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September 21, 2000 - Image 18

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-09-21

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The Michigan Daif Weekend, etc.

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Find groovy retro outfits for $10 or less thrift shopping

cWeekend, etc. Column

By Sarah Blitz
For the Daily
It appears that in recent years, some
of Ann Arbor's truest treasures have
started to slip away. Yes, many of our
good old thrift shops, where cus-
tomers can find fun costumes, unique
vintage wear, and just plain cheap
stuff, have one by one closed their
doors to the dollar savvy shopper.
While combing Ann Arbor last
week on a mission to find out a little

bit about the local thrift shop scene, I
realized those great little shops I went
to when I first arrived in Ann Arbor
are now political offices, new music
stores and leftover empty spaces,
waiting for their next occupants. And,
as I caught up with some students to
hear their views on thrift shops in Ann
Arbor, I found that many claim such
shops are just not for them.
Lauren Charme, an LSA senior
admitted,;"It's just too difficult to find
clothes that I like and that fit me at

thrift shops. It seems like I have to
rummage through unorganized piles
that never end."
But some students find gems by
searching through these piles. "I buy
costumes for different events through-
out the year and local thrift shops are
the first places my friends and I love
to go to find them," said Diane
Raskin, an RC junior. "We have
bought some great '60s.and '70s out-
fits already this year. Thrift shops are
just fast and fun. We go in, pick out

some cool things, and try them on
when we get home - if they don't fit,
they were cheap enough to throw
I decided to check out a couple of
thrift shops for myself. I was faced
with racks and piles of clothes and
knick-knacks, each one different from
the next. It seemed so overwhelming.
How was I ever to find what I was
looking for? But as I wandered
around, I realized how much fun
searching through all- those old

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clothes could be. Many of the clothes
were so nice, that at one point, I even
forgot that I was in a thrift shop.
With a mere SIO in my pocket I was.
on a hunt to find a complete outfit
that I could wear to class or just out
with friends. A nearly impossible
task, one might think, but local thrift
shops stretch a dollar as far as your
imagination will take it.
I headed over to the Ann Arbor
Parent Teacher Organization thrift
shop and felt very comfortable with
the many patrons in the store who
seemed to come from a wide variety
of backgrounds. Everyone from stu-
dents looking for extra pieces of
kitchenware and costumes to parents
and children shopping for small toys
and clothes shopped side by side. The
racks were filled with name brands
and classic vintage.
In an attempt to be the smart shop-
per, I enlisted the help of a volunteer
at the store. Not only did the volun-
teer help me find a practical and com-
fortable outfit to buy, but also pointed
out that the store always has a fifth of
its selection on sale for 50 percent off.
When I finally decided on what to
buy, I was able to leave with a pair of
jeans for only S6, an old school
Lacoste polo-style shirt for only S3
and a scarf for just SI. Now that is
quality shopping - an entire outfit
plus one accessory for only Sl0.
I almost felt guilty walking out of
that store with an entirely new outfit
and only spending SIO, since the
AAPTO Thrift Shop is a non-profit
organization that donates its profits to
local public schools as an alternative
to gift wrap or candy sales. But I did
manage to accomplish two great feats
at once -- buying a w\hole new outfit
and doing a good deed.
If you are a scrimping college stu-
dent, or if you just want to save a cou-
ple of bucks, don't cross Ann Arbor's
thrift shops off your list quite yet.
Give them a chance, search through
the color-coded racks and, who
knows, your next favorite outfit could
cost you less than SI0.
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etc. From the Vault
Zappa runs
raunchy garage
When I've been sneered at, gawked
at, beat up, run over, spit upon or bat-
tered so terribly that it hurts to snarl
back at the world. When it seems that
the right wing, the evil empire, the fat-
cats, and the politically correct are win-
ning. That's when I reach for Zappa.
From A to Z. he's literally at the bot-
tom of the bar-
rel You see it out
of the corner of
your eve, a man Joe's Garage
wvith a mop, his
face covered in Frank Zappa
mud, diagonal RYKO 1979
red letters Reviewed by
declaring, "Joe's Daly Arts Writer
Garage: Acts 1. 2 Josh Gross
and 3."
Vile, despicable, infantile, it's still a
classic. In a world dominated by "The
Wall" and "Tommy," "Joe's Garage" is
the rock opera you never saw. Too
bizarre and too crude to warrant main-
stream commercial success, it is the
simple story of a boy and his guitar. It
rocks hard, but it never takes itself too
seriousl; Zappa's sardonic vocals serve
to embarrass as much as they do to
entertain. Songs like "Catholic Girls"
and "Crew Sluts" are satirical master-
pieces. As catchy as they are abusive,
youd sing them to yourself in crowded
elevators, if you weren't afraid of that
mammoth of a man with the vacant
eves and meatv fingers, staring you
down like you're a steak, waiting for an
excuse to wring your neck.
Some people might find these
songs insulting, so beware of playing
them too loud in church-going neigh-
borhoods. The album relies as heavily
on your patience to make it through
Zappa's long, wiggly guitar solos as it
does for you to cast aside your social
etiquette and laugh at cheap jokes
made at the expense of Catholic girls,
religious cults, celebrities and sexual-
ly-deprived prisoners of our justice
system. Cheap gods of consumerism,
the critics of rock and roll, the reli-
gious right, carriers of various sexual-
ly transmitted diseases, and a futuris-
tic Orwellian gestapo all play a part in
the persecution of one average Joe.
The story and music blend together
into a low-fi epic sweep.
"Joe's Garage" has been saving the
world since 1979 and you still haven't
picked it up. "Too weird," you say. "Too
taboo." For shame. The gods of rock
and roll are frowning on you from

. Madonna is never the same person twice. She
has gone from fashion vixen to material girl to sex"
symbol to Eva Perone to spiritual being to single
mommy, and I know I've left a few out. What has
never altered, however, is her rebellion. A movie
titled "Truth or Dare?" A song celebrating '80s
materialism? A pop star in a musical? Raising a
baby without his father? Madonna thumbed her
nose at society and said
These days, Madonna
seems to be strangely with-
out controversy. A promising
new record, a sophisticated
little lady Lourdes, a brand
new- baby, Rocco, and a
boyfriend, Guy Ritchie,
whom she is in love with and'
who fathered her kid.
Rolling Stone wrote up her
new album, "Music," as "an Gina
exuberant whirl of French
disco, giddy pop and an Hamadey
intriguing alloy of folk and
electronica." So it looks as if Caught
she's being consistent, rein- Provoking
venting herself once again, at
least regarding "Music."
With her life, it's funny. Madonna is not leading
a revolution of any kind. And she recognizes this,
saving that "there's absolutely nothing remotely
cool or cutting-edge about me right now. I've
become a domesticated cow. I just choose fab-
So why is this? In an odd, emotional part of her
movie "Truth or Dare," Madonna admitted to still

being in love with Sean Penn. Was it the disap-
pointment and heartbreak resulting from tha
breakup that led to her radical life choices anc
movements? And now, with director Guy Ritchie
by her side, is she over it? I don't know. She is
now, according to her friend Debi Mazer, "really
happy and beautiful and very much in love." She's
well, boring. Showing up on Rosie O'Donnell
always talking about her kids, she seems morc
Kathie Lee than Madonna.
I am similarly, selfishly disappointed by Gloria
Steinem, who got hitched earlier this month after
swearing off the institution her whole life, often
remarking, "I cannot mate in captivity."
Gloria Steinem was one of the principle leaders
of the '70s feminist movement. She co-founded
Ms. Magazine, helped organize the National
Women's Political Caucus and traveled the country
making speeches, not only on behalf of feminism,
but on gay and civil rights as well.
But Gloria's passion was always the women's
movement, as was evident in her speech at thc
Michigan Theater in 1999. At this (fabulous)
speech on the politics of sexuality, she posed the
question about the current male dominance con-
cerning intercourse: "Why do they call it penetra-
tion? Why not call it envelopment?"
She has always harbored negative feelings con-
cerning marriage. It is no wonder, considering she
was rallying for equality alongside Betty Friedan
(author of "The Feminine Mystique"), who was
getting beaten by her husband-the whole time.
Friedan would have to give speeches on the bene-
fits of feminism while wearing heavy concealer to
disguise a black eye.
Plus, with all of her obligations to the American

Gone In 15 minutes:
fashion's dos and don'ts

~ Big hoops
~ Backless gym shoes
v Louis Vuitton purses
~ Tight fitting blue jeans
v One shoulder shirts
~ Scooters
~ "Sex In The City"
~ Shimmery, glossy makeup
~ Aviator sunglasses
~ Farrah Fawcett hair
~ Studs
~ New Balance gym shoes
v Kate Spade bags
v Extra long blue jeans
~ Tube tops
~ Bicycles
~ "X-Files"
~ Brown eyeshadows and
~ Gucci sunglasses
v Curly hair

Continued from Page 78
the instrument, two hai
tial. An automatic trans
get you from point A tc
the synergy between d
and road is lost.
Not only does a st
you more control ovc
saves gas mileage. Au
missions are generally
ier and far more comp
suming more fuel than
counterpart. On avera
transmission will save
from 3-8 miles per g
automatic, depending
highway driving. Wit
near two dollars onc
could save you over S
That's enough for 100
with tip at 'Skeepers
rights and 25 slices a
Pizza. If that's not inc
to drive stick, then wh
While talking about :
transmissions generally

Fifteen minutes
~ Huggies
~ Flip flops
~ Prada purses and bags
~ Cuffed blue jeans
~ Backless shirts
~ Rollerblades
~ "Friends"
V Natural makeup
~ Tinted-lensed sunglasses
~ Jennifer Aniston long,
straight hair
- Compiled by Margaret

By Kiran Divvela
Daily :arts Writer

Just when you though
pletely accessible to the
cell-phone, PDA, and
skim.com opens you ui
new level of availability.
The idea is simple eno
of pants from skim.com

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