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November 13, 2001 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-11-13

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4 - 1Ae Michigan Daily - Tuesday, November 13, 2001



Uwe Atiligain DadiI

daily. letters@umich.edu

SINCE 1890

Editor in Chief
Editorial Page Editors

half the story,
all the time."
- The chant of protesters who convened
on Monday in Atlanta to protest CNN's
coverage of the war in Afghanistan,
as reported by the Associated Press.

' e

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editorial board. All other articles, letters and cartoons do not
necessarily reflect the opinion of The Michigan Daily.

Fear strikes even when terrorism doesn't
esterday as Amer- reality of a society losing its innocence - enemy even before it strikes, and even if it
icans heard the every plane crash or suspect envelop or situa- doesn't strike.
news of the tion without clear answers becomes one in Two months ago in the wake of the
downed American Air- which fear of attack finds a haven. That head- tragedies its was almost a cliche to hear com-
lines flight in New York it lines today have to calm fears that terrorism is mentators tell us that now Americans knew
came with an eerie famil- not suspected in yesterday's crash means that how the rest of the world felt, that now Ameri-
iarity and an uncomforting we are fighting terrorism even when terrorism cans could relate to a set of horrible realities
sense that we had seen this per se doesn't strike. that they had previously not regarded. They
sort of thing before, Saying that America has lost its innocence, were only half right h'owever. Being ripped
Maybe those who said is a realization easier said than done. The from innocence is one thing, I thought at the
the United States had shed it collective naivete tricky thing with the whole shattered inno- time, but enduring tragedy and fear after that
or lost its innocence were right - and if they cence notion is that it brings with it a certain innocence and naivete is already broken is
were, yesterday was an example of just what amount of baggage. Fear, in many ways is something different. And that is something that
that means. inevitable if innocence is lost, but the outright nations that grapple with terrorism are forced to
Only two months after the same sort of assumption that all bad things are a result of deal with - vulnerability and uneasiness that
scene was played on the same networks, a terrorism until they can be explained brings doesn't seem to go away - not even when the
country that has come to expect the worse with it a feeling of insecurity that Americans crashes are deemed mechanical or the tests for
was once again watching the black plume of may not have been ready to accept; a feeling anthrax come back negative. Terrorism is ter-
ignited aircraft debris billow into the New very evident on the, streets of New York yes- rorism because of how it makes us feel, not
York sky while trying make sense of it all. terday. "I'm not asking them to prove to me merely because of what it does to us.
The news no doubt tore open fresh wounds that it's terrorism," said Roger Santos, a Terrorism, it seemed yesterday, was not
where scars were just beginning to heal, forc- Queens resident who spoke to NBC yesterday. embodied in the flames that burned from a row
ing people to fear that the nightmare of Sept. "They're gonna have to convince me it's not." of houses in New York, but rather in the fear of
11 was happening again. A loss of innocence signals a change in how where those flames could have come from and
Except yesterday, after two months of ten- things are done. Gone, at least for now, are the what those flames could've meant.
sion, anxious Americans collectively did what days when plane crashes were the horrible New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani told
Sept. 11 has taught them - they expected the tragedies that families suffered and the Federal reporters that the city, already on edge, raised
worst and feared terrorism. And as the news Aviation Administration sought to explain, its level of security after the crash with the
reports trickled in, Americans were comforted Crashes instead, in these awkward days of fear, fear of possible terrorist attacks. "You always
with statements from the FBI and the White are met with the closing of airports, bridges and have to assume the worst," the mayor
House that blamed mechanical failure and not tunnels and the convening of the Washington explained to a city that perhaps now realizes
the terrorist attacks we all immediately feared. press cors where terrorism and suspicion is the just what that means.
But what kind of comfort is there when matter of discussion and the subject of immedi-
our suspicions are immediately focused on ate fear. Geoff Gagnon can be reached
answering the question of whether or not ter- Welcome to the brutal realities of losing via elmail at ggagnon@umich.edu
rorists were involved? And herein lies the innocence - a reality where terrorism is our
Waging war on wars waged
It has come to our atten- GOD: Don't mention it. And please, call mand? Huh? What makes you little peons think
tion that Daily me God; I can't stand euphemisms. I'm rooting for you?
columnist/village idiot FRANK: No, of course not. No beating FRANK: Ah, well, I-
Aubrey Henretty has yet to around the bush. We'll cut right to the chase. Is GOD: Is that all I am to you? Fodder for
comment publicly on the there any truth to the rumors that the Sept. 11 your tragedy graphics? I mean, not that I'm
Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. attacks were apocalyptic in nature? Is this, you opposed to the idea of blessing America per
We apologize for her know, it? Should the human race be preparing se, but you make it sound like I have to
insensitivity. Out of for the end of the world? choose between blessing it and crushing it
respect for the dead, this GOD: You want me to tell you when the with my benevolent fist, the way you supercil-
week's column - titled apocalypse is going to happen? Ha, ha. What ious snots have been doing with Afghanistan.
"Cheese in a can: It's all about technique" - would be the fun in that? I will tell you, though, Look, I'm not Santa Claus; I don't catalogue
will not be seen at this time. Instead, here's that leveling buildings isn't really my style. I'm countries in terms of "naughty" and "nice." I
something a bit more socially relevant courtesy more of a floods and fires kind of guy, myself. don't mess around; everybody gets blessed. I
of a prominent cable news channel. So just sit Brimstone, too. I'm a fan of brimstone. don't play favorites. Period. And another
back, relax and let your I.Q. rise ... FRANK: What is brimstone, exactly? thing -
A NNOUNCER: You're watching GOD: Didn't you ever take chemistry? FRANK: I'm sorry, God, but that's all the
DNN's special coverage of the down- FRANK: No, I was a communications time we have for today -
fall of humanity. The Doom News Net- major. GOD: - a whole bunch of people are
work: All terror, all the time. Rely on DNN. GOD: Sulfur. It's just another word for sul- about to starve to death! Actual people with
ANCHOR: Welcome back to DNN's fur. Anyway, like I was saying, I had nothing to kids and headaches and laundry and-
extended coverage of the War on Dirty For- do with that mess. Sure, Americans are materi- FRANK: Again, we'd like to thank God for
eigners Who Wish to Kill and Eat Our Chil- alistic, selfish and empirically unintelligent, but being with us today -
dren. I'm Rod Grimly. Making headlines today, they pay for that in other ways. GOD: Wait! Wait! I wasn't -
bio-terrorism: Could the nation's supply of ani- FRANK: What do you mean, "other FRANK: - and may he bless America.
mal crackers be next? Also, on the economic ways?" GOD: Aaaarrrrggggghhhh!
front, Dow Jones spokesman and investor Rich GOD: Oh, you know ... Starbucks, "Who FRANK: Rod?
Whitey has confirmed to DNN that the stock Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire," the Olsen ANCHOR: Thank you, Frank. And thank
market has, quote, "officially gone to shit." To twins, the fashion industry, Carrot Top, World you, God. What a fascinating perspective.
make ends meet, Whitey said he may be forced Championship Wrestling, Jerry Falwell ... Coming up this hour: Anthrax: Coming soon to
to shut down three of his Mexican sweatshops, FRANK: Have you spoken to Jerry Fal- a closed ventilation system near you! Also, a
leaving hundreds of malnourished Spanish- well? look at Osama bin Laden's heavily guarded
speaking children out of work. But more on that GOD: No. dental records and a bleak report on the state of
in a moment. First, let's go to Frank Stern in FRANK: You said you take no responsibil- airport security. But first, this cinematic
studio 13 for a DNN exclusive interview. ity for the dastardly Sept. 11 attacks. Don't you sequence involving billowing flags, presidential
Frank? feel at least partly responsible? The terrorists mugs and patriotic sound bites. And then a
FRANK: Thanks, Rod. I'm here with cre- did seem to think you were on their side. word from our sponsor. Stay tuned.
ation's foremost authority on doom, the GOD: Oh, you're one to talk about assign-
almighty God himself. Thank you so much for ing me a side! Everywhere I go in this country, Aubrey Henretty's usual tripe will be back
talking with us today, Your Holiness. I know it's "one nation under God this" this and "God in two weeks. In the mean time, she can be
you must have a lot on your mind right now. bless America" that. Is that a request or a com- reached via e-mail at ahenrett@umich.edu.

Feingold, although
idealistic, must
'hone his rebuttals'
Russ Feingold's outlook on national and
foreign policy is truly idealistic and
refreshing. He endorses a much needed
concern for civil liberties, in addition to a
lasting Middle East peace with a secure
Israel and a respect for Israel's borders.
While I admire his idealism and his call

and reaction.
LSA senior.
Voting for student
fees increase will
help student groups
With the Michigan Student Assembly elec-
tions coming up this week, the most pivotal
decision facing the student body is whether to

have done a nice job of spreading the word
about its benefits, but I still question how
much information has been relayed to the
average Michigan student. We are all fortu-
nate to attend a university that provides so
many opportunities for student involvement
in more than 800 organizations. Unfortunate-
ly, these groups as a whole are badly under-
funded, receiving less than one-third of the
funding they have applied for and feel is nec-
essary to fully function. As a result, many of
these groups have to rely on corporate fund-
ing that may compromise their interests.
Student fees at Michigan are among the
lowest in the Big Ten, despite the fact that we

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