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December 07, 2000 - Image 13

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-12-07

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14R - ThP Mic'higan flik, - Weeke~nd. etc.. Maganei-- Thiirstiav fDecember 7, 2000



A weekly guide to who's T Thursday, Dec. 7
where, what's happening and through
why you need to be there ... ei Wednesday, Dec. 13

The Michigan Daily - Weekend, etc.
Breaking loose
Students consolidate varied plans to occupy

Films opening

Dungeons & Dragons Excellent. This
should satisfy gamers until the "Magic
The Gathering" movie comes out. At
Quality 16: 12, 2:15, 4:30. 6:55, 9:10,
11:15 ;Fri. & Sat.). At Showcase: 11:05
Sat. & Sun), 11:35 {Sat. & Sun.). 1:30.
4:20,5,7:15, 7:45, 9:40. 10:10, 12
& Sat. 12:30 (Fri. & Sat.).
-,Proof of Life Respect the Crowe, and
tameho. Did you like those nachos?
't come here for the food. And,
e r that it's dangerous to confuse
rnwith angels. Thurston Howell we
e,. toou in respect and can only hope
th ourcousin Clay ends up on the big
someday. At Quality 16: 11,
11:3', 1:40. 2:10, 4:20, 4:50, 7, 7:30,

9:40, 10:05. 12:10 (Fri. & Sat.). At
Showcase: 10:30 (Sat. & Sun.), 11 (Sat.
& Sun.), 1:15. 1:45. 4, 4:30, 7, 7:30,
9:45, 10:15, 12:25 (Fri. & Sat.). B-
Vertical Limit Chris O'Donnell still has a
career? And Bud Cort struggles for bit
parts at second-tier theaters in Los
Angeles? Is there no justice? Is nothing
sacred? Can Latin be saved? Tune in
next week. same Bat-time, same Bat-
channel. At Quality 16: 11:15, 11:45,
1:50, 2:20, 4:25, 4:55, 6:50, 7:20,
9:20. 9:55. 11:45 (Fri. & Sat.). At
Showcase: 11:10 (Sat. & Sun.), 11:40
(Sat. & Sun.), 1:55, 2:25, 4:40. 5:10,
7:20. 7:50. 9:55, 10:25, 12:25 (Fri. &
Sat .

Films holding

L r -stant Classic
S Good
D Not recommended
F No Worth Your Time, or Your Money
102 Damatians Bow wow wow yippi yo
ppo yeah. Dalmatians, I'm quietly judg-
ng \ou. And you aren t holding up very
e~i. At Quality 16: 11:30. 12:30. 1:30,
2:_0. 3:30, 5:05, 7:15, 9:30, 11:35
S r & Sat.). At Showcase: 10:20 (Sat.
&. .un. 12:30, 2:45, 4:55, 7:05. 9:10.
1:10 eFri. & Sat.). D-
The 6th Day Thirty days hath
September, April, June and November.
W\hen short February s done, all the
rest have 31. And you thought you did-
tlearn anything from reading this
;adbov At Quality 16: 11:20, 9:30.
1:CD Fri. & Sat.). At Showcase:
Y:50 Sat. & Sun.), 1:25. 4:25. 7:35.
10:15. 12:35 (Fri. & Sat.). D+
Billy Elliot Forget Billy Elliot, let's talk
F'I Piken. Took sonmc major stones
en Iis part to write on the bottom of
h S baseball bat for that card back in
the day. Daily Arts is looking to acquire
said card for its growing collection and
w ould be willing to offer up a "Little
Nicky" poster and/or three copies of
yesterday's paper (trust me, it's a
keeper) in exchange for the card (sorry.
we just want the real deal so if you
have the black box, keep it for your col-
lection). At Showcase: 12, 2:20. 4:35,
6:55, 9:15, 11:25 (Fri. & Sat.). 8
Bounce More bounce to the ounce
mofos! Gwyneth and Ben roll it up, light
it up and smoke it up in this pro-pot
propaganda. At Quality 16: 12:10,
2:30, 4:45, 7:10, 9:15, 11:10 (Fri. &
Sat.). At Showcase: 11:25 (Sat. &
Sun.). 1:50. 4:10, 6:30, 9:05, 11:20
(Fri. & Sat.). C-
Charlie's Angels Batch's beauties,
Bojangles Babes, six of one, half dozen
of the other, whatever you want to call
them. they sure is easy on the eyes.
And take it from Scottie Pippen, the
Mailman doesn't deliver on Sundays
(unless elbows count). At Showcase:
10:35 (Sat. & Sun.), 12:45, 3:05, 5:15.
7:25, 9:35, 11:40 (Fri. & Sat.). B
Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole
Christmas Forget Seuss, we want

Talking Moose! At Quality 16: 11,
12:25. 1:25, 2:40, 4, 5:05, 6:30, 7:25,
9. 9:35, 11:05 (Fri. & Sat.), 11:35 (Fri.
& Sat.). At Showcase: 10:45 (Sat. &
Sun.), 11:15 (Sat. & Sun.). 11:45 (Sat.
& Sun.). 1:15, 1:45, 2:15, 3:45, 4:15,
4:45. 6:40. 7:10. 7:40, 9. 9:30, 10,
11:15 (Fri. & Sat.), 11:45 (Fri. & Sat.),
12:15 (Fri. & Sat.). A-
Little Nicky Wow, I don't know what to
say, except that Little Nicky and Denise
the Piece are going to be hooking it up
and having kids in Paul Thomas
Anderson's latest. At Showcase: 8:45,
10:30. 12:20 (Fri. & Sat.). D
Meet the Parents Ben Stiller and
Robert De Niro star. At Showcase:
12:15, 2:40. 5:05. 7:55, 10:55. 12:10
(Fri. & Sat.). B-
Men of Honor Hey Cuba. some dude's
have the coin. but they'll never have
the kwan. it means love respect. You
my brother do not have the kwan, and
it's going to take a hell of a lot more
than making some lame war movie for
you to get it. On the other hand it
might change your spot in our minds
just a tad if you give a nice loud '" love
the Daily Arts!" You complete us
Cubes, you had us at hello. At
Showcase: 10:40 (Sat. & Sun.), 1:20,
4:05. 6:45. 9:35, 11:50 (Fri. & Sat.).
Rugrats in Paris Next up "Rugrats in
Motown." At Quality 16: 12:15, 2:15,
4:05, 6:10. At Showcase: 11:20 (Sat.
& Sun.), 11:50 (Sat. & Sun.), 1:10,
1:40, 3, 3:30, 4:50, 5:20, 6:50.
Unbreakable Mmmmmmmmmmm Night,
you just aren't going to do some things.
You aren't going to break Bruce Willis.
You aren't going to ever win an Oscar.
And you aren't going to find the
Russian cat, so stop looking. At Quality
16: 12:05, 2:25, 4:35, 5:45, 7:05,
7:50. 9:35. 10, 11:25 (Fri. & Sat.), 12
(Fri. & Sat.). At Showcase: 10:30 (Sat.
& Sun.), 11 (Sat. & Sun.), 1:05, 1:35,
3:20, 4:40, 5:40, 7, 7:30, 8, 9:20,
9:50, 10:20. 11:35 (Fri. & Sat.). B+

By Kristen Fidh
Daily Arts Writer '
It's yell into December, but instead
of celebratin the season, most col-
leae students are boniged down with
final exams. Classes are ending, and
the realization is finally setting in that
skipping every Anthiro lecture maybe
xxasn't soch a good idea.
But as eery class lets out for the
final time and as exery exam is con-
pleted. the Lrin on every student's
face onl% cmxows wider as the lon -
axxaited vacation closely approaches.
Som ildcherish the opportunity
to catch up on sleep and detoxicate
their bodies from caffeine build-up.
Some will spend time with missed
families And some wxill party like
rock stars xxith Dick Clark in their
exenmil> sbest.
This past September, LSA fresh-
man (Cristina Jimenez moved to Ann
Arbor from her home of Quito.
Ecuador and hasn't been home since.
"For Newx Year's back home. what
they do is real different,' Jimenez
said. 'What they do is make an old
man and wrlitc down eervthinn von
want to fortet about the whole vear."
These men are made of paper or
cloth and can be representatix e of
xxhatexer a person desires to throw
axxax and start new for the next year.
Jimnez and her family usually help
her nrandmother create the symbolic
man and list experiences each family
member wants forgotten.
'At 12 o'clock you burn this man

and ever'thing you wrote on it to for-
ct." she said. 'This is to give you
good luck and everything you wanted
to forget about the past kxill start out
nie" ."
Jimenez explained that. often
times, people burn political figures
xwho haxe angered the citizens by not
helping the less fortunate.
"You see so many of these men
around the city and people burning
them.' she said. "They do a lot of fire-
works. but my mom has always told us
to stay axav from stuff like that.''
Nexertheless. Jim nez xbill fet to
see the family and friends from which
her education distanced her,
''It's basically a short trip, but it's
worth it," she said. "I haxen't been
home for a wxhile. and I miss it."
Some family traditions consist of a
religiious obserxation while others sur-
mount in a peaceful evening dinner.
For LSA sophomore Iiciacl
Richey. family bonding is made
throulh a variety of sports. .
. e are Loing to Colorado to ski
this vear. and I am probably going to
moe up to the black diamonds,"
Richer said. .Before I nexer did that
difficult of a ski hill, but I think I am
finally ready"
To rest their bodies and warm their
hands. the family %xill come back to
its home in Midland, Mich. to contin-
ue the fun and games.
"I will come back here for Newx
Year's. and, like always. my family
and I are going to go to the annual bil-
liards and darts competition," Richey

Participating in a friendly associa-
tion that competes around the niid-
M ichigan area. the family teams up
and celebrates their reunii n-~ b their
shared loxe of the Lomes.
Unfortunately, not exery student's
break will be a break away from hard
work. From xxaitin tables to selling
Douglas Firs. many Michigan stu-
dents see the time as an opportunity
to refill their wallets.
I am guoin, to work at my family's
funeral home for about six or sexven
days." I1.SA sophomore Vincent
Crofton said. "I am Just doing it over
C'hristmnas break to earn some
Stepping into Crofton 's West Quad
Residence hall room. he 1irotidly dug
into his alphabetized shelf of DVD's
and pulleid out the imovie The
'Want to see someth inn cool''"
He quickly skipped a panoramic
view of \Wcst Grand Boulexard in
Detroit. focusino on the historic sight
of littsvxill cLSA. Crofton paused the
nox ie to show a sign. on the lawn
rinht next to the ori in of Berrv
Gordy' .Jr.'s ciiius. thai tread '"lames

fami's ome f uncral c
famlily S bu cses.


Courtesy of Col-'ha ,,ti.

Chris O'Donnell stars as Peter in the new movie "Vertical Limit."

Billy Elliot (2000) The boy can't box
to save his life but he does a mean
ballet. Michigan Theater. 6:45 & 9
p.m. $5.50.
Citizen Kane (1941) Come see the life
and times of Kane, CharlestFoster
Kane, in Orson Welles' masterpiece.
Michigan Theater. 4 p.m. Free.
Rififi (1955) French import hits the
M.T. with high praise and an all-impor-
tant good buzz. Michigan Theater. 7 &
9:30 p.m. $5.50.
Limp Bizkit Rap-metal from these up-
and-coming Floridians, with special
guests DMX, Godsmack and Sinnistar.
Where my dogs at? Bark with me
now. Joe Louis Arena. 7 p.m. $42.50.
Curious Few These rockers took their
name from the number of people who
know all the words to "The Touch."
They know the street, and pretty
damn well at that. Touchdown Cafe.
10 p.m. $3.
Barenaked Ladies It's the band, not
actual naked women. Better luck next
time, buddy. Palace of Auburn Hills.
7:30 p.m. $45-32.50. (248)377-0100

To Kill a Mockingbird The theatrical
version of Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize
winning novel looks at the life of a
young girl growing up in a Depression-
era southern town.
Power Center. 8 p.m. $7-20. 764-
Fuddy Meers A humorous play about a
woman's struggle to regain her memo-
ry. Performance Network, 120 E.
Huron. 8 p.m. $17. 663-0681.
Michael D. Whitty Whitty signs and
talks about his collection of articles
by numerous authors. Borders Books
& Music. 7 p.m. Free. 668-7652.
Athol Fugard In the latest installment
of the Visiting Writers Series, Fugard
reads from past works. Rackham
Auditorium. Free. 647-6471.
If a Tree Fellr... This dance concert
features collaborations between
dancers, visual artists and electronic
media artists. Pease Studio, Dance
building. 8 p.m. $5. 763-5460.
William Kentridge, Weighing and
Wanting South African artist William
Kentridge examines society by using
charcoal drawings and compelling
video animation. Museum of Art,

Twentieth Century Gallery. Free. 764-
Casting Shadows Photographer and
faculty member Edward West looks at
life in black communities of post-
apartheid South Africa. Museum of
Art, West Gallery. Free. 764-0395.
I'm the One That I Want (2000)
Margaret Cho stars in this story of a
mid-level comic struggling with her
own identity. Michigan Theater. 10
p.m. $5.50.
Rififi See Thursday. Michigan Theater,
7:30 p.m. $5.50.
White Christmas (1954) Bing Crosby
and Rosemary "Sexiest Woman Alive"
Clooney star in this Christmas clas-
sic. Michigan Theater. 5 p.m. Free.
Knee Deep Shag It would be in your
best interest to check out these
Kalamazoo funk-rockers. Shag by
name, shag by reputation. Bling Pig.
10 p.m. $5.
Paradime This ragin' Caucasian is a
rap sensation. One love, one soul, one
hip-hop nation. Michigan League
Underground. 9 p.m. Free.

This is the spot xlere Crofton's
<randffather and assistants perform
the embalming. It xxwill be his job to
prepare the bodies. pu tieim in a
hearse and to take them to the chapel
' We will get the bodv set up and
straiht." he said. \ WC1ll make sure
everything is clean and ready to go
for.the x ke that night."
Bein min the business. Crofton has
learned to manage that initial eerie
feeling. but it stillihasn't escaped him.
Remembering his first encounter with
the autopsy process. he told about
walking into the preparation room
and seeing a body -- chest split open,
the organ-removing the bag in place.
"I was seven years old, mind you.at
the time." he said. "My grandfather
was like, 'I think you have seen
But. as lie takes a break from class-
es, Crofton uill more past those
words and earn part of next semester's
And then there are the lucky ones

The 2000 St. Nicholas Light
tree display is one of the ins
- the young and ambitiou
the student bod' that have
na to never slow down.
"I am going to South
Miami around Christmas to
the clubs doxn there." L
more Jesse Gratsy said. "TI
flving back to New York to
ball drop"
Times Square xxwith D
seems only appropriate for
the century. Gratsy and I
will drive up from their hoi
Jersey to catch a piece of tl
Don't think their cele
over. The garoup plans on :
night as they catch an earl
flight to Orlando in order to
Wolverines face Aubur

AT 763-0379 TO SEE
Phone Numbers: Briarwood: 480-4555; Fox Village;994-8080; Michigan Theater: 668-
8397; Quality 16: 827-2837; Showcase: 973-8380; State: 761-8667.
Showtimes are effective Friday through Thursday. Matinee times at State Theater are
effective for Saturday and Sunday only.


Hiba Ghalib uses the ride board in the Union last week.

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