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February 22, 2001 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-02-22

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The Michigan Day-- Weekend, etc. aga

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"Pump Up the Volume" (1990) -
"i's 10:00, do you care where your par-
ents are'?" Often cheesy but always
entertainim, this film epitomizes
teenage angst. Christian Slater plays a
miserable hhg school kid who sheds his
siy personality at night when he broad-
casts his rebellious and cynical thouehts
over a pirate radio station. It's full of'
some great diatribes (mostly about how
much higlh school sucks), and your

yree-n4nwnt -of .th: "tablislunentt
allow you to look past the film ' numer-
ous shortcominms.
"Defending Your ,Life" (1991) --
Albert Brooks plays a man who. after
being hit by a bus, finds himself in
Judgement City, where all of the
deceased are forced to review their lives
in a courtroom settina to determine if
they will "move on" Rip Torn is hilari-
ous as a lawyer who is a couple steps shy
of Lionel I lutz, and the movie is perfect-
ed by the combination of Brooks' comic
timing and clever dialogue.

"oondock Saints*1999) - Two
Irish brothers in south Boston decide that4
the only way to clean up the streets is to
do it themselves. With brutal vigilante
justice. they begin to eliminate members
of the Russian mob. Willem Dafie plays
an F.B.I. agzent on their trail. The film. has
some excellent but bizarre action
sequences. and there is some great comic
relief between the McManus brothers
and their low level fang member friend
"My Blue Heaven" (1990)
Definitely one of Steve Martin's top five


OR ViSIT ouk wyRgrrn

Eodcie Clark
Febnay22 23 24
This former Militay Police
Officer has a worldwide
perspective. FromA & E
& Conmedy Certral we present
the hilarity of Eddie Clark.
Tx: in advance VlO at the door
,jedreSA-YJN An open-mic
ac ryreAcomedy competition
every Wednesday night with a
cash prize awarded to the winner
determined b audience response.
Call for detals 734-996-9080
AN ix: Q

funniest mo* this film deals witti a
Ncx Y'ork mnob ter (M artin) who: wht ile'
waiting to testify against his associates,
enters the witness protection program
and is relocated to a suburb in the middle
of nowhere. Rick Moranis plays the
F.B.I. agent assigned to protect and
supervise him until the trial. The image
of Martin mowing his lawnv clad ina
shiny, double breasted suit will burn
itself into your memory forever.
"The 1Muppets Take Manhattan"
(1984) - Anyone who watched "The
Mupp-e Show" religiously as a child will
love this story of Kermit et al taking their
musical stae show to New York to try to
get it on.Broadway. Featuring some clas-
sic songs and hysterical dialogue, the
movie is still highly enjoyable. Also, in
the grand tradition of the Muppets, there
are some great cameos. including
Gregory I lines and Art Carnev.
"The Spanish Prisoner" (1997) -
David Mamet's film about a man being
pursued by con-artists and the govern-
ment is as mood as a Ilitchcock thriller.
Steve Martin gives an impressive and
uncharacteristic performance, and
NMamet's strange but captivating dialogue
gives the film a unique atmosphere. As
Niartin says. "Always do business as if
the person you're doing business with is
trying to screw you, because he probably
is. And if he's not. you can be pleasantly

Courtesy of Saw Class ic Ptur"s
Joe Ross (Campbell Scott) travels to a
tropical locale for a company junket in
"The Spanish Prisoner."
"Zero Effect" (1998)- Jake Kasdan.
son of legendarv director. screenwriter
and University graduate Lawrence
Kasdan. Lave us a solid detective film in
his directorial debut. Analogous to
Sherlock I lolmes in many ways. it is the
story of a brilliant but troubled detectiVe
(Bill Pullman) and his Watson-esque
sidekick. played by Ben Stiller. Funny.
suspenseful and oriinal. the film is
unique in its mixture of dark humor.
action and good old fashion detect ie

Continued from Page 7B
of information transaction. Which
means that no one who owns a phone
and expects an unlimited ability to make
phone calls can deny that the calls he or
she receives should be any more
restricted ... especially if that someone
has allowed his or her name to be pub-
lished in a phone book.
Getting upset at a strangers call is no
difl'erent than getting upset at a friend's
call, because the essence of' the phone
network is that it enables all points with-
in it to have equal access to each other.
Does this mean that., say, Mr. Richard
Less has to put up with anonymous
curse-laden calls from listless cafleinat-
ed teenagers?
Well. i I may return to my initial con-
cern, the inquiries of my solicitory
madam are slightly problematic since
the supposed goal of her phone call was
to reach one Mr. Jackson. who, as I
pointed out to her, was someone other
than myself.
That she proceeded with her beseech-
ment despite the apparent lack of a Mr.
Jackson indicates that she was not real-
ly interested in him at all, but rather she
was only concerned with reaching
someone, anyone at my phone number.
I imagine she scanned down some Ion(
list of phone numbers, a phone book
perhaps- dialing each of them with the

equal assumption that the names of the
purported owners was accurate.
But that's- less like communication
and more like throwing darts. Moreover.
it implies that she wasn't at all interested
in me as a person. She was only interest-
ed in what I could provide her or her
cause, and as such reduced me from a
human being with something to say to a
means to an end (and I don't appreciate
being dehumanized in this manner).
This same principle applies to prank
calls, which are simply the means of pro.
viding amusement to bored .individuals
who have phones and phone books.
Thus. I've returned to the plight of
Mr. Richard Less, whose phone direc-
tory listing regularly requires him to
field midnight quest ions from curious
youngsters about whether his handi-
cap makes it difficult for him to go to
the bathroom.
I'm sorry, Mr. Less. All those
nameless whipersnaps are wrong.
because it's only appropriate to make
a piank call if you know the person
you're calling. And anyway. I've
always found this to be the most satis-
fying way to prank, since it allows
one to more accurately imagine the
expression on a victim's face when he
or she is woken by the phone at five
in the morning.
- I/)* 0d like to ge.t in touch with
John abouthis column, p/leus dont I
becausc he ull hatesc hin both-
errcd (psss st ... jtrhl/gtmlcfh.ed rr)


Unless you're going on a road trip or
own a private jet, odds are you need to
book a flight for this spring vacation.
Instead of calling up the airport, stay
ing on hold forever, and speaking to
someone who can speak less English
than your GSI, why not book your flight
online? It's fast, it's relatively simple,
and you get to use those neat comput-
ers they have at airport terminals now
that print out your tickets.
The Daily delved into the details of
the most popular travel websites to tell
you which sites make the grade.
Pros: The trip planner is the best of
the four. You can pick the exact hour
you'd like to fly, and there is a handy
calendar in case you don't know the
exact day. The planner lists every
flight available, so you can choose a
non-stop or stopover flight with no
problems. Travelocity also offers links
to rental car places and hotels. The
information you enter here is detailed
enough so you can tailor your lodging
to your specific needs. Travelocity also
has good customer service: you can
call their 1-800 number or access their
information database.
Cons: The quick fare finder on the
home page is only for the experienced
- you have to know the exact airport
codes, and there is no option to
choose the time of day you want to fly.
Verdict: As long as you use the
detailed trip planner. an excellerrt site.
Pros: Definitely the quickest site of
them all. If you're in a hurry. and just
need a flight. quick, then this site

gives the least hassles. It also hG
some nice vacation package deal
most of the tropical locations.
Cons: This is like the Tijuana c
el websites. Don't expect a lot of
detailed information or nifty maps
you can get on Concierge or Exp<
really didn't find their fares to be
than anyone else's. You also can
a flight before buying it like you <
with some of the other sites.
Verdict: For the adventurous oi
Pros: The quick fare finder offe
by Expedia is definitely the best.
Expedia is also a Microsoft produ
saves your information in the der


kb ---Riga

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