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October 09, 2001 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-10-09

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4 -The Michigan Daily - Tuesday, October 9, 2001



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SINCE 1890

Editor in Chief
Editorial Page Editors

(( Air drops make
great TV but they
often represent a
failure to respond to
a food crisis."
- Will Day, chief executive of Care
International, as quoted in an article
appearing in the Oct 8 edition of The
Guardian. The article outlined the case
against food airdrops: high cost
and risk, as well as the creation of a
false link between humanitarian
aid and military action



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A digression into love


's two o'clock in the ing ... that feeling that makes you, more than
morning ... I have happy to wake up and attend an 8 a.m., two-
been having trouble hour lecture just to see your object of affection.
sleeping lately, and I don't That feeling of sheer hope and anticipation for
know exactly why. Perhaps what could possibly be. That feeling, man :..
it is because of my two- Absolutely nothing can come even close. That
foot-wide university sup- feeling has made me haul my ass to the store, in
plied bed that I can't roll my pajamas, in ten-degree weather, at three
over on. Perhaps it is o'clock in the morning, just to get flowers.
because this is the first time Insane, isn't it?
in my life that I am actually sleeping in a room So where is she, eh? Where is the girl? I
that I can call my very own. Or, perhaps it is don't see her. Being a romantic at heart means
because I do my deepest thinking when I am nothing when there is no one to be romantic
laying down to sleep. What's on my mind early with. My arm has not a soul on it. You see, I
this morning? have the problem of being contradictory when
The one thing that I really yearn for, yet it comes to these things; I am fully aware that
seems to constantly elude me ... the best, longest-lasting relationships are those
I promised myself that I would never write that are not jumped into, yet my characteristic
a bleeding heart column about love ... it's been lack of patience makes me very anxious for
overdone, and it is often used as a means to try something that I know cannot be rushed. There
to hook up with someone. However, I am going is only so far flirtation can go before it loses
on a rare, insomnia-induced, Jerry Maguire- purpose. There is only so far that casual sex can
esque change of character, and I am going to go before it becomes a yearning for something
follow my heart instead of my cerebral ... just with more depth. I always promise myself that I
this once. will keep it nice, and easy when I first meet a
There exists no all-consuming definition of lady that tickles my fancy, but I can't help
love. It transcends all boundaries of race, age, myself - I get to thinking about what could
and, well, sanity. Love is not designed for sci- be, and ... I fall. Is this how it is supposed to
entists, psychiatrists or any other analysts to work? Do all guys have that trigger within
dissect, as it will always defy all human com- them that, when pulled just the right way ...
prehension. Love will make us reach so far Or is it just me?
away from ourselves, even with the I can't tell anymore. It is very late and I
omnipresent risk of failure and heartbreak - have long ago gotten beside myself in writing
we either fall to the tune of a hurt that no physi- this. Yet the issue at hand remains: Where is
cal pain could parallel, or we rise to a level that she? I can't find her, try as I may. What, am I
no drug invented could achieve. I view love as looking in the wrong places? My mother once
one of many inherent human weaknesses, but asked me, "Why is it that you don't keep any
this is the one that so many more of us could girlfriends?" I said to her frankly, at the risk of
use; this weakness is forgivable. - sounding arrogant, "'Cause Ma, I haven't
Men enjoy putting up a facade for one found any one yet worthy to bring home to
another when it comes to matters of the heart, you." And this is the unbridled truth ... if I
but I challenge the hardest hard-rock to turn his- were simply searching for a woman that repre-
back on his emotions. That feeling you get ... sented my idea of physically attractive, I would
you know, the one where it feels like someone have long ago been in a relationship. Silly me,
is running fingernails around your stomach lin- though ... I like my women with some depth.
Answering instead of condemning

Don't let this whole distinguished university
thing fool you - poking around, dating, and
meeting people like I do, I realize that there are
an astounding number of people, both men and
women, with massive air pockets between their
two ears.
Where is that woman that will cut the mind-
less crap and engage in a meaningful conversa-
tion with me? Where is that independent
woman with the inner strength that won't take
any stuff from anyone ... the woman with a
mind of her own who isn't afraid to disagree
with her man if necessary? Where is the
woman that I can stay up all night with on a
weekend and lose all sense of time just talking
with her? Where is the woman with the outer
beauty that can only be balanced by her inner
beauty? Where is the woman that I could never
get tired of just holding? Where is the woman
that I can look at everyday and safely say that
the sun rises and sets with her?
Words lose relevance after some time ... I
can just say that somewhere out there is that
overlooked, winning lottery ticket, and I just
have to keep wading through the garbage to
find it. Again, I know that these things can't be
rushed, and that I need to adopt the patience
that may benefit me in this situation. My ace
kept it nice and simple, "If it was meant to be,
then it will." If you have it already, and it's real,
then you better do your damnedest to maintain
that beautiful thing, because you are one step
ahead of the game already. If you truly love a
person, and you have that jones deep inside that
only that person can give you, you gotta tell
them! What do you have to lose :.. besides
everything? It is what it is; not always fair and
not always genuine, but I would be playing
myself if I didn't respect love as that which
makes the world spin. Someday, right?
4:12 a.m. Time for bed.

Dustin Seibert can be reached
via e-mail at dseibert@umich.edu.




s soon as the first
mention of an
American response
to the recent terrorism was
made, there were those
who started complaining
that we should do nothing,
sometimes because we
brought this upon our-
Answering them is, of course, complicated.
As to the claims that we created Osama bin
Laden and people like him, the explanations as
to how tend to revolve around us sticking our
noses where they don't belong; our arming
and training of militants fighting the Soviets
who then turned on us and our continued med-
dling in the affairs of Middle East.
But in the 1980s, were we wrong to arm
Afghani freedom fighters? Their battle against
the Soviets cost that nation so much in men,
money and morale that it was undoubtedly a
major reason for its collapse and the subse-
quent freeing of nations and peoples across
Europe and Asia. The Afghanis would have
eventually won by themselves and the Soviet
Union would have eventually collapsed under
its own unworkable weight, but so much the
better that we sped those events, saving many
lives in the process.
Whatever weapons we gave them, bin
Laden and the Taliban were not our creation.
If anyone deserves that honor, it is Pakistan, a
nation whose government deliberately fostered
and injected the most extreme brand of reli-
gious fundamentalism into their politics and
society and into Afghanistan's, though we
never complained.
And our other meddling in.the Middle
It is true that what we have done to Iraq is
a great tragedy. We are rightly concerned
about holding in check the depredations of the
inhuman tyrant who leads them, though we
supported this madman in the past. In our
effort to keep him contained, we left millions

of Iraqis penned in with him, suffering horri-
But that all started at the request of his
neighbors. When, in 1990, Saddam Hussein
invaded Kuwait we rushed to help it as well as
protect the terrified Saudis. Now we hear that
our troops in Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam,
are one of the great offenses for which we
must suffer, never mind that we were invited.
As for the plight of the Iraqis, our government
should have moved faster, but has been trying
to modify the sanctions on Iraq. They couldn't
have just been dropped. Who can argue that a
man who uses chemical weapons on his own
people should not be prevented from getting
the chemicals to make them?
Then there are the Palestinians. When, in
the wake of the first strikes on Afghanistan,
bin Laden said he wanted peace and security
for Palestine, he meant he wants Israel
destroyed. What he is concerned about is not
what is happening to the Palestinians, but all
those Jews where he doesn't think they
belong, which is anywhere actually. Our sup-
port of Israel greatly angers many people in
the Middle East, as well as some Americans
who have gripes with Israel for personal rea-
sons (or who like to call themselves liberals,
but are usually just misguided, college town
fetishizers of poverty and weakness). We seem
to have little choice but to endure this particu-
lar source of foreign anger because if there
were a Palestinian state tomorrow (which, with
due consideration to Israel, there should be)
the anger would live on. Judging by the fiery
anti-Semitism of much of the Middle East's
press, this sore spot isn't about Palestinians,
it's about Jews. And they, as well as our sup-
port for their state, are not and should not be
going anywhere.
The rush to use these issues to pin the
blame for terrorism on the United States was
swift. But all these arguments have answers,
good ones. I wasn't thrilled to almost immedi-
ately hear discordant voices among the over-
whelming solidarity, but I was even more

disturbed to hear the shrill condemnation of
"un-American" against them. These people
should not be merely hectored, but answered.
True, there is no sufficient answer for
some, because their gripe is not really with
U.S. foreign policy, but the U.S. as a whole. I
wonder if the Chomskys and Sontags of the
world would be calling Americans who had
flown planes into buildings full of civilians in
the Middle East brave? Or is it only those they
consider "oppressed" who are capable of
But they are the exception.
Most people opposing what we are doing
are more rational and less motivated by per-
sonal grudges against the United States. Those
who support our policies should be happy to
have the chance to explore why by hearing and
responding to their critics. Despite Ari Fleish-
er's apparent distaste for freedom of speech, I
don't think anyone is or should be any more
apprehensive than normal about expressing
unpopular views. Bill Maher's right to have
FedEx sponsorship was infringed, but his right
to free speech is intact.
We are indeed remarkably unified at the
moment, but that unity is done no favors by
hysterical condemnation of dissenters. People
and leaders should concentrate on making and
pushing the right policies, not worry about
keeping errant columnists in line.
Are the naysayers objectively pro-terrorist
- as Michael Kelly calls them? Sure, by his
logical construction, but let's not get carried
away. Treating someone who doesn't like
what our government does as a traitor or
somehow un-American is pointless and forget-
ful of a few things about America. I don't
agree with the peace protesters, but you're
wasting your breath if you think you can
berate them into silence. Their concerns are
valid and deserve response as much for our
good as for theirs.
Peter Cunniffe can be reached
via e-mail atpcunnm/J@umich.edu.


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