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November 15, 2001 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-11-15

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The Michigan Daily - Thursday, November 15, 2001- 7A

Yemeni man believed to be 20th hijacker Ae frmAN

WASHINGTON (AP) - A Yemeni man who
tried but failed repeatedly to get into the United
States was supposed to be the 20th hijacker on
Sept. 11, the FBI said. The man is now the focus of
a worldwide manhunt.
Ramzi Omar, also known as Ramsi Binalshibh,
is believed to have intended to be part of the
hijacking team that commandeered United Airlines
Flight 93, which crashed in southwestern Pennsyl-
But he was never able to enter the country,
despite three attempts by Mohamed Atta, the sus-
pected ringleader of the 19 hijackers, to get Binal-
shibh into the country before Sept. 11, FBI
Director Robert Mueller told federal prosecutors
yesterday at a briefing.
"We believe he was the 20th hijacker," Mueller
said. The FBI director said the teams that hijacked
atd crashed four commercial airliners had five
members each except the United flight that crashed
in a Pennsylvania field while on a flight path to
Mueller's assertion about Binalshibh marks a

v alllc111C U.

change from earlier suggestions by federal authori-
ties that a man arrested in Minnesota, Zacarias
Moussaoui, may have been the 20th hijacker.
Justice Department and FBI officials refused
comment on Mueller's remarks.
A month ago, Vice President Dick Cheney said
Moussaoui, who was taken into custody the month
before the hijackings, may have been intended as
part of the terrorist crew that commandeered Flight
Mueller told prosecutors yesterday there was no
information on the computer seized from Mous-
saoui that links him to the Sept. 11 attacks. That
prompted officials to consider other suspects as the
20th hijacker, officials said.
At a security conference in Germany yesterday,
FBI official Michael Rolince said that "as an inves-
tigator I'm convinced there were supposed to be
five people on this plane. ... Whoever that fifth per-
son was is probably still alive.
"Clearly we are looking into the pool of people
who crossed paths with the hijackers" to find the
20th hijacker, said Rolince, FBI section leader for

international terrorism.
U.S. officials, speaking on condition of
anonymity, said information recently obtained
from Osama bin Laden operatives now in custody
has helped provide a clearer picture of the hijack-
ing plot and plans for follow-up attacks.
German authorities have issued international
arrest warrants for three suspected accomplices of
the hijackers: Binalshibh; Said Bahaji, a German
national; and Zakariya Essabar of Morocco. All
three left Hamburg shortly before the Sept. 11
Attorney General John Ashcroft has said the
three had extensive connections to Atta and Mar-
wan Al-Shehhi, the suspected pilots of the hijacked
planes that crashed into the World Trade Center in
New York City, and Ziad Jarrah, suspected of fly-
ing the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania.
In the closed-door meeting with prosecutors,
Mueller offered detaiis about Moussaoui, saying
that when the FBI searched his computer, it con-
tained information about "dispersal of chemicals"
as well as about crop-duster planes.

Witnesses said Khalis' followers
also took control of the Torkham bor-
der station to the east of the city and
were preventing anyone - including
Afghans -- from entering Pakistan or
leaving Afghanistan.
U.S. jets reportedly pounded targets
south of Jalalabad early yesterday. The
area is suspected to contain al-Qaida
Khalis' return to power fit into the
larger trend: Afghanistan seemed to be
reverting to the patchwork quilt of fief-

doms that controlled the country
before the Taliban ascended in 1996.
Already, warlords who previously
ruled Mazar-e-Sharif and Herat have
taken control of those cities.
Afghan sources in Pakistan, speak-
ing on condition of anonymity, said
the airport outside of Kandahar was
held by about 200 fighters loyal to
Arif Khan, a Pashtun tribal leader.
The Taliban denied it, and officials in
Washington said the situation was
There were other advances. Tribal
elders took control yesterday of the
town of Gardez, in Paktia province
about 60 miles south of Kabul.

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"It is a month where Muslims are
encouraged to improve their religion,"
said Atif Siddiqi, president of the
University's Islamic Student Associa-
Some members of Islamic commu-
nity feel religion supersedes politics,
and the United States should halt the
war during Ramadan.
"No matter what religion it is, Mus-
lim or Christian, the United States
should respect it. If the bombing were
stopped for a month, it would not
make a difference, and the United
States would get more respect form

the rest of the world," said Rackham
student Wael Alshewey.
But other Muslims recognize the
need for America's actions, looking at
history to support the bombings.
This will not be the first time that
Muslims have been hurt by war on
Ramadan. The Iran-Iraq war of the
1980s was fought several times during
Ramadan, and even Muhammed him-
self led his soldiers into battle during
the holiday in the year 624.
Essia said he believes necessities
must be taken care of.
"Battles have been won by Mus-
lims on Ramadan before. If fighting
is necessary, then we must do it," he

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"At least in the winter 2000 and
winter 2001 elections, I know the
majority of people voted in the first
day," said MSA Rules and Elections
committee chair John Simpson.
There was a problem with the vot-
ing website between midnight and
approximately 1:10 a.m. yesterday
when some voters were unable to
access the MSA ballot initiative
requesting a $1 student fee increase.
Any student who voted for MSA rep-
resentatives during this time was not
able to vote on the ballot question.
Also, the voting website did not
allow students from schools without
open seats on MSA to vote on the bal-
lot question until approximately 11:50
a.m. yesterday, Webmaster Kevin
McGowan said.
Simpson said both problems were
fixed last night and the people who
were having difficulty accessing the

website and were unable to vote were
sent an email and redirected to either
another website to vote on the MSA
ballot question only, or back to
vote.www umich.edu.
During last winter's election, a total
8,271 votes were cast, and a year ago,
during the fall 2000 election, Ander-
son said 9,982 total votes were cast.
The election began yesterday at
midnight and will continue until 12:00
a.m. tonight. Twenty-two MSA seats,
10 LSA-SG seats and five UMEC
positions are up for grabs.
Candidates are using many different
tactics to lure voters and increase voter
"Basically we use traditional cam-
paign methods - a combination of
postering, chalking and talking to peo-
ple in dorms and on the Diag," said
MSA candidate Brandon Baier, a
member of the Michigan Party.
The Michigan Party is the only
party campaigning against the $1 stu-
dent fee increase.

"The reason for that is currently
MSA receives over $500,000 to dis-
tribute and we oppose it because only
about 42 percent of that is actually
going back to student groups," Baier
said. "Before we support a $1 increase
we'd like to see more money going to
student groups."
Amelia Deschamps, an LSA-SG
candidate with the University Democ-
ratic Party, said her party prefers to
talk to voters directly.
"Door-to-door is the most. effective
thing I've done," Deschamps said.
"That's how I discussed with voters
what I want to do if elected."
Deschamps said she paid for her
own personal campaign posters, as
each of the U-Dems candidates did.
Blue Party MSA candidate Chris-
tine Hammer said her party also "likes
to have a lot of person-to-person inter-
To help pay for their campaigning,
Hammer said the Blue Party has
"party dues that aren't too high, and

we help each other out by getting
posters up and talking to as many peo-
ple as we can, but a large part of (pay-
ing for) it is our own funds."
"We know everyone gets annoyed,
but if people walk by and we see they
have flyers from another party, we
can't let them go by without one of
ours," MSA candidate David Goldman
The Defend Affirmative Action
Party has a different approach to cam-
"DAAP is the only party who cam-
paigns year round," said MSA candidate
Agnes Aleobua. "We don't pop up just
when election time comes around."
"Part of our campaign has been
signing people up for the bus to
Cincinnati and getting the affirmative
action petition signed," said DAAP
candidate Jessica Curtin. "Election
time is a chance to get to talk to peo-
ple and start conversations about affir-
mative action, women's rights and


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Becker's colleagues have also found a link
between drugs and changes in the brain that lead to
"History of drug abuse shows that, after a long
period of time (off of drugs), people show
enhanced behavior to the drugs because of change
in brain organization," said biopsychologist Terry
'r"There is also change at the neurochemical and

structural levels, especially in brain regions involved
in sensory motivation and reward," he said.
In support of Becker's research, Robinson also
said that cocaine enhances the synaptic concentra-
tion of dopamine, which leads to a dramatic
increase in sensitivity to the drug. This sensitivity is
modulated by gonadotropins, which include estro-
"There seems to be a modulation in dopamine
systems," Robinson said. "When dealing with sex
differences, there are many different facets that
make it difficult to disassociate why drugs affect

male and females."
"In animal models, you can control all of these
things," he added.
Becker's research analyzed almost 200 rats, which
allowed her to eliminate outside influences experi-
enced by hormones, like socioeconomic pressures
and behavioral choices.
She discovered that female rats who received
estrogen and cocaine over a three-week period
showed 20 percent to 50 percent more sensitization
than female rats who didn't receive estrogen and
male rats, according to a recent press release.

Continued from Page 1A
ature, Science and the Arts in suits
filed by the Center for Individual
Rights, a Washington-based law firm.
"Unfortunately for us, Ted was a
member of the committee that helped
to draft (the Law School's) admis-
sions policy, so he has not been able
to help with the litigation involving
the Law School," Lehman said. "For-
tunately for us he is able to partici-
pate in the undergraduate case."
Shaw said he believes the two affir-
mative action trials filed against the
the michigan daily
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University, which are scheduled to be
heard in the 6th Circuit Court of
Appeals in Cincinnati on Dec. 6, will
eventually be brought before the U.S.
Supreme Court
"Michigan has the best and
strongest record to go to the Supreme
Court. I am as certain as I have been
about any case, that they're going to
take one or both of these cases,"
Shaw said.
Hoping these trials will set national
standard for affirmative action poli-
cies, Shaw outlined the University's
current admissions process, noting
how it would be detrimental to minor-

ity students if the policies were
deemed unconstitutional. He said an
unfavorable court ruling will not hurt
universities but rather minority stu-
dents who want to attend higher edu-
"At the end of the day, if affirma-
tive action is struck down, the Univer-
sity goes on. Some white applicants
will be accepted and others will be
rejected. But who it's really hurting
are the minority students," Shaw said.
"The propriety of affirmative action
stems from white students and institu-
tion's interest in diversity. This ren-
ders invisible, in this discourse,

students of color."
Law student Dora Chen, who
attended Shaw's lecture, said she has
a vested interest in the outcome of
these lawsuits because she believes
diversity in the classroom is crucial to
having fully represented discussions
in her law classes.
"Before we knew they were granti-
ng the stay (to Law School admis-
sions), there was a lot of
apprehension about what classes
would look like and how class room
discussions would change without a
diverse student body. Everyone was
worried," Chen said.

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