Counterpoint
The superheroes debate over
Jim Tresse's chic sweater vest.
Magazine Editor: Doug Wernert
Cover Art: Peter Schottenfels
Photo Editor: Ali Olsen
Designer: Ashley Dinges
Editor in Chief: Jason Z. Pesick
Managing Editor: Alison Go

this week, at least. Of
course, with Thanksgiv-
ing coming up, there's
no magazine next week.
Enjoy the break. We
sure will.

Our cover story is on iu.
Detroit, our neigh bor .
to the east. With Super.
Bowl XL now less than
three months away, the
city is frantically prepar-
ing by fixing highways,
finding accommodations
and generally getting the
city ready for the event that is expected to drum up
more than $300 million in revenue. Of course, this
comes on the heels of a successful Major League
Baseball All-Star Game in Detroit. With the mayoral
election over and with more major sporting events
scheduled to take place in Detroit, now is a good
time to examine the city as a whole, as the time for
rebuilding could never be more perfect.
Our other story focuses on aut BAR, the pub for
the gay community on Braun Street. The establish-
ment has an interesting history and the article is
worth checking out if you have the time.
Finally, in this week's superhero debate, Batman
and Superman discuss, of all things, Ohio State head
coach Jim Tressel's sweater vests. Our style colum-
nist might have a thing or two to say about those in
the future.
Thanks for reading.
Doug Wernert, Magazine Editor
new england literature program
reading. art writing. musk.hkIng anything
ThiNovember 17. 7pm
Hike New Hampshre,
tao 10 Maine,
visitCape Co
Jspend Spring Term
In New England.

The Michigan Daily: Hi, I'm calling from
The Michigan Daily. You've been selected
to do The Statement's Random Student
iterview. Would you like to participate?
"Raj domr:Yeah, sure.
TMD: Cool. What's your name?
R: Jeff.
TMD: Hey, Jeff, how are you doing?
R: I'm good.
TMD: Where are you from?
R: Niles, Michigan.
TMD: Small town. Well, if the mayor of Niles
were going to erect a monument to commemo-
rate your legacy, what kind of monument would
it be?_
R: It would probably have been thought about,
but they wouldn't have enough initiative to actu-
ally make one.
TMD: Aww. That's sad. Well, if they did actu-
ally make one, where would you want it located?
R: Directly over the top of my high school.
TMD: Why?
R: Just so that when everyone goes in, they can
know that Jeff Emory went to that high school.
TMD: Fame, I see. Do you think people would
consider you narcissistic if you went to visit it
every day?
R: I'm not sure. I suppose so, yeah.
TMD: Would that bother you?
R: Uhh, no. I have a cool monument.
TMD: The Ohio State game is this weekend.
Win, lose or draw? What do you think?
R: You know, it's going to be a really tough
game, a really good game. But, I'm going to say
that Michigan pulls it off purely because they're
going to want to win.
TMD: I don't think they ever not want to win.

R: Well, yeah. But we're a young team, and
it seems like the inconsistencies go against what
they expect out of the game. I think they're going
to work hard and do well.
TMD: Are you going to the game?
R: Definitely.
TMD: All right. What's your favorite ritual
that we do?
R: Like cheer or ...?
TMD: Yeah, whatever. You know, like the
chop. Whatever you want.
R: You know, I really enjoy the band before-
hand. That's a good time before the game. Gets
you pumped up for it.
TMD: All right. What has been the highlight
of your college career thus far?
R: The Penn State game.
TMD: Any particular reason?
R: No particular reason. It was just absolutely
- TMD: If there was a terrible blizzard and all
of the power was out and no one could get out of
the building, would you eat your classmates?
R: Definitely.
TMD: Would you eat the fat ones first?
R: Oh, no. I gotta keep the calories down.
Come on.
TMD: You're worried about calories?
R: Yeah, definitely.
TMD: Do you think they would taste like
R: I suppose. Everything tastes like chicken.
TMD: Do you think Kinesiology students
would taste the best because they work out the
R: Definitely!
TMD: You're very excited about that.

R: Well, it's true.
TMD: OK. What has been your closest brush
with fame?
R: Uh ... I broke my finger playing flag foot-
ball. I became pretty well known for that around
the dorm.
TMD: And how was that a brush with fame?
R: Well, I'm in the HSSP, so everyone was all
interested in that, in a dorky sort of way.
TMD: All right. Well, I'll tell you mine. I met
MC Hammer once in Canada when I was like
seven, but he refused to take pictures with us.
R: Are we talking all the way back then?
TMD: Yeah, yeah. "Can't touch this" days.
That ages me.
R: When I was around 10 or 11, I was inter-
viewed about a Bulls basketball game that I
watched. That was pretty cool.
TMD: Sing me the opening bars of your theme
R: I'm not going to sing. It would definitely be
the "Friends" theme song, but I'm not going to
sing it.
TMD: Why the "Friends" theme song?
R: Because it's the first song I actually know.
TMD: If you could choose three celebrities to
ship off to a deserted island, never to return, who
would they be?
R: Michael Jackson, one. Terrell Owens. And,
huh... I don't know. Brad Pitt.
TMD: Brad Pitt? Why?
R: It gives all us guys a better chance.
TMD: Yeah, you don't like the competition?
R: Exactly.
TMD: Well, he is aging. So, just wait 20
R: OK, well then, Tom Cruise cuz he's taking

of li
tell r
I eve


A vested intere
With Superman and Batr

BT Superman
Listen, Superman does not, and I repeat,
'.does not like Ohio State. But I think that
the sweater vest, more poignantly, the Tres-
selvest lends some sort of panache to the
Buckeyes. They did win a national champi-
onship with a coach who looked more like
Chandler Bing circa 1997 than Vince Lom-
bardi circa the Snow Bowl.
But it can't be that surprising that I like
it, I mean, look at my outfit. It's bright blue,
red and yellow. You know what wearing
something like that says? It says "I've got
the balls to pull this off." Seriously, who's
going to mess with the giant guy in tights
and brilliant colors? It's a little confusing
why Tressel can do it - he's kind of a little
guy. But I think I know why it works for
him. You Bible readers, remember Samp-

son? Well, quick recap, his hair made him
powerful. Well, look at the Ohio State pro-
gram. How are they not on probation right
now? Yup, I'm putting two and two togeth-
er; it's the sweater vest. If Tressel ever took
it off, boom, sanctions everywhere.
So, to recap, Batman doesn't like it
because he knows that the only reason
he has any success as a superhero comes
from his vast collection of toys. He's a
little envious that someone else figured
the trick to use inanimate objects as good
luck charms (see the National Champion-
ship game in January 2003). Because let's
cut the shit, Tressel isn't that good of a
coach and only got that title- with a little
help from his vest and the refs.
Go Blue mother bitches. Fuck the Bucks!

By Batman
4 >believe in justice, I believe in power
an4 I completely believe that Jim Tressel
loks ridiculious in his sweater vest.
Unlike my own stunning logo and aura
of intimidation, Tressel's vest projects a
legacy and image that not only fails to
make up for his ... well ... completely
corrupt program, but also fails to hold
in the growing bulge of his stomach.
Don't hate on him because he coaches
inbred, sub-literate scraps of humanity
like AJ Hawk. Hate him for his lack
of style, his woeful panache and abil-
ity to make the full-on dork outfit look
worse on him than it normally does on
110-pound kids who'd rather be popping
Xanax and complaining about their
Orgo lab.

2B-Th ihiai JUSt ai u--Thr udyovme -r1d,200
2B - The Michigan Daily - Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Michigan Daily


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