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September 26, 2000 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-09-26

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IC - The Michigan Daily- Tuesday, September 26, 2000


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"Normally, you know, I don't do this,
but go on, keep the party goin'!"
Bernie Mac's routine is a little more
politically incorrect and a lot more
angry than the rest of the show. His act
starts off innocently enough, but there
are times when one doesn't know
whether to laugh or wince, including
his unflinching use of words like "fag-
got" and remarks like "If you're old
enough to talk back, you're old enough
for a beating." However, it is obvious by
the end that it's all part of the act.
"The Original Kings of Comedy" is
lacking in its flow, a shortcoming that
director Spike Lee attempts to rectify

'NFL2K1' delivers the goods for Dreamcast

Director Spike "Mars Blackmon" Lee.
with brief scenes of the four comedians
playing poker and hanging out back-
stage, but the result is choppy. Although
there is an overall absence of fresh
material and it definitely doesn't leave
you wanting more, the film is entertain-
ing, and taking the good with the bad
proves to be worth it.

By Matt Grandstaff
For the Daily
Every September, college students have to deal
with various things being rehashed. These include
being told what the scientific
method is for the 50th time,
Grade: A coping with basketball and
hockey players leaving their
NFL2K1 beloved college teams, and a
new version of their favorite
For Dreamcast football being a carbon copy of
the game's previous effort. But
Sega this year, Sega Dreamcast own-
ers can rejoice as the sequel to
Sega's #1 selling game of 1999,
NFL2K, delivers the goods.
For starters, Sega Sports has tweaked many areas of
gameplay in NFL2K I that were lacking in originality.

The biggest complaint most gainers had with NFL2K
was its difficult and sometimes impossible running
game. In third in short situations last year, players of
NFL2K would be more inclined to pass than run. This
year everything changes as a result of fantastic block-
ing, juke moves, and more that turn NFL2KI into a
smash-mouth football game that Lloyd Carr would
Aside from the running game, NFL2KI improves
on a passing game that was second only to the classic
8-bit Nintendo game, Tecmo Bowl. No longer are
there only floaty passes that favored Keshawn Johnson
and Randy Moss, for now there are bullet passes, loft-
ed passes and regular passes. In addition, new football
realism is provided with pump fakes and pass accura-
cy based on what foot the quarterback throws from.
While enhanced passing and running will leave
Sega Sports fans' mouths watering, the online ele-
ment of the game is what will have football and non-

football fans alike left in awe. Simply connect you
Dreamcast to a phone line, set up an account an onlin
account (though Sega.Net or simply use an existin
account, such as AOL or UMICH), and you are read
to duel friends or random people from around th
country. Amazingly, with a connection of at leas
33.6K, one can play through a game with little latenc
to slow down the game. And to add to the fun, h
up a Dreamcast keyboard anti you are ready to tras
talk your opponents as you run the ball down thei
It is clear that Sega Sports is taking their update
sports games seriously as NFL2KI is the best footbal
game of the year (at least until the upcoming Playsta
tion 2 releases Madden 2001). But regardless of wha
EA can produce this year with their best selling Mad
den franchise, NFL2KI will hold an edge as the onl
online football available on game consoles this year.



The Departmentc
The University4

of Philosophy
of Michigan



Museum hosts Pennsylvania
Avenue through October

Jackson Rd. 4 Wagner 734-822A833 One Mile West of Webees Inn
;S.00 Matinees tit 6 pm & all day Tuesday
;4.75 Kids b Seniors all show$5.75 with Student ID
;5.55 late Shows Fri & Sat '

Partha Dasgupta
Frank Ramsey Professor of Economics
University of Cambridge

0 No passes or Tuesday discounts


By Jennifer Gates
For The Dail-
When former member of the White
House staff and present Vice President

I y..u- a a au. u 7uaiu

Unlimited Free Drink Refills & .25t Corn Rel
Stadium Seating Gives YOU
An Unobstructed View


Valuing Objects and Evaluating Policies:
Economic Well-Being and the Natural

Friday, October 6, 4:00 p.m.

Rackham Amphitheatre, 915 East Washington Street

Partha Dasgupta

12:05, 1:30, 2:30, 4:00, 5:05, 7.35.
9:00. 9:55
12:00, 1:45, 2:25, 4:15, 5:00, 7:00,
7:30, 9:30, 9:50
zPmBIM 12:10, 1:30, 2:20, 3:40, 4:30,
5:45, 6:45, 7:45, 8:45, 9:45
1:25, 3:20, 5:15,7:10,9:10
LOVE AND SEX (NR) 7:05, 9:05
12:20.2:35. 4:40, 6:50, 8:55
12:25, 2.40,4:55, 7:15, 9:35
SCARY MOVIE (R) 2:50.7:20, 9:15
1:55, 4:20, 7:05, 9:35
ART OF WAR (R) 6:30
1:50, 3:50, 5:50, 7:50, 9:50
12:40, 3:00, 5:20. 7:35. 9:45
12:15, 2:35, 4:50. 9:20
2:00, 4:35, 7.15, 9:55
CHICKEN RUN (G) 1:05. 4:45 _
----- -
IBag of Buttery Popcorn
cyvrA.I .'i rI$ D l)MO_+I

White House
Collection of
American Crafts
Museum of Art
Through Oct. 22

and General
Counsel at the
University, Mar-
vin Krislov,
learned about the
White House
Collection of
American Crafts
he proposed the
art exhibit be
brought to Ann
Arbor. He cor-
rectly assumed
that First Lady
H ilary Clinton
would be interest-


ed in showing the collection to the audi-
ence she enjoyed speaking with two

years ago.
After 1993 was named The Year of
American Craft by a Joint Resolution
of Congress and Presidential Proclama-
tion, the First Lady worked together
with the then Curator-ln-Charge of the
Smithsonian American Art Museum's
Renwick Gallery, Michael Monroe, to
gather together many of the American
crafts spread throughout the halls and
rooms of the White House. Whether the
individual pieces came from a history
of Presidential donations and purchas-
es, or were made expressively for the
collection, it is clear that, as Director of
U;M's Museum of Art (UMMA), James
Steward, stated, the founders were look-
ing "to explore certain inherently
American creations" and "draw atten-
tion' to something that was typically
"seen as being undervalued."
This undervalued "bias in craft" as
Steward expresses it, extended not just

to the general public. There is a "histo
ty that most art museums tended to tak
an elitist view of art media- suce
painting or sculpture. There has b
some widening, for example now pho
tography is accepted; at first it was no
thought of as art because it was consid
cred too much like the real world..
Presently web art is the newest mediuai
challenging museums to think abou
what is art and what isn't." While Stew
ard is "not interested in perpetuating th
divide" between fine arts and less tradi
tional art mediums like craft art, bu
rather in making it "more inclusive,'
does say that the White I louse exhibi
one that is relatively new to the muse
um in terms of its non-traditional status
The Museum Director said UMMA i
presently "engaged in re-identificatioi
about what an art museum is."
Steward hosted a symposium thi
past Saturday in the Museum's apse
where the White House Craft exhibi
and the questions it raises were
topics of discussion. It was not
assembly of "dry academic heads, bu
an interesting cross-section of hov
we collect objects with our feeling:
involved," Steward said. He cited Fre(
Wilson as one of the Symposiumr
speakers. Wilson is known for his use
of museums as his material for creat
ing art. In order to allow the biases o
others to become apparent he "raids"
their collections and presents thei
"skeletons in the closet," or art
that was not chosen to put on display
and examines why this is the case.
The exhibit features the uork of 77
of the country :' best artists. AcdtnIs-
sion isfee

Debra Satz
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Stanford University

T.N. Srinivasan
Samuel C. Parks, Jr. Professor of Economics
Yale University
Jeremy Waldron
Maurice and Hilda Friedman Professor of Law
Columbia University Law School

Michigan Union1
Boo .i . '


Saturday, October 7, 9:15 a.m.
Vandenberg Room, Michigan League
All events open to the public without charge















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