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February 11, 2003 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 2003-02-11

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4 - The Michigan Daily - Tuesday, February 11, 2003


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SINCE 1890

Editor in Chief
Editorial Page Editors

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the Daily's editorial board. All other articles, letters and cartoons do not
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" For 25 years,
I've felt the need for
a school with more
- Domino's Pizza founder Tom
Monaghan, on the new Ave
Maria University he is funding in
Florida with $200 million, as reported
by yesterday's New York Times.

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The senator who cried wolf
-a-c-e is how they think, then they are not good enough once.) Thus, Hatch's comments were an
"controversy" for upward mobility," said Hatch, indict- egregious exploitation of race. He deliber-
should be ing the Senate's Democrats as racists. ately masked his displeasure with Senate
spelled. No critical (And I add this last clarification for any- Democrats as having been born of race,
topic or decision in our one whose comprehension of the quote, not ideology. The quotation smacks of a
culture colored by eth- like mine initially, was thrown askew by public relations ploy, one meant to cast the
nicity - even if only Hatch's frequent and confusing use of the Democrats as discriminatory and galva-
moderately - success- pronoun "they.") nize support for the arch-conservative
fully avoids arousing The Democrats in the Senate were Estrada. Nowhere should have race
passion, and often, guilty not of being racists, but instead of entered the discussion.
anger given the strong feelings harbored by being Democrats. Estrada is a.Washington Yet, I would be remiss were I to indi-
many. From college admissions to jury lawyer with impressive credentials - he cate that Hatch has been the sole racial
selection, race seems to always emerge as a was an editor of the Harvard Law Review instigator in the Estrada affair. Given the
crucial facet when both discerning what is and clerked for U.S. Court of Appeals and underrepresentation of Latinos throughout
right and then deciding what to do. Supreme Court justices - and extreme, the federal judiciary, Estrada's nomination
Is it wrong that race is such a signifi- conservative leanings. was notable given his ethnicity, and that
cant component during these and similar Paul Bender, Estrada's supervisor when distinction was lost upon neither supporters
deliberations? No. To the contrary, this he worked in the solicitor general's office, nor detractors. The former have argued that
country's abominable and embarrassing said Estrada "lack(ed) the judgment" and Estrada's appointment would begin to ame-
history of racial intolerance and trends that "is too much of an ideologue to be an liorate a gross disproportion while the latter
indicate persistent racial bias pervasive Appeals Court judge." Among his more have said that Estrada has not done enough
throughout the United States both argue notable stances, Estrada fervently supports for Latinos and is a candidate divorced
strongly for race to remain a prominent capital punishment, has successfully from his culture. However, despite the fact
concern when assessing the rules, systems argued for the use of anti-loitering laws that others had played the race card before
and institutions of our society. Both also found to disproportionately affect minori- him, Hatch was still wrong for having
illustrate the gravity of race-based discus- ties and has defended HMOs and other cor- appealed to such volatile feelings.
sions, though, and it is to our detriment porations against claims by customers and Every time that a person or group is
that many in America have forgotten that workers adversely affected by his clients' accused of being racist, the designation
accusations of racism or racially-motivated actions and negligence. becomes more and more commonplace, and if
actions should not be recklessly levied. Further alienating the Democrats, it arises often enough, the severity of the
The latest perpetrator of this insidious Estrada, who has been likened to Supreme charge is lost, mitigated by overuse. Last
crime is U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah). Court Justice Antonin Scalia, refused to week, rather than honestly saying that he
As reported in The New York Times, disclose his stances on many prominent wanted Estrada confirmed to pack one more
Hatch responded to indications last week Supreme Court cases, including Roe v. conservative ideologue onto the appeals court,
that Democrats in the Senate will initiate a Wade, during a preliminary judiciary com- Sen. Hatch cried "wolf," instead waging his
filibuster to counter President G-dub's mittee hearing. battle like a coward with a far-more surrepti-
nomination of Honduras-native Miguel That hearing and Estrada's legal histo- tious tool, race. The next time Hatch calls
Estrada to a federal appeals court by say- ry clearly illustrate a belief system incon- someone racist it might not mean anything.
"ing tiata Democratic "intellectual glass gruous with that of the national
ceiling for Hispanics" may be created. "If Democratic Party. (So, let me applaud the Litman can be reached at
they do not think a certain liberal way that Democrats for putting up a fight, for litmanj@umich.edu.
A justified war we shouldn't fight
ar is in the air. should we only do something about it here?" is Containment has worked so far and the
What we're unconvincing. Maybe it's time we started doing political will currently exists in the world to
hearing now is this in more places. There are certain values I enforce it vigorously and support a strong
that the deal is done; hope we have the courage to say are universal. inspections regime, which is cheaper and less
we're just a couple weeks It's the tip of the iceberg, but if nothing else, dangerous than war, and has worked very
from war with Iraq. can't we draw the line at summary executions well in the past.
Who are you with? and torture? Yes, lots of countries do these Invasion might be the only sure solution,
The protesters telling us things, but by any measure, Iraq is a particular- of course, and the sheer humanitarian rea-
it's all about oil? Or tele- ly egregious offender. Why shouldn't we start sons for removing Saddam are compelling.
vision's gung-ho graphics with them and move forward with a policy of But looking at what this war may cost us, I
and theme music driving for that big story? serious promotion and enforcement of human wonder if any of it is enough.
Whatever the ups and downs of the polls rights - the rights that have been established The administration has wanted this war
might say, I get the impression that most by international law and which we have been so badly that it's pushed some friendly gov-
people are on the fence about this one. Top- derelict in demanding for too long? ernments out of the way and pushed others
pling Saddam Hussein sounds like a good A pro-war argument that I'm partial to is to make choices conflicting with popular
idea and annoying the French appeals to that this will free the Iraqi people. Whatever sentiment - and creating danger for them
many, but people just can't shake the nag- happens, Iraqis would certainly be better off - to get it. This may be creating long-term
ging feeling that for all the national interests without Saddam, no matter what the conse- rifts -in our alliances, which is not good for
being asserted and unintelligible satellite quences in blood, money and hatred for us. our security.
photos being bandied about, this just isn't There will, of course, be costs borne by inno- In another troubling move, to win over
something we need to do. cent Iraqis in a war. Saddam will make sure various allies, such as Turkey, the Bush
Can you support a war that may be justi- of that. But a less sociopathic government administration seems to have committed to
fied for many reasons, but just isn't neces- will save and improve lives, as will the sure keeping post-war Iraq in one piece, while the
sary for your own security? end to U.N. sanctions after Saddam is gone. majority of Iraqis, by all accounts, would
As for justifications, there are many: Sad- Humanitarianism isn't what's driving the rather see the country - a vestige of colonial
dam Hussein starves Iraqis by using money U.S. promoters of invasion, of course. line drawing - broken up. This means the
from oil he is allowed to sell to buy personal Human rights may be more respected post- United States or a new government having to
luxuries and maintain his military rather than war, but they're not why it will happen. coerce a very large, sharply-divided populace
feed his people. His proclivity for invading The most common pro-invasion argument spread over an area the size of California to
his neighbors is well known and his brutality is that Iraq is a danger to us - that it is build- be a political entity they don't want to be.
to his own citizens is terrifying. According to ing weapons of mass destruction and directly Our complicity in any such arrangement will
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty Interna- or through distribution to terrorists, they will only worsen our already reviled image in the
tional, Iraq is a place of mass arrests and be a threat to us. Good reason. It seems to me, Middle East, possibly fueling more hate dri-
summary executions; of "disappearances" by however, that the logical conclusion to that ven terrorism.
the thousands; of political prisoners being line of reasoning is not full-scale invasion, I'd really like to see Saddam Hussein
beheaded in front of their homes; of gouging occupation and a never-ending al-Qaida-like gone, but I can't stop thinking we're sacrific-
out eyes; of punishment for crimes of family hunt for the bad guys that get away, but contin- ing an awful lot to see it happen. That's why
members; of the tongues of government crit- ued containment and possibly military action I'm having trouble getting off the fence.
ics being cut out and much worse. against only those sites where we know or
The anti-war argument that goes, "so what, strongly suspect that weapons of mass destruc- Cunnife can be reached
things like this happen all over the world, why tion are being produced. atpcunni/J@umich.edu.


Historic building deserves
'Revival,' could serve as
student housing
I read with interest the Daily's editorial
(Housing hold-up, 02/07/03) regarding the
lack of new residence halls on campus.
Right now the Iniversitv is nlannino to

The University has too long neglected the
housing needs of the students and this would
be a wonderful opportunity for everyone.
University Institute of Labor
and Industrial Relations
Hanink's column 'discredits'
most anti4var protesters;

taking to the streets. Hanink ought to not dis-
credit the majority of protesters who would,
if asked, be willing to have an honest discus-
sion on why they disagree with Bush's plan
to attack Iraq.
I was glad to be part of such an enthusi-
astic group of people, together expressing
our freedom to protest against our govern-
ment's foolish policies. It was also great to
see the variety of protest signs out there,
signs, such as "Draft SUV drivers first,"
"The only Buh I trust is my own," and in

J not be ignored.


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