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November 22, 2000 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-11-22

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t\/an, upset
over debts,
11s family
dame home from Las Vegas distraught over gam-
blng debts said in a suicide note that he "did not
know how else to escape" - and so he killed his
'regnant wife and three young children, then shot
himself to death, police said yesterday.
A maid found the family's bodies in their beds in
their neat two-stoty brick home in this Detroit sub-
_u rb shortly after noon yesterday.
A suicide note left open and pinned down by salt
nd pepper shakers was found on the kitchen
counter, Farmington Hills Police Chief William
Dwyer said.
In it, 42-year-old Jihad Hassan Moukalled
-expressed remorse about gambling debts and
"clearly indicated he was sorry he had to take the
lives of his wife and children," Dwyer said.
"For everyone I owe money to I have nothing to
say but ask for your forgiveness," Moukalled said
in the handwritten note. "Family and friends please
orgive me. I never ever had a bad intent toward
anyone. I think that I was gripped by the hope of
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court concluded, "for to do so would result in ci
this court substantially rewriting the code. We ju
leave that matter to the sound discretion of
he body best equipped to address it - the in
legislature." S
Democrats seized on that passage as evi- fe
ence that county elections officials can use
wide discretion to approve ballots. v
"We all have a stake in the strength of our di
union and in that endeavor there can be no fc
losers - no matter what the outcome," Gore
said, quickly summoning TV cameras to bask lo
in the glow of a partial victory.
Now that we know the process will con- tc
tinue, I once again urge that Governor Bush B
and I meet to demonstrate the essential unity C
at keeps America strong and free," Gore ih
said, trying to strike a statesmanlike pose. to
Bush sent Baker out to respond.
The former diplomat barely concealed his fo
disdain for the court ruling and Democratic w
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Smith said students at the University often are
only surrounded by people close to their own
age and enjoy their contact with people of all
"One thing students tell me is that they get that
multi-generational experience," Smith said.
Nancy Vangieson-Rix, a head clinical nurse at
the University Hospitals, works as a liaison
between the volunteers and patients, helping to
familiarize volunteers with the hospital.
"Students all have such enthusiasm. They are
young and excited and interested in everything
Ihere,' Vangieson-Rix said, adding that patients and
irses appreciate students who give their time to
"Sometimes when we have patients that are just
a little disoriented or anxious - we've had plenty
of volunteers who sit and talk with the patients who
-are very appreciative,' Vangieson-Rix said.
Nursing fieshian student Paula Graff volunteers
through Project Community in the orthopedics and
trauma burn unit at the University Hospitals.
Graff said she tries to help waiting families as
much as she helps patients. Graff remembered an
elderly woman whose husband had been at the hos-

The Michigan Daily - Wednesday, November 22, 2000 7
State makes tax-free college
savings accounts available

Farmington Hills Police Chief William Dwyer reads
a suicide note outside the home of Jihad Hassan
Moukalled in Farmington Hills yesterday.
gone more shot.' I did not know how else to escape
what I got myself into."
The victims were identified as his wife, Fatima,
31; daughter, Aya, 7; son Adam, 5; and daughter
Lila, who would have turned 3 on Saturday.
Dwyer said Moukalled, who owned an Oak' Park
printing business, attributed his problems to gam-
bling debts.;
Interviews with relatives indicate his gambliig
problems started about four years ago with a trip to
Casino Windsor.

Accounts can be used to
pay postsecondary education
costs anywhere in the nation
LANSING (AP) -Michigan residents
can set up tax-free higher education savings
accounts beginning this week, state officials
announced yesterday.
"With the Michigan Education Savings
Program, we're saying to families across
the state, ' Let the learning and savings
begin,'' Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus said,
speaking in the library of Elmwood Ele-
mentary School in Lansing. About 40
fourth-graders and many of their parents
looked on.
The accounts can be used to pay expenses
at any college, technical school or graduate
school in the nation.
The minimum contribution to set up an
account is S25, or $15 through a payroll
deduction plan.
An individual can contribute up to 55,000

annually, while a couple can contribute up
to $10,000 per year per account. The maxi-
mum balance allowed in an account is
$125,000. People may open accounts for
several different beneficiaries.
The state will charge no income taxes on
the accounts. Federal taxes will be deferred
until the money is withdrawn, at which
point taxes will be assessed at the student's
income tax rate.
Those who set up an account by Dec. 31
can immediately take advantage of the tax
The state also will match contributions
from families that make less than $80,000.
If a beneficiary is age 6 or younger, the state
will give SI for every S3 contributed, up to
The program was the brainchild of state
Sen. Mike Rogers, a Brighton Republican
who just won election to Congress from the
8th district.
"We want to tell your parents that this
Christmas they can give you a very special

gift,' lie told the schoolchildren in Laning.
Rogers, who has two young children. said
lie plans to signI up for the program by-Fri-
He also is sponsoring federal legislation
that would duplicate Michigan's prograr
Right now, about 24 states have state-
sponsored college savings programs.
The state chose TIAA-CREF Titiont
Financing Inc., a New York-based fir ithat
manages I1I other college savings programs.
The company will offer three investment
options, based partly on the age of the bene-
Lansing firefighter Michael Roman lis-
tened to the presentation and said he will
definitely consider the program for his
four children, who are all under 9. ears
"I like the idea of the tax savings," said
Roman, who said he is still payintg tff his
own college loans from Michigan Stali.Un1i-
versity and Lansing Community College.

icials conducting recounts, "Is it right to
hange the rules in the middle of the gatme'?
he Florida Supreme Court and some Demo-
ratic (election) boards have decided to do
ist that."
Bush advisers said lie has several options,
icluding a potential appeal to the U.S.
tupreme Court and action pending with a
deral appeals court in Atlanta.
Democrats welcomed the decision, but pri-
ately worried that Republicans would slow
own the recount process to make it difficult
or Gore to overtake Bush before the deadline.
In three Democratic-leaning counties, bal-
ot counting continued past I I p.m.
"We'll be able to meet the deadline,' Bur-
on said as televisions in the West Palm
each counting room showed the Supreme
ourt spokesman releasing the decision, but
ie audio was tumed off. Workers continued
oihand count the ballots.
Broward County officials said they would
trge ahead with the counting, maybe even
orking on Thanksgiving to meet the new
pital for two weeks. The woman as touch
teceive just a cup of coffee from Graft'
"I loved helping her," Graff said. "It mad
feel happy to help her out and tend to her i
because she's just as important as the patient
iii the huispital bedh:
Another time, Graff said she was feed
woman who she described as being grump'
distant, but she remembered That as she t;
to the woman, trying to make her feel bette
came to understand that the woman felt tel
because she wasn't able to feed herself.
"She told me that she was a feacher and it,
hard transition to go from her tending to other
ple to having other people tend to her;' Grall's
After having stayed at the hospital, Grafi
she felt like it is her turn to help others feel
comfortable in the hospital. '
"I spent the majority ofmy childhood in this
pital. I have memories of nurses helpitig tMe.
look back on it and think oflhow much I could
really feared the hospital but I didn't because
people were so nice to me," Graff said.
Working with trauma patients, the eitotiot
high, according to Graff, but this only inspire
to go right back the next week and help
"I find myself getting really attached to pat

The state's biggest county, Miami-Dade,
got a late start and officials had said they
would not be done until early December.
The justices said they were hesitant to
rewrite the Florida Election Code on the issue
of manual recounts and instead sought "a fair
and expeditious resolution" of the immediate
issue -a deadline for filing recounts.
Democrats want three county canvassing
boards to count hundreds of punch-card bal-
lots with no holes poked out for the presiden-
tial race, giving Gore or Bush a vote when an
indentation is found next to their name. With
the Texas Republican clinging to a 930-vote
lead, the vice president's advisers said they
almost certainly can't win Florida and the
White House unless county officials discern
the intent of voters whose ballots were not
properly punched.
Both sides acknowledged Tuesday that
Gore stands to pick up hundreds of votes -
perhaps as many as 1,500 with the most liber-
al approval standards.

Alan Williams, a supporter of Vice President Al Gore, waves
a copy of the Florida Supreme Court ruling yesterday
allowing the hand counting of ballots to continue.

"Students leave with a better sense of self and a
better sense of well being."
- Beverly Smith
University Medical Health Systems volunteer resources coordinator

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Like Akin-Aina, LSA sophomore
Rahul Gupta said he will remain on
campus during break.
Gupta, who is from Japan, said
many international students he knows
will be using the break to travel.
"A lot of my friends don't hive in
the U.S., so they use the opportunity
to see friends and rrelatives around
the U.S.," he said.
Gupta said he spent his fiist
1lhanksgiving break with family
"Last year, I went to see my sister
in Cinciinati, but unfortunately she's
not living there anymore," he said.
Many families across the United
States take in relatives from abroad
who are studying in this country.
LSA sophomore Alisha Moopen,
who is from Duba iin the United
Arab Emirates, said her family men-
bers from across the country come
together in New York during
"Last year I stayed with my
cousins. We generally go out some-
where but it's just like any other
vacation," Moopen said.
LSA sophomore Sabrina Yeung,
who previously hived in Singapore,
said she usually spends the vacation
with family.
"Last year I visited relatives in
Canada and this year I'n staying on
campus. I'm going to eat dinner with
my brother who's already graduated
from the University," Yeung said.
L S A junior Barry Laurens -of
Indonesia said Thanksgivimg is very
similar to the Chinese New Year,
especially because his family sits
down and has exquisite dinner.
Laurens has spent his pastitwo
Thanksgiv ings with frienids will
continue the tradition this years.
"My first two years I went to visit
a friend in Toronto," he said. 'We
just hang out around Toronto, go to
clubs, eat and visit Niagara Falls."

Sometimes I go home and cry because I know the
person I saw today suon't make it. But it gives me
that much more motivation to do everything I can
the next week to help patients and their families"
Being in a one-on-one situation with patients
has helped Graff with her people skills and
assured her that she wants to make this her
career, she said.
"It really helps me analyze what I do during my
volunteering and I learn what I can do better. I'm
also so much more sensitive tward people's needs.
It makes my problems so minuscule'Graff said.
Smith also said students who volunteer can ben- .
efit from their work.
"Students leave with a better sense of self and a
better sense of well-being" Smith said.
Kristina Capiak, an Art and Design sopho-
more, said the Iong-lasting relationships she
forms with patients in the pediatric cardiology

overflow unit are an important part of her volun-
teer work.
"With most patients, their parents work. Is makes
the patient feel more comfortable when someone
they know is there," Capisk said. And conversely.
"it gives (parents) the assurance that someone they
know is taking care of their child.''
Capiak said she hadthe opportunity to give a
baby its first bottle when a nurse was busy. The
baby's mother traveled every night from Toledo to
see shit.
"At that time, tyou ay not know you're helping
out. but when (the patient's) parents thank you ive
times lur something so small, you feel like you've
really made an impact,, Capiak said.
Smith agreed that the volunteers impact the lives
of people who stay in the hospital.
"Many adults, who are from far away, are very
grateful to have a companion in those who volun-
teer for the hospital," Smith said.

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anting, fertilizing & pruning trees, shrubs & flowers.
uties also include daily litter pick-up, lawn mowing,
trimming & weeding flower & shrub beds. Pay starts
Self-motivation, dependability, enthusi-
asm, desire to learn & genuine interest
in caring for the earth are essential.
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SO$54,000h. Yan must nut take daily
prescription medications or have any chronic
illness. A pre-screening process is required.
For more information, please call Traci at
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mouth Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105.
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ified lifeguard for The 200-2001 school
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