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October 20, 2005 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 2005-10-20

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3B The Daily Dish
Ralph Willians on Ann
Arbor culture and the future
of classic literature.
4B Juiced
A breakdown of the
NCAA's procedures
regarding steroid use.
5B Architecture Column
Austin Dingwall looks at
the 'cool' renovations to
the University of Michi-
gan Museum Art.
6B At home
Hornosexual students
ind their niche in the
dorms at the University.

loB Sex Column
Brooke Snyder explains
why groupie love doesn't
cut it in this day and age.
11B Tech Column
Forest Casey recalls one
laboratory's attempt
to stop smoking.
12B Random Student Interview
Esther talks about the Seven
Dwarves nd making of
her Broadway musical.
Magazine Editor: Doug Wernert
Cover Art: Megan Greydanus
Photo Editor: Ali Olsen
Designer: Ashley Dinges
Editor in Chief: Jason Z. Pesick
Managing Editor: Alison Go

From The Editor
Small box this week, but
it's a small issue, too. We'll ......
be back to our regular 16
pages of fun next week.
The best thing about
being the editor of this
magazine (aside from the
fact I can do a Random Stu-
dent Interview whenever I
want) is the fact that each
week, the featured stories K...
are totally different. Look-
ing back at this semester
alone, we've covered voting *
at the University, the elec-
tions in Ukraine, Football
Saturdays and many other topics whose only connection is
that we thought they would be fun to write about.
This week, our writers look at steroids at NCAA schools
and gay students in dorms. Again, the topics are totally dif-
ferent. With these stories, we try to make you, the readers,
more aware of these issues and present them in a format
that is both thought-provoking and easy on the eyes.
Thanks for reading.

Random wants midget necklace arou
By Doug Wern

Doug Wernert, Magazine Editor


Hey, Freshmen,
Sophomores, and v
... is your~job
simply notCut Rg t
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(yd0 U.

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e Michigan Daily: Hi, I'm call-
from The Michigan Daily and
you've been selected to do this
week's Random Student Interview. Are
you up for it?
Random: Sure.
TMD: OK, what's your first name?
R: Esther.
TMD: First question: How was your
R: It was good.
TMD: What did you do for the fall
study break?
R: I went home.
TMD: Where's home?
R: Detroit.
TMD: What did you do there?
R: I went to my high school's home-
coming game.
TMD:Fair enough. Would you ever
pose nude?
R: No.
TMD: Well, say you did. What would
you want the name of the statue to be
R: "The Girl."
TMD: "The Girl." Who would you
want to sculpt it?
R: Picasso because nobody would be
able to tell it was me.
TMD: What do you think about Lud-
acris coming to town?
R: Very exciting.
TMD: Are you going?
R: I want to.
TMD: Well, tickets are rapidly decreas-
ing in availability. Do you have hos in dif-
ferent area codes?
R: Hahaha, no I don't.
TMD: Do you have hos in any area
R: Haha, no.
TMD: You don't have any hos? What
do you think he means by hos? Do you
think he means like gardening tools?
R: Girls he can mess around with.
TMD: What's your fantasy? Going
with the Ludacris theme ...
R: Haha, the Ludacris theme. Um ...
oh, he has this one line in one of his songs
... he has a necklace as big as a midget
around his neck or something. That would
be cool.
TMD: So you'd want a midget neck-
lace around your neck?
R: Yes.
TMD: OK, what do you think he
means by no. one spot?
R: Probably something gross and sex-;
TMD: What about just like his status1
in society?
R: It could be, but I doubt it. His songs
aren't really political. They're more ...
TMD: They're more about getting
people to move out of the way in traffic.
R: Haha, yeah.
TMD: If there was a musical about
your life, what would you want the big
showstopping number to be called?
R: "Esther: The Musical."
TMD: "Esther: The Musical?" With

all the leg kicks and stuff?
R: Yeah, because everyone would
know what it's about.
TMD: Cool. What would the first line
R: Um ... "Esther, Esther, she's so
TMD: And then "da da da da da da,"
R: Exactly.
TMD: Now would there be a love
interest in this musical?
R: There would be many, but she
wouldn't go for any of them.
wMD: Oh, would they be from differ-
ent parts of the country? How about that?
R: Sure, why not?
TMD: Then you can say you had hos
in different area codes.
R: That's true!
TMD: It can be like a Rogers & Ham-
merstein musical. Do you have any embar-
rassing posters on the wall when you were
R: Not really.
TMD: What about here at school?
Who do you have on your wall?
R: Eminem.
TMD: Good choice. Anybody else?
R: No. My roommate does.
TMD: Who does she have?
R: She has a "Sex and the City" poster
and Coldplay.
TMD: "Sex and the City?" Come on.
R: I like "Sex and the City!"
TMD: What's so good about it?
R: It's funny to watch. They talk about
things that people don't talk about.
TMD: .And they have hos in different
area codes, too, don't they?
R: Oh, yes, they do.
TMD: I'm trying to get my roommates
to go as the Seven Dwarves for Hallow-
een. Do you think that's a good costume?
R: Well, maybe if you have six other
TMD: Oh, I do. What dwarf do you
think I would be good as?
R: I don't know ... Goofy?
TMD: Goofy? I would be Goofy?
R: If there is such a dwarf.
TMD:,Oh, there is not a dwarf named
Goofy. Goofy is the name of this dog on
Mickey Mouse.
R: Happy. You would be Happy.
TMD: That would work. Do you think
we should have a Snow White?
R: It would be funny if you dressed a
guy like Snow White.
TMD: Yeah, but every time we went
to somebody's house, someone would col-
lapse and we'd have to run off and find a
prince or something.
R: Haha, I guess. You could have a
doll. It might be easier.
TMD: So I would be Happy, and I
would be lugging around a doll dressed
like Snow White. That's not odd at all.
R: It's Halloween. You can do whatever
you want.
TMD: That's true. All right, thanks for
doing this. Look for it in the magazine.

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