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March 14, 2001 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-03-14

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The Michigan Daily - Wednesday, March 14, 2001 -9-

Apple dishes out goods with
new titanium PowerBook G4

By Kiran Divvela
Daily Arts Writer
You know a computer is cool when your computer-igno-
rant philosophy major roommate thinks so. Even those with-
out computer savvy know this is a - -.
marvel of engineering. With its
sports car styling, processing power
and phat hard drive, this is definitely
the toy you want this year. If there
was ever a time to salivate over new
technology, it would be now with thez
new PowerBook.
Its G4 chip makes it the fastest"
PowerBook on the market and one {
of the fastest laptops available. So ____________
not only is it very elegant on the out-
side, it's well-designed on the inside.
Even better, its 10 GB hard drive Mmm, Computer. Swe
(expandable to 30 GB) means you
can store thousands of MP3s and video clips and take them
on your next flight to Sierra Leone.
Obviously, its most distinctive feature is the titanium cas-
ino_ This makes it better laking than its competitor Sonv

smaller than it. You don't feel like you're lugging around a
laptop, you feel like you're carrying a classified piece of
The real breakthrough of this machine is its display. The
15.2-inch display makes it a perfect portable media unit.
Anyone that uses their computer for
anything more than word processing,
won't be able to go back to a smaller
display after gazing into this behe-
moth screen.
Most will probably take full
advantage of the screen with the
standard DVD player. While Vaio
also has a DVD player, its display
pales in comparison to the Power-
____M__..._.__ Book's. Also, those Vaios with DVD
players are heavier and thicker than
the PowerBook G4. With all of these
et. Courtesy of Apple features, the batteries still outlast the
Vaio's by a couple hours.
Being one of the first to have a built-in DVD player makes u
it clear that Apple has their hand on the pulse of what people
are really looking for out of a portable computer. Basically,
with a screen that dwarves everwthin else on the market and


Courtesy of New Line Cinema
Edward Buns and Robert DeNiro are hot on the trail of fame in "1.5 Minutes," also starring Ultimate Fighting Championship contes-
tantOleg Taktarov as (what else) an Eastern European thug. INSET: Kelsey Grammar, when not playing Frasier, is a very angry man.


mg. p a, y yAld.1 g l wlV.W* gl. a LAA a w lt1 HW L b. aaAJ VV*S..LV %v Wf l cI tS * L a
"1" Vaio, whose computers are all, ugh, gray and purple. Also, an included DVD player, there is without a doubt no bette
M inute the silvery finish doesn't hurt its suave design. Not only does laptop to watch your favorite Police Academy sequel on
the titanium look fashionable, it's functional as well. The use And with Mac OS X coming out soon, this combination i
destined for cinema obscuty TV success-story Rich returns to '
d ec Q Vrnnr t ouiv iS t"~ thn fn fm Afta iir

. ,

Dli Leslie oxer
Daily Arts Writer

"l 5 Minutes" gets its title and
*me from the Andy Worhol quote,
In the future everyone will be

15 Minutes
Grade: D+
At Showcase
and Quality 16

world famous
for 15 min-
utes." What
John Herzfeld
has borrowed
and built upon
is a film about
fame, notoriety,
and the value
Americans put
on the lime-
Herzfeld is
angry with the
"if it bleeds, it

cnasing the elusive i5minutes tnat
Warhol described. There is Eddie
Flemming (Robert DeNiro), a
famed New York detective who uses
his notoriety to help make his job a
bit easier. His girlfriend, Melina
Kanakaredes, is a news reporter
who interrupts Eddie's proposal of
marriage so that she can anchor the
6 p.m. news.
Adding to the media frenzy is
Kelsey Grammer's portrayal of a
Jerry Springer-like character who
anchors "Top Story," a gossip show
for television. Ed Burns plays arson
investigator Jordy Warsaw, one
character who states he doesn't care
about news and fame, yet seems
lured into it by the opportunity of
working with detective Flemming.
This mix of characters is sup-
posed to represent the good guys.
On the other side of the coin are the
two Eastern European thugs, Emil
(Karel Rodin) and Oleg (Oleg Tak-
tarov), who come to the United
States to collect on a debt.
When the debtor comes up short,
Emil murders him and his girlfriend
while Oleg films it on a stolen
video camera. Emil turns a bad tem-
per and many murders into a ploy

or T ame. I ter wacn ng
Roseanne's talk show on TV, he
realizes that everyone in America
can play the victim. He relishes in
the fact that "in America, no one is
responsible for what they do." This
turns into a scheme to sell video
footage of a murder for movie
rights and $1 million all under the
auspices of insanity. He even picks
up the phrase "I had low self-
esteem" from Roseanne's show to
help portray himself as the victim.
Whether or not the film is believ-
able, which it does not seem to be,
is not the issue with "15 Minutes."
The film lacks in almost every
dimension because the story line is
not properly weaved together.
Herzfeld has so many different ele-
ments of plot that he wants to
merge that he seems to leave huge
gaps in the storyline.
The gaps are not the result of too
much editing, for the final cut of
the movie is over two hours and
painfully drawn out. Unfortunately
for Herzfeld, the audience questions
motives and actions of the films
characters throughout so that at the
end you are left unsettled and unsat-

By Jennifer Fogel
Daily Arts Editor
Every University Film & Video
major has aspirations of striking it big.
Dreams of exotic location shoots,
directing or writing their own screen-
plays or even becoming the next hit
star, make even the worst film theory
class tolerable. Keeping the faith is eas-
ier said then done
during these cru-
||.;_|; cial four years
.......that most adults
John Rich like to term "the
beginning of the
Vandenberg Room, rest of your lives."
MIchigan League The entertain-
Today at 4:10 p.m. ment industry is a
. hard field to
break into, and as
any film student
can tell you, there
aren't many suc-
cess stories.
However, every
once in awhile the University manages
to produce someone really special,
someone who actually makes it out
(e.g. Adam Hertz of "American Pie"
fame, or Lawrence Kasdin, "The Big

Chill.") This afternoon, the University's
Institute for the Humanities welcomes
back director and producer, John Rich
- an alum who has definitely sur-
passed even his own expectations.
John Rich's enterprising career began
here at the University after WWII. He
began broadcasting Michigan basket-
ball games at start of their 1948 Big
Ten Championship season, causing
other stations to vie for space on the
court. Fortunately, there was only room
for Rich who from there launched a for-
midable Big Ten network among the
nation's leading radio stations.
This newfound broadcasting career
led to a stint in a burgeoning industry
led by an innovative technology that
most of take for granted nowadays.
Rich answered the beckoning call of
the television industry and landed a job
as director for '50s shows like "Our
Miss Brooks," "Gunsmoke" and
"Bonanza." During the '60s, Rich
earned an Emmy for direction on the
"Dick Van Dyke Show," giving him a
stepping offpoint into films.
Yet, his place, and perhaps his heart,
has always been with television. He
had a hand in launching America's
favorite classic television shows, as he

directed the pilot episode of both
"Gilligan's Island" and "The Brady
Of course his greatest accomplish-
ment can be said to have been his stint
as the director of 85 consecutive
episodes of "All in the Family." From
his incredible work, he was awarded
Director of the Year by The Director's
Guild of America.
Rich's link to the University has
never severed, having never forgotten
his Ann Arbor roots and education. He
fondly remembers many of his English
professors and holds the University in
high esteem. To show his great appre-
ciation, he has made a gift of $1 mil-
lion to endow a professorship in his
name in the Institute for the Humani-
To honor his many achievements
and an eclectic career in the entertain-
ment industry, the Institute is sponsor-
ing a lecture to be given today titled,"A
Director Reminisces."Free and open to
the public, Rich plans to talk about his
career and his own University educa-
tion. Go out and listen to someone who
has made it and hopefully his inspiring.
story will help those of us who still
need to keep the faith.

leads" nature of our TV news cul-
ture, with the value placed on media
and its ability to define reality. He
is also angered by the fact that
*rone can be a victim if the price
for the movie rights is high enough.
Unfortunately he uses the graceful-
ness of a sledgehammer to get this
point across.
The entire film centers on people


We would like to thank the dancers, sponsors, and volunteers who
helped make Dance Marathon 2001 a huge success.
Over $131,000 was raised for pediatric rehabilitation at William Beaumont and C.S. Mott Hospitals!
Dance Marathon 2001

Special Thanks to our dancers for
their strength and support:


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