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January 20, 2005 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 2005-01-20

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2B - The Michigan Daily - Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Michigan I

Random forgets jump rope song

table of'jcontents

auto-neurotic with Alexandra Jones

By Doug Wemert
Daily TV/New Media Editor

The Michigan Daily: Hi, is Sarah
Random: This is she.
TMD: Hi Sarah, I'm calling from The
Michigan Daily, and you've been selected
to do this week's Random Student Inter-
R: I have!?
TMD: Yeah, are you excited?
R: Yeah!
TMD: Here we go. First of all, how are
you and how was your weekend? What
did you do?
R: On Friday night, my friends and
I had a "Sex and the City" party and
dressed up like the different characters
and watched "Sex and the City."
TMD: Which one did you dress up as?
R: I was Charlotte.
TMD: Is that the hot one?
R: Haha, I don't know. She has blonde
TMD: Haha, I hope she was the hot
R: Yeah, well, if I dressed up like her,
I guess she is.
TMD: Oh, that's pretty cool. OK, now
we're on the real questions. What do you
think the better career is: breakdancer or
lion tamer?
R: Um ... I guess maybe ... shoot ...
a lion tamer?
TMD: Why's that?
R: Because you probably get to wear a
really cool outfit or something.
TMD: Yeah, but you have to work with
lions who can maul you to death at any
R: Yeah, but as a breakdancer, you
have to spin on your head, and I can't do
that at all.
TMD: Yeah, but you can wear those
silk pants then.
R: I suppose. I don't know, that's a hard

TMD: And that's only the first one,
R: I know, I know. I'll be better.
TMD: All right, what's the best job to
have in the circus?
R: Why are these all circus-related?
TMD: It's just two questions!
R: I think it would be either a clown or
a trapeze person.
TMD: A trapeze person? They're pret-
ty cool. And they get to wear some cool
outfits, too.
R: Yeah! Am I like a really boring
TMD: Yeah, kind of. But we're going
to keep going anyway. Who's your favor-
ite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle?
R: Michelangelo.
TMD: Because he was a party dude?
R: Yeah.
TMD: And he had the nunchucks.
Were you a fan of the nunchucks?
R: I was. I was indeed. I wish I had
TMD: Why do you think they hung
out with Splinter?
R: I don't know because he was like a
weird rat thing and he was kind of big
comparative, you know ... I guess maybe
they were small turtles. This is all very
confusing to me.
TMD: This is like one of those myster-
ies of the universe.
R: Yeah, but I was a really big fan of
the Ninja Turtles.
TMD: Did you like in "Teenage
Mutant Ninja Turtles 2" where Vanilla Ice
was in it?
R: Yeah, that was kind of random, but
you have to love Ice Ice ... baby.
TMD: Oh, I do. Who was your favorite
R: Bill Clinton.
TMD: So you're not going to Bush's
R: No, but I was invited to it or what-
ever. My uncle is a congressman, and he's
getting inaugurated too or whatever.

TMD: And you're not going?
R: No, I can't. I got this really fancy
invitation and all, but I'm not going.
TMD: Oh, that's too bad. Who's your
favorite pro wrestler of all time?
R: Oh, that one guy ... what was his
name? Oh crap, what was his name? He
like farted on people on something.
TMD: I don't know of any wrestlers
who farted on people.
R: Well, my brother used to watch it,
and I would watch it with him. What are
some names of some pro wrestlers.
TMD: Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate
Warrior, Stone Cold Steve Austin ...
R: I want to say it was like Chewy or
TMD: Chewy? Do you think Chewy is
a menacing name for a pro wrestler?
R: I don't know. Hulk Hogan, then.
TMD: Oh, OK. Why do you think
wrestlers wrestle in their underwear?
R: Because it shows off all their mus-
TMD: Why did you say muscles like
R: Because they want to show them
off, and that's why I said that ... I don't
TMD: Fair enough. Did you jump rope
when you were a little girl?
R: Yeah.
TMD: Did you have any songs you
would sing?
R: Yeah!
TMD: Name one.
R: Well, we used to do ... (sing-
ing) Cinderella, dressed in yellow, went
upstairs to kiss her fella, made a mistake
and kissed a snake, how many doctors did
it take? One, two, three, four, five ... and
then you keep going.
TMD: Wow, that's the only one I know
R: Oh, I should have picked something
TMD: Oh, there are other ones?
R: I'm sure. I'm trying to think. It was
like: (singing) Over the border to Mexico,
Texaco ... I don't remember.
TMD: Wow, I can just picture myself
jumping rope for hours singing that!
R: Yeah, I know. I don't remember. that
sucks. I should jump rope more.

TMD: Hahahaha, yeah, I guess so.
Did you hear about the fire in the shoe
R: No.
TMD: Ten thousand soles were lost.
R: Really? Where?
TMD: Haha, you know ... that was a
joke! Soles ... soles of shoes.
R: Haha, I can hear everyone laugh-
TMD: Well, that was a classic moment
right there.
R: Wow, I'm a loser, OK.
TMD: Did you hear about the shooting
in the popcorn factory?
R: No.
TMD: 10,000 kernels got popped.
R: Haha, uh oh!
TMD: Did you get that one?
R: Yeah, I got it. Hahahaha.
TMD: All right, do you know the
words to the "Full House" theme song?
R: I do.
TMD: How does it go?
R: (singing) Whatever happened to ...
da da da da da da ... the milkman, the
paperboy, even TV.
TMD: Haha, wow, it's just like the
jump rope chant, isn't it?
R: Haha, yeah, how does it go?
TMD: Whatever happened to predict-
ability? The milkman, the paperboy, eve-
ning TV? How does the main part go?
R: (singing) Everywhere you look ...
TMD: Yeah, that's pretty good. Who
was hotter: D.J. or Stephanie?
R: OK, when they were little, Stepha-
nie. When they were older, D.J.
TMD: So, you've certainly watched it
through the years.
R: Oh, honey, I've watched every epi-
TMD: Oh thanks, angel pie.
R: Hahahaha.
TMD: And finally, have you ever left a
dirty phone message?
R: Not a dirty phone message. Maybe
like a funny one.
TMD: Yeah, well everyone's done
R: I know. I guess I'm not that cool.
TMD: Well, maybe you should work
on it, honey.
R: I will, sweetie pie.


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The more creative
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Ellen McGarrity: So I
gained a few pounds'
Fad diets: A guide
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Entertainment with
Alexandra Jones
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you watch

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1. Coach Carter (29.2)- Bad move
Ashanti - Fiddy Cent is going to mock
you in his next single for appearing in
2. Meet the Fockers (22.6) -
America's fetish with watching a nebbish
Ben Stiller get tortured continues.
3. Racing Stripes (18.5) - It's nice
to see Tim Allen's daughter from "Joe'r
Somebody" moving on to bigger and
better things.
4. In Good Company (743) -
How Dennis Quaid felt about the guy
who used to sell him cocaine.
5. Elektra (5.7) - She should have
stayed dead at the end of "Daredevil."
6. White Noise (14.1) - Michael
Keaton didn't get any EVP messages
that this movie was going to suck.
7. The Aviator (6.3) - Gwen Stefani
plays the comely, untalented and ditzy
Jean Harlow. Genius!
8. Lemony Snicket's A Series
of Unfortunate Events (5.3) - The
movie will certainly live up to its title if it
becomes a franchise.
9. The Phantom of the Opera
(4.6) - Hopefully, "Starlight Express"
won't be the next major movie musical.
10. Fat Albert (3.7) - Why didn't they
cast Courtney Love as Mushmouth?

eive alI'seen ,it at one timec jag amtongst foodiesiand anyone with culinary' expet~ Yuicio Hattori;
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enthraling and utterly contoundg tan Masko K-ob, knewn in Japa.. controversiFy..........h 0t.
hovr-kong programs. Mayb& you saw wee cuhinary cirdles as The Pdneof eve& Morimocte.rund.ou th.
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with geaming kntives and 1ive sajm- Snwwontork aom. It's true Sht withbot th5 eu
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time limit plus shiny costumes euals pres.ig .. rChef Amer- glad that Food Networks seemir
ratings gold no matter where you go. lea," Food Netwotk's new adaptation ubiquitous dimple-faced, spendt
Throw in a few bashels of bad over- of Fuji lTheruational TV's .it. Rather twat Ractael Ray isn't involved.
dubbing and a dash of cxtss-cltual than' the' L ierace-emque Chairman
mystique, and you've got a hMt on your Kaa (whos realy a actor any way), Alexandra wants tu be able to
hands.w'eg&e i "nephew." Instead of into a hot pepper like Chairman K,
Gawker1om asserts that the show.. dish-by-di co. enar o.for- Offer her words of enouragemer
has "an impenetrable, cult-like follow- mer baseball announcer Kenji Fukui, aJlmaj@umch a



baily Arts Mix Tape



-- - II I i111111 IlillillO11II1M1111Ig1YM11M1



...but can't get out?
We deliver right to your door from
these local restaurants:


Writers: Nikki Black, Jeffrey
Bloomer, Ashley Dinges, Katie
Marie Gates, Megan Jacobs,
Dan Marchese, Amanda R.
Shapin, Doug Wernert
Photo Editors: Elise Bergman,
Tony Ding, Ryan Weiner
Photographers: Alex
Dziadosz, Tommaso Gomez,
Shubra Ohri, Ali Olsen
Cover Photo: Tony Ding
Arts Editors: Jason Roberts,
Managing Editor

In the depts of a northern
winter, the dim lights flicker
like an old lantern. This
week's mix tape is a collection
of songs that pay.homage
to the transgressions we
humans commit. The A side
is all revolver-spinning,
bank-robbing anthems'for
malicious sc emes and
sinister pipe dreams. Side
B is the confessional. It
focuses on the aftermath
of the evil deeds. If the
torment of The Geto Boys
and Joy Division is any
indication, the penance we
force on ourselves may
be our eventual undoing.
Who knows what evil
lurks in the hearts of
men? McGarvey knows.
- Evan McGarvey

1. Children's Story - Slick
2. 187 (Deep Cover Remix)
- Dr. Dre and Snoop Doggy
3. Red Right Hand - Nick
Cave & The Bad Seeds
4. To Hell With Good Inten-
5. Glocked Up (T.I. Diss)
- Lil' Flip
6. 9mm Goes Bangs - Boogie
Down Productions
7. Frankie Teardrop - Suicide
8. If I Were Going - The
Afghan Whigs
9. Run - Ghostface Killah and
10. Shook Ones Part II
- Mobb Deep

1. Comm' From Where I'm From
- Anthony Hamilton
2. C.R.E.A.M. -The Wu-Tang
3. The Foundation - Xzibit
4. I Am.Not Batman - Mogwai
5. Safe - Scarface
6. Ghetto Qu'ran - 50 Cent
7. Hoist That Rag - Tom Waits
8. She's Lost Control - Joy
9. Mind Playin' Tricks On Me
- The &eto Boys
10. Suicidal Thoughts - The
Notorious 8.I.G.
- Total run time: 84 minutes, 50


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* Banditos
" Bennie's Broasted
* Brown Jug
" California Pizza
* Dynasty
" Harvest Deli
" Mancino's

" Miki Japanese
" Paesano's
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* Quizno's
" TGrI Frid;a..



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" Smoke
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" Ya Yas

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