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January 05, 2001 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 2001-01-05

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...but who s No. 2?

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atw Aman m TdtI

JANUARY 5, 2001


leers out for revenge against Lakers

By Arun Gopal
( 'oining offI of a decidecliv tjihapp v
hol idav, thleIMichigan hockey teaml
rest otl the season when I .ake Sutpenor
(0-9 ( ( 'AI10-1I2 overallI) comes to
Yo ice Arena ir a pair of gamnes tis
The Wolverinecs (7-3-I1,'I13-5-3) are
s;til recovelI lo hoi a lisastlotins tingl11
in) the ({treat ILakes Invitati onal.
NIicim was piitnled 7-3 by
Michipmcac ih on D ec. 29 and was thenl
hammeired b1w Boston (College, 8-5, in a
consolation ganie on D ec. 30. The .two
losses which snapped a seven-game
ii nbeat en strieak that Ihad propel led
M/ichigcan to No. 4 in1 the count rv left
the \Wol veilins reelinmg but taught theil
som~e vluable lessons.
"We learned that if we don't show up.
ally teamins going to beat uts any Ii ighlt "'
Iorward Scott NIattka said.- ""Itch had
Only fUrl or 'ive wins coining into the
lturiinient and theyv made uts look like
a B a ntamn teami out there. It was pretty
Not only did t he twoe losses drop
M.ich i an to No. S in the latest polls,
but they also miade this weekend's

zaies agia inst the I .akers that much
mjore critiical.
"Right now, this is a really important
weekend fir us,'' v'oaltcndcr .Josh
IBlackbuirn said. "Whloever it is that
coniics in here, we need to have a good
weekend as far as momentum goes."
IPrio)r to last seas5on,tIlost prognoustim-
cat(ors had Ibake Sulperh )r purged tI' in-
ish as low as eighth in thc ('( I IA. Butl
coach Scott Borek 's Ibakers surprised
everyone by postin, a 17-9-2 league
rcotrd, good enough fi)r third place.
M~uch of the credit belong-s to senior
t~oallie .lavnie Platt, who was named a
second-team tAll-Amiericaniifast sea soin
I lis presenlce irncnt gives the I .akcrs ;a
chance in cevy gam they play.
"I Ic's onle of, thle best vpoaI ies in the
nlation,'' Matiha said. "I Ic's cicto be
probab~ly as gpood a goaltender as we've
[i;ced all vear, so that 'd be anot her chal-
lenge for us.''
Alongz with P'latt, the l akers' style of'
play keeps t hen iin games. Simnilar to
No. I NIichigan State, ILake Superior is
an exaImnlle0of substance over stylIe
lhe I akers won't blow anyone aw iv
with a high-powered otTliise, but they
play sound, lfin(anntail hockey and
iake very tew mistakes.
''lhey're a gri ndinri, decinsixe teamu,'

Who: Michigan (731 CCHA, 1353 overall)
vs. [ake Superior (6 9, 1012)
When: 7:30 p m. tonight, 3 p.m. Sunday
Latest: The second gamre was originally
scheduled for Saturday night, tbut was
changed for television purposes and will air
on Fox Sports Dtomit.
NIich igran coach Iced I Icreiison saidl.
"'lhey don't give you much, and they
pride themnselvyes on play ing tealm
defense. luhcy make their chances
cou nt, and t hey 're tough to play
a< aitnst"
Adding hidl to the fire I'Mr the
Wolverines is ILakc Superior's recent
success at Yost Ice Arena. ILast season,
the l.Aers swecpt a pair oh gains in Ann
A rbor, withI one win coining, by shultout.
The Wolveriines vot some revence
wxith a winliin the 1999 (dll, bult there is
still a bitter taste In) Michican's mouth
fioin thle ILakers' last visit to Yost.
"We're well aware of our history xith
ILake State, particularly last year."
Ilereison said. "Ilcie's no question)1
that there will be enlough respeshct lor'
their team. Whether or not wye'rec Lood
enoug'h to beat themi, we need to pult our
best l f orw61ard."


4 ..


Raina Goodlow's grimace as she drives to the basket was about as emotional as
the Wolverines got in their 85-52 loss to Wisconsin.
Blue has no leadersa to
follow in 33-4point loss

Back to
By David Horn
,I )ilv Spoiols Witcr
II.school administrators need ii reson
to prolotig the ( 'hristis break, perhaips
thiey should consider the ;35-52 loss that
the women's basktball eant sufered to
Wisconsin (2-I1I 3ig'len, 7-4 ovrll) last
night. Michigan (1 -2, 1t-5) appeared
lehargic, coiing ollf a holiday week in
which it
1l~ t'tt iIt 85 c c ca t ced
Illinois anid
Ni k lJ~' '~ lost to No.
- 60lPUdUe.
'Ihe Wolverines, six weeks removed
f'rom useting (ten-No. 8x1 .uisiama
'lech, plaved their third Big Tfen game
xwithount anly of the ent husi asin or lpas-
sion that helped them accomplish that
tremnidotus cat in November.
"Where is that team?'' asked
NIichigan coach St ue cvara. "It's been
a long, long time since xe have ee
embarrassed i ke xwe were tonighlt 'e
I1hegaine sta rted ofhf well enough
- fr NIich igan. A lyne 1ingrai's I13
i rst-hall' points on 3-o-4 shooing
from behinimd the are kept the home
tem within striking d(istance, trailing
by 10 at the hall.
But thle 1adgers, led by guads
LIitaonva Sims and Kle Black,
out scored NIic hi gin 37-14 in the second
half. Sims, ranked sixth in the 1ig'cn in*
scoring, posted 21I points and seven
boards. Bl1ack tied her owen school
record [or 3-point prcentage by shot-
ing 4-of="4. All fiv e Wisconsin strters
scoredl in double diits, andl 10 adgrs
saw double-digit minutes.
"'it xas the ultimate definition of
gleami' tonigh,' Wisconsin coach .ane
Albright said. "We were extremely
unseilfish olhmsivelv and delensivehy.
O n the other side of the flooi, the
Wolverinies struggled in all facets o, the 0'
gaine. Starters Stephanie G andy,
I leather ( )st er, Icni cr Smith and
Anne 'hori us xvre a cominied 4-0r- 19
(tomn the Ii [h'fle team sht nly 20.7
percent in the second hff. NMichig.an
went scoireless fr-ii 5:35 stretch from
midway throug 1h the second hal' nMil
there xxre jst over two minutes left to
D~el'ensixvel, NIichigan did not lu ec
uch better.
"We could not stop themi in our zone.
We could not stop them man-to-man,
Guievara said. "If'xwe concentrated on
one perso~n somebody else hit the buck-
S Michigan will need to recover quick-
lV from its worst loss of the season. It
plays at Ioxa On Sunday.
"W: just need to keep our heads up,
tco out there and play aggressive, andI
Continue on";1 tem.V-eved Smith Sid

By David Roth
Da)ily Stls 1I',\\iir
A fter beingc held scoreless fir f'ix-
andc-a-halminutes late in thle second
ha lfII the NIiclhiocii won 'lis balsket-
ball teamincneded a defibrillator to
shock them1 out olf the team's most
em harria ss iii slump o' t lie seasoii
But wvith I i ii esi my amlbulanlces
nloxlire in ii iclit, tlie Wolverines (had
to settle for an 8-52 xwhooping by
"Ri ght noxv xe 'ire onrespirator~
NI ihiaii coach Sue ( lueVara said.
"We iaxve to Iliiid our heart.''
NI i clii ami's heart xwas usu rpedl by
thle Badgers' 71I percenit IlieId-coal
shoot inc in the first hall', andal
defense that let 1up just 14 secondl-hall'
po inmts to the Wolvyen lies.
"We had no enecrcy in the second
hal1I f,'( uexara said. "We got ia good
old butt-k ickinii-"
I)uri hg Wi 5cu~iniiis 1 2-0 run, the
Wolvxeri nes, alreaIdy-siuable de Iicit
increased t'roni It) to 31I
"We were stuck onl S0 (points) ltr
xwhat seemed like txwo hours~'
( Luexara said. "itcan be discotimaciiic1
xvhen balls are guill" igl, fpeoples
hands, w\hell xv're get Ii hgopen looks
and xvere not able to knock dhim
Tlie problem xwas that leadecrshlip,
amid :111V sctise'ot e'inotioli tor
N' li higan, xwas x id on the court aiid
oil bench.

Co~-capta in Anne Iho0ri us, frust rat -
cd xvi th 20-plercenlt shootingoi the
niight, kept inliuimn, and Stephianii
G andy, usually ai an i mated on-court
}layer, sat Slothifully and silemtly
beside 1her teamnniatcS.
( 11evarma said She tried to cue ott rage
her players, but not imic xworked.
"'Who inl the hell Wxilits to winl this
oaine?'' (Guevara said) she asked her
p1aes "W'cS N'ho's going to lead? Who's
guoi iig to take ox ci''
Bu(t nobody on the Wolverinues had
an ansxver fur Wisconlsimnd11g uard
1Kv Ic B lack, wxho tormented Miichl an
by Iittinc all four ot her 3-point shots.
WhIileIcall tixec Wisconsiniistarters
scorecd ill double dic"its, t;11ur-of
MIic lii caii' stuatrs made jiust a sitll e
field coal.
[he Bad cers' starters out scored
N-ichicaii 09-25s
''It has probably been Blur' yealrs
since xve have been emnbarrassed like
xwe xwere tonlight (inexara said.
"Quite franklyv I need sonic people
to step up11anmd get it done. I1.jurst felt
xwe were xcrv Iassive. You didii't see a
lot of cult iusiasmn.'
() t~t' thle bench, MAlay ne Ingrain
cariclit tire-in the first half', scorimg 13
poits on 5- tom-7 shout in1g, xxithi three
oftIc her bukets register-ing rion
behind the are.
But11Ni ichi can's lackluster play was
comita cious5, and Ingam tums have
caughSt a dose of it a1S she nietted j ust a
sing1le bucket iii tie second halfI.

[IRNiOA 0 F[) Ni I I I,
David Wyzgowski scored his first goal in a Michigan jersey this past weekend against Boston College. He will look to add
more this weeken'd when the Wolverines face off against Lake Superior.


The University of Michigan
Department of Recreational Sports




.. Nf

Monday 1I/K ONLIY
I11:00) AM' to 5:30 PM
Wceds 1 /10, 6 &, 9 P~M, IMSBI
'I'sll :$ III
IMSB tits Sports Coliseuim


Monday I/8 ONL.Y
11:0() AM to 5:30) PMV
$45 pci' tearn
Weds 1/h0, 7:15 PM, IMSBI
T'hurs 1/11I, IMISB

Big mnatchups on tap for grapplers

By Jeb Singer
Id pol~ WI il 1cr
TIhe schledurle ot' the No. 8 Ni icltiim ii crst liii teamithis
y'ear supcsts that it is a tocxinco empire,( )cr thetxxeek-
en ot' IDec. 8-1), thle teamiiiclIaimeiid state doumiance, top)-
ph I 7oic Iiga iiSt ate 22- 1?2and C entrl M Ii clii n 37-0.
''Ihis is the best lichic4aui team that I 'xe seen in my
tenure,' I 1-xear Nlichiaii State coach ToiiiMiikel said.
Noxx it's t iminclr the Wol xern ics to take thiir shioxv on
tie road. Michig an xwrestlhes at No. 7 1 eli hi tonight and
at No. 0 Peii v Ixatiia toinorrowy. Wi ni in both matches
wxoul I cssential lv cixe Niic ltiian bra cg..i i g ri chits ox ci tilie
best tcamis inmithle inid-All antic. Bullth iis xvill not be ani
easx task.
"'We arce icii c lxxo of thle best teamiis in I lie crmut rvy,
llihicaii coach .JoeNMchkarland said. ''Thiy xx Ill be up for0
it. Alnv team xx on lix'of'hieniselyes xxill be.''
T[le most cxc it inci. thi ic about a matech like toi cht's is
the big ma ichups that exist up and dowxvvi teleupCJ.
Ni i1l wicnxrestlhers such as f 8-pounidgAll-Americanl
Andy II mx atbhcce that thIcv hiaxe somethinvg to prove.
I Iruxat traiiied xx itih last year's 1 97-pound NC'.AA r nmii-
1up /.ac Ii 'Thompson oh' Ioxwa State xxhiile lie was at home

oxverxwinter break. The txvoxvere pr'ep teammates.
''I xoulId rathler xwrest le a top wvrestler aniy'cday oh' the
xxeek:" I Irovat said. "I beliexe I can xrestle xvithi anyone
inl thematioi."
'ie 1 6th-raniked I Iroxat xxilIlbe liig sex-emnthl-ranked
Rob Rohn in thicirm thlird match ox-er lie last 12 monthls
II roxat beat R0uhn18-2 at lie Vitrcinvia DLa Is last Jan nam xN
'Tle eichtili-seeded II rOxat xxas upset by Rohni 6-5 iii last
year's nat ionialIchampionsh iphs.
''Andy has payback,"NiMc[arland said. "I thiniik lie gets
tip For it. I lis initenisity lex-el rises."
Accordinti to the raik intis, Lchiighi is favored ilmi six oh'
theh10 matiups. Key iiatches x ihw i i~le N iCici iami s"
I10th-ranked NIike Kuhezycki acainst 4th-ranked D)ave
lEsposito amid Mi cliigan's I17tH-raniked Jloe lc,,a iiiaoa nst
4th-man ked Johiii Iremice.
"eare goin g to haxe to wvili some close omies, '
MicFarlanid said. "D1axre (I asositol is a great wrestlher btt'
so is Niike. Bonus points xxillI le Crucial.
Elliis team matchiup) is too Close to liicdlict, andtit
Wohxci is arecmiot i nti midated by the rniik inigs.
'I look at thiemiijumst as motixvat ion.'' IIrioxat sa id. "I JuLst
occliiad xxelnI'i niot up there. I'm injmst as good as all the
guys t111) thieie."


3 1

Monday 1I/8 ONLY
11:00 AM to 5:30 PMI. 1MS13
$50 per teaml
Weds 1110, 8:0)0PM. IMSII

f. :
.. .. _y } ;.
, _
; ; r'r:
C'-, ..

Thums 1l25 --:1'M ~, IMSB
$5 for Sinc'leS/$9 for Doubles
Qa u /7&12

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'. :C
' ti'


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