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October 30, 2003 - Image 15

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The Michigan Daily, 2003-10-30

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OB - The Michigan Daily - Weekend Magazine - Thursday, October 30, 2003

The Michigan Daily - Weekend Magazine



Ten classic films from Hollywood and
independent filmmakers guaranteed
to give you chills on Halloween night




aramel apples are among the many perks of visiting Wiard's Orchards

... and so are doughnuts.

Something in the air:
hft Wiard's Orchards brews up festivities

ay Rebecca Ramsey
)aily Weekend Editor
"What is it about people from
'Michigan and the cider mill?" asked
6.A senior Robyn Hoffman when the
:oncept of visiting such a place of
autumnal bliss came up in a discus-
sion. A Massachusetts native,
Eoffman was unable to grasp the
alleged "Midwestern" pastime of
going to a cider mill.
Maybe it's the comforting and
mouth-watering taste of apple cider and
doughnuts that attracts droves of people
to places like Wiard's Orchards in

Ypsilanti, or maybe it really is just a
favorite hobby of Michiganders.
Whatever be the case, a trip to the cider
mill is an essential outing to be made
before the extreme cold arrives.
Rose Timbers, special events coordi-
nator at Wiard's, figures that the rela-
tionship between cider mills and the
fall has little to do with pretty scenery.
While it is a weather permitting busi-
ness, the cold temperature seems to
bring the bigger crowds.
"I don't think that the cider mill's pop-
ularity has much to do with the colors of
the trees changing. Rather, the brisk
evenings and cooler air make people

want to come to the cider mill;' she said.
Founded 150 years ago by George
Wiard, Wiard's Orchards adheres to a
strict seasonal schedule sure to make the
most die-hard cider mill fans lament.
Visitors can currently come and see the
picturesque fall foliage, but come Nov.
9, the property, which covers nearly 200
acres, will be closing its gates for the
season. Those who miss out on sinking
their teeth into a juicy hand-selected
apple will have to wait until June.
The tempting fare spans beyond the
basic, but still delicious, doughnuts and
cider. For the more adventurous sweet
tooth, homemade caramel apples back-
on visitors with their promise of sugary
indulgence. Hot chocolate and popcorn
also complement the menu.
While time is quickly running out
before the orchards are closed to the
public, Wiard's proffers the community
with activities galore, including apple

and pumpkin picking, wagon rides,
cider pressing and Halloween revelry
like Scareyoke and "Night Terrors:
Michigan's Chills and Thrills Park."
One may think that children are the tar-
get audience of these festivities, but
such is not the case.
"The turnout is fairly busy, we get a
lot of children and their families, but
we also get a lot of college students and
adults who come at night," Timbers
said. For the courageous visitor who
dares to participate in the Orchard's
more menacing Halloween activities,
Timbers recommends both the
Ultimate Barn and Asylum attractions,
which are both walk-through haunted
attractions and part of the "Night
Terrors" ensemble.
Be forewarned, however, for this
collection of frights is not for the
young at heart (children the age of 12
and under are advised not to come) or


the unsettled stomach (the Night
Terrors website instructs visitors to
wear a diaper).
Just what type of bloodcurdling
attractions can an apple orchard boast?
Timbers deems these sites, which last
between 15 and 20 minutes each, "very
intense" for the average college stu-
dent. For instance, those who venture
into the Asylum are subjected to being
chased by psychotic ghosts. The attrac-
tion is based on an old institution for
the extremely deranged that had been
shutdown. The remaining patients
haunt the location and, to this day,
neighbors swear to find mutilated pet
remains and strange footprints.
Tonight and tomorrow are the only
two evenings remaining in the Night
Terrors schedule. Patrons can buy sin-
gle admissions for the horrors, fright
level ranging from the "Brave" to the
"Bravest," or, they can purchase pack-
ages to ensure an eerie night.
If Halloween outings are not your
leisure interest of choice, Wiard's will
still be open for enough time to squeeze
in a fun afternoon with good friends,
refreshing cider and Midwestern charm.
1, 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartment Homes

By Charles Paradis
Daily Weekend Editor
Scary movies have seen a resurgence
in the last decade and once again hold a
prominent spot in American cinema.
Anyone who doubts the place that
scary movies hold in America should
witness the success of last year's block-
buster "The Ring," Gore Verbinski's
remake of the Japanese film "Ringu."
Everyone, it seems, enjoys a good
scare. For those who do not want to
don a slutty/drunken costume for Hal-
loween, and would rather curl up and
enjoy a good fright these are the Top 10
classic scary movies for Halloween.
original vampire
movie was unable to
use the name Dracula because Bram
Stoker's estate would not let allow
the film's producers to use it. But,
this German film started a whole
culture based on Nosferatu. One of
the best films from the pre-sound

era, "Nosferatu" is a classic in cine-
ma in general and in horror overall.
For an updated version, check out
"Dracula" by Francis Ford Coppola.
the same year ET phoned
home, Steven Spielberg
was also involved in the
release of this little horror gem. In
terms of ghost stories; this film
greatly outdistances the competition,
including the 1996 release of
"Casper." While the rest of the "Pol-
tergeist" series fell off in quality, the
original set a high mark for chilling
ghost thrillers. Who could ever for-
get the chilling line, "They're here."
this isn't that scary of a
movie, and it isn't even a
great movie, but there has
to be at least one werewolf
film in the top 10 and you know
"Teen Wolf" isn't going to make it.
Now "Teen Wolf Too," that's scary,

Courtesy of New Line

but for an entirely different set of
reasons. For werewolf fans, "The
Howling" is a good choice if you
just want to sit down and enjoy a
decent movie.
ning he ads an d slime -
green projectile vomit
make this horror classic a
must see for those who wish to test
their stomachs. With the recently
added footage on the extended edi-
tion DVD, "The Exorcist" is better
than ever. If you are interested in a
more prolonged scare, the book of
the same name by William Peter
Blatty is also a good choice.
Johnny!" Stephen King has
long been the master of the
written horror novel, but in
the 1980 adaptation of "The Shin-
ing," director Stanley Kubrick
brings King's novel to chilling real-
ity. The Torrence family, caretakers
of the Overlook Hotel, face more
than just snow and the cold in this
wintery thriller ... redrum.
DEAD - With the zombie
film "28 Days Later"
making rumblings this
year, check out this classic of flesh-
eating ghouls. George Romero's
1968 release made waves by having
the first black American, Duane
Jones, featured in a starring role in
a horror film. If you like "Night"
you should check out "Dawn of the
Dead" and "Day of the Dead."
STREET - There is no
character more synony-
mous with the horror
genre than Freddy Krueger. With his
burned face and evil fedora, Freddy
is one of the more terrifying villains
ever put on the screen. While Fred-

Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger, not so scary now huh?

dy, played by Robert Englund, has
made a poorer showing recently in
such films as "Freddy vs. Jason," the
glove-wielding psycho killer, who
takes down children in their dreams,
was big enough to have the Fresh
Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff do a song
about him.
EVIL DEAD - Not the
scariest movie ever, but
before Sam Raimi started
messing with that web-
slinger, he was making some of the
best and funniest horror movies.
Instead of creating yet another super
villain, Raimi focused instead on a
hero, the lovable Ash.. Played by
Bruce Campbell, who drops one lin-
ers better than any other actor, even
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ash brings
a certain undeniable charisma to the
role of the monster-slaying hero.
classic horror film, featur-
ing all the elements: mys-
tery, suspense and, oh yeah, murder.
Like "Halloween," this movie
involves the witnessing of a young
couple ... well, coupling, which
leads to murder. The moral of the
story, if you don't want to be brutally
murdered you should not partake in
any premarital relations. In other
news, Camp Crystal Lake is looking
for counselors, any interested should
HALLOWEEN - The obvi-
ous choice for No. 1, espe-
cially on Halloween, is just as
scary as it was in 1978, when
it was one the most successful inde-
pendent films of its time.
While it lacks the underwater
scene of "Halloween: H20," it still
contains the uber-scary theme song,
which alone is enough to make your
skin crawl, as is the William Shatner
mask Michael Meyers wears. Just try
to babysit and watch this movie.



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