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February 05, 2002 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 2002-02-05

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4 -The Michigan Daily - Tuesday, February 5, 2002


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SINCE 1890

Editor in Chief
Editorial Page Editor

Unless otherwise noted, unsigned editorials reflect the opinion of the majority of the Daily's
editorial board. All other articles, letters and cartoons do not
necessarily reflect the opinion of The Michigan Daily.

We have no
evidence at
all that Iran
has any ties
with terrorist
- Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov,
in regards to President Bush's indictment
of the "axis of evil" - Iran, Iraq and
North Korea, as reported by The Wall
Street Journal. Ivanov quickly added that
he wasn't including Hezbollah and Hamas.

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at' ?


yj .
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w*.+c.Wv5 4-V %.)Pec BOWS.

The truth about cats and dogs:Los gatos

Anger. Frustration.
Hatred. Confusion.
Warmth. Sensitivity. Kind-
ness. Compassion.
f men are 100-level soci-
ology classes, women are
300-level EECS classes.
Men better than myself have
racked their brains in an
attempt to come up with a
means to sum up women. Please. We will come up
with a cure for cancer first. I think the best thing
men can hope to do is develop some type of under-
standing for them that most of us don't have so
that we can better co-exist (and yes, we are doing a
pretty bad job co-existing now).
What is it that women want in this world?
Simple - they desire everything, and their
actions are dictated by their drive to get as much
of it as possible. The man is left with the task of
figuring out exactly what she needs at any given
point in time in order to keep her happy. What
worked yesterday may not work today, and it is
your job to be able to properly distinguish, at the
risk of imminent death.
In actuality, women don't know exactly what
they want, but most haven't found that middle
ground either. This is apparent in most college-age
women who bounce from guy to guy, breaking
hearts and confusing them in the process. As I
established before, guys typically know what they
want from a woman ... whether it is made appar-
ent at the beginning is a different story, of course
... but women will lead a man along for the
longest time before he is made to realize, often
painfully, that he is not in the most ideal of situa-
tions. The female tendency to protect her own feel-
ings by any means necessary often results in her
lack of consideration for the man's feelings. How
often do fellas sit waiting with their mouths wide
open and their hands on their jock waiting to see
what the hell she is going to do next?

It's a well-known fact that men typically use
logic and cognitive reasoning to dictate their
actions, while women typically allow their emo-
tions to guide them. Granted, I can accept the fact
that either in extreme is unhealthy, but in the world
that we live in, major decisions cannot be made
based on the strength of emotional resolve - this
may be a reason why men in our society hold
almost all high-level governmental positions.
Women usually have more humane means of
resolving conflict, but it's only so effective in this
cold world.
Men may run the world from a latent stand-
point, but there is, in fact, a woman influencing a
multitude of the decisions that we make, small and
large, basically because every woman has what
every (straight) man has desired since we figured
out what to do with that thing in between our legs.
They know this, and many won't hesitate to use it
to their benefit. This is why women are definitely
shadier by design than men. For some reason, the
punany makes us stupid and unable to form sound
judgments and they know and utilize this!
The double standard is becoming a hassle
these days, as it appears that women only use it
when it is convenient; it's as if women want to be
feminists, but they still desire the traditional meth-
ods of male courtesy. Nothing do I have against
feminine empowerment, but don't expect me to
pick up the check for every date or work while you
stay home and think I am going to step on
eggshells because yot> call yourself a "liberated
woman." Sorry, no dice.
T'was a wise man who said"hell hath no fury
" When a woman goes off the deep end, you
best bring a lifejacket should she decide to take
your hapless ass with her. Some women take
advantage of their title as the "weaker sex" to get
away with murder when it comes to guys. Domes-
tic abuse, not to undermine the problem as it
exists, is not at all exclusive to men. The truth is
that a woman can beat a man within an inch of his

life, but let him lay a finger on her ... who's goin'
.to county lockup? And there is the occasional psy-
cho bitch out there who will kick a man's ass, then
mutilate herself so he can't call on the police! I am
a big fan of women who take it upon themselves to
rage against the machine, but I cannot promote
that boiling rabbit foolishness.
A friend made an interesting statement to me:
Women need love to have sex and men need sex
to have love. Of course, this is a quite a generaliza-
tion, but isn't it true a lot of times? In many form-
ing relationships, every move seems to be a
precursor to sex, as if it is a "hump" that needs to
be eventually gotten over. Sure, men and women
both want it, but we go about entirely different
ways of getting it. Women often don't wish to put
themselves out there so quickly ... they feel that if
he can wait, then he will be the one worth doing it
with. Men, however, tend to be the opposite - in
the advent of a relationship, they want sex not too
soon, but not too late. Sure it's kinda hazy, but I
suppose the finest things in life weren't meant to
be simple.
Before I get a ton of foul looks from women
all over campus, I should stress something that
should already be obvious ... that is that I don't
believe that all men or women fit the descriptions
that I have placed forward. I didn't let my personal
experience influence all of my words, but it is defi-
nitely present in this and the last column. The best
advice I can offer the fellas is to bite the bullet and
put your girl on a pedestal; they all want to hear
how much you love them and it is a minor sacri-
fice considering the alternative. Understand,
though, that as long as there are behemoths like
Oprah Winfrey still walking-the earth, women will
probably get even more complicated with time. Oh

Dustin Seibert can be reached
at dseibert@umich.edu.

The world's biggest what?

O<fall the weirdos and
self-righteous ideo-
logues who popu-
late Ann Arbor, one stands
above all the rest. He shares
the eccentricity and propen-
sity to induce rampant eye-
rolling that so many
Trotskyist affirmative-action
supporters and screaming
street preachers share, but puts them to shame by
being about the only one of our local wackos to be
able to bring his grandiose schemes to fruition.
Unlike those dedicated, but under-funded, champi-
ons of this-or-that cause, Tom Monaghan has the
money to turn his repellant delusions into reality.
The Domino's Pizza founder and right wing
sugar daddy has long planned to move his current-
ly Ypsilanti-based Ave Maria School of Law to
his Domino's Farms property in Ann Arbor
Township, where it will anchor Ave Maria Uni-
versity. The best part, of course, is that besides
programming his students with rightist, politicized
Catholicism, he wants to jam it in everyone else's
faces too with the world's largest crucifix. If the
Ann Arbor Township Planning Commission and
Trustees approve of the project, the intersection of
US-23 and M-14 may soon be the site of a 250-
foot tower, with a 40-foot Jesus on top.
Why do I get the feeling that what he's actual-
ly building is a giant middle finger pointed right at
our going-straight-to-hell campus?
There was a time when if a devout Catholic
had a lot of extra money lying around, or a lot of
peasants to force into laboring for him, he would
build things that were at least attractive, like
cathedrals, that had some ostensibly worship-
related purpose. The world's tallest crucifix isn't
something that anyone needs to further his faith
and Monaghan is likely smart enough to know
that the spectacle is so unlikely to convince any-

one to start following Catholicism that it can't
possibly be erected to proselytize.
The probable goal of Mega-Jesus is to be a
show of defiance: That, though this is a largely
liberal area, Monaghan and his minions are right
here too and driven to change our world into
theirs. That is after all the point of Ave Maria
University. Not only to train people to be more
personally religious, but to train them to push
conservative causes through political, social and
legal advocacy. That's also why he started the
Ann Arbor Political Action Committee to fund
pro-theocracy political candidates and founded
the Thomas More Law Center to push for state-
supported religion (his religion, mind you) in the
public schools through the courts. The big cross
symbolizes his goals well; an in-your-face dis-
play that forces itself into the lives of innocent
and uninterested bystanders. Monaghan is an
enthusiastic member of the crowd that sees their
religion as something to beat other people over
the head with.
Most people in Ann Arbor respect those of
other faiths. Hell, they even respect those with no
religious inclinations (gasp). But being religious
and putting up a giant religious icon that towers
over everything else in town are two very differ-
ent things.
Monaghan has made perfectly clear over
the years that there's not enough religion, at
least his favored brand of overtly politicized
religion, anywhere. And what better place to
base his crusade for more than notoriously lefty
Ann Arbor?
Monaghan is known for advocating such
charming views as "Marriage should be perma-
nent, for better or for worse" and regarding abor-
tion, "this country is committing a million and a
half murders a year. If I were God I would send
another flood," as he told the Detroit News in
1999. He also likes complaining about nuns not

wearing habits anymore.
He's certainly a traditionalist, though ideologi-
cally only. Building a huge Jesus to glare down at
the unbelievers, not-fervent-enough believers and
infidels among us is quite an unusual tactic. I'll
admit it's slightly more tasteful than the huge cross
put up next to I-275 that's really a cellular tower,
but a giant advertisement for anything, including a
religion, isn't what an area otherwise devoid of tall
buildings and other structures needs.
Hopefully the Planning Commission can see
that and prevents an area of low buildings and
woods from being dominated by this thing.
I can hear the complaints already: "You're just
saying this shouldn't be put up because it's about
religion, if it was anything else it would be fine." I
wouldn't say anything else would be fine, but yes,
this is different because it's about religion. I don't
think anyone's particular religious symbol should
loom over a community, It carries an exclusionary
tone, says something about who has power (or
who should) and suggests a character about an
area. Whatever the religious symbol was, it would
convey a great deal of negative meaning to a lot of
people in the way a tall building never would.
This isn't about excluding someone's reli-
gion, but not letting one literally tower over us.
I don't really know what Monaghan had in
mind when planning his huge crucifix, but if
he was trying to get people to think about reli-
gion, especially his idea of it, I don't think it
will work. If you're into right wing politifaith,
you are and if you aren't, the sheer size of
something won't change your mind. But for
me and I suspect a lot of people, it will indeed
get us to think about something more frequent-
ly than we normally would: What a tool Tom
Monaghan is.

Peter Cunnife can be reached


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Daily has contradictory,
wrong editorial precedent
I am writing in reference to the editorial enti-

is right when people rise up to challenge it.
In fact, I am certain that you think this letter
fully justifies all of your beliefs.

that oppose its views ("111 years of editorial free-
dom," 2/4/02). Thank you. You have now stated
your editorial opinion (as is your wont, being an
editorial publication) and promptly alienated any
sensible students on this campus. Now students
know to turn to page four for their day-to-day
hi.r.y -o-rnis nrv ac, mn r -. mial thniuiht than

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