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March 08, 2001 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-03-08

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MARCH 8, 2001 12A


Blue 'looking to win'
four games'in BTT

By Raphael Goodstein
Daily Sports Editor

Senilors never received
descry b)gfarewell

With four more wins, Brian Ellerbe

TIf you were in attendance when
the Wolverines lost to
Northwestern, 75-70, on Feb. 28,
you can stop reading this column
I'm pretty sure I didn't lose any
While I was sunning myself on the
sandy beaches of Jamaica drinking a
pina colada, and you were probably
also on some exotic island or skiing
a; some ritzy resort, Josh Asselin and
Mike Gotfredson were struggling to
leave their mark on Crisler Arena
with a victory.
Unfortunately, they failed.
Michigan lost its third-straight home
game, and worst of all, handed the
Wildcats only their third conference
victory of the season.
This information may seem outdat-
ed, but since none of you were there,
you didn't have a chance to see the
dismal number of fans that showed
dp to say goodbye to the two
Michigan seniors.
There were no television sets
broadcasting the game in Cancun or
capulco. I'm sure everyone was
atready hitting up the bars around the
8 p.m. tipoff. I didn't learn of the
ipset - if one can really call it that
until a few days later while riding
a bus to the airport in Montego Bay.
The attendance for the game was

recorded at 8,806 fans. But from
what I've read and heard from those
who viewed the game, that was a
dramatic overstatement.
The entire upper bowl was empty
and even fans in the blue seats were
scarce. The actual attendance was
apparently around 3,500. And this
was supposed to be a send-off for
two athletes who had dedicated
themselves to Michigan - one who
had spent four grueling years bat-
tling for a mediocre, and then poor,
basketball team and another who
transferred to Michigan and started
in just three games.
Each one got to start in his final
game. Each one received a framed
jersey. And each one participated in a
pregame ceremony. But what each
one didn't get, which would have
meant so much more, was a group of
students cheering for what they
accomplished: For a team that has
only heard boos from its fans all sea-
son, a few cheers from its (few) loyal
student fans would have given
Michigan's seniors a proper goodbye.
For the past two seasons, the
Wolverines have honored their four-
year players on Senior Day with no
students and dismal attendance. It
seems unnecessary that Michigan's
final home game is scheduled during
our spring break. But that is not up

and the Michigan basket-
ball team could go a long
way to regaining credibil-
ity, respect and job secu-
All of the embarrass-
ing losses and hopeless-
ness would simmer - at
least temporarily - if
Michigan can find a way
to win the Big Ten
Tournament this
Thursday through

Who: Michigan{
seed) vs. PennC
When: 3:30 Tod
Latest: Michigan
will come to ane
loss. A win, and
Wolverines live t
another day.

Senior Josh Asselin didn't get the sendoff most seniors do, but has the opportunity
to prolong his season this weekend in the Big Ten Tournament.

to the Wolverines.
What is up to Michigan is in
which game it chooses to honor the
players who have dedicated them-
selves for so long to this struggling
team. There is no reason the two
seniors shouldn't have been honored
before the Minnesota game, when
students were still in school and fans
(at least some) were in attendance.
That was the graduating students'
last chance to see the Wolverines
play at Crisler Arena.
It would have been nice to honor

those loyal students as well - those
who had stuck with this team
through it all - all 200 or so of
Michigan will probably be back in
Ann Arbor before this weekend
begins. And Asselin and Gottfredson
will probably be done with their bas-
ketball careers before Saturday. It is
just unfortunate that no one was
there to see them finish.
Stephanie Ofjen can he reached at
soffen(i{umich. edu.

"It's a new season," junior center
Chris Young said. "We're not looking to
win one game. We're looking to win
four games. Cut down the nets and get
the automatic bid to the NCAA
Tournament. That's what I fully expect."
Michigan's first game, today against
Penn State, will be tough for the
Wolverines considering the Nittany
Lions eliminated the Wolverines from
last year's tournament and won by II a
month ago.
With a potential NCAA berth at
stake, the Nittany Lions are not taking
Michigan lightly.
"I think that the have some very
good, explosive players," Penn State
coach Jerry Dunn said. "I think they've
had some games where they've played
very well and done a lot of good
In the first game, Michigan was con-
stantly within striking distance but
could never make the critical shot to put
it over the hump.



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"We missed a lot of easy shots,'
Michigan coach Brian Ellerbe said.
"Especially early, we were missing a lot
of easy shots that we normally make
we turned it over too mut
" 'When the Wolverines
ENTER weren't turning over the ball
or missing easy shots,
(10th defensively stopping Penn
State (7th State's Gyasi Cline-Heard.
ay and Joe Cispin provedtobe
n's season a daunting task for the
end with a Wolverines.
the "Gyasi was pretty good,"
o see Ellerbe said. "They ho
some tough matchups, ut
on a neutral floor, we feel
pretty good about it."
To help the team feel good, Ellerbe
got his team new practice jerseys.
The black jerseys with a maize block
M and a basketball were a hit at prac-
"It's a fresh start," freshman center
Josh Moore said. "Anything to make
things different around here is great. It
gives the team an opportunity to give
a different perspective and we need
"We like to change things up for the
guys," Ellerbe said. "It's something dif-
The different attitude permeated
through the rest of the team as many of
the players are talking about a rematch
with defending national champions
Michigan State. The Spartans b
Michigan by 21 points Saturday.
"We'd love to get another shot at
them," sophomore guard Gavin
Groninger said. "The great thing about
the month of March is anything can
e ect
quick exit
from BT
4 s a new season." Come tou4T
ment week, every underachiev-
.ing squad that couldn't get ;
within bubble-striking distance of they
NCAAs offers up this buzz phrase.
But after a day or two of single elimjl
nation action, these teams are usually .n
planes and buses back to Manhattan,
Kans., Raleigh, N.C., or, of course,
State College.
After a seasoti ,
astheBig Ten's
k official rented
'<>rmule, Michigan
joins a group of
teams finding
renewed vigor
because they're
just four games-.
)AN standing betweet"
w AMSthem and a co
WILLIAMSference title.
The Despite this fret
Outsider_ self-confidence
the chances that
the Wolverines -who won lust four
Big Ten games all season - will wil.
four straight in Chicago are comparabe
to the chance that Jamal Crawford
repels down from the United Center'
rafters and suits up.
Still, shock-the-world conference
runs aren't completely uncommon. In
the last five seasons, St. Louis,
Arkansas, UNL, Rhode Island, and.
even Florida International have all

streaked to conference titles. The team
that Michigan and other Big Ten bot-
tom-dwellers most often cite is the 1999
Illinois team, which made it to the con-
ference finals as an 11th seed.
The Wolverines have a few things
going for them. Outside of Illinois and
Michigan State, the Big Ten is pretty
weak, despite its top RPI ranking. Also,
Michigan is a young team with large
untapped potential.
That merely gives the Wolverines a
shot at the spectacular. A few other
minor miracles-must occur before a sea-
son's worth of anguish, from the Nov
17 loss at Oakland to the March 3 loss
at the Breslin Center, can be washed

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