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March 13, 2003 - Image 15

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The Michigan Daily, 2003-03-13

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10B -The Michigan Daily - WeekendHMagazine - Thursday, March 13, 2003




The Michigan Daily - Weekend Magazin
T he dangerous side of sex

. ;°




Jet U should rap too.

Bi usom
ToP 10
1. Come Away With Me,
Norah Jones - Proof enough
that both Grammy voters and
the record-buying public are
2. Get Rich or Die Tyin' 50
Cent - 50 Cent is 2003 s second
coolest thug, right after Ali G.
3. Chocolate Factory, R.
Kelly - From urinating on a
teenage girl to the No. three record.
Only in Amenca.
4. Home, Dixie Chicks - Why
do they do that? 'Cause they like to
make money! High five-a!
5. Philadelphia Freeway,
Freeway - It's never good when
y ou'rethe inferior apprentice to
ray-Zs inferior apprentice.
6.Ga mmy Nminees 2003,
Various Artists - Did you really
enjoy the Grammys enough to
buy this? No, you didn't. Obey
my do.
7. docky Kid Rock - Just
because he s a honky doesn't mean
he's not hung like a donkey.
Rhymes rule!
8. Room for Squares, John
Mayer - Perfect for single moth-
ers and their teenage daughters.
Sweet. Let's make room for circles
too. They need love.
9. Let Go, Avrl Lavigne -
Her ain't no good. Booyakasha.
They are all the same songs, doesn't
anybody notice? I feel like I'm taking
crazy piIs.
10. Cradle 2 the Grave
Soundtmc4 Various Artists - X
go' give it to us? But what if we
don't want it?

Monday, one of men's college basketball's most
visible coaches announced he would not accept
his salary this year because his team did not meet,
his high standards. The sum, a staggering $250,000,
would be kept by the school instead of going to the coach.
Now if you had one guess as to who might do such a
noble deed, whom would you choose? Duke coach Mike
Krzyzewski? After all, the Blue Devils lost to North
Carolina last week and stumbled out of the top 10. Nope.
How about Oregon coach Ernie Kent? His Ducks were
once a top-10 team, but now the team is struggling in the
weak Pac-10 conference and desperately need wins if
they hope to make the NCAA tourney. Wrong again. Try
Texas Tech coach Bobby Knight.
Yes, that Bobby Knight.
The Bobby Knight who once threw a chair onto the
basketball court during a game, the Bobby Knight who
"head butted" his own son on the sideline, the Bobby
Knight who "choked" one of his players during practice,
the Bobby Knight who shot his friend in a hunting acci-
dent - that's the Bobby Knight known to most of
But there's another side of Robert Montgomery Knight
- the former Indiana coach why now calls Lubbock,
Texas his home - that rarely gets mentioned in the
media. The volatile coach donated thousands of dollars
out of his pocket to theilibrary at Indiana University
throughout his career as the Hoosier's coach. His gradua-
tion rate is impeccable. Knight prepares his athletes not
just for the NBA, but also for life after basketball. He is
first and foremost a teacher, then a basketball coach.'
So why has Knight's kind gesture been received with
such surprise? It all goes back to the image of Knight
crafted by the media over his tumultuous career. Despite
his 800-plus wins (fourth highest total in men's college
basketball history) and three national championships,
Knight is known more for his kicking and screaming than
for his motion offense and stingy defense.
Remember the whole "choking" incident? Neil Reed'
- the bastard redheaded stepchild of the Indiana back-
court --claimed Knight assaulted him in practice. The
former IU player told the media the legendary coach
choked him in an afternoon practice and that assistant
coaches had to pry the fiery coach away from Reed.'
When a video tape of the incident surfaced, Knight was'
put on the hot seat. Surg the video showed that Reed lied
about the assistant voachesaing t com9 to his rescue,
but that was neversnentioned o SportsCenter.The media

instead focused on the actual "choking," even though the
video was hardly conclusive. Did you ever notice that.
every single news network played the infamous scene in
slow motion? By slowing down the video, it gave the mis-
leading impression Knight had his hand on Reed's throat
for several seconds. Not once was the clip played at reg-
ular speed - which would have clearly showed that
Knight pushed Reed for a mere second.
Knight's announcement comes at a time when several
men's college basketball coaches are under fire for vio-
lating NCAA rules. With Georgia coach Jim Harrick.
suspended and St. Bonaventure fired its coach,, 'it's
refreshing to see good news in college hoops. Ask anyone
in the sport and they'll tell you Knight has always run a
clean program.
For the past quarter century, Robert Montgomery
Knight has been depicted as a ruthless dictator who
abuses his players both physically and emotionally.
Since his move to Texas Tech, media coverage of "The
General" has been more positive than in previous years,
with ESPN commentators DickVitale and Jay Bilas reg-
ularly commending Knight for his work on and off the
The Texas Tech Red Raiders got off to a great start for
their 2002-2003 season, winning 10 of their first 11
games. The tide turned with the start of the Big 12 season
where the team could only muster a 6-10 conference
record. Now,at 16-11, Texas Tech is on the bubble for the
big dance. Everyone should be rooting for the Red
Raiders if they are able to get into the tourney. Can you
imagine Texas Tech winning it all? Former Indiana
President and current NCAA President Myles Brand
would have to hand over the national championship tro-
phy to the man he fired three years ago. The image would
resonate on ESPN classic forever.
Perhaps Pm biased about Knight. I was born and
raisedin Southern Indiana, where college basketball is
a religion and Bobby Knight was God. Living in
Bloomington for several years undoubtedly had an
effect on my view of college basketball's most contro-
versial coach, but it's hard to ignore the facts,
Until I see another coach give up their salary and
graduate all their players, I'm sticking with Bobby
Knight as the best coach in sports today - angry chair
tossing and all.
Not afan ofRobertMontgomery Knight? You shou d
be. Discuss the history of"The General" and Indiana
baskebaff With 'Jefatisdcke@wnichkedzt

By Caitlin Nish
Daily Arts Writer
L ook around you. Health educators esti-
mate that one out of every four students
you meet could potentially have a sexu-
ally transmitted disease. These diseases are
what the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention call "the 'hidden' epidemic."

Are they going to see our movie?

Gross in millions of dollars
1. Bringing Down the
House (31.1) - Well, at least they
resisted the temptation toreplace
"the" with "da."
2. Tears of the Sun (17.1) -
They say it's Willis' best action
movie since "Die Hard." Ahem.
How about "Die Hard 2: Die
Harder" and "Die Hard with a
Vengeance," huh?
1. Old School (9.2) Is
grandma gonna die? She will if
you don't nail it this time! Now
sin2 like professionals!
4. aucago (6.8) - Two Latifahs
in our Top 10? We've exceeded our
maximum weight limit
S. How gtoLose aGuyin 10
Days (6.7) - Take him to see
6. radle 2 the Grave (6.5)
- All right, we understand the first
part First we go' rock, but then we
go' what?
7. Daredevil (5.2) - We wish
we were blind so we wouldn't have
to watch this. Zing!
8. The Jungle Book 2 (4.3)
- A demon-possessed bear and a
child in a loindoth? Pat Robertson
and Jerry Falwell would not
approve. I)
Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson are
so hot right now.
10. The Life of David Gale
(2.1) - Man, what happened
Kevin? You used to be so cool.
You've changed, brother - you've
"I am bewildered
at the length to
which people will
go to -portray me
- Michael Jackson, in
response to Martin Bashir's
documentary about the singer.
A stuntman was killed during the film-
ing of a parachuting scene for the Bruce
Willis action joint "Tears of the Sun." The
skydiver was supposed to land on the
beach, but landed 300 yards offshore and
Source: Internet Movie Database

STDs transcen
looking at a p
home that they h,
lege students ar
exist, but do no
real threat. How
college-aged peo
"One in three
enced young pe
STD by age 24,"s

d race, religion and are not contracted through the
. You can't tell by exchange of sexual fluids like HIV
erson's clothes or and chlamydia. Rather, they are
ave one. Most col- acquired through .skin-to-skin con-
e aware that STDs tact.
t consider them a "A lot of students don't understand
vever, the rates of that even if they use condoms, there is
ple with STDs are skin-to-skin contact," Jarrett said.
HPV is becoming a major health
sexually experi- issue for college-aged students, and
ople will have an especially for women. According to
said Karlie Stanton, information published by UHS, up

spokeswoman for the CDC's
Center for One out of ev
and TB has genital herp
Prevention, of those infected
"We can't have the disease
really pre-
dict how -
n u m be r sH
will turn
out, but
with HIV, for the past 10 years it's
been a steady 40,000 new infections
each year since 1990. Half are in
people under 25," Stanton added.
Although most students are aware
of the threat of contracting HIV,
many do not realize that other some-
times-incurable STDs are becoming
more and more common. The fastest
spreading STDs are herpes, the
human papilloma virus - which
can cause genital warts - and
chlamydia," said University Health
Service Sexual Health Educator
Traci Jarrett.
According to information pub-
lished by the American Social
Health Association, one out of every
five Americans has genital herpes,
yet at least 80 percent are unaware
they have contracted the disease.
One reason that herpes and HPV
may be so common is because they

to 43 percent of sexually-active col-


ery five Americans
es. Eighty percent
are unaware they
American Social
ealth Association

lege stu-
dents are
in fe c ted
with HPV
The prob-
lem is that
being test-
ed for it,
many stu-
dents do


Contraceptives provide protection from many STDs.

not know they have the disease.
"Particularly on men you can't
see genital warts. The warts can
develop inside the vagina or anus
and you'd never see them," Jarrett
said. Up to 70 percent of those
infected may not even know they
have contracted the disease. If left
untreated, several types of HPV can
cause cervical cancer in women.
Nina Clark, a University Hospital
clinical associate professor in infec-
tious diseases, said STDs can also
facilitate the contraction of other
"Chlymadia, gonorrhea and
syphilis can facilitate the transmis-
sion of HIV If someone is unaware
they have chlamydia and have sex
with someone with HIV, they are
more likely to contract HIV than
someone who is not infected," Clark



Information published by the
National Institute for Health estimates
that two-thirds of all STDs are con-
tracted by people under 25 years of
age. Stanton said that age itself is not
necessarily a risk factor, but does cor-
relate with other determinants of
health status such as access to health
care or health care -seeking behavior.
She added that some students may not
be aware of contracting an STD or be
able to treat it if they can .not afford
health care.
Additional NIH publications sug-
gest that one reason for the high
numbers of college students with
STDs is that students have become
sexually active earlier and married
later, allowing them more sexual
partners than was the norm in previ-
ous decades.
"If someone has had multiple
partners, two or more in the last
year, their risk increases," said
Robert Winfield, director of UHS.
Stanton added that young people
increase their risk of acquiring
STDs not only by having multiple
partners but also by engaging in
unprotected sex and for women, by
choosing partners older than them-
selves. She said that the only way to
be sure not to contract an.STD is to
practice abstinence.
"Our prevention messages are
abstinence; then, if you are sexually
active, to be in a monogamous rela-
tionship with an uninfected partner
and for others who are sexually
active to use latex condoms consis-
tently and correctly," Stanton said.
Jarrett said that students some-
times opt not to use condoms
because discussing it can be awk-
"People are capable of talking
about sex in all types of settings but
when it's one-on-one contact, it gets
sticky," she said.. She added that

she's noticed that on college cam-
puses students often think being in a
relationship for two or three weeks
makes them ready to stop using pro-
"By taking off the physical barri-
er or condom, people think they can
take down the emotional barrier too,
essentially saying 'I'm ready to be
in this relationship,"' Jarrett said.
This can be incredibly risky if stu-
dents haven't discussed their sexual
history with their partners or have
not been recently tested for STDs.
Jarrett added that communication is
an integral part of safe sex.
"People make a lot of assumptions
based on appearance or socio-eco-
nomics, but you can never know for
sure unless you talk to them about
their sexual history," Jarrett said.
Although most students associate
condom use with intercourse, Clark
said that condoms are necessary
even when engaging in oral sex.
See STDs, Page 5B


SUIT - CNN reported
that HBO has filed a
suit against "Sopranos"
star James Gandolfini.
This came on the
heels of a suit
Gandolfini filed
against the network
seeking to terminate
his contract.
Gandolfini, or to
those of the HBO-watch-
ing crowd Tony
Soprano, is under
contract for two
,. more seasons.
The immensly
popular show about
organized crime has
thrilled audiences for
four seasons, but with-

out the presence of of its godfather
adjustments will have to be
made if the show hopes to
In other entertainment law
news, Billboard.com
reported that drummer
Stewart Copeland has
joined John Densmore
in filing a lawsuit
against surviving
Doors Ray
Manzarek and
Robbie Krieger.
Copeland, who
Densmore last
Courtesy of Touchstone

year, claims he was dismissed from the
band without cause.
This announcement came. just
weeks after Densmore filed suit
against Manzarek and Krieger for
allegedly using the Doors in viola-
tion of a long-standing agreement
that the name could only be used by
the band's original lineup.
In other news, James Morrison is
still dead.
Pop singer Avril Lavigne may
unwittingly be the cause of the edu-
cation of several elementary school
students. In the video for her sin-
gle "Sk8er Boi" Avril sports a t-
shirt for Wilkseboro Elementary in
North Carolina. The school is now
going to sell the shirts online to
raise money for new computers.

Acccording to the Center for Disease Control, one out of every
five Americans has a Sexually Transmitted Disease.
Furthermore, one out of every four college students has an
STD. . ,,



Ltanlen Mciid rran Uucitn
Phot Ediors:Tonydigr
Weekend .c.dis
Brett Mountain
Photoq raphers: Nick Azzaro,
Ashley]Iarper, Brett Mountain,
Ryan Weiner, Alyssa Wood
Cover Photo: Nick Azzaro
Arts Editors: Todd Weiser
Managinq Editor, Jason Roberts,
Scott Serilla, Editors
Editor in Chief: Louie Meizlish

Booyakasha? Not for.renowned femi-
nist author Naomi Wolf, who threatened
legal action against HBO's Ali G, alleg-
ing the jokester harassed her during a
recent interview Ali G, the alter ego of
British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen,
called Wolf the "world's most famous
lesbian," and asked her if women would
ever fly planes. Said Wolf, "I am so
offended I can't even tell you."

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