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October 16, 2003 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 2003-10-16

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48 - The Michigan Daily - Weekend Magazine - Thursday, October 16, 2003

The Michigan Daily - Weekend Nagzine -

in ..the
By Niamh Slevin
Daily Arts Writer
T he title "student ghetto" is
certainly not unknown in this
town. Mention it to any par-
tygoer, and you'll notice much the
same response. First, there will be
the nervous laughter, then unsure
glances to nearby friends and
occasional faces turning a nice
shade of red. The reputation of
the student ghetto precedes
Greenwood Avenue everywhere
on campus.
Greenwood, the area now crowned the "stu-
dent ghetto," obviously has its share of prob-
lems. Like most other areas on campus, the rent
is too high, parking is a royal pain and the trash
situation is not always desirable. Yet,
Greenwood's community character and party-
time atmosphere have only added to its steady
rise in popularity in the last few years.
According to Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje,
Greenwood has long been known as the student
ghetto. At one point, streets such as Catherine
and Huron were the unpleasant neighborhoods
on campus. The mayor, a former realtor raised in
Ann Arbor, remarked that Greenwood has been
referred to as the student ghetto for as long as he
can remember, and it was usually for many of
the same reasons. "That's what it's called, and
it's part of being in a university town," he says.
While the title has lingered for decades in this
specific area, so have the problems. Even Judy
Paron, a property manager for Oppenheimer
Properties on Greenwood, noted that parking
and trash can be very troublesome on some days.
The majority of the parking spaces are located in
the street only, which can interrupt city street
cleanings if the cars are not moved.
Hieftje sees a slightly different problem with
this setup. If the streets cannot be cleaned, the
trash can actually build up over the street storm
drains. These storm drains lead into a sewer
which eventually dumps its contents into the
river, right around Gallup Park. Storm water col-
lects the run-off from the surrounding neighbor-
hood and is not filtered in any way before enter-
ing the river.
"So if someone is canoeing out there and sees
trash, well, that trash may have started over on
Greenwood," Hieftje noted, "If you have an envi-
ronmental bone in your body, you don't want
trash floating around in the river."
Hieftje continued to say, "I've been in places a
couple of years ago where there were six inches
of trash strewn across the yard ... the students
who live there, they're the ones who are hurt the
most by that. They have to wade through it and
go by it every day."



Why is Lizzie on Hilary's album cover?
rOr 10
1. Chicken and Beer,
Ludacris - Rappers from
Atlanta are so hot right now. A
dancing baby Ludacris with a
beard is lust too freaky.
2. SpeakerboxxxlThe Love
Below, OutKast - Roses smell
like boo boo. I'm not sure what
that means, but Andre says it, so
think about it.
3. Elvis 2nd to None, Elvis
Presley - Actually, Elvis you are
2nd to OutKast and 3rd to Luda.
But you're still the King.
4. Life for Rent, Dido - Is
this like a mail-order bride? Do
you get to be Dido for a day?
S. Some Devil, Dave
Matthews - Even without his
band Dave Matthews rocks out,
that is to say as much as he ever
rocked out, which is none.
6. Sacred Love, S6n - Sting's
greatest work had nothing to do
with love, sacred or otherwise, but
rather with the original "Dune."
7. Too Hot forTV., Da Band
- More like Da Bad. Could they
have come up with a worse name
for their group ... nope.
8. The R. in R&B Collection
Vol. 1, R. Kelly - Way to capi-
talize on the whole "Kill Bill: Vol.
1" thing, R. Clever
9. Metamorphosis, Hilary
Duff -Dear Hilary, I've noticed
that you look a lot like Lizzie
McGuire. Do people say that to
you often? Are you two related?
10. The Long Rood,
Niddebadc - What they don't
know is that their "long road" leads,
to Hades. Muhaha.

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dismissed it as mnindkss inless gnd mindless. Spaa "&to!11 Hed Prsdet
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Papers aren't the only things that clutter up Greenwood Ave.
Though the trash and congestion are the major
concerns with the Greenwood area, there are
other social obstacles as well. The Greenwood of
the past was a fantastic party environment, but
now, it is also home to several young families
and retired citizens. Such parties can create a
great disturbance for families with young chil-
dren trying to sleep, and the partiers are faced
with noise violations as a result.
Despite the presence of problems in the neigh- F
borhood, the Greenwood community is vastly
improving and becoming quite popular with stu-
dent tenants. A city program called Clean i
Communities seeks to fix any trash issues that
may arise in the area. If the trash situation gets
out of hand, anyone can contact the city and ask
that it be cleaned up.
The city then tags the particular house in
question and allows 24 hours for an improve-
ment. If nothing is done within 24 hours, the city
sends a garbage truck and some workers out to
clean it up themselves, but the owner of the
house is then billed for any work done.
But the neighborhood community is becoming
more respectful of its inhabitants too. Although
the area is known for its parties, the tenants
understand that families also live there, and they
recognize others' community needs. Hieftje
commends the residents, saying, "There's a
growing awareness that there are families inter-
spersed in that neighborhood ... people who O9
have a right to quiet enjoyment of their life. So I
think there is a growing awareness, which a
encourages me."
While non-tenant students enjoy the party
scene as well, they also view Greenwood as a
rather close-knit community setting. With the



Who knew books could be so
fun? Vol. 1 - Drugs, gambling and
selling a best friend's house and keep-
ing all the money can now be added
to the list of things, including fatwas,
associated with Booker Prize win-
ners. Reuters reports that the newest
Booker winner, Peter Finlay, who
writes under the pseudonym DBC
Pierre, hopes to pay back his debt to
society. After winning the $82,930
prize on Tuesday, Finlay pledged the
funds to his creditors.
Finlay won the prize for his debut
novel, "Vernon God Little," a darkly
comic novel set in Texas about a boy
who finds himself in deep trouble after
becoming embroiled in the aftermath of
a high school massacre.
The administrators of the Booker
stressed that the quality of the book and
not the author's past determined the

choice for the award, since including
gamblers, drug addicts and thiefs in the
list of literary greats would work as a
publicity ploy only in America.
Who knew books could be so fun?
Vol. 2 - This week, according to
Associated Press, the U.S. Postal
Service will be releasing a new stamp
commemorating Theodor Geisel, the
author who created Dr. Seuss. Geisel's
widow will unveil the stamp on Oct. 27
at the Dr. Seuss National Memorial
Sculpture Garden in Springfield, Ill.
The 37-cent postage stamp will
feature a color photograph of the
author of "The Cat in the Hat" sur-
rounded by illustrations of six charac-
ters from his books.
However, it will still cost over $2 to
send one of Geisel's books through the
mail. Sorry kids.




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