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October 31, 2000 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-10-31

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end Halloween with ICg
Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid
adline Hallowicked 2000 at St.
ndrew', Hall. Spend 100 bucks and
n raygo blasted all over you by
me rapping clowns. It's worth itTESA
ichigandaily-cam /arts s OCTOBER 31, 2000 '

The Daily Arts horror movie countdown
ends iv a chilling, Halloween climnax!

le Henretty
Ars Writer
The second half of a fiendish two-
t series; the first five fihns appeared
in yesterclayspaper
5) "A Nightmare on Elm Street":
e king of '80s slasher sequels bad
mble beginnings in this low budget
ychological chiller Child killer Fred
er was handed some vigilante jus-
e by the yuppie parents of
ringwood, who decided to burn the
ure icon to death. He was none to
ased and decided the best way to han-
it would be to kill their children while
y slept. The catch being that he would
inside their subconscious, the ulti-
te untouchable boogey man. The first
m is as shadowy as the classic
rankenstein" films, and Kruger is still
illing. What the sequels turned into a
cracking anti-hero began as a ruth-
s incantation of evil. He enjoys tor-
nt and killing, and is doubly terrifying
cause no one can save you in your
ams. Everyone has to fal, asleep,
entually. Classic line: "Whatever "ou
,don't fall asleep"
4) "Hellraiser": An undettate mas-
piece. "Hellraiser" got lumped with
of the unimaginative, post
a loween" schlock that appeared tn
te '80s. This is a pure horror art
>vie. The color scheme of dull blue
d washed out brown makes the bright-
blood seem painful in itself. You
n't just watch this movie, you feel it.
ank Cotton opens a vortex to another
>rld, a world where "pleasure and pain
one" (though it would appear Frank
t the short end of the stick in the plea-
e department) As he tries to escape
hell, he must have blood to recom-
is mind into a real body. Murder,
terror, deceit, thieverv and a fellow
th some nails coming out of his crani-
ensue. One of the most disturbing
is I have ever seen. Classic line: "I
Ii tear your soul apart."
3) "Dawn of the Dead": This
uel/iemake/expansion of "Night of
Living Dead" is a masterpiece of
ror and social commentary. I guaran-
at this is the only zombie movie

Something wicked this way comes toward the small town of Burkittsville - but is it a horrible monster or an overhyped sequel.
The Witch' is back in'Blair' sequel

When you were eight years old, was there anything scarier than a dude named Pinhead?

you will every see where you will actu-
ally think "Yeah, that's what would hap-
pen if dead people got up and started eat-
ing the living." Wonderfully
horrific/comic, such as hunters guzzling
beers and picking off zombies coming
over a hill, make up the first stretch of
the movie. The main story entails a few
trying to escape the madness, only to end
up stuck in an abandoned mall. The mall
becomes a refuge, but for how long'?The
undead are seen as simple creatures that
live only to eat flesh. While it's simple to
fend off one or two, hell, there are a lot
of dead people. The film comments on
how humans cannot even pull together
during crises and how violence begets
violence. But most of all, THIS MOVIE
IS FREAKING SCARY! Classic line:
"When the dead walk, score, we must
stop the killing - or lose the war."
2) "The Exorcist": You're in luck,
here, because this one is back in the the-
aters. Just writing the title of this movie
scares me. The film builds suspense so
slowly and deliberately, that by the time
poor, possessed, 12-year old Regan

MacNeil starts to float you're not sure
you're going to be able to watch the rest.
But once you've seen her face, it doesn't
matter. The combination of make-up and
Linda Blair's cherubic face will be
burned into your mind forever. While the
pure terror has worn with age, and the
language Blair uses is hardly shocking to
a generation that has endured Chris
Rock and "South Park," the film still
grabs your soul. Regardless of your reli-
gious feelings, you find yourself terri-
fied that the devil may wiln out over
good, just for a second. Don't make
plans the day after you see this, because
you will lose at least one full nights
sleep. Classic line: "Yourmother sucks"
Oh, never mind.
1) "The Shining": This is everithing
that a horror movie should be.
Claustrophobic. Dark. Evil to its core.
Is the Outlook Hotel haunted, or is the
snowbound winter caretaker simply
loosing his mind? Directed by the great
Stanley Kubrick, most of the film looks
like an old photograph. The camera
shows a hotel that would be terrifying in
the middle of summer full of people. Yet
it is so utterly empty that when the occa-
sional person does show up (say, naked
and decaying in a bathtub) you want to
coveryour eyes but need to peek through
your fingers. The film is beautiful and
terrifying, and I still can't trust Jack
Nicholson, to this day. Even as a roman-
tic lead, I keep waiting for him to pull out
an axe. The tension is so great that even
when it peaks (such as the aforemen-
tioned bathtub scene) there is still no
release. If only all horror movies could
make you hold your breath until the end.
Simply the best. Classic line: "I said,
I'm not gonna hurt ya. I'm just gonna
bash your brains in.

By Lyle Henretty
Daily Arts Writer
The hornor movie and I have had a mentally abusive relation-
ship for years. When I was young, the much older horror movie
enticed me with such offerings as "Friday the 13rs" and "A
Nightmare on Elm Street." I was smitten with these films, but
they took full advantage of te. They'd
stop by every year or so, try to tell me that
they had changed, that this time they'd be
Book of You'd think that after six or seven
Shadows: sequels that I would have caught on, that
Blair Witch 2 these movies did not love me, that they
only came around when they needed
Grade: G+ money and that it would never be the
At Quality 16 same. Yes, horror sequels notoriously get
and showcase worse and worse and worse. Yet, I was itt
a rut, such is the nature of abuse. I kept
believing or wanting to believe that hor-
ror movie sequels could be as good as the
original. Not just exploiting the original
and then rehashing the same crap with a
little more gore and a little less plausible story line, but a sequel
with as much life and creativity as original.
Sometime around "Leprechaun ," or maybe "Witchboard 5,
I finally grew up and realized that this could never happen. And,
l'm happy to say, "Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2" gleefully
cements my cynicism.
"The Blair Witch Project" was an ingenious stunt. If you fell
victim to the film early on before it started popping up in
megaplexes in Kansas, then you know what I mean. It was a
truly scary one-time art flick that, had it then disappeared from
screens, would have become a cult hit on par with "The Rocky
Horror Picture Show.- Sadly, upon wide release in theaters that
sat 600, and screams of protest from audiences expecting "The

Exorcist," "The Blair Witch Project" made more money than then-
last three "Hellraiser" movies put together.
Which leads us to the sequel, which is probably what you
wanted to know about in the first place. The premise, basically-
Im to bite the hand that invented it and immediately write off the
original as simply a movie. The admittedly clever first few min-
utes center on the phenomenon of the first film. The residents of
Burkitsville are sick of tourists flocking to their woods to try and
get a glimpse of their most famous resident. And they're even
angrier with the likes of Jeffrey Donovan, who is exploiting the
success and making quite a bit off of "Witch" merchandise he
sells off of the internet, and a "Blair Witci Hunt" tour he is
beginning. This simple premise takes Donavan and several
stock characters (all actors using their real names, a ha the first,
flick) out into the woods to check out, well, you get the idea..-
The acting is about what you'd expect from a bunch of new-
comers making their debut in a horror movie. The script doesn't
always make sense, but does contain several nude scenes, always.
a plus for this genre. The dialogue ranges from "That tree was-
n't there before" all the way to "I told you that tree wasn't there
Okay, now that I've bitched for a while, I have to admit that
this movie was exactly what it set out to be: A horror movie
sequel. It has some wonderfully scary scenes, and director Joe
Berlinger builds terrific suspense, even wehen the audience
knows what's coming. Berlinger is best known for directing crit-
ically acclaimed documentaries, so I'm not sure how they'
tricked him into directing "BW2." Yet he does a fine job with'
what he has, and, judging from the reactions in the theater, as
'eli as nry ownr, ire accrmrplishred iris "iral - irarry lf scared.
So yes, everything was against this movie, and that may be,-
why I ended up sort of liking it I expected so little that, when
the movie did deliver a few legitimate jumps, I enjoyed them all
the more. Though, in case the Blair Witch herself is reading this,
I'm not suggesting that you make any more encore appearances.
C'mon, haven't I been through enough?

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Food For Thought
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in another time, may have
labeled her a traitor. She vis-
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for pictures on an anti-aircraft
gun and visited the infamous
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selves attempt to prove wrong,
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