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October 29, 2004 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 2004-10-29

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The Michigan Daily - Friday, October 29, 2004 - 5








H omosexual lobbyists and their allies say there is no need
to amend the state constitution since there are plenty of
laws to protect marriage in Michigan. They claim there is no
threat to marriage! This is false!
The truth is that marriage is under attack in Michigan and
across America. You need to vote YES on November 2 to
protect marriage! Vote YES to amend Michigan's constitu-
tion and define marriage as the union of one man and one
Reason #1 - We cannot allow marriage to be
redefined by activist judges
Activist judges are redefining marriage as the union of
two "persons" without distinction of gender. With this new
definition, Massachusetts judges ruled that two men or two
women can "marry."
Encouraged by the Massachusetts court decision, San
Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom issued 4,000 marriage
licenses to same-sex couples that were later invalidated.
Other mayors and officials have followed suit. Activists
across the nation are challenging state laws in the courts right
If we do not amend our state constitution to clearly
define marriage as the union of a man and a woman, what
happened in Massachusetts and California can happen here.
Reason #2 Marriage = One Man and One
Woman ONLY!
Civil government does not create civil marriage for the
simple reason that it does not create marriage. Marriage is a
social reality that predates the state and therefore cannot orig-
inate from it. Without marriage, there would be no family,
and without the family, no society would be formed.
What the government does in civil marriage is to recog-
nize the civil effects of marriage. But this recognition must
respect the nature of the institution and the procreative end
for which it exists.
By the very fact that the civil government is not the
author of marriage (the author is nature itself and, through
nature, the Creator), it can alter neither the essence nor
appearance of marriage.
Reason #3 Same-sex "marriage" destroys the
concept of marriage
To say that redefining marriage by giving married status
to homosexual unions does not harm heterosexual marriage
is to deny the social nature and the public aspect of this insti-
Marriage is the permanent sacred bond uniting a man and
a woman who desire to constitute a family and face life's tri-
als together.
Redefining marriage as simply a union between two peo-
ple regardless of sex defeats the very purpose of marriage -
the perpetuation of the species - and therefore destroys the
very idea of the institution of marriage. This new idea of
"marriage" reduces and degrades all marriage to a more or
less stable cohabitation of two people. It empties the term of


Reason #4 - Science does not corroborate the
myth that homosexuality is genetic
As much as scientists have
tried, nobody has been able to
prove in any conclusive study that "Like
homosexuality is genetic. No sci-
entist has found a homosexual thought that hon
gene. In fact, most studies have behavior could b
found exactly the contrary - there
is no scientific evidence for innate but sexual orien
homosexuality. could not be cha
If homosexuality were genetic, now believe than
we would expect identical twins,
who share the exact same genetic some people can
code, to have identical attitudes change."
towards homosexuality. This is - Dr. Rc
frequently not the case.
If homosexuality were genetic,
dominant, irreversible, then no one could resist it or change
even if desired. The incontestable fact, however, is that psy-
chological therapy has proven successful in diminishing, and
in many cases even eliminating undesired same-sex attrac-
tion. This is acknowledged even by Dr. Robert L. Spitzer
who led the campaign inside the American Psychiatric
Associaton to discontinue listing homosexuality as a psychi-
atric disorder: "Like most psychiatrists, I thought that homo-
sexual behavior could be resisted, but sexual orientation
could not be changed. I now believe that's untrue - some
people can and do change." ("Prominent Psychiatrist
Announces New Study Results: 'Some Gays Can Change,"'
Reason #5 Traditional Marriage is in the plans
of God.
God wants men and women to cooperate with Him in the
creation of new human life. It was God who instituted mar-
riage and He did this in Paradise: "And God created man to

be re
('s u

his own image: to the image of God he created him: male and
female he created them. And God blessed them saying: Be
fertile and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule
over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and all liv-
ing creatures that move upon the earth." (Gen.
1:27-28); "Wherefore a man shall leave father
ists, I and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and
exual they shall be two in one flesh." (Gen. 2:24).
ed. I You need to vote YES on November 2 and
amend the Michigan constitution to place the
:ntrue - sacred institution of marriage beyond the reach
d do of activist judges. If same-sex marriage is
passed here, it will be taught in our schools.
L. Spitzer Clergy will be pressured to remain silent on
this important moral issue.
Here's how you can help:
/ Vote YES on November 2 to protect marriage.
/ Encourage your relatives and friends to Vote YES on
November 2.
/ Order your personal copy of Defending a Higher
Law, a precious guide for individuals and families
who want to protect traditional marriage for the next
Want more information? Want to get involved?
Citizens for the Protection of Marriage
Protect Marriage Yes!
112 E. Allegan Street, Suite #600
Lansing, MI 48933
(248) 477-1043

With the same-sex "marriage" debate heating up all across the country, the
American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) is enter
ing into the cultural fray with Defending a Higher Law, a compelling new book,
which clearly spells out why pro-family America must react.
Written by TFP's Committee on American Issues, the 212-page book is a much-
needed defense of traditional marriage based on Catholic tradition and natural law.
"A handbook for those who wish to engage in this debate
from a Catholic perspective"
- The Most Reverend Elden Francis Curtiss,
Archbishop of Omaha, Nebraska
"There are absolutely no grounds
for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar
or even remotely analogous to God's plan for marriage and family.
IAlrin, sa 2, L1, lAlhll4W 10 L i3'fr'1iiian ! ,ai ,cthenatural mnal lmw_ "

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------J '*? Q: _____:t?3
For a FREE Copy of
Defending A Higher Law
2 YES! Please rush me my FREE copy
of Defending a Higher Law ($2.00 donation for S&H)
Q I'm a college student.
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