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March 08, 2001 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-03-08

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The Michigan Daily - Thursday, March 8, 2001 - 9A

TONIGHT'S SUSPECTS Whosoinvtog on a scale of
_a T T(Ogakor) :
Jeff (Kucha) - Not who Jerri (Ogakor) - Besides .
you would expect, but all Amber, no one likes her. :h },'
the evidence points to But the rest of Ogakor
Jeff losing a tiebreaker. may need her to survive. >

'Big Apple' portrays realistic NYPD

1) Debb's comments: The first Kucha kicked off on Sur-
vivor it may have spilled the beans in an interview, saying
that she bonded with Kimmi, Maralyn, Mitchell, Mike and
Jeff. The first four people she mentioned have been
already kicked off.
2) Ogakor needs Jerri: If Jerri is gone, say goodbye to the
rest of Ogakor as Kucha will vote them off one-by-one.
Keith and Colby may hate her, but they need her.
3) Jeff tiebreaker disadvantage: Jeff has more previous
votes than anyone except Keith and is tied with Jerri.

Tina W.
Prediction record:(3-2)
Surer sempwedicon.
Jeff loses a tiebreaker
vote versus Colby,
because Jeff has more
(two) previous votes.

Melissa Gollob
Daily Arts Writer
Start spreading the news that
CBS has debuted yet another law
enforcement series. "Big Apple"
premiered with hopes of success
like other cop shows like "NYPD
Blue" and "Homicide: Life on the
Taking a slightly different angle,
the show focuses on two New York
Police Department detectives and
their interaction with local FBI
agents while omitting most of their
personal lives.
"Big Apple" sets itself in New
York City at the beginning of a
murder investigation involving a
prostitute. The conflict centers
around the elder of the two detec-
tives Mike Mooney (Ed O'Neill,
"Married With Children") causing
trouble by convincing his protegd
Vincent Trout (Jeffrey Pierce, "L.A.
Confidential").to ignore the FBI's
request to be patient with their
investigation. The FBI fears that
the police presence will compro-
mise their ongoing stakeout of a
strip club the murdered prostitute
worked at.
Consequently, the FBI decided to
take the two detectives under their

confidence and work along side
Meanwhile, FBI agent Jimmy
Flynn (Titus Welliver, "Navy
Seals") has been meeting with an
informant working with the Russian
mafia. Flynn asks the informant
Terry Maddock (Michael Madsen,
"Reservoir Dogs") to give them
leads, particularly on the murdered
girl. False information is passed
around and Mooney realizes that
the FBI was only looking for the
easiest solution rather than the truth
to the identity of the real murderer.
At the end of the first episode the
murder is not solved but a partner-
ship is formed among the NYPD
detectives and the FBI working of
the Russian mafia case.
The actors portray their charac-
ters as hard-nosed agents trying to
bring criminals to justice. Ed
O'Neill takes dramatic acting in
stride and manages to show his
trademark sarcastic comedy in the
dialogue without taking anything
away from the show. Titus Welliver
and Michael Madsen also create
tension and suspense on the screen
that contributes to the series believ-
The two detectives have a rela-
tionship that can be compared to

the characters played by Dennis
Franz and Rick Schroder on
"NYPD Blue." This father-son
bond is shown throughout the
episode and should be used more to
understand the character's and per-
sonalities. Not much is known
about any of the characters, but
more should be revealed in the
course of the show.
"Big Apple" gives refreshing

realism to the genre of police dra-
mas because it does not involve the
character's personal lives. The show
does not wrap up cases each week,
so that story lines can be more
involved and provide several twists
and turns without confusing view-
ers. For those hard-core TV drama
watchers that are tired of the melo-
dramas of "ER," this is the most
ttinanp new dama around.


Merge left: Look
*ufor treache'y
Deadlock. (Insert lame joke pig-
gybacking off the "close"
presidential race here).
That's the story surrounding this
Week's episode (number seven) of Sur-
vivor II at 8 p.m. on CBS.
Thanks to Michael roasting himself
on an open fire last week, and going on
a one-way trip to "No-Million-Dollars
ospital," the two tribes on Survivor II
ill merge with five members apiece.
But "together" couldn't be farther
from the truth. Both Kucha and
Ogakor are likely to stick together, and
fight to gain the advantage, so that they
can vote the other tribe off one-by-one.
WHO'S LEFT: From Ogakor there's
Amber (the young, quiet girl, who's
trying to lie low under the radar, but
yet has an alliance with Jerri).
S We haven't seen Amber do much
besides cry every time Ogakor lost a
challenge. With little screen time thus
far, don't expect her to win. The last
thing Survivor producer Mark Burnett
wants is a winner with no storyline
(this isn't the Mole).
Joining Amber is Colby (the strong
Texan who is rumored to have been
making some curiously big purchases
lately ... hmm), Jerri (who has been
deferred to as [fill in expletive word of
our choice] by many),. Keith (the
world-famous chef from the Detroit
area who can't cook boiled rice), and
Tina (the quiet, motherly nurse who
has backstabbed three of her alliances).
Kucha members that have made it
this far include Alicia (the female
bodybuilder who likes to "wave my
finger any time I want"), Jeff (an inter-
net project manager who wants to
eat" Ogakor alive and spit them out,
Rodger (the warmhearted 52-year old
teacher from Kentucky, who wouldn't
hurt anything except a fly and maybe

Jerri), Elisabeth (the princess who
doesn't need to win with all the Play-
boy offers she's going to get), and Nick
(the Harvard college student who also
has not received much screen time).
TONIGHT'S EPISODE: Besides merg-
ing their resources to a new location,
the new tribe (which will likely be
named "Barramundi" after a local area
fish), will don orange as its color.
Challenges are now every person for
themselves, as only one castaway will
be safe at tribal council.
PREDICTION TIME: (record 3-2 over-
all) - I know everyone was crying
without their Survivor column last
week (ok only I was).
So we took an article off for Spring
Break, but the only person to really
take a break was Michael (aka: burnt
toast). Previously mentioned in Sur-
vivor Sleuth three weeks ago, the
White Lake native burned his hands
and had to be evacuated from the game
by doctors. Rumor has it that the moth-
er of the pig Michael killed two
episodes ago came back for revenge
and pushed him into the fire. No word
on if PETA was an accomplice.
Anything can happen this week, but
there is some strong evidence to hint
that Jeff from Kucha gets the boot (see
"Tonight's Suspects" box). Tonight's
bootee is the last person who will like-
ly be given freedom to roam around
Australia (the final nine contestants
either stay on the game-ending jury or
are in the final two), the only way for
Jeff to "bond" with Debb after he's
done, (per her post-boot statements) is
if he gets kicked off tonight.
If Jeff doesn't get kicked off,
expect Jerri (pain in the ass), Colby
(too strong, a threat in challenges)
or Tina (easy pickings) to go.
But the evidence wheel has spun
some support that Keith (rumors he
wins it all) and Colby (30-pound
weight loss) will stick around for at
least awhile longer.
If Jeff (who could win immunity)
doesn't get the boot that likely
means an Ogakor will, and then a
strong Kucha five will vote them off
one-by-one. Enjoy the backstab-
- Mark Francescutti can be
reached at ufrances@untich.edu.

Left: Al Bundy leaves comedy behind in his new role as detective Mike Mooney.
Right: Jimmy Flynn and Terry Maddock discuss their latest murder case.

WHO'S LEFT? olofwtntngvti
Amber (Ogakor)
Age 22
Odds to win: 25-1 ® 5 I
Tina (Ogakor)
:'. Ageo40,P r
Oddsuto win: 18-1 p
Colby (Ogakor)
j Age 25
Odds to win: 1-1'
Keith (Ogakor) Ceramic Mug
Age 40 H orrium laced du4Rg
>: Odds to win: 15-1 bw CPCmO
& Gown Seethe
Jerrilogakor)aJh JAW!n
u Age 3020pO
Odds to win: 4-1 20% off
Jeff (Kucha) ...Fi..e.f .
4or ~p101W..aI~
A 3Oddsto win: 4-1 /OFaumel* I thnJ1th
Alicia (Kuchal
Odds to win: 8-1
Nick Kucha)
Odds to win: 5-1
Rodger (Kucha)1 0Q
k:> Age 53 aps nus/ov y for
<r ; odds to win: 20-1 CrC t 'rlotyuronemn
Elisabeth (Kucha) .
. Age 23 t oad 8rril nrr~Jp~
_:r Odds to win: 12-1+
j., :fr7! Hif ^ ' y ":9A ME' '

'Pretty Maids' quite possibly
the epitome of trashy novels

By Ryan Blay
Daily Arts Writer
Are you looking for a new guilty
pleasure? I can recommend one to
you: "Pretty
Maids All in a
Row," a novel
r based on the
Pretty characters Spike
Maids All and Drusilla
in a Row from "Buffv the
Vampire Slay-
Christopher Golden cr."
Grade: C Featuring less
Pocket Books cultural merit
than the episode
of Monday
Night RAW I
was watching
while reading
this tome, this comes close to the
epitome of trashy novels. I'd sug-
gest bringing this to the beach to
read this summer, but you may be
too ashamed to carry it around in
The time: 1940. The place: All
over the world, but centered in Lon-
d on. Spike and Drusilla are lovers.
ey also happen to be bloodthirsty
mpires too. When Drusilla cele-
brates yet another birthday, she cov-
ets Freyja's Strand, a piece of
jewelry that gives the beholder
power to shape shift and, most
importantly, to see their own reflec-
tion in a mirror. The ever-pouting
Dru asks her boy-toy Spike to get it
for her. Unable to say no to her, he
decides they should take a trip and
acquire it. One problem: The one
C de who can get it for them is
vmir, and he's a huge ice demon
that many people doubt even exists.
Nonetheless, they go and pay him
a visit. Skrymir agrees, provided
they kill a couple dozens slayers-in-
training and the current slayer, a
Danish blonde named Sophie. The
hunt is on. The vampires start their
Apparently vampires make love
&. Who knew? They make love
"with furious abandon," "in a brutal

frenzy," and "in a slippery pool of
gore." Such.romance and passion
hasn't been read since "The Bridges
of Madison County."
At any rate, it is Sophie's job as
slayer to kill those crazy vampires
and prevent an all out attack by
Spike, Dru, and the other vampires.
Author Christopher Golden, in a
stroke of amusing bravado, sets this
otherworldly struggle parallel to
Britain's attempts to repel the
Nazis. Let's just say that nobody
would confuse this book with
"Casablanca." At least both the
vampires and the slayers kill a few
Nazis in their struggle.
Because "Pretty Maids" (refer-
ring to the numerous teenaged girls
who hope to one day become slay-

ers) is so trashy, it is quite fun.
At one point, and I'm not making
this up, Spike delivers the following
line: "Let my people go. I'm the
bloody Moses of Vampires." Call
Charlton Heston! Even if the plot is
lame, it's always nice to see a book
allude to Norse mythology. And set-
ting portions of the work in Scandi-
navia allows Golden to use fun
words like "fjord" and "Gald-
I can't spoil the shocking ending
(I mean to the vampire war, we all
know who won WWII). But I will
say that Spike and Dru are two col-
orful villains, acting as though they
came out of a Scooby Doo episode,
and Skrymir is one badass ice crea-

Aq , rss
_ t .y C

U1p i

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