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March 23, 2001 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-03-23

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2- The Michigar. Daily -- Friday, March 23, 2001


Bush backs expulsion of diplomats

V ashinzgon Post
resident Bush yesterday strongly backed the expul-
sion of more than 50 Russian diplomats and said he
Was "confident that we can have good relations with the
Rssians" even as Moscow vowed to retaliate.
Iwas presented with the facts, I made the decision,
it was the right thing to do,' Bush said.
Iln Moscow, Russian. Foreign Minister Igor lvanov
jj~omised an "adequate" response within hours of learn-

ing that the State Department had ordered the immedi-
ate expulsion of four diplomats suspected of being
intelligence officers and had given 46 others until July 1
to leave the United States.
By late last night, the Russians had served no official
notice of their intentions. But lvanov and other senior
officials indicated that Moscow would expel an equal
number of Americans. Asked by CNN when U.S. diplo-
mats would have to leave Russia, lvanov replied: "You
won't have to wait long."

Ivanov also warned against "those who are trying to
push mankind and the United States back to the epoch
of the Cold War."
A Bush administration official speaking on condition
of anonymity said the four Russians who have been
declared persona non grata and must leave within 10
days were Washington-based intelligzence officers who
had been involved in "handling" Robert flanssen, the
veteran FBI agent arrested last month on charges of
spying for Moscow since 1985.

/ r
KORLYO, .Russia
Russia sends M ir plunging into ocean
After 15 years in the heavens, Mir took its last tours around Earth yesterday,
accepting final commands that would trigger a fiery, suicide plunge into the Soth
On its last day, the using space station soaked up the sun's energy to pows
fickle batteries and stabilizc its alignment. If all went well, Mir would fall harm-
lessly into the sea. If not, the consequences of 27 1/2 tons of blazing debris futr -
bling from the sky were frightening.
The death of Mir marked the end of a proud chapter in the Russian space ,pro-
gramn; it proved that long duration space flight was possible. Its passing came it
much wistfulness, and some protest. About 15 demonstrators briefly rallied yes-
terday outside Mission Control, holding up a portrait of Yuri Gagarin, the Rus$ihI
who was the first man in space. "'Don't Give Up the Russian Space Industry," the
sign read. But Mir was doomed. The impoverished Russian government could haot
afford to keep it in orbit - and in good repair - while fulfilling its obligations to
the construction of the international space station.
Inside Mission Control near Moscow, the mood was strictly professional. t
trollers bottled up regrets over Mir's demise as they pored over charts and figures in
preparation for crucial commands that would power the final descent early today.
Nations bein slaughtering infected livestock
Officials slaughtered the first of thousands of doomed livestock today, a day
after the Republic of Ireland confirmed its first cases of foot-and-mouth disease,
which is ravaging neighboring Britain.
Confirmation of the first cases in a rural peninsula yesterday sent shock vW
though the country, and stocks slumped more than 5 percent on the Dublin
Prime Minister Berticr Ahern called the outbreak "a national challenge for our
country." British Prime Minister Tony Blair telephoned Ahern late yesterday to
express his "support and solidarty' Blair's Downing Street office said.
For three weeks; Ireland's 3.7 million citizens had restricted their travel and can-
celed other activities - even their St. Patrick's Day parades - in hopes of deter-
ring the livestock disease, which is already hurting thne country's vaunted Celtic
Tiger economy.
"After all these nervous weeks, wve were just starting to believe wve'd beat it,"
said John Elmore, a cattle farmer about 10 miles from yesterday's confirmed out-
break on a sheep farm next door to Northern Ireland.

TT ' s ,Macedonia
Government arrests
scores of militants
Unleashing a fresh assault on ethnic
Albanian rebels yesterday, government
forces claimed they seized large quanti-
ties of weapons and arrested scores of
militants who were fleeing without a
But the scene behind insurgent lines
told a different story: one of manned
rebel sniper nests, grenade attacks on
police and scattered clashes in the coun-
tryside, suggesting the rebels still have
plenty of resolve-and firepowver.
Rebel sniper positions as close as 2-
1/2 miles from Tetovo's center were
manned, and police spokesman Stevo
Pendarovski said mortar rounds were
fired from nearby Kosovo at a police
checkpoint near the village of Gracane,
15 miles northeast of Tetovo, wounding
a policeman. Elsewhere, rebel fortifica-
tions and road blocks remained in place,
and there were no signs of mass retreat
by the insurgents.
5 hurt when scaffold
at Oscars collaps
Scaffolding along the red carpet for
the Academy Awards ceremiony col-
lapsed yesterday, iniuring five workers.
Most of the mangled metal fell just
behind bleachers that will seat fans and
reporters who gather to watch celebi-
ties enter the Shrine Auditorium for
Sunday's ceremony. A portion also
tumbled onto a tent over the red carpet
leading into the auditorium,

Preparations for Sunday's show were
halted in the area around the accident,
but workers continued moving flowers,
stage material and recording equipment
into the Shrine through other entrances.
"This will not delay the ceremony at
all," city fire spokesman Richard
Andrade said.
The condition of the most sevOY
injured person was upgraded from enit-
ical to serious within two hours of .the
accident, city fire spokesman Bob Cpl-
1lis said.
FDA approves new
diabetes wristwatch.
Diabetics are about to get a scic
fiction-like way to measure their 1
sugar painlessly: The government
approved a wristwatch-lookinug dev ice
yesterday that uses tiny electric currents
to monitor diabetes.
The long-awaited GlucoWatch won't;
completely replace diabetics' dread fina-
ger-prick blood tests because it's not per-
fect, the Food and Drug Administration
warned. Nor is it for children, a disap-
pointment to parents awaiting painoe
alternatives to sticking little fingers.
But it does promise adult diabetics
important benefits: supplementing Oin-
gcr testing for more frequent glucose
monitoring that may keep them healthi~-
cr, and sounding an alarm if blood sugar
hits dangerous levels-possibly lifesav-
ing if that happens during sleep. The
GlucoWatch will cost $400, plus a $4 t~o
$5 disposable sensor that the patient
must replace every 12 hours.
- Cwitpit~~n aiirci'r'ivp xv


Sigoumney Weaver Jennifer Love Hewitt and Gene Hackman
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