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October 13, 2000 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-10-13

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4A - The Michigan Daily - Friday, October 13, 2000

(Ite firtr igttn

420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Edited and managed by g E
students at the d
University of Michigan
Unless otherwise noted, unsiged editorials reflect the opinion
the Dailvy's editorial boadAll other articles, letters and c
necessarily reflect the opinion of The Michigan1

Editor in Chief
toral Page Editor
n of the majority of
artoons do not

' "art '
'{ . .. ' t..t

Programs being homogenized into LSA
T he University takes great pride in The purpose of allowing ICP's in
its diversity: Its students come Organizational Studies was to let
from all over the world and although ambitious, hard-working students
each has a unique combination of concentrate in a program not current-
race, ethnicity, religion, academic ly offered at the University, but that is
interests and ideology, there is a place becoming an increasingly popular
for everyone here in Ann Arbor. field in higher education. This pro-
Well, almost everyone. gram has been successful in the past
If you're an undeclared undergrad- because students who chose to partic-
uate who is thinking aboutan inde- ipate in it were motivated enough to
p endent concentration program in pursue their interests and had man-
Organizational Studies, then the Uni- aged to be successful even without
versity no longer has a place for you. the same faculty oversight as other
Last Tuesday, LSA Dean Shirley Neu- programs. Neuman has said LSA is
man sent out a page-long letter stating planning on reopening the opportuni-
that the organizational studies ICP ty to study organizational studies
"will cease to be available as a 'con- through an official concentration pro-
centration' choice for students, effec- gram, but such a popular field of
tive immediately." Neuman contends study should not have been shut off to
in the letter that the existing program new students in the mean time. Since
"lacks a clear thematic content' and the interest is there, it is the Universi-
"has never been ty's responsibility to
through the [neces- The decision to pony up and provide
sary] curricular and a well-designed
faculty review." She eliminate students major for interested
also cites the fact students. The 'prob-
that the program has ortnity1 to1lems,' such as lack
little faculty over- concentrate in of facult oversight,
sight as a reason for are fix a s a w y
discontinuing it. Organizational SNRE has always
According to Neu- Studies is not the been separate from
man's letter, there is LSA, attracting high
currently a commit- first of its kind uality, focused stu-
tee of both LSA and dents deepy dedicat-
School of Informa- uned to stu ying the
tion faculty drafting natural world. To
a proposal to create an official pro- combine the school's undergraduate
gram similar to the Organizational program with LSA and possibly water
Studies ICP that would have "appro- down its unique feel will make the
priate faculty oversight." Neuman school less attractive to the best stu-
said she expects some type of pro- dents interested in studying natural
gram to be reinstituted by next fall, resources.
but that is hardly a guarantee and stu- Another area of scrutiny is the
dents not currently majoring in orga- Residential College, who's grading
nizational studies should not have that process was reviewed last April. For
option taken away from them before the RC, to require letter grades is to
an official program is instituted. go against everything that makes the
The elimination of students' ability RC a learning experience like no
to concentrate in Organizational Stud- other. Historically, the RC has
ies at the current time is one of sever- staunchly opposed the use of letter
al recent decisions limiting students grades on the grounds that they are
options made with little of their input. poor indicators of effort and say little
A committee she formed last spring about one's actual potential to suc-
to investigate a possible joint program ceed; instead, each student was given
between the School of Natural a personal, written evaluation of his
Resources and the Environment pro- or her work in each class.
posed last Tuesday to end SNRE Diversity is an essential element in
undergraduate programs in favor of "a a great education and it is fantastic
meaningful partnership between LSA that the University can unite so many
and SNRE." kinds of people in the common pur-
While the Organizational Studies pose of higher learning. However, this
and SNRE decisions will not affect diversity should not stop in the course
students already in the programs, they guides; if LSA continues to limit its
will have a dramatic impact on the students' academic opportunities and
future of academic opportunities at to attempt to merge with and tightly
this institution; all three aforemen- control smaller units, the unfortunate
tioned actions undermine the princi- homogenization of the its curriculum
ples of their respective divisions. is inevitable.
Missile defense system puts U.S. at risk
L ast Saturday in Ann Arbor and 60 lobal non-proliferation regime
L other cites around the world, hinges. Russia has already said that if
demonstrators protested the use of the United States were to deploy an
military technology in space. Even anti-ballistic missile system that it
though it might be hard to take some- would neither adhere to previous
one dressed like Darth Vader serious- arms control agreements nor would it
ly, the U.S. should listen to these sign any future ones. Other countries
protesters and thoroughly reevaluate would be likely to follow suit. With-
its defense policies - specifically out such agreements the U.S. might
with respect to the proposed National begin to have a real problem to worry
Missile Defense system (the continu- about as nuclear weapons spread
ation of Reagan's 'Star Wars"). across the globe.
The system is intended to protect The missile-defense system would
the U.S. against a nuclear attack. also give countries incentives to gain
Supposedly, the bigger and better

greatest nuclear w nuciear arsenals. For
threats in the world Thelmplementation example, if the U.S.
today come from so- of a missile-defense were toCeffectively
called "rogue states" e would nullify China's mis-
like Iran, Iraq and ssies by acquiring
North Korea, who e vto our current the ability to shoot
might launch nuclear stro, them down, China
weapons at the U.S. arms control has stated it would
(intentionally or oth- agreements. modernize its
erwise). In order to _______________ weapons to recreate
safeguard against these perceived a useful deterrent against America.
threats, legislation was passed India would likely modernize in
through Congress that called for the response, promptin their adversaries
deployment of a limited ballistic- to do the same, an so on. The ensu-
defense system as soon as technically ing arms race would threaten global
feasible. stability and lead to the possibility
While the system might seem like that these horrible weapons would
a good idea at first glance, the impact actually be used.
of deploying it would be disastrous. Even if the National Missile
First of all, the likelihood of a Defense system was a good idea in
nuclear attack is highly exaggerated. theory, its unfeasibility makes it a
Any attacking country would terrib e investment. Most major tests
undoubtedly face swift retribution of the system have failed miserably
and possible annihilation. Leaders in and Secretary of Defense William
these countries are not likely to Cohen has already said,"major prob-
embrace that possibility. Even if they lems have called into question the
would, they do not have the missile realism of the timetable' of the pro-
technology to deliver weapons of ject. Clearly there are better things to
mass destruction to the U.S. do with $60 billion dollars - the
The system is counterproductive current projected cost of the program.
as well as unnecessary. The imple- The government should not devel.-
mentation of a missile-defense sys- op this unnecessary, infeasible and
tem would destroy our current arms dangerous program. It will jeopardize
control agreements. Even a limited every arms control agreement cur-
system would violate the 1972 Anti- rently in force in the world and is
Ballistic-Missile Treaty on which the likely to bring about a new arms race.

Seeing the world differently from the rooftops
P erspective. Why is it such a trial to get a sweaty palms onto the gutters, then slid back- silliness, weightlessness. But I can't be the o4
new one of these? Purchasing a new car, a ward like crabs against the slanted grain of the one who has found something new in the high-
new computer, the latest trend in pants, hats or shingles. It's worth it though. We were little er up. There is a bagpiper around here who is
sunglasses - perspectives cost so much less, kings up there, scampering along the tilted ter- wont to pipe from the tops of parking struc-
but it seems to demand a currency more rain as like Mario and Luigi. At dinner there tures. One recent night I became so fixated on
obscure than what was a silent smirk between us, because we his bellowing blare that, like the snakes to Saint
they use in Greenland. knew that from the right height even Dad could Patrick. I had to follow it. Through backyards
It is an experiential look likea kid. .and parking lots I arrived at the epicenter. I
amount, inflated by Not to be sentimental. Rooftops can also be found a red-bearded man with his lips to the
routine and marked settings for the pathetic. One time my friend pipes, and he told me he played at the top so
down with risk. If you Sharif put a Sierra Nevada in my hand; we that the sound wouldn't disturb anyone. Wit
want a new angle on must have appeared drunken gymnasts teeter- curious look, I told him that I could hear h
things, then put away ing off the fire escape, groping towards the sky. so many blocks away. He was stunned. He
your money and see The things I remember are that it was cold hoped the cops wouldn't be after him and-I
Ann Arbor from the enough to see breath, the moon was clearly imagined the difficulty they would havesin
rooftops. cratered, and that my spine would not agree picking him from a crowd, bagpipes in orie
This is my dream: with the upside-down "V" of the roof's apex. I hand, scotch in the other.
One night very soon PatriCk also remember that some piece of architecture These are the stories that form on rooftops.
the University will reminded me of Jefferson's Monticello, which Before long there will be snow and ice, making
rise up. Quite literally. Kiley is funny because that's a house I've never seen, the whole adventure slippery in its promises.
Everyone will put Tali..., v let alone scaled. So be sure to see Ann Arbor from on hg
down the books and g The last time I was on a rooftop was also in fore toolong. The question is, who among
coffee and like a pack y s.'.' Ann Arbor, at house on the corner of William is bizarre enough to poke through the night l
of docile zombies we and Fifth. We went there after work, slumped, children? Stardust, Peter Pan, Marry Poppi.
will ascend the fire escapes and ladders to the dismal, thirsty for spirits. But we ended up out Maybe fairy tale images like these come io
rooftops. Perhaps then we will all have a new on the roof blowing bubbles and smoking ciga- mind. But hey, if that's not your cup, thenbe
perspective, at the mere risk of tumbling head- retes. Take a drag, exhale through the glinting glad to know that rooftops are the ideal locale
long into the azaleas. film, and the bubble will become a milky ball for reading Nietszche, dropping acid, or prae-
I have experience with this. All my life I've undulating through space. One of them had the ticing pedantry with four of your most
been going up on rooftops to catch a bigger longevity to cross William and journey above pompous friends. That's the beautiful thing
glimpse of the surroundings. Take it all in. the District Library. I watched in proud amaze- about perspective: It only requires you - who-
Before I was even 10 years old my brother and ment as it finally popped. exhaling once again, ever-you-are - to move.
I put a wicker chair on the gas grill, wobbled leaving me with one foot dangling off the edge. -Patrick Kilev can be reached by e-mail at
up above the creaking, hoisted ourselves with These are perspectives I gained: Bigness . pkile.umich.e*
a:. .N oT ..LEQU ...uT4 ., t ,55 NDn
E 'I sleep with my books under my pillow. It can't hurt.'
- LSA sophomore Ben Turbow on how he preparesfor midterms.

R-a iji wrong about
SOLE, activism
I was disappointed with Manish Raiji's
attacks on student activism in his column
("Taking things too far; Or how to be a Michi-
gan activist" 1010/00). He seems confused as
to why SOLE members would voluntarily be
arrested in support of human rights. Perhaps he
is unaware that concerned citizens have recently
staged similar protests at many other Kohl's
locations across the country. These widespread
protests have not been in vain. They have forced
Kohl's management to reexamine, if not amend
their relationships with third-sworld laborers.
Raiji also notes that some of the Ann Arbor
protesters were first and second-year students.
So what? Does he mean to argue that only
upper-class students ought to participate in
social action? He also misrepresents the size of
the demonstration at Kohl's. Ten students chose
to be arrested and I admire their courage. More
than 20 other students attended and protested in
other ways and I admire their courage as well.
On abortion, if radicalism is really what
Raiji deplores, I don't understand why he would
elect to be inside of the fences rather than out-
side. Does he seriously believe the Genocide
Awareness Project to be less radical and
extremist than students holding hand made
signs affirming a woman's right to chose?
I believe that the students who occupied the
tower, the students who demonstrated in Kohl's,
and the students on both sides of the Diag
fences were standing up for what the believed
in, regardless if they were branded as radicals.
As anthropologist Margaret Mead would say
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful
committed citizens can change the world.
indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
These groups of committed citizens did
.look before they leapt. just as Raiji advises.
They looked and they saw something they firm-
ly believed was morally wrong, just as Jesus
Christ. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and
countless other radicals have done for the good
of humankind.

earrings" and undyed hair.
This column was an embarrassing display of
shallowness and intolerance for anyone who
doesn't fit into McQuinn's narrow conformist
mold. If this sad attempt at journalism is the
best that Daily writers can do, we just might
strangle ourselves with our black booty pants.
MSU student glad
not to be at 'U'
As a student at Michigan State University.
needless to say I was appalled at the column
that Erin McQuinn wrote in the Daily ("A
weekend in East Lansing makes me appreciate
A=" 10110'00). Born and raised in southeastern
Michigan. I am more than familiar with the
Michigan-Michigan State rivalry and more
then considered attending the University of
Michigan. However, after reading this opinion-
ated and obnoxious article, I am more then
pleased with my decision to attend Michigan
Now, I have plenty of friends at the Univer-
sity of Michigan that I know do not agree with
the views of McQuinn. And I do not blame her
for her thoughts. everyone is entitled to their
own beliefs. For example. I hold the belief that
McQuinn is correct about being an "arrogant
asshole." That is besides the point. My com-
plaint is that the Daily would have the audacity
to publish such literary garbage. I understand
the idea of free speech. etc. as I worked on the
newspaper staff at my high school for two
years. However, this is above and beyond opin-
ion and borders on slander. I would personally
be ashamed to attend the University of Michi-
gan after one of its students decided to write
this column and also because the Daily pub-
lished it. Grow up and learn some class.

decision has been made on the official propo
to make Organizational Studies a formal con-
centration. Furthermore, we believe that Orga-
nizational Studies students should be involved
in the proposal-making and decision-making
processes from Step I until the very end.
2. This unfortunate situation could have
been avoided had LSA accepted the original
proposal, given two years ago by the Psycholo-
gy Department. This proposal would have
established "a formal interdisciplinary conc
tration with appropriate faculty oversight an
advising" (as Dean Neuman stated in her let-
3. Although this may not affect any of us
who have already declared, we still passionately
believe in the value of this academic program
and its future. Organizational Studies gave stu-
dents the chance to acquire a diverse education-
al experience that was unique from any other
offered major. We will take every step possible
to see that Organizational Studies is reinsta
and received the recognition it so deserves.
It is our hope that Dean Neuman will take
this opportunity to meet with us in an efforttto
reach a fair conclusion regarding this issue.
Please contact us with any concerns or
questions and attend our mass meeting next
Wednesday for more information. We are more
than willing to help in any way we can. Please
get involved in this effort -the afuture of Orga-
nizational Studies depends on all of us.
Ignorance, snobbery
shown in the Daily
I am writing you in response to the Oct.
10th column by Erin McQuinn, "A weekend
East Lansing makes me appreciate A2." I
both appalled and embarrassed by the igno-
rance and pure snobbery that was showcased in
the Daily. I am writing not only as a Michigan
State student, but also as someone who visits
Ann Arbor fairly often. I have many friends
who attend the University of Michigan and I
have had a lot of great times in there. Although
I am a Spartan and am proud of it, I am fully
able to recognize, appreciate and enjoy all the
good things that the University of Michibj
has to offer, not only academically, but socially
This column made me embarrassed to
come from a state where an article in a univer-
sity newspaper could be so unbelievably arro-
gant. I have never been a person to believe
negative stereotypes that are often associated
with certain institutions and I still am not. I do,
however believe that this article reaffirmed
many preconceived notions that many of us
rioting, American Eagle-wearing Spartans
always kind of suspected about some pe
who go to the University of Michigan.

Sp iacu Students should be
'Superficil' column involved in program
was embarrassing decisions

Just for clarification, does Erin McQuinn
have a sister named Daria? Maybe not, because
even Quinn Morgendorfer's "Fashion Club" at
its cattiest could not compare to the psychotic
episode that the Daily called McQuinn's col-
umn ("A weekend in East Lansing makes me
appreciate A2;" 10/10/00). With the level of
intellect that she displays, she is sure to go far in
life. Sure, she might become a bag lady one
day, but she can thank her lucky (Michael) Stars
that her retumables will be in a Prada bag.
Does McQuinn even realize that the majori-
ty of her reasons for disliking State consist of
unimportant differences between student fash-
ions? Is that the best she can come up with? She
clearly does not demonstrate a rational compar-
ison between the two universities, but rather a
superficial, snobbish opinion based on com-
pletely irrelevant details. McQuinn alleges that
the majority of the girls at State are "plain." The
reason for this plainness, according to her, is
because they hail from Michigan, "the second
plainest state next to Idaho." Does she realize
that by this line of reasoning, she too falls into
the category of"not hideous -just plain"?
Additionally, in McQuinn's view, we as stu-
dents can finally feel superior to Michigan State
because, "our parties are about 500 times better
than theirs." Well, that is certainly a resume
worthy statement. Now we remember why we
went to the University in the first place. That,
and our "more sophisticated" school colors, of
course. It seems more likely that people would
value a school's athletics and incoming ACT
scores over the fashion trends and dance styles
of the students. Clearly, the former should be
disregarded as long as we all have "big hoop

In light of the recent events concerning the
future (or lack thereof) of the Organizational
Studies program. we as a commitee feel that
our opinions on this matter must be voiced
clearly. We believe that not all of our concerns
were addressed in yesterday's Daily article
("LSA dean ends organizational studies option"
10/11/00) and we wish to state them now.
1. Our current demand is that Organization-
al Studies be immediately reinstated until a

mug llrlsos ~
y'- -- ._
-1 .,v

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