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October 03, 2000 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-10-03

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Remember When?
The Michigan Theater continues its
comedy masters series with Woody
Allen's "Stardust Memories." 7 p.m.

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OCTOBER 3, 2000





Titanic Hit?

, t_


By Jenny Jeltes
For the Daily

"America is just another broke ex-superpower looking
for a handout and wondering why."
This line is just one of the many problems confronting
the characters of "Dark Angel," the new sci-fi adventure
series premiering on FOX. Producers James Cameron
("Titanic,' "Terminator II") and Charles Egee set this
new show in the year 2019 and propose a futuristic reali-
ty of technological disaster.
In 2009, a covert genetic lab in Gillette, Wyoming
began "Project Manticore," a new undertaking involving
the genetic engineering of young children. This break-
through allowed for superhuman qualities such as
enhanced strength, fitness and mental capacity, which
could ultimately give America ever-powerful combat sol-
dier troops.
Only something went wrong. Most of these kids, with
their shaven heads and bar codes on their necks, managed
to escape this drill camp late one night and make it out
into the real world.
Actress Jessica Alba makes her television starring
debut as Max, one of the lone survivors of this devastat-
ing and torturesome past. Skipping ahead to the year
2019, America has taken a turn for the worst. After suf-

r t

fering an electromagnetic pulse

blast conducted by foreign terror-
ists, America has fallen into a
Dark Poverty, pollution anti hopeless-
Angel ness now best characterize the sta-
tus of the United States. There is
Fox no government - well, at least the
Tonight at 9 p.m. kind of government we know of
now. Moreover, power is held in
the hands of the corrupt. An
advantage of this, for Max at least,
is that she has managed to stay
undetected. The military officials
from the lab, headed by Lydecker
(John Savage) are still on the hunt.
Max, while managing to be hidden from their view, is
on a hunt of her own. What has happened to all of the
other children she had escaped with, especially the boy
who had saved her life that night? In addition to Max's
struggle, the nation faces a struggle of its own.
There are so called sugar pills now being given to the
nation's sick and the real medication, capable of saving
the lives of many, is being exported on the black market.
Max runs into Logan Kale (Michael Weatherly), an
underground cyber-journalist striving to do something,
anything, to fuel some motivation in the hearts of all these
innocent citizens.
Logan, noticing Max's extraordinary strength and
fighting abilities, wants her to help him in his quest.
What good will this do for Max though? Will he be able
to track down some of her fellow companions from the
These questions can only set the stage for a successful
season of action and suspense. "Dark Angel" gives sci-
ence fiction a feminist twist, for Max takes crap from no
one. Not only is she extremely witty and intelligent, but
to all you guys out there, she's pretty good-looking,'too.

Courtesy of Buena Vista Pictures
Denzel Washington stars as Coach Herman Moone in Jerry Bruckheimer's "Remember the Titans," based on a true story.
Strength of Titans' lost in
trite displays of sentimentali

Courtesy ofFOX
"Dark Angel," from James Cameron, stars Jessica Alba.
Girls, you are not overlooked. Logan, her undercover
buddy, is pretty fine himself.
On a higher level, "Dark Angel" can be pleasing to all
audiences because it deals with some questions that ulti-
mately concern the entire nation. Many people have been
questioning the consequences, both good and bad, of our
country's rapid technological growth. This show is very
interesting because many of its ideas are not too out of
our league. Being too powerful may have devastating
results (does "Big Brother" ring a bell?).
The best part of "Dark Angel" is the flow of
events. It is fast-paced and it keeps you wondering
what will happen next. Max has herself in quite a
plight and one cannot help but hook in to her strug-
gle. On the flip side, there is an element of fulfill-
ment missing.
Given the situations the characters in "Dark Angel" are
faced with, one can understand their lack of personal hap-
piness, but the characters at times appear so - what's the
word? - dry. You may likely enjoy Max's sarcastic
remarks, for they are stunning, but if you are expecting
some sort of identification with a character, it may be
hard to find it in this show.
Given that this is the first episode, however, this atti-
tude may change as the show progresses. Nevertheless,
it is definitely worth a shot to watch "Dark Angel" and
learn what it is all about. Given the past successes of
Cameron, chances are good this show will interest

By Leslie Boxer
Daily Arts Writer

According to Greek mythology, the
titans were stronger than the gods. They
were people of colossal size, strength or
achievement. "Remember the Titans" is
a fitting title for the film about a high
school football team that single handed-
ly changed the face of racism in
Virginia in the
* ms early 1970s. It is
equally fitting
Remember because the film is
the Titans so full of its own
valor that it seems
Grade: C- to assume epic
At Showcase status.
and Quality 16 The story of the
T.C. Williams
High School
Titans is the story
of integration
played out on the
football field. In
1971 two high
schools - and consequently two foot-
ball teams - were integrated. Denzel
Washington (Coach Boone), in a politi-
cal move by the school board, is brought
in to coach the Titans, replacing a well-
regarded white coach, Coach Yoast (Will
Patton). As can be imagined this is the
first of many race related issues that the
team must face. The African Americans
don't want to play with their white team-
mates and the Caucasian students are
equally disinterested. Throughout their
pre-season, which is much more gruel-
ing than any high school football train-
ing camp that I have ever seen, the audi-
ence watches the characters dismantle
their racial prejudices and learn to get

Once returning to school, the team has
to face all of the same pressures of inte-
gration but this time "in the real world.'
All of the boys must challenge not only
their personal beliefs but also those of
their families and what is expected of
them by their friends. All of which is
illustrated through the friendship of
white All-American Bertier (Ryan
Hurst) and the African American defen-
sive player, Julius (Wood Harris).
Even though the film is structured as
a football movie and does follow the
Titans in their quest for the state champi-
onships, it never truly takes on the per-
sona of a sports film. It lacks the build-
up and excitement that often connects
the audience with the team. This is
because director Boaz Yakin, in his
attempt to glorify the Titans has made

the film overly sentimental and 9fen
Many of the scenes that are meant to
be touching and heart-felt come across
hackneyed and forced. For example,
there is one scene in which Julian tries to
visit his injured white teammate, Bertier,
and the nurse tells him that only "kin"
are allowed to visit. At which p
Bertier tells the nurse that they.are
"brothers." Similarly, a late night run at
pre-season camp leads the players to
Gettysburg where Denzel Washington
reminds the players that their football
team embodies the very essence of what
the Civil War was fought over.
With scenes like these, you would
think the characters would be flat carica-
tures of the two sides of the race a
ment. Luckily for the audiencethi
not true. Will Patton's Coach'Yoast is
well developed and truly comesraerss
as a man that is torn between what is
expected of him and what he believes is
right. Denzel Washington is very good
as Coach Boone and never allows his
character to be simply a victim of the
town's prejudice. One character whom
writer Gregory Allen greatly misjudged
was Yoast's daughter, Cheryl-(Hayden
Panettere). She is a nine year old tome
who will not play with dolls and lo
football more ferociously than her father.
Throughout most of the story she is sim-
ply annoying. She is representative of the
voice of the Caucasian community in
certain respects because she has the
childlike innocence to tell people exact-
ly what is not being said. Yet she comes
across as out of place and spoiled.
"Remember the Titans" is entertaining
at best. It is by no means anything to
about and is sometimes overly sentimen-
tal, but it does have a certain charm.

Tron 'Bonnes' up Capcom line

Games where the player is a crimi-

n4l tend to fall into
Grade: B+
bf Tron Bonne
For Playstation
Reviewed by
Daily Arts Writer
sTed Watts

Grand Theft Auto
category; nasty
person you are,
thieving and
killing and doing
other illegal
whatnot. The
M i sad ventures
of Tron Bonne is,
as one might
expect, a little
more light heart-

ular Mega Man series? This is a regu-
lar Laverne and Shirley; Tron wasn't
quite as nice in the Mega Man Happy
Days, but in her own title she's the
sweetest little crime boss this side of
Little Debbie.
Like Mega Man Legends,
Misadventures is a kinda RPG.
Adding some complexity are the
Lego-looking servbots who do Tron's
bidding as happily as felonious little
munchkin mechanoids can. On your
ship, the Gesellschaft, you can see
what the little guys can do and what
their personalities are like. You ges
descriptions like 'quiet and strange'
for some of them. By giving them dif-

ferent items, the servbots can develop
different attributes. It's a nice touch
and makes the game more complex
without being complicated.
The game even has some nice
Capcom cel animation pop up when
characters are talking. The icing on
the cake is the playable demo for
Mega Man Legends 2: showing both
the recently capless and normally hel-
meted versions of Mega Man, the
demo gives you gameplay pretty sim-
ilar to Tron's own game, but even
smoother. It's a fine package.
So, for the finest in new post-Mario
non-apocalyptic action games, you
know where to get your fix.

Courtesy of Buena Vista Pictures
"Remember the Titans" is all about diversity.

And why wouldn't you have a
spring in your superdeformed male-
fator step if you came from the pop-



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