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November 02, 2001 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-11-02

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4 - The Michigan Daily - Friday, November 2, 2001




Gb trbT9I1t ]DilIU

daily. letters@umich.edu

SINCE 1890

Editor in Chief
Editorial Page Editors

Unless otherwise noted, unsigned editorials reflect the opinion of the majority of the Daily's
editorial board. All other articles, letters and cartoons do not
necessarily reflect the opinion of The Michigan Daily.

nothing would do
more for the peace of
mind of Americans
than to discover that
an American -
some unabomber or
right-wing lunatic -
was responsible for
the anthrax attacks."
-Jonathan Schell, in the Nov. 12
issue of The Nation. Schell is the magazine's
peace and disarmament correspondent.

" . /2 _

Ci O(Ck!




You know my steez

Smagine that you're
walking down State
Street and you see a
*.girl wearing tight black
pants. She probably has on
high platform black boots
manufactured by the likes
of a guy named Steve
Madden. On top she is
wearing a spaghetti strap
low cut tank top that most likely is encrusted
with glitter or decorated with a picture of a
mundane object, like a blender or a bicycle,
that has been studded with pastel rhinestones.
The makeup that this girl is wearing would
probably be able to get a whole sorority house
through the weekend. You may think to your-
self, "Hey that girl must be headed out to a
club," or "That girl must be on her way to a
hot date." However, I would say that this
assumption, chances are, is wrong. I bet this
girl is on her way to class.
If you're like me, then these people piss you
off. Honestly all I have to say to them is, why?
Why, I ask, do you get up three hours before a
nine o clock class to straighten your hair? Why
do you choose to wear the most uncomfortable
clothes possible to sit in a lecture hall with 400
other students who are all wearing sweatpants?
And why do you think that anyone is noticing
what you look like as they're struggling just to
keep their eyes open and pay attention. I know
these decked out people will claim that they get
dressed up for class because looking nice
makes them feel good about themselves. It's
not for other people right? Wrong. You're only
kidding yourself.

As you may have guessed I am not one of
these people. This guy I know always com-
plains to me that I'm always dressed like I'm
going to the gym. This is funny cause you'll
never find me at the gym. I haven't worked out
a day in my life. I know this is surprising to
anyone that knows me -- being that I'm so nat-
urally diesel - but it's true. But apparently,
anyone that wears sneakers on all occasions -
instead of shoes that I probably would wear to a
senior prom - is going to the gym. Well,
excuse me and all the other people who have
coinmon sense not to waste their best attire on a
poli sci lecture. This is not to say that I don't
care about my appearance. I do. I just don't
think that the only way to medsure someone's
attractiveness is how tight their pants are or
how high their heels are.
Actually, I think this whole dressing up
thing is a double standard. A guy can go to
class, go to the gym, and then go to the bar all
in the same outfit. He can get away with it. It
doesn't matter if he approaches a bouncer on a
Friday night wearing jeans and t-shit that prob-
ably haven't been washed in days. Yet, when I
come to the bar in my sneakers and jeans with a
simple white Hanes tank top I can easily be sin-
gled out for my overtly casual attire. This
bouncer will most likely assume I'm not as
ready to party as the girl next to me looking like
she's ready to go to a Hollywood movie pre-
miere. Is this justice? I think not.
But the real question is if guys can get away
with wearing the same casual clothes for any
occasion then why do some guys feel the need
to wear all black with tight shirts and gold
belts? What's with those guys? They're really

creating more trouble for themselves than they
have to. And another thing: Watch it with those
spikes in your hair, guys. I mean, you could
poke my eye out with the amount of gel you've
greased yourself up with.
Obviously people are going to wear what
they want. And if you want to wear designer
labels and tight fitting clothes when you're tak-
ing your biology test and when you're at a frat
party that's your prerogative. But, take it from
me, this is unnecessary. Don't waste your time
getting decked out for class. This takes too
much effort. Sleep in, save yourself the trouble.
Chances are you're going to go home at the end
of the day, when you're in the privacy of your
own dorm room or apartment, and put on your
Michigan sweatpants anyway. So why create so
much laundry for yourself?
The point is, even though I may not always
be wearing the stereotypical "sorority girl" out-
fit of tight black pants and boots, I can still look
put together in my sneakers and jeans. The dif-
ference between me and those other girls is that
I'll be comfortable after a long night of danc-
ing, and I probably won't care if some drunken
frat guy spills his beer on me. Wait, I'll care
'cause this guy should watch where he's going,
but at least I won't have ruined my best clothes
on a Thursday night at ZBT. So the next time
you get dressed in the morning or scrounge
around in your closet for something to wear this
weekend, remember that sometimes less is
more. And let's be honest, hopefully you won't
have your clothes on for long anyway.

Rebecca Isenberg can'be reached
via e-mail at risen ber@umich.edu.



Music fan fulfills
duty, critiques Daily's
Pledge tour review
As a student who is a fan of most of the
bands that appeared at Van Andel Arena Sun-
day night, I feel it is my duty to write this letter.
I don't know what concert was reviewed by the
Daily ("Danger and porno enhance Pledge
tour," 10/10/01), but it was not the same one I
First of all, Rammstein did not even make
the ticket for that night! So if they never took
the stage, how then could they have "brought
flames and fun to the Gand Rapids venue?"
In addition, the second opener "Ameri-
can Head Charge" was completely omitted
and when you try to review a concert,
please do everyone a favor and at least get
the names of the songs right. Also, try not
to stereotypically describe all the fans there
as "overly anguished teens" if the concert
would have been truly reviewed, you would
have seen a crowd as diverse as the Univer-
sity's campus.
A final thought, instead of headlining "dan-
ger and porno" try focusing on the real high-
lights of the Slipknots show - an unbelievable
pyrotechnic and hydraulic set and a uniting
message that we can all learn from.
P.S. - Try taking real pictures from the
Pledge tour, not Ozzfest.
LSA freshman

When has GEO ever cared
about students?'

Most public announcements include a spe-
cific who, what, where, when and why. Attor-
ney General John Ashcroft's recent
announcement that there is a credible threat of
more terrorism in the next few weeks lacked all
of these. Allow me to summarize. Who? Some
terrorists. What? Some terrorism. Where?
Somewhere in America. When? Sometime in
the future. Why? Because they hate our free-
doms. Wow, thanks John, I'll be sure to keep
my eyes peeled.
Ashcroft's real reasons for his public warn-
ing have nothing to do with protecting the popu-
lace and everything to do with manipulating the
public. His announcement accomplishes two
things: First, it shields the U.S. intelligence
community. Immediately after the Sept. 11
attacks they received a lot of negative press for
having been caught with their pants down. If US
intelligence agencies continue to come up short,
Ashcroft's alert will remove the blame they may
There is a second and more disturbing
effect: It galvanizes the public for continued and
escalated attacks against Afghanistan. If the
threat of terrorism constantly looms over the
country, then the American people will be more
willing to support drastic action against those
supposedly responsible.
The bombardment of threat alerts from
Ashcroft and his ilk is propaganda designed to
instill panic and build retaliatory anger.
-.Jess Piskor
Over the years, the Republicans have per-
fected the art of exploiting national sentiments


to stir up opposition to the Democratic agenda.
In the 1950s and 60s, if a Democrat believed
that censoring artists and writers that were criti-
cal of Amierican policies was not in the nation's
best interests, the American right would be
quick to label such criticism as unpatriotic and
"soft on communism."
Nowadays the Republicans are back at it,
blaming congressional Democrats that have
spoken out against aspects of the anti-terrorist
legislation that violate civil liberties as easy on
terrorism and threatening national security.
Who do these punks think they are? Dick
Armey, Tom DeLay and other conservative
congressmen are the biggest advisories on
the proposed federal airport security force
because they believe that, it represents an
ideal that their party stands in firm opposi-
tion to, that being "big government." No one
will deny that airport security is something
that urgently needs to be addressed, but
these conservatives will only protect our
national security as long as it protects their
political goals as well. The Republican Party
is guilty of being hypocritical of pointing the
finger at the Democrats for stubbornness
when it comes to national security issues,
but it is also guilty of putting their ultra-
zealous beliefs about states' rights and the
use of tax dollars before the interest of pro-
tecting the lives of Americans.
All of this should remindAmericans how
disgusting, selfish and repugnant this political
force is.
- Ari Paul
In Passing views are those offindividual
members of the Daily 's editorial board,
and do not necessarily represent
the opinion of The Michigan Daily.

I agree with some points of Alyssa
Picard's letter regarding English language
testing for international GSIs ("GEO: Eng-
lish Language tests racist," 11/1/Oi). It is
unfair that "white" foreign English speakers
aren't tested. All foreign GSIs (and hell,
American GSIs as well) should be tested for
English. This is a fair requirement that if
they want to teach at an American, English-
speaking university, they should speak the
language! This notion is not racist; it is a
matter of learning.
I doubt I'm the only one who had a hard
time understanding a word of foreign GSIs in
their pathetic attempt to speak English when
conducting a discussion section. I always
thought, how in the hell are these people
allowed to teach if they can't even communi-
cate. It is not fair to the students, but when has
the Graduate Employees Organization ever
cared about the students they teach anyway'?
Well, if I had a crystal ball, I'd imagine
GEO would grow cranky over a number of
issues and go on strike again. This time, I
hope that the University administration has.
enough testicular fortitude to pull a Reagan
and fire them all.
Students ask yourself this: Are GSIs even
necessary anyway?


GEO bargaining chair Leland Davis
speaks at yesterday's rally.
When they went on strike last time, did
we really lose out having our discussion sec-
tions cancelled?
Bottom line: The students deserve to have
GSls that communicate in clear English. No

Muslim leaders must show leadership



Imagine the following hypothetical situa-
A self-identified Christian student at the
University contributes a viewpoint to the Daily
in which he expresses approval of the murders
of Matthew Shepherd and Dr. Barnet Slepian
and praises the Ku Klux Klan. No doubt every
Christian group on campus and every Christian
clergy and lay leader would denounce these sen-
timents and disassociate him or herself from the
statements made in the viewpoint.
A self-identified Jewish student writes an
viewpoint for the Daily in which she praises the
terrorist murderer Baruch Goldstein, who mas-

American or Muslim-American student submits
a viewpoint to the Daily in which he praises the
terrorist organizations Hamas and Hizbollah --
both of which are responsible for the deliberate
murder of innocent civilians, including children.
Actually, you don't have to imagine it: On Oct.
22, Wael Hakmeh wrote in the Daily, "We
should praise Syria for its allowing Hamas and
Hizbollah to fight for their freedom (sic), to rid
their land of the illegal Zionist occupation."
("Discussing diplomatic hypocrisy hypocritical-
ly," 10/22/01).
And what was the response of the various
Arab and Muslim organizations on campus to
Hakmeh's explicit endorsement of terrorism?
Silence. In the days following the publication of

fact - as demonstrated by Hakmeh's viewpoint
and the reaction to it - that, while not all Arab-
and Muslim-Americans support terrorism, not
all of them oppose it, either.
Of course, every religious and ethnic com-
munity has its extremist elements. But it is the
responsibility of community leaders to de-legit-
imize and condemn those who would twist their
faith to justify wanton murder. The appalling
public silence that greeted Hakmeh's pro-terror-
ist viewpoint is evidence that, sadly, Michigan's
Arab and Muslim community leaders are not
living up to this responsibility.
I hope this will change. Sherman Jackson -
who assured us at the Sept. 11 candlelight vigil
that Islam, as he interprets it, prohibits the


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