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October 27, 2005 - Image 18

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The Michigan Daily, 2005-10-27

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3B The Daily Dish
Robert Holmes on the
many services avail-
able to students.
4B Finding Their Religion
How New Life is chang-
ing student faith.


From The Editor

Random fails world
By Nia

6B The Weekend List
A guide to the happenings
around town this weekend.
7B Point/Counterpoint
The superheroes debate over
the best part of Halloween.
8B Equal Opportunity
Title IX: The landmark
law that changes sports
for both sexes.
12B Main Event
One street in A2 is attracting
students to its part of town.

13B Book Excerpt
"American Prophet: The Life
and Work of Carey McWilliams"
14B Style Column
Aymar Jean discusses how
to find your own style.
14B Campus Life Column
Joe Kilduff on Happy Hour
at Ann Arbor's bars.
15B Random Student Interview
Amy reveals her scariest.
Halloween adventures.
16B Dollar Dining
Cheap eats for students
strapped for cash.
Magazine Editor: Doug Wernert
Cover photo: Ali Olsen
Photo Editor: Ali Olsen
Designer: Ashley Dinges
Editor in Chief: Jason Z. Pesick
Managing Editor: Alison Go

When we were deciding
which story should run on
which week, we knew we
wanted the main stories
to be totally different from
each other in order to have some diversity in these tabloid-
sized pages. This week, however, there's a common theme
between New Lifewand Title IX: They both spurnedna good
amount of change, either in the way some students practice
their faith or in the way college athletics is structured.
Title IX is one of those laws that you think was just passed
a few years ago. In reality, it was first passed in 1972, with
the final version put into law in 1975. New Life, on the other
hand, seems like it's been around forever - at least to me
- but it only started less than ten years ago.
Regardless of how they started, both stories have inter-
esting backgrounds and subplots and continue to show that
at a school such as this one, there are many stories to be
Thanks for reading.

When we decided to
change this section from
Weekend Magazine to The
Statement, the editors and
I had a series of meetings
over the summer where we
discussed story ideas, lay-
out possibilities and fonts
(I had no idea how impor-
tant fonts were until this
past summer).

e Michigan Daily: Hey, whom
speaking with?
Random: Amy.
TMD: Hey, Amy. How are you?
R: Good.
TMD: I'm calling from The Mich-
igan Daily. You have been selected
for this week's Random Student
Interview from a list of thousands.
Would you like to participate?
R: Um ... sure.
TMD: So, Halloween is this
weekend. Got any big plans?
R: Well, I have a big test on Tues-
day so I'm going to pick like one day
to go out.
TMD: And what are you going to
do on that day?
R: I'm going to meet up with
friends and wear a costume and go
to some parties.
TMD: Oh, I see. What's the scari-
est thing you can remember happen-
ing to you on Halloween?
R: Oh, well my neighbor was like
- he had this really weird voice and
he'd been in a lot of car accidents -
like his shoulder was all weird and
his face was all weird and he was
just like a scary guy. He would like
yell at us because he didn't believe
in Halloween, so he would yell at us
and tell us not to come into his yard.
It would freak the hell out of us.
TMD: OK, making fun of dis-
abled people. How old were you?
R: I'm 19. Oh, back then? I was
like seven or something.
TMD: That's more understand-
able. Did you ever try snorting Pixie
R: No, actually, I have never tried
snorting sugar. I like to eat sugar
TMD: I guess that works, howev-
er it gets in the blood stream. When
did it become totally uncool to go
R: I don't think it's ever uncool.
TMD: Exactly. I'm still going. Do
you have an idea for what your cos-
tume is going to be?
R: It depends. I'm either going to

be like a referee - a sexy referee.
TMD: A sexy referee?
R: Yeah, or a flight attendant or
TMD: So you're going for like
the wrestling referee here? A little
WWF action?
R: I guess so, yeah. If you want to
put it that way.
TMD: There are currently rumors
that a Minnesota Target is going to
begin selling vibrators in their stores.
Care to share your thoughts on that?
R: Oh wow! I think that's really
cool that they don't have to be sec-
tioned off in some special store
where you have to feel all awkward
about it.
TMD: Would you consider buy-
ing one from there?
R: From Target? Well, I guess
I'd have to talk to people who had
bought one previously cuz I don't
know if Target would exactly have
the best quality.
TMD: Concerned about quality at
R: Yes, I'd have to know if it was
worth the money.
TMD: Going for name brand ver-
sus Target brand?
R: Something like that.
TMD: OK. A website recently
published photos of Britney Spears's
baby and immediately pulled them
off after being threatened with a
lawsuit. Why do you think no one
has seen the Britney baby yet?
R: In my personal opinion, it's
nauseating for people who are
famous to talk about their personal
lives, so we don't need to see it.
More power to whoever is keeping
us from seeing it.
TMD: So you don't think it's
because it has a tail or something?
R: That would be funny. I would
definitely get a laugh out of that, but
I don't know.
TMD: What's a better name for a
celebrity baby? Apple or Peaches?
R: I like Peaches. It flows a little

TMD: So not a fan of Gwenyth
Paltrow. Paris or Ireland?
R: Paris. Romance, romance,
TMD: Uh. Whatever. You can't
get any better than Ireland.
R: Well, I've never been there.
TMD: Satchel or Moon Unit?
R: I don't know what Satchel is?
TMD: It's like a purse or a bag.
R: Oh, definitely.
TMD: These are all real by the
way. So, in the wake of recent politi-
cal disasters, speculations have been
flying about potential candidates for
the 2008 elections. Be honest. Who
would you rather vote for? Condi
Rice or Hillary Clinton?
R: Definitely not the latter, that's
for sure.
TMD: You're going with Condi
R: Sure.
TMD: All right ... Jon Stewart or
Bill O'Reilly?
R: Jon Stewart.
TMD: All right. You're still up in
my esteem. Have you ever secretly
wished you could be in the middle of
a hurricane?

R: No, I'd like to see one, bul
definitely don't want to be in tl
middle of one.
TMD: No? You're not one of tho
Anderson Cooper types?
R: No, definitely not.
TMD: If you were in a band, wl
would your name be?
R: I don't know. Something wi
the word Tink in it.
TMD: Tink? Can you give us
R: I don't know. I don't know wh
kind of band I would be in. I listen
all kinds of music. It would be hard
think of a genre and then pick a nam
TMD: All right. You've thoug
about this. What kind of instrume
would you play?
R: I'd probably play the guitar.
TMD: But you don't currently?
R: No. I play the cello so I
down with the strings. But if it w
a cool rock band or something, I
definitely need a guitar.
TMD: Aw, the cello doesn't fit
there? All right. What would you c,
your most popular romantic ballad
R: Uh. "Love Hurts."
TMD: Unfortunately, that one l

Doug Wernert, Magazine Editor

:! v I

A-t Biuffalo Wildl Wings
Thursday Oct 27h
Costume Contest!


X" $500.00
2"4 $200.00
3a 050.00

Fiendishly Fun For All!

-- The Michigan Daily -Thursday, October 27, 2005

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