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September 05, 2001 - Image 53

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-09-05

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New Student Edition - The Michigan Daily - Wednesday, September 5, 2001- 3D

1 The Sopranos
1The Sopranos
16 Dawson's Cree
1 The Sopranos
8 Power Puff Girls
8 Power Puff Girls
5 X-files
5 X-files
12 Gilmore Girls
5 X-files
4 Ed
4 Ed
13 That's Life
6 Scooby Doo
6 Scooby Doo
11 Newsradio
6 Scooby Doo
3 The Practice
14 Twin Peaks
14 Twin Peaks 6
7 Iron Chef
7 Iron Chef
10 Emeril Live
7 Iron Chef
2 Law & Order
2 Law & Order
15 Laverne & Shirle
1 Friends
16 Saved By the Bell
16 Saved By the Bellj
16 Saved By the Bell
8 Popular
9 Roswell
9 Roswell
5 Once & Again
12 Family'Ties
12 Family Ties
12 Family Ties
4 Buffy
13 Angel
6 Boston Public
6 Boston Public
11 Batman Beyond
14 Looney Toons
3 Frasier
14 Looney Toons
14 Looney Toons2
7 Sports Night
17 Sports Night
10 Daria
2 The Simpsons
2 The Simpsons
2 The Simpsons
15 Futurama

The Sopranos
Scooby Doo
Saved By the Bel
The Simpsons

1 ER t6 Little House on the Prairie
Art 1ER
8 Whose Line is it Anyway
8 Whose Line
5 Seinfeld 9 Dark Angel
5 Seinfeld
5 Seinfeld J
12 The Last Word
5 Seinfeld
4 Happy Days
13 Full House
Scooby Doo 5 Seinfeld 13 Full House
6 South Park
6 South Park
11 Party of Five
2 The Simpsons 6 South Park
3 Everybody Loves Raymond
3 Raymond
10 Wonder Years 114 Third Watch
7 The Daily Show
10 Wonder Years
10 Wonder Years
10 Wonder Years
2 Sex and the City
2 Sex and the Cit
DAILY 15 Three's Company
The Simpsons 1 Survivor IE
- - - - - --............................. 1 S u rv iv o r 11
16 Rockey and Bullwinkls
1 Survivor I
8 Drew Carey Show
8 Drew Carey Sho
1 9 Politically Incorrect
1 Survivor If
5 Homicide
112 I Love Lucy
5 Seinfeld 13 Silver Spoon.
4 Monday Night Raw
13 Silver Spoons
41, 13 Silver Spoons
The Simpsons Cosby Show
6 Will & Grace
a, 6 Will & Grace
11 The Pretender
3 NYPD Blue
3 NYPD Blue
3 NYPD Blue
14 Young Indiana Jones
7 Cosby Show
7 Cosby Show
7 Cosby Show
10 All in the Family
7 Cosby Show
2 The West Wing
2 The West Wing


First Daily TV
oume is e Q
test of popularity
By Ryan Blay and Jeff Dickerson
Daily Arts Writers;

Simpsons crowned first champs

By RyanBlay
Daily Arts Writer
Our Final Four matched up cartoon favorites "Scooby Doo"
and "The Simpsons," and NBC sitcoms "Seinfeld" and "The
Cosby Show" Guaranteed a cartoon versus sitcom final, ques-
tions arose: What makes the best show? More importantly,
does FOX deserve to win anything, even a fake tournament?
In the cartoon-cartoon match-up, "Scooby Doo" took an
early lead. But "The Simpsons" haven't lasted 12 years on the
air without some heart. Homer put Scooby and Shaggy to
shame in the pie-eating contest, and Maggie, fresh off of
shooting Montgomery Burns, left to a standing ovation after
she shut Scrappy Doo up. In post-game interviews, all Velma
could say was "jinkies."
On the other side, "The Cosby Show" wasn't giving in to
"Seinfeld." Even Jerry had to concede that Bill Cosby is one
of the funniest comedians ever. But when Newman and Jerry
started bickering, and megalomaniacal owner George Stein-

brenner fired general manager J. Peterman, the depth of the
"Seinfeld" bench (George's parents, the Soup Nazi, Puddy
and Uncle Leo) proved too much for the Huxtables.
The big game in one word - brutal. George left the game in
the second half with an unspecified neurosis, and Maggie was
pulled once executive producer realized she couldn't walk.
Jerry controlled the tempo, often slowing the game down to
ask what's the deal with New York City cabbies, but was
silenced when Comic Book Guy pronounced the series finale
"worst episode ever." After this; everyone from Professor Frink
to rarely seen cops Eddie and Louie had their way with the
NBC quartet. The Simpsons were crowned the victors.
After the showdown, FOX head honcho Rupert Murdoch
awarded the Elisabeth Filarski trophy to the men behind "The
Simpsons." Unfortunately, we couldn't award them the real
Elisabeth as promised, because her jerk boyfriend threatened us.
Either way, it's been a privilege to present pictures of Elisa-
beth and wacky tourney action and congratulations to FOX
for finally winning something.

Welcome to the 2001 Daily Arts Television Tournament.
Jur number 65 seed, the Winthrop of all TV shows, is
aved By the Bell," which upset No. 64 "Dexter's Laborato-
ry" to eke its way into the tournament. Dustin "Screech" Dia-
mond manhandled Didi while Elizabeth Berkeley distracted
Dexter from coming to the aid of his family. But now Zach,
Kelly and Mr. Belding hold the unenviable position of facing
the No. 1 rated sitcom in all the land.
Only one show shall be awarded the coveted Elisabeth
Filarski trophy - we will steal her from her punk football
player boyfriend and literally present her to the winning
ow'- producers.
The tournament was the collective brainchild of the Daily
TV staff, who wanted to both express our love for television
and do something to overcome the boredom of not having any
sweeps series to review.
The biggest surprise in the tourney came between the cur-
rent king of sitcoms "Friends" and the timeless classic "Saved
By the Bell."
Zach, Kelly, Slater and Screech were up in arms over their
low seeding when the brackets were announced last week. The
Bayside natives carried their intense emotion into the game
1 easily beat the highest rated sitcom in the land. The play
the game occurred when Zach Morris used his infamous
"timeout,"halting the progress of their rivals.
Some shows never die. Maybe someone should have noti-
fied the cast of "Frasier," who were thoroughly destroyed by
Bugs, Daffy and the rest of the "Looney Tunes" gang. Wile E.
Coyote enjoyed the rare thrill of victory but admits it was hard
to be teamed with the Road Runner.
Cartoons did surprisingly well. The Powerpuff Girls used
their Chemical X to waste the hardcore prisoner of "Oz." "The
undercats" and the Sword of Thundera came ever so close
toppling "The West Wing," arguably the finest current
prime time drama. "Daria" and "Futurama" couldn't follow
the foul-mouthed "South Park" kids and "The Simpsons" into
the next round, but nevertheless, animation is well-represented
going into round two.
Nowhere was a contest tighter than the instant classic

Witty jokes and the New York brand of humor carried the cast
of Seinfeld past the "Cosby Show and Into the finals.
Courtesy of NBC
Bell" continue its Gonzaga-style upsets? What will "Iron
Chef" cook up for the always hungry Shaggy and Scooby?
Will Bugs and company drop an Acme brand safe on "The
Simpsons?" Perhaps most importantly, will top ranked "ER"
and "Survivor II" be able to fend off el fuego "Seinfeld" and
"Silver Spoons, respectively?
Apparently somebody forgot to tell "Family Ties," "Looney
Toons," "ER," and "NYPD Blue" to show up. Each show
received no more than two votes this round, despite solid regu-
lar season performances from Detective Sipowicz, Alex P.
Keaton and Foghorn Leghorn.
"ER" especially went down hard. Despite being the number
one ranked prime time show, many questioned the staff's
heart. One question on everyone's minds: Why give Dr.
Greene (Anthony Edwards, departing after next season) a
brain tumor? Why not allow him to go down in honor and
without cheesy melodrama, as in "Top Gun?" .
"X-Files" folded to "The Sopranos" when Scully and
Doggett realized that the mob hit is still in its prime, while the
"X-Files" is waning.
Finally, the main matchup. The battle between the gang at
"Scooby Doo" and "Iron Chef" took place in Kitchen Stadi-
um. The secret ingredient was a snow ghost that was secretly
a prospector hoping to scare away people from land he want-
ed to buy. Despite Chef Morimoto's attempts to cook up
something Scooby and Shaggy couldn't eat, he couldn't.
Celebrity panelists The Harlem Globetrotters, Batman and
Robin and Don Knotts all rated challenger Scooby's action
Round four's main event features "Scooby Doo" trying to
solve the mystery of who capped ex-Sopranos Big Pussy and
Richie Aprile. Newly made man Christopher Moltisanti will

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