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March 19, 2001 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-03-19

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U-M Visiting Writers
Rtg"'cl1 BIink" ithInr of "Thc SwvCct
~crc;ittcr" midx "( 'loiiJ .pl t icr," lccturc'..
"l u, viwApullic rcccpt i in. Rick-
lii~m fni'lv AIil(4th ifloor). 5 p.m.

c1lbe ic1higaM thilg

michigandaily.coin /arts

MARCH 19, 2001


Art ists and professors to transcend
boundaries in 'U' hip -hop co nference

By W. Jacarl Melton
Daily Arts Writer
Depending on whom you ask, thc term "hip-
hop" can mean a number of things. It could be that
music at a party. It may constitute a subculture that
has its own fashion, language and attitude. Perhaps
it is something that promotes and glorifies crime.
Whatever meaning is attached to it, hip-hop has
definitely carved a niche in American culture and
has gone on to become a global phenomenon.
From March 23rd to 24th, the
Hip-Hlop and Cultural Stud-
'' ics Collective will be holding
the first hip-hop conference
The Hip-Hop at the University titled "The
Paraigm Hip-Hlop Paradigm: Mapping
Paraigmand "Transcending Its Bound-
he Michigan League aries" in which the different
March 23 &24 aspects and views of hip-hop
will be examined through
wvorkshops, concerts and aca-
demic papers.
The H-ip-Hop and Cuilural
Studies Collective (HHCSC)
___________ began in 1999 and was
responsible for bringing
recording artist Mos Def for
a panel and concert dluring the Martin Luther
King, Jr. Symposium of 2000. " The HHCSC feels
it is necessary to host such at conference for several
different reasons," says Social Work student
Aleesia Tolliver. "One, there are a lot of scholars
examining hip-hop culture and this conference
provides a space in which these individuals can
come together and exchange ideas. Two, we have
observed the gap that exists between those who
study hip hop on an academic level, those who are
practitioners of hip hop, and the general hip-hop
community." The aim of the conference is to bring
these people, academic and non-academic, togeth-
er to recognize that hip-hop can be studied and
used to educate others.
The conference begins on Friday, March 23rd at
9 a.m. with registration and opening remarks in the
School of Education's Student Lounge. The day is
highlighted '\ih orkshiops and filmns facilitated
by a ri ous artists. "Toni lBlac km an, foun ider 1f
\Vashin-,ton ID..Freestyle Union. wvill lead a
w\orkshiop dedicated to the art of freesivii uc. Nc'A
fYork (City-based I).l anrd rappel' lonv "Tlch\'kill
conduict at ork shop on dceejay inc. I Ieel ro-fun k

. ' ' 9o9Rf .
Courtesy of The Hip-Hop and Cultural Studies Collective

Courtesy of NBC
A group of first-year law graduates struggle with the real world in "First Years," while
living together in the "Real World: San Francisco" house. I should have such struggles.
'90210," make for
horrid -mix in 'ears'

By Jennifer Fogel
Daily ;arts Editor
First television is invaded by
" friends" clones and now we have to
deal with the British again. Somehow
they have managed to monopolize the
gameshow market, and now they want
to try their hand at drama. Of course

pioneer Afrika Bambaataa will discuss the fifth ele-
ment of hip-hop, knowledge. Break dancing legend
Crazy Legs of the Rocksteadv Crew will facilitate
the B-boy/B-girl class titled "Essence of the [~otin-
dation." The workshop/film portion of the day will
conclude with a screening of the classic film
"Wildstyle." The film's director, Charlie Ahearn,
will be on hand for questions and discussion.
Around 9 p.m., the Michigan League B~allroom
will play host to Tony Touch, who in 2000 released
his album The Piece Maker~, which featured artists
and groups ranging from Total to Mos Def. At the
same time, Afrika Bambaataa will be performing
with several other deejays in the League Under-
ground. Bambaataa is probably best known for his
work on the early-I 980s Iiip-hop/electroriic classic
"Planet Rock."
O n Satuirday. the con fercrnce sh ifts into a nxote
academic. vet i nt ri cun . inode. Appro'. inatcly 40
pa pers kAill be preseniited oin 1 2 difife rent pa ne s.
each paniel iC tuInc a 0different theme oYr araof
stundy. ilie 'eIte~ctcotil11e not onII I'Y ll the 1iii -
\ et'sitt but also fr'omi paces like ('olHIIInbt. the
ii rnitv yol Southern (C'aliliarnia antid the .i'e'i

ty of Toronto. The panel topics range from hip-hop
pedagogy to black feminist politics to race and
authenticity.' To conclude the two-day affair, New
York University professor Tricia Rose will deliver
the keynote address. 1)r. Rose wrote one of the first
dissertations devoted to the study of hip-hop and
also has authored :'Black Noise: Rap_ Musicatnd
Black C'ultur-e in Contemporary America" along
with numerous other articles.
Given the scope and nature of hip-hop, it is
impossible to define it as one entity. The variety of
paper topics and special guests is a testatment to
that. This conference gives those both familiar and
unfamiliar a chance to broaden their concept of
what is or can be done with hip-hop.
In the effort to the conference more accessible,
attendance to the 'Aorkshops an~d paper presentta-
tions is hice of chlatuc,. 'ickets fir the Friday ntcht
slio\\ s arc otn-sale at the liclhican Union Picket
)liec and 'A Ill he sold at the door as roompc-
tpet- I lie Ilanbaataa tickets vv ill be 55 or SI1 () at
the door.t'.Ior more in t}rtat ioit repardti n timhes.
x cnues and paper topicti, check the confereitce's
txeb site: i1i1 iuithrn ri( hr \('lrw~ .

this may be a little
Mondays at 9 p.m.

harsh, but if we can't
even create our
own programs..
what the hell
$200od are these
expensive net-
wvork execs'
Although most
of us long for the
lazy days of
"Beverly H ills,
90210," we all
understood that it
was time for the
show to end. No
one wants to
\uatch a hunich of

Riveting 'ates' falls
just short of br"illance . s

30(-'.ca1r-o Ids screw 11 utip thle i r i eS
vv11 citdrucs '. paSiotiate affalir's and
('aI .1 ) ituieiii pIQ nicnt . Yiet Sonilellow\.
MW~j hasdcided ccithat ve do. ecep~t
this, titme c'er'.one has a job1) tie
Sameleline to he evict.
1 i t~t i aS tip lllOsedl,% litlinot-
OLP t is t utate look, at the lives otfi'.c
first-y.eat' las' cradtrates as the'. strucc le
to uCt their careers oft' tile 21rou.1id iI
San F ranllciscOf ()curse st mclinc _'1111is
dlclii itlv used loosiely here. Suffenituc1.
from inthe I rieti ds'' e ~ct,. so me Iios'
tiese loss lv a',ociatcs arc able to Ii'.e
tocetlien in A s eIA' lanlc houIsein the
I Li hit-:1libtit".district ofSan Franicis-
lo.nt1.11Av0Cis them.iil tey hav.e to do aill
the .crunt \wrok in their lam firi. '\c1
iiiralculOtilv \thle\ keeinito\ :ietall the
be~t cases.
I lhe on~t notable actor Ironl the cast
is Saiiiaitlia \laihis ("Broken A-rross'')
as Annta \Welletr. aJfearless sex kitten
\\ ho cos er-S 1up1her coliiltivientiSissues
last )as~s of 1)i.co') stars as W\arren
i arrisoti. the most Stable of tie -roulp.
but that i 1lt be because lie's lie token
c-ay chiaracter. or. as the netm.ott likes to,

put it, "a bit of an outsider." Sydney
Tamiia Poitier (yes Sydney Poitier's
(laughter) is the most standout of the
cast, mostly because she not only has
talent but also because her character,
Riley Kessler, is the only one with
some actual depth.
The rest of the cast is rounded out by
the, for lack of a better associatiotn,
"typical" Joey arnd Chandler characters.
James Roday plays Riley's boyfriend,
Edgar "Egg" Ross, who acts a lot stu-
pider than he probably is, a Ia Steve
Sanders. His best fiend Miles Lawton
(Ken'Marino) is the smiart one (e.g.
Brandon Walsh) yet too caught up in a
former tryst with Anna to actually pro-
vide any substance to the plot.
Ironically, eveni though the charac-
ters are typical and too good looking
for their own good, they arc the only
thing saving the script. Most of us have
seen a law drama or two arid this defi-
nitely isn't "Law & Order' or even its
humorous soul sister "Ally McBeal."
Instead. "'irist Years" fliils to e.\aile
the pttei1lt a of at'' 0!' tilCSC \otiiiU
associates hb. reilca;tItic theml to ino
li\I pC ourt Ciesesthat 1nC 'er actually
itiake tito10Court.lBut theCI u ii-N
this is onily theirftirst year l losseser. it
is htchlv pi'obahic thw~t 'adiie'e:s t1
tired of iiitei'iacial tvs ist,' and iiotiiosey-
tial jokes. Th!e ouRnl otrioir,,that i 4
tear.us''is uoiiiu Ic pm'. idic is 1th.1, Put
animial attract ion 'Aith lini i i uivs
,C\' anrd hi r bet\.'.ci.
Thle oril\ sa i ticPcrace or, the sho\\ is
that it doesn't take itsellft10o scriousl'..
'Ahiichi hopefully: nicans ii '.on 't be thait
diisappoitited ift tll'IV cri iii reaper
colies a cal liii'.'lTe Cast is ti'ientorcd
by Sam ( )'Dlontiel l ,t ie Shacf'fcu
vv ho tends to cfo a )os e anid beoiid the
Call of tabloidisiii.C.v nc ii ays a1:
aissoe;ate to constanit F.' brate Ii1in'1. Pins
lie first sears thetiisel '.es play- of all flit:
seriousness that it Could be' a'.iith toilet
boss 111luir itid a corc'eous sin ic.
tit'ortutiatelv it seemis that niohody'
takita im iiself sros''is \'11hat *,he
for.% Iut the 'IV 1unisersc isni bic
enou'cli for another ' Ficit ds'v- 'A a itbe.
ell ciii it is on thle opposite coast.

* Andy Taylor-Fabe
I )mIls Arts Wrilcr
''[neiny, at the {fates" is onle of,
those rare Worlds\Wa r I1 rovies that
dIo r1ot inv.oke Alinericatis In ativ
w4tv. While the sitory conICentrate~s
onl the battle bet'A cen the (Grmlanls
a rid thle Kus-
r~fr:..:suans,.(the real
18.;.r z : fo( u1s Is thle
s t r c cS I C
Enemy at b et \ e ct; A t0
the Gates nin ii l'Ii efilm r
is a c aptisat inc.
Grade: EB+ depaure f romi
At Showcase the typical wsar
and Quality 16 mlo c le, but it
4: of' brilliance.
[th e f ilm1
autumn 11of' 1942
attack oil Stalincrad The Nazis
appear to have su perior 55 eaporis.
SupliIes anid morale, a tid it appears
that they wvill soon defeat the Ruts-
sians arid take contirol of the ruined
city. '[he film1 opens wvith a nilassi'.c
but frantic charsce by the Russian
soldliers. 'Ihe,. appear to be runti inc
awayf'romr so iieth inigr'a thle r thliani
tosward it, arid we sooti 1'i rd Iihis to
Strue, I'o after half of thle mci ar'e
Oledf, the othcr hal f fitid thecir
ret reat from ,thle battle mlet wvit Ii a
hai Iof' (jat liii c c t f'i re fron t he ir
owi of'ficers and cries of "*No
mercy for cossards!"
Oane Russian nam(iedVasIi (Judfa~e
ILaw ). w'.hiieIplavi rig possum aniotig,:
some1 of hiis (leadf Comrtades. takes
the opportuInutv to kill'f'i e (Ger-
mants, and Ils act i ons arte noticed by
*1tica I of f'icet' Ianii by(Joseph
I icrincs..) It is appareiit f'rotiihIs
actions arid from a flashback of' Is
rifle tr'a iiing-fr'omtIll is lIdhood ill
thle Ural Mounta inis t hat VassilIi is a
1)hcillenta I ilar-ksmllan. a (i
Datiilov Sees a s'.av to raise the
crubliric morale of- the Soldiers.

pleased 'Aith these des elopnlrts.
and they remledy tie situation by
send imnc f'orna ( iermlantish arpshiootcer
naiied Komiic (LIdIHarris), whiose
iiiissiotl is sitimply to limit arid kill
\'aSSI Ii. 'The cat anld mouse caine
bcin1s. but it is not atlssays clear-
'Aho is thle hiunted one. AlthUowuli
v arious othlirt'sriiper's aid \'assi II
iticludiiig Roni Perlmian ('A ho is ()Ie
of' the most in itinri characters in
tie filn) .lie is basically alone iii
his f'ichit 'ith Konic(
'The scentes bets'.cnt\'assiIi anid
Kotii are the most ris etiric of thec
f'i li. 'hie bac ki.roui rd ofI' lie i rieai'-
enlcoun te rs is brea thlta king, anrd lien-
rif'vinic '[heir Skirm ishes. durinMl )t e pai t y wat f r t ec
time to strike, take place inl the
bu'rned out shll s of factories and
the partially destroyed arid alniost
post-apocaIl'ptic ruins of train yards
and blackened bui ldiiics. T1hie
soutids of iiortar shll s explodinrig
arid cuInfi re seldom easie, arid the
two sharpshooters in tist e rasv
through tunnels arid jumip fromi
budd1 ilu to tn'y to poet tilie ads an ta ce
while battles ra I.~ arounrd them.
The f'ihiii is unique tni its treat-
merint of tevar, becauILse it is Sorme-
times imure like a western than a
typical WW I mov.ie. At timels.
especially dur'irhg the preparat ion
f'or thle reckon in i be Acnt the twAo
snilpers. rit is mo0re reriiiisceent of
"Iliigli N oori'thanri'Sa'.inc!P ri vate
IHarris (foes aii excelletit job of
i ti Kontii a c reepv, carli
demieaniortthat reinf'orces Iist'olIe as
the hlutiter'.aid lie also sidlesteps the
classic blun rder' that so nia ny Amer'i-
can actors perpetrate as lie does tiot
use a British souniiniig. all purpose
European accent.
-Eii eliv at lie ('at es'"Iias Some
pr'oblemis withI pace atid thle rm c-
menit of the plot. Near the becti-
riimicz it somietimies f'eels as it' the
writer didni't know exactlIv how. to
initrodu~ce certain aspects of the

Vassili (Jude Law) sticks it to the Axis powers in "Enemy at the Gates,"

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