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November 21, 2001 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-11-21

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Hip-hop soul...
Check out Cloud Nine Music
tonight at the Blind Pig.
10 pm. $6 ($8 under 21).

AJ1e Ldilgan dfl

michigandaily.com /arts

NOVEMBER 21, 2001


Shrek DVD more
than just a fat ogre

Nickel's back in town to
chat about CD, Red Wings

Andy Taylor-Fabe
Daily Film Editor
The "Shrek" DVD is one instance
where there isn't too much of a good
thing. With
excellent picture
and sound quality
Shrek DVD and more extras
than you can
Dreamworks shake a stick at
(whatever the hell
that means) this double disc set pro-
vides hours of entertainment and lets
you look at every aspect of Dream-
works' animated fairy tale.
Shrek, (Mike Myers) is a simple ogre
who likes his solitude, where he can
bathe in mud and use his earwax
deposits as candles in peace. Unfortu-
nately for Shrek, Lord Farquaad (John
Lithgow) has exiled all the fairy
tale/enchanted creatures,including a
talking donkey (Eddie Murphy), to
Shrek's swamp. In an effort to rid his
home of these interlopers, Shrek strikes
a deal with the smarmy Farquaad: the
creatures will be removed if Shrek will
rescue the Princess Fiona from the
tower in which she is kept prisoner so
that Farquaad can marry her and
become a true king.
The first disc of the set features
Shrek's Revoice Studio (make sure you

have the program "DirectX" and a
microphone for this), in which you can
dub your own voice over the characters
in certain scenes and then watch them
play out with the altered dialogue.
Legitimate dubbing gets boring quickly,
and most people will resort to less
sophisticated dialogue centering on the
word "poop" and ridicuhng roommates
or anyone within earshot.
The other major feature on the first
disc is a game room, featuring Shrek
themed pinball, pin the tail on the don-
key and several others. Most of these
won't be fun unless you are six years
old or stoned, but they're worth a look.
The second disc focuses on the tech-
nical aspects of the film. A documen-
tary on the animation process shows
how unbelievably hard it is to show tex-
ture and subtle movement in an animat-
ed character, and some footage of Mike
Myers and John Lithgow in the record-
ing studio is a treat.
There is also a section that shows

There are several small featurettes,
including one that shows the conceptual
artwork of some of the characters and
settings as well as one showing how the
film was dubbed into over 20 different
languages using foreign actors.
One bizarre addition is the Shrek's
Swamp Karaoke Party, which features
characters from the movie singing and
dancing, including Donkey singing
"Baby Got Back" and a wolf in grand-
ma's clothes singing "Who let the dogs
out." Somebody apparently got bored in

By Rob Brode
Daily Arts Writer
It's official: They're huge. You hate them? They're still
huge. You love them? Good because you're going to be hear-
ing a lot from them. The single "How
You Remind Me" has taken up resi-
dence on the rock charts the past 17
weeks; a good chunk of that at No. 1.
Nickelback The band is quickly becoming a
corporate rock juggernaut joining the
ranks of Creed and Fuel at the front
State Theatre lines of today's stock rock army. Cur-
sunday at 7:30 p.m. rently the Vancouver based Nickel-
back is touring the U.S. in support of
its sophomore album Silver Side Up
making a stop at the State Theatre this
1 'Sunday. The Daily had a chance to
catch up with. bassist, Mike Kroeger,
in order to discuss everything from
parity to Pearl Jam to the Red Wings.
The Michigan Daily: Did you
know "How Remind Me" is played every three minutes on
the radio?
Mike Kroeger: Yeah, that means it is always being played
TMD: Do you get sick of hearing it?
MK: I haven't been listening to the radio as much as I
used to. To tell you the truth, we're in a different town every-
day so listening to the radio is really not an option. I don't
even know what the hell stations are.
TMD: Do you wish they would release the next single
MK: How, can I put it? Say if you open a restaurant and
you have one famous sandwich that your restaurant is famous
for. You try and introduce another sandwich, but everyone
says, "No, no, no! We still like the first one." Then you say,
"OK I'll keep selling you this sandwich until you are sick of
it, then I'll sell you the new one."
TMD: How do you look at originality versus being good

technical goofs during the animation the sound studio.
process. Basically, if equations are off The conunentary track is al
by even a little bit or if the animators second disc, and it features the
tell the computer to make a shape that as well as the producer. Unfo
doesn't exist, it will turn shapes inside their comments on the film ar
out or otherwise distort them. This repeats from the animation d
yields effects like Shrek's lips being tary or just plain boring. There
stretched over his head or Donkey cov- so many times you can hear"
ered in 2 feet of hair over his entire was really difficult."
unusua Japanese

so on the
re mostly
are only
"this part

at what you do?
MK: I think to a certain level originality is something that
cane with Led Zeppelin. Right now there are not very many
people reinventing the wheel. We are fans of rock music and
that is what we like to play. Ultimately, any kind of stereotype
is really subjective; it's hard for me to lend any credence to it.
TMD: With all the unwanted grunge comparisons, why
did you hire producer, Rick Parashar, (Pearl Jam's Ten) to do
your album?
MK: His resume was more strikes against him than for
him ... it was a double-edged sword - we knew the critics
would have a field day with it.
TMD: Ten is one of the best produced albums ever.
MK: You're damn right! I can rave about that album all
day, but there were other reasons for choosing Rick. (Other
producers) wanted to commute from the valley to L.A. Not to
come to Vancouver and make a record. When we called Mr.
Rick Parasher and asked him how he felt making an album in
Vancouver he said, "Well, yeah, I'm into it. How about if I
come see you rehearse tomorrow afternoon?" and there he
was. That's why. The enthusiasm was out of control. Those
other guys would have just been punching the clock.
TMD: Do you take fans' tastes into account before writ-
MK: We feel accountable to our fans. They like us
because of what we have done to this point. We don't want to
disappoint them because anybody can see what kind of a
backlash can happen.
TMD: Chad, the lead singer, is your brother?
MK: Yes.
TMD: Any Oasis-like fights happening?
MK: No.
TMD: Who would win if you guys fought?
MK: Hard to say. We've never fought.
TMD: Do you think your brother looks like Jesus?
MK: Uh, I think that he looks like artists' rendition of
Jesus, yes.
TMD: A bit like Tom Green?
MK: I've never considered that one. I'll have to get back
to you on that.
TMD: What kind of mosh pit can be expected at your
MK: Dangerous. Get your helmet on and get down there.
I've got a question for you. Hockey fan?
TMD: Yes.
MK: Red Wings Fan?
TMD: Yes.
MK: Good man.
TMD: You have to be here in Detroit.
MK: Detroit is my team. I'm not a Canucks fan but it's not
because I don't love my city. It is because up until recently it
hasn't been about a team but millionaire babies wearing the C
on their jersey.
TMD: The Wings' defense looks like it may be a problem.
MK: The D?! In comparison to the offense obviously it
looks deficient, there is no rival to the Wings offense.
TMD: Besides hockey, does Detroit mean anything spe-
cial to you?
MK: We have played Detroit so many times. Last year I
went to Detroit more than I went home.

fisherm en s co
By Janet Yang
Daily Arts Writer
The Japanese fishermen's coats on display at the Museum
of Art are a rare and unusual treat. These fishermens' coats

Museum of Art
ThroughJanuary 6,2002

from the island of Awaji, a tiny area to
the south of the main island, Honshu,
have been preserved from the end of
the 19th century to the early 20th. They
are a sample of the beautiful yet utili-
tarian clothing of Awaji fishermen dur-
ing that time period.
These fishermen's coats are called
"sashiko no donza" in Japanese,
"donza" meaning "work coats" and
"sashiko" meaning "stitched lines,"
which are used to decorate the coats.
There are over 20 coats in this display,
ranging from coats used on boats while
working, to more dressier types of
"sashiko no donza," which were only

its on dlisplay
are all gray, dark blue, green, or a combination of the three.
The stitching on the plain coats are composed of the running
stitch, which consists of simple parallel lines going up and
down vertically on the cloth. Fancier "sashiko no donza"
require the use of more complex stitching, the most popular
of which are the zigzag (which yields a herringbone-like pat-
tern), the cross, the stepped lozenge, or the triangle and dia-
mond. The style of the coat itself varies in length, usually
falling around the middle of the thigh to the knee, with tubu-
lar sleeves that are loose where the sleeve meets the torso and
tapered near the wrist. Fishermen also wore straw aprons to
keep their coats dry, as well as sandals made of rice straw for
dressier occasions.
Most of the coats in this collection were not generally used
for work but saved for more important occasions, this is
reflected in their good condition. One "donza," made by
Tenouchi, is an example of a coat typically worn by a hard-
working owner. It is tattered near the bottom and made up of
so many patches they nearly replace the original coat, yet the
patches are of the same running stitch as the primary coat.
Other "sashiko no donza" are much fancier, having as many
as five different types of stitching, a different one for every
part of the coat.
"Sashiko no donza" are no longer used by fishermen in
Japan. disappearing around 1930 when they were no longer
functional. The only fishermens coats that are used in Awaji
now are worn by actors during the Bountiful Fishing Festival
in Awaji-town every March, when the actors perform a tradi-
tional play about the patron god of commerce and bountiful
fish, Ebisu, while wearing the coats.

courtesy o Roadrunner Records
Rock 'n' Roll messiah? No. But that does look like Jesus.

worn when boat captains went on land to sell fish or seek
entertainment. Fishermen and merchants were considered to
be lower status than farmers under the feudal system during
the turn of the century and the status of the fishermen is
reflected in the overall simplicity of the "sashiko no donza"
on display.
"Donza" from Awaji Island are usually composed of three
layers of indigo-dyed cotton, which are then decorated and
strengthened with vhite stitching. The "donmza" in the exhibit

Loss of Mulder slows X-Files'

By Christian Smith
Daily Arts Writer

Eight years ago, Chris Carter man-
aged to construct a frighteningly

ordinary world rife
- ,
The X-
Sundays at 9 p.m.

with unexplained
phenomena that
raised questions
about the exis-
tence of
life all while
interlacing it
with the evi-
dence of a mas-
sive government
conspiracy. But
the main reason
viewers have
kept tuning into
"The X-Files"
has been the
u n sw e r v in g
show's stars, Spe-

Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian
Now in its ninth season, The "X-
Files" has transformed itself into a
completely different series. While the
elements remain the same, the series
has a whole new feel to it. Every-
thing from the show's signature open-
ing credits to the
conspiracy-drenched storyline have
become slicker and more expansive.
Primarily, the departure of Duchovny
who left the show after being
phased out for much of the last year
-- has left a heavy-handed hole in
the series' beloved "Moonlighting"-
esque style. As Agents John Doggett
(Robert Patrick) and Monica Reyes
(Annabeth Gish) move into the spot-
light as the new investigating team
working the X-Files, and Assistant
Director Skinner (Mitch Pileggi)
takes on a larger role, while Agent
Scully has been reduced to caring for
her newborn baby in the background.

This newborn baby is largely the
focus of the ninth season opener.
Picking up where the eighth season
finale left off, with Doggett and
Skinner trying to expose a potential
alien link to Scully's child as well as
to the FBI, the show continues to
pile more paranormal activity and
governmental cover-up schemes onto
the already tremendous heap of
mythology without ever really
explaining any of it. The addition of
two new characters, including Lucy
Lawless, star of "Xena: The Warrior
Princess" as the mysterious Shannon,
and "The Princess Bride's" Cary
lwes as unreadable Assistant Direc-
tor Brad Follmer, attempts to offset
the loss of' Duchovny and energize
the series in a different direction.
These additions do bring a new
excitement to the show's familiarity,
but no one can capture the wry wit
and intellectual charm of Duchovny's

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