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February 01, 2002 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 2002-02-01

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The Michigan Daily - Friday, February 1, 2002 - 5


z"A .necws paper shoud print news.
and raise hell",
The Chicago Times 1961
Sure, we did a little of both, but
the Daily taught me that a newspaper
does something else - it affects
people. And nobody's been more
affected by this place and its relent-
less committment to its heritage and
purpose than me. This job took more
than I thought I had - and in the_
:end it gave me more than I could've
expected. Everyday I learned some-
thing about myself and something
about the magic that comes when a
few dozen college kids cmijtt their
hearts and souls to an idea and a tra.
dition During these few years at the
Daily l've been swept up in a whirl-_
wind of exhaustion and passion that
Ill never experience again. But its
one I'll never forget. It wasn't always'
easy- nobody said it would be But
it was always fun, because, like those
wwho canie before me and those
Swho'll take my place, I gave every-
thing I had for a place that gave rne
more than f l ever know.
Edoitor ii Chi f
I want to thank the editing staff that
got me started: T.J. Berka, Andy Latack,
also Dave DenHerder, Duprey, Stephanie
Offen and Mark Francescutti. I'm going
to miss all the good times I had with the
sports staff, be it on Elbel field, kicking
the State News' ass, and just watching
sports in production. Williams, Gagnon,
Kern, Phillips, Gopal, Burke, Sikora,
Jackson, Raphy, Schwartz. I had a great
time with all of you. You guys were
amazingly down to earth, easy going and
real. I want to thank John Lowe for help-
ing me appreciate the craft of sports writ-
ing. The daily is better for your guidance.
To the next class(es): keep up the tradi-
tion, take pride in your work, and take
the Daily to another level of journalistic
Sports Writer
It all started when I needed something
to do during the day because my room-
mate in South Quad didn't get out of bed
until 4 p.m. For four years since then, the
Daily has been just like home, except
that it's a lot messier and the TV, phones
and computers don't work. Thanks to
Friedo for that. Thanks to everyone who
made my life here easier, especially dur-
ing the past year. Thanks also to those
who made my life harder (and there are
plenty of you in this category too),
because you gave me something to com-
plain about when the nightside was
going too smoothly. Thanks to family,
friend and everyone else who was there
when I escaped from 420 Maynard for a

few hours at a time. Oh, and thanks to
Regent Newman, who helped us tell the
world that President Bollinger was a sell-
out. Most importantly, the Daily gave me
Nika Anne, who I can't thank enough for
keeping me happy, healthy and sane, and
for being the face I get to see when I
come home tonight and every night.
Thank God I'm blond.
Managing News Editor
It's been a long time since November of
1998. This has been the constant in my
life. At least once a week, I'd have to sit up
until 4:00 in the morning thinking of a
cartoon. Pretty soon, that will come to an
end. I'll miss the pressure. Thanks to my
editors through the years, my unfortunate
roommates who had to be a sounding
board for ideas (Kevin, Jerry, Jeff, Avi,
Jon and Michelle). And anyone who took
the time to email me.
Editorial irtoonist
Working at the Daily - It's like hav-
ing a girlfriend or starting a band - your
time goes somewhere, but you can't
exactly explain where. And though I
haven't been here long, the hatemail will
keep me laughing for years. Thanks to
Luke and Lyle, ATF and Jeff. A final
reminder: The grading scale is not acade-
mic and your band still sucks.
Music Editor
When I joinedthe Daily, I never expect-
ed to get much out of it. Thrust into a
position where the Daily became the
biggest part of my life was not only a sur-
prise but also the most incredible experi-
ence of my life. I wouldn't have done
anything differently - even though my
sanity is thoroughly shot. To my boys Less
Than Zero: I couldn't have made it very
far without you and I forever remain in
your debt. I'll always know the true mean-
ing of friendship because of you two. Jeff,
Andy, Rob, Matt and the rest of the Daily
Arts crew (including our extended crew of
Sarah and Beth): I'll miss you guys terri-
bly but you will always hold a place in my
heart. To Robyn and Ben: It wasn't easy,
but you both showed me the way. And to
my parents: I'm sorry I was never around,.

but thank you for understanding how
important this "cult" was to me. Stop the
presses-- I'm going home!
Managing Arts Editor
I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't
discovered The Michigan Daily at the
beginning of my sophomore year. Dead,
perhaps. More likely, still a heroin addict,
hustling to stay alive in the hardscrabble
Magnolia housing projects. Innumerable
thanks to the Daily Arts Posse: my co-
stars when I was an editor (Fogel., Robyn,
Big Jim Schiff, Lisa), the Young Lions
who followed in our footsteps (Lyle, Luke,
Jeff, ATF), the mentors who made me
what I am today (Kula, Cousino, Gabe)
and of course Grandstaff and Jane, who let
me lie and curse every week in their cute
little magazine. You all, quite literally,
saved my life. Thanks for the memories,
and the mind-blowing Daily Points. The
top four moments in my Michigan Daily
career would have to be: 1) Getting free
Levis and testing them out in the Diag
with Barrett, 2) driving down to Chicago
with Cousino to meet Adam Sandler, 3)
doing research for the Deji vu "think-

piece" with the Posse and 4) the first time
that cute girl in my Satire class told me my
column was funny. See you around. Stay
sweet. KIT. Let's totally hang out over the
summer. I'm writing on your crack.
Former Arts Editor, Weekend, Etc. columnist
I've spent 3 years here, and I've enjoyed
just about every minute of it. To anyone I
covered a beat with, it was a blast. To any-
one I worked a nightside with, I hope you
learned something, b/c chances are, I did.
To anyone I roadtripped with, the stories I
have from the trips are priceless. And to
all those who are going to be carrying the
torch next year - keep on keepin' on,
kids. Peace.
Sports Editor
Yeah, the Daily was very good to me.
With the $5,000 dollars in free videogames
I have received, I have been able to pay
bills, have beer money and play
videogames like a mo-fo. I must give shout
outs to my roommates (Jon, Mark and
Haleigh), my brother C-Dog for convincing
me to join the Daily, Arun for always taking

me to Taco Bell and jsdicker for making
me feel welcome at the Daily.
Weekend Etc. Editor
It's hard to sum up all the memories
and emotions of the past four years at
420 Maynard St. into one paragraph.
From the news staff nightly dinners at
Betsey Barbour to putting half-eaten
chicken wings in the business staffers'
desks to all-night parties in the produc-
tion room to moving editorial board to
my apartment. Oh the world I've seen
with Daily staffers: London, D.C., New
York, East Lansing, Windsor, Cincinnati
and a half-dozen other places. When I
look back on my college days, I will
barely remember classes or my first fra-
ternity party freshman year. I will
remember all the times I spent at The
Michigan Daily.
Former News Editor, Editorial Page Editor
I'm not in a sorority. I'm not coordinat-
ed enough to join the lacrosse team or
even dance marathon team, and my
singing voice leaves much to be desired.

But The Michigan Daily has shown me
my strengths as a writer and more recently
as an editor. Most importantly, it has given
me a home at the University, and a voice
that reaches 35,000 readers daily. I will
forever be grateful to the Daily for putting
me on a career path, and for introducing
me to people and places I might never
have noticed before. To the editors who
have taught me everything I now know
about journalism, thank you for your time,
your patience and your encouragement --
I'll miss your smiling faces next semester.
And to Lisa, Lisa, Elizabeth and Jackie --
I am so excited to work with you this
semester. Save a heart on next year's
Jeopardy issue for me!
Dallyl Slid4 Rgporter
Hey, so I learned a lot from Robin,
Fogelj, Cousino, Ben and everyone else
that helped me go from zero to adonis. I
hope I can impart all the drama on Luke
and Jeff, and to dear, dear AT, he get's
Sherry Smith. Forever.
Managing Arts Editor

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