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February 05, 2004 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 2004-02-05

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OP/E~D The Michigan Daily - Thursday, February 5, 2004 - 5A
Daily OpnoUrvdsprpcieo
Saturday's~~~ Deoraiacu~s
VIEWPO . j.,,,,., INT
~ un ~o1einthtJntySaes 2,00voer.cs blltscutth ds epeial)afetigcol4e nth1lngrruN-acd
an 9. tv n the Ir4cm Reulcn had mor tha 1.3x mu tdns hs ilicueise cn wegn hti' adfr
pfg mn.ipratwyt ae lo oespatcpt nterlk upr o eea shlrhp eesuet otk esetv
a a ~o~ htteftr od hsy ar o Mihia ni n onsadporm t npr f10o 0yasinoteft
gata to thei'i ; $ nt ioa covnto tine appl the cast a allo by e m in,, orbe icipation i n the idSes ot t hceir oca ~ecuitybf in 200 a.ot ^u, < d'
&~~t200 in July. Worin aavou- cm teb thyoe cn m sho up er ing l stde sggestiant th~cis isn dea e has imporant cnesune
T e' gr Wi ao raddt ndcsig a i persndiate a e c aucu sie ont Saur bitecae ate ' haeducttiettl dow fofuture taxirats that. yoewi r 'pay
goingtoe lt f ter oppotni- day00 a oted cast a alo Theretare they doneialt havet g een e of So an arguen one r ade tht.........
tisbtnnwand Novm b' e r sa- evubcn ts here ou han vote in cotment tohtse pollitcld e t he stakes i tha t hard feon h eh ;s# fd
- Thi yer al s,7 the an i pon iner Washiten Cty; you andk sens ofo powera holear- ins ae<tdeg time of ppea e '
Mshia iso te De oaix holds Thnisd tem atMi a www m'-imdc-oans .and vrotiga s ao lere There is21e 'i hnnw
Reubicn caUle thei 20uu~ yearse int the fall,~b duin th geea likel yolr oi h utr.Sne pinwl uet o
whil t he D m t e-petcat y reaeetion amp':saign.m t The ch Y ,graduate sudntd taeseh exper -_____ fedealdecitsaec___________.
wher arun eO, s9Saturdaysto mail b twee Prsnt Bus and wo..e;nYoung pro pofe sear el in inl prspc of. lag ubr . .
case i thi ur ya rfseaigojust eruthd Dmcati m ine i ll very urnotamog thei voin age oom retirees sf w ,Y r t
EDW RDS iS n al covt ion i thpl the P ai ot tcn b e r ts doeticip o i e as while s imu te thei ol c ri ty' w bei abl mz s Repbli n 11& ft
dgokn sav n enied,? whih reansanlargelnegaw op yg credibly dishonoring Bush' sr ecde i motn oneite rr
te 1:.: ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ u ou ra theat hald catn aav winatulyhaete peprtunty. at "aiu's t otn Satu beas te ae ia Sen' dWfo uudaatatstatye.. 1
P.I. t ik thg artv.Btee ar tivef oc t~oi bet, fo atm e thfoe send poliru c rdj soIo hank t i bee abued enec fro S e tit e.hmised f'ih hm~coie'i,~te
numitr o f e op n d tonld tat nanlt Telecto a nswters eouvehing seseo &S ath argum sn Fad~pr~e at s Y°eb~w. ;.°' ~ ~~r~ ol
ways, t ow ptandNvmbr !vn h where o u cant vtein ol it en i h lt Sam ahes N takee~ alIe &imai bdtsg y~t~t~~in ~ ev ~ ~n~l.LKt t
the 3l yar l r te to inoc maient a tn a perfe t y yougn it d snefpordatle' er i tie of he aertad .,i "~s.pr cain hr.... add ~ d1 &nwh pak
Ocgnson t ne 1 . ,u~ ost poitvely rerset th-eo DEMOCRAT CAN oTl BEAT "larned Thwere s ut ne wbe xt ovis rhs~Iihi aig~~"h ht ~
ou olato of ,, wha you stn oa'o ay porsie atiit pt h n tt~
atugs tage gife Beals issuesimoc ust rti e df torm you an thethn4hstyou to get ina ~ kilca Diocas dar " t'
ticres idt sh e t? -sd Ktheen Cahto latche onto patcua Dm'actly what hev d~sYa 4pin"thi 'lepst"h note process t tu t'e Jep - ca a. a '7~rl~p n in K~
ey "ai ns 11 on ot, n ch al uigtegYee a didatYn e in th oe ft thre.inenie p a rer n yn n te . "bAi ,, jr .
prieei theimorst hop - tha som Demertttil bepagn Th choice ;at it bes ,, .Ufit d.A ----s tha te sds e itl
Ahr word of adic thei; Demcrts oat to rightn Proren Bus areidnt ahQM "eauau, baed peiipde ofi~ secula declier an gis~ 'aj adfftr
and seemi s -M ' th feorai thosie in ifying progess tint itetnsiyi ag theirtig g efett Is Id litta ~ , A 9 t
c ave ino rea 0t th1bdz .>
acquirp in the sae io hat cofsqec yourpPultorfo ahg f6 pr pate tat
prsdec : Urzdaag J~u1~~~fE~~ Akfea
andD en , wiay ths beasifAtcno~e Fiysdmsi daswiesmltn a e; a-tse Fil al t, tt the APATHY 'h
othe 1ha1, th1- 1 extrapolawichvema v alty, ul reil ihooigBuhsfrstatSt t le Tol allq then apteic xt,
canida 1~a be \r Demcrti votsa o aree vrtin.es MEmlu u of oung ver wh believe '
viewed att4 roreh 1Letin wha the rig- s ii i the ami z supremkall bo~rd thew voc ~ t ttern insre whr
thin a4ly se out m n to do - great ;" ~u. dithLI ' M ~i~ . d n 1
stand L the have no sho 41i "o~l ls.Te i uies o is aeesay scar placewh'
and threor have theve abilitynt th DEORTIA' ETS °°
pursue dfrtypeo phtfs ovng speca interest- sa a> ii v tody Ity eat to ignore t
anoo vid i rca voer wit e an d wa in a g bltn direrd fo our free-t
int rtin ssuesg fomtmad pot-pshotn,viennt lcin reetla well as, inca effective. Thi efeciens wil dom anda pretend tha i we dor not
idawhahator eiusci detoyigtgeappy ex an pabl ofMan offesice e,+ven whe giv hi thblt ordcetehe hmte wl o apnu
fus Bus yels itsofa°uThegtnoc o eai inm thht iueFrm, mis is 7 . ~ o
Shrto ha never reall Whil towpen on alteig ihv roulas th onrat ad ita tion~ de stcise rne uigte wloePeietst ntefu
come tatere Demcra lip int theg une Bil Clito oversa some Q l
*i kep;teote candidae shr exesveade auteina- fimatie ain and woelf are. Repulica Party, bu ti wlb
durin deaes anX sshscm6at ots htsrgt ontb Nw ayporsie r of: larg cotiuo to hs effecie [ you be in 2008?'
pain s a meingu .db th supsel foeeln ih tpiio tha an Deorai tes zi ha yet top aleat
peroosfl t iv fre edcaio to ~i se prscin is a Vorce to ze recK rat navel taic tovov ea any major

students at public universties nedwth, and he hasn' eve AStart- political'defeats to the Bush admin- I'
sem lgtyinesbe t~ed his campaign yet.istration. The only major political " l
passs th her didaes'It doesn't take a huh- defeat forced on the Bush admtinis-
hihe euctincadiats °~ liant political forec1aster! "tration so far has been the US.
hihe remains tiont sinifcant. to predictwhat bhs Surm Court victory for affim-te b
W~tep osowitrs ncampaign manager tie action - a victory thatzwould.,
this highly significant issue.r Ken Mehinian and his not have been possible without "the® rf Nyow~ t
Fo olg tuetti minions are planng BAMN-led 50,000-person mass
camaig ols gdwn to thes? g 1y tr f on heaving at eacht of mirobilization to Washington last o col
t h e Arl1Tekyt eetn h
issues of hi educationblt #sadmtheIptn-Arl1Thky tfaigteyrprns
abliytoispread oivt right-wing policies of the flh want toi ret ire,-but
and an iteresit in the college t diitaini o apinn othey have the
demographic.In regards lo, x c o n oig o h eortfnncial security to doso?
lengers. buit in building a mass mnovement orfttdttfin i
these qualities, I wouldK rr y ndpdetothmYu, orfi; rgrfin
say that 0,hn Edwards ma°efcdwt h dao
of Nlorthr Carolina epsda e v~aoto ~wl o vnb
most easily satisfies ehameles oVOE given the freedom to consider\:n,
Seach ,oe Edwards itmlesGVT~
wants to provide alEwards an For four years we've complaineThupoigrmayrsnt
free: year of colleg
tiion in order to ease \'kinexperienceed that Bush's 2000 presidential victory
mre students into attending anviineu vas astolen one. To ensure our voices
golee It1 iclaEdadshwouenertainer - are heard this year and that the elec-
the ~pstinterestin our ae groupboth with leftist tion is not stolen again, let us apprise V 'A O E D T N V O V T
-h'even announced his cadd-ainetstasuhwl ouselef ,this opportunity that we
,y't"h alySo ihJh expot with an onslaught of ationl v before us. Let's exercise our * AUDY FB EWEN1 M AD4PM
StwaT" Fily Edowrdstha the ecry rhetoric. Expect an icredibly right to vote!Ar OB7a N
bkiyo inspire America, as he ltd persasive oration of the president's -arryl Boyd"
foivdrheypclimriaghn policy successes -00n tout M You MUST VOTE AT YOQUR ASSIGNED CAUCUS LOCATION.
udn hi wyufrmasllig the capture of a malevolent dita- CAKSTHBETHOE
tow wuNrhCrlia hr etor, the demolition of al Qaida's
as agt the importance of hrd financial structure and the effectve When the.Dlencratic candi- UTEDMCAI ACSSMYUEDFEETPLIGLCTOSTA TE
' work and determi1 exstension of a U.S. deterrent force. dates began announcing their deci- ELECTION S, SO)B SU)RE~T CHECK THE LOCATION O1F YOUR SITE.
nation by hirs porn ls' oeg olc apinwl sions to run l madte a very
ens h matd ba dazzling and swaying one, importat choice. 1 concuded that FRAN A ROR 1 ST WARD (P'RECINC#TS )" & ) N ARD ('cr.2), 3RD
to ~~dwards ambush that Dean, Kerry andi no matterwhat, I wourld not pick a W R PT ) T AD(CS1&2,AD5HW R PT )AEVTN
the bele tat Edwads simply cannot withstand. ; candidate based on electability. I WAD(C 1&2:r4 AR ATS tAN 5H'ADPT, AEV IG;.
,l Amri Asforthedomestic front, abrief and wganted frm idteals nd a Positive IN THE WOLVERINE ROOM O TEMCIGNUIN
c an ~absrac snopsis consists of two highly fessage -a new direction and
shul n divergen platforms, with the standard unibridled honesty. Then the Blush UBALLOSTS WIlL BE AVAIL ABLE IN SPANISH AND ARABIC, INADDITION TO ENGL ISH"
a eitin between different Democratic adinistratln imade the decrisinto

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